Episode 234 |

Optimize Your Listening and Speaking with Julian Treasure

We live in a world where technology, obsession with devices causes us to have shorter and shorter attention spans. And though in school, we teach our kids how to read and write, we don't teach them how to speak and to listen. These are such critical skills to learn because whether it's in your personal life or your professional world, the ability to communicate is at the heart of any relationship. My guest today is author and speaker Julian Treasure. Julian is a communication visionary who has given multiple TED Talks on this very subject. His books, How to be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening, and Sound Business, delve into how to speak so that people listen, and how to listen so that people feel heard. Julian is regularly featured in publications like Time Magazine, The Times, The Economist, and BBC. Julian is also the founder of The Sound Agency, which works with some of the world's biggest brands to improve their sound. He travels the world training people to listen better and create healthier sounds. So if any of this resonates with you, hone your listening skills right now because I'm jazzed to say Julian is joining us today for episode number 234. Enjoy.

Episode 233 |

On the Path of Self-Discovery with Jeff Goins

I'm committed to revealing light in the world in everything I do, including this podcast. I believe revealing light is in large part the reason why I'm here on this earth. But as my guest today, Jeff Goins so aptly puts it, every light casts a shadow. Jeff and I discussed how often we end up chasing the shadows rather than chasing the light. It's easy to focus on your social media persona or keeping up with the neighbors, especially when that new Tesla shows up in their driveway. But are you ignoring the realities of your deeper life or what it truly takes to get that Tesla?  Jeff is the bestselling author of five books including The Art of Work and Real Artists Don't Starve. He founded the Tribe Warriors writing community and has an award-winning blog. Jeff opens up about how his personal struggles gave him lessons and leadership. We discussed the shadow monsters of impostor syndrome, shame and trauma. Jeff says you can do really great things while still feeling incomplete. And while every writer can struggle when confronted by that blank page, Jeff's story is both insightful and inspirational. And now on with the show

Episode 232 |

Optimize your Meditation with Ariel Garten

I've always considered myself a pragmatic thinker. Breaking down how things work is fun and it makes sense. But on my journey of personal growth, I've had experiences that have challenged my mind to see a greater, more empowering view of life. I traveled to India and had a spiritual awakening. I met my soulmate. I've created a life I truly enjoy. Part of my love for biohacking and personal optimization, is it merges the scientific with the spiritual.  My guest for Episode 232, Ariel Garten, has done just that. She's a neuroscientist, psychotherapist, and is the co-founder of Muse, the brain sensing headband that helps you meditate. This episode we discuss her development of Muse and how the device helps you more effectively meditate by keeping you in a state of "focused attention." We discuss the neurological, psychological, and spiritual benefits of meditation. Like past guests Dr. Andrew Hill and Chris Keane, Ariel brings new insights and a few scientific shortcuts to get the most from meditation. So if you are still fairly new to meditative practices or on the path to Divine Oneness, this episode offers a fascinating insight into the deeper neurological processes at work when we meditate. So let's get on with the show.

Episode 231 |

Release Trauma through TRE with David Berceli

It has become commonplace to talk about being "triggered." While becoming part of the lexicon, this concept is more than just a buzzword. Acknowledging these emotional triggers provides a greater awareness of how our past can continue to affect us. PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, doesn’t just affect war heroes and first responders. We’ve all suffered trauma in our childhood, especially if you use the definition of trauma being anything less than nurturing, which I learned from previous guest, Brent Charleton. Traumatic experiences can alter our emotional responses and create problematic neural pathways. Plus, that trauma lives in our bodies as tension and stress.  But this trauma doesn't just cause anxiety and back pain. This trauma can keep our bodies stuck in a suboptimal state. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this, and to tell us all about it, we have Dr. David Berceli joining us. He's an international author, presenter, and trainer in the areas of trauma intervention, stress reduction, and resiliency & recovery training. He has lived in war-torn countries and natural disaster zones around the world. And he is the creator of the TRE, or "Tension and Trauma Release Exercises". TRE releases stress and trauma from the body through exercises that bring balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  If you or someone you love suffers from stress or trauma, you’re going to want to hear what David has to say. Leaving it unmanaged is like driving a car with the emergency brake engaged.  So let’s get started!

Episode 228 |

Bring Your A-Game with Elliot Roe

Elite performers aren’t overnight successes. Achieving and sustaining peak performance is not for the faint of heart. Or put another way, if you want the glory, you gotta have the guts to earn it. Whether you’re a prodigy, entrepreneur, athlete, author, celebrity, or C suite executive, you can’t reach your full potential without great mentors and without a reliable, high-performing team of people surrounding you who have your back. And if you’re gearing up for an influential, significant, and meaningful kind of life, you should be equipped with the right mindset. How do you achieve all this? Thankfully, my guest for this episode # 228, Elliot Roe, has the answers. Elliot is a leading expert in mindset optimization and is the world’s #1 mindset coach for poker players. In just the last 3 years, his poker clients have won over $50,000,000 in nearly every major tournament title, including the World Series of Poker Main Event. His clientele also includes Olympic medalists, UFC champions, Hollywood actors, business executives, and Wall Street traders. His unique mindset system leverages the power of hypnotherapy to eliminate fears and break through mental blocks, allowing you to operate at peak performance daily. Stay tuned as we take you into the world of high-stakes poker players and elite athletes. We’ll dissect those skills they’ve learned to win big and then we’ll learn how to apply those skills in our own lives. On with the show!