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By: Stephan Spencer


Teri Cochrane
“We have three levels of knowledge: intellectual, intuitive, and heart-based.”
Teri Cochrane

What we see and experience in life is just 1% of reality. How can we uncover the truth and tap into our full potential?

My guest on today’s show is Teri Cochrane. She is the founder of the Global Sustainable Health Institute® and an international thought leader in longevity. Through her decades of clinical work, she has developed The Cochrane Method®, a future-facing, multisystem health and longevity model.

In today’s episode, Teri talks about her journey in finding a cure for her son’s ailment, and how she was able to turn her greatest challenges into gifts that led her to work in the energy, longevity, and biohacking fields. She talks about the foods that were essentially poisoning her young son, and how that shocking epiphany drove her to delve into deep research in the fields of functional medicine, functional nutrition, bioenergetics, biochemistry, and quantum physics. She shared how her work led to the inspiration for her new book, The Wildatarian Diet: Living As Nature Intended. If you’re at all curious about how it is possible to tap into the multidimensional version of yourself, this is a powerful must-listen episode.

So, without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [02:05]Teri narrates how she turned her greatest challenges into gifts that led her to work in the energy, longevity, and biohacking fields.
  • [05:52]What foods and components became “poison,” and was the underlying cause of Teri’s son’s health condition?
  • [10:10]Stephan and Teri discuss asking God directly and inviting truth through deep knowing.
  • [18:45]How does Teri tap into the multidimensional version of herself?
  • [24:25]Teri explains interdimensional DNA and how it is activated as we ascend into our consciousness.
  • [28:21]Stephan and Teri talk about a big issue in the awakening movement.
  • [33:52]Teri explains the definition of brilliance and how to be brilliant.
  • [36:45]Teri shares one of her recent experiences she calls a “crunchy experience.”
  • [42:55]What is the difference between perspective and perception for Teri?
  • [51:11]To learn more about the Cochrane Method, visit If you want to get advice from her, visit

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Teri, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Stephan, it’s truly good to be with you and your audience.

I would love to start with an origin story of how you ended up where you are now. I’m guessing you didn’t come out of primary school thinking I’m going to work with energy, biohacking, and longevity. So how did you get into this? What sparked the interest?

The origin story always comes around, maybe in a circuitous way. At least, it did for me. I have an institutional finance background- international finance, real estate, and risk management. Yet, I knew nothing about energy, medicine, precision wellness, or longevity and was in institutional finance and risk management for almost 20 years.

At the birth of my first son, by the time he was three, we were told that he would have brain seizures, wouldn’t be normal, and wouldn’t grow past 5’4”. We were in the hospital quite a bit, and the allopathic models that we all knew were failing him.

The Wildatarian Diet by Teri Cochrane

As a risk manager by nature and a Cuban refugee who was taught to live in a solution environment through my parents, I decided to become the risk manager for my son’s health and seek a solution that I was told wasn’t available. That was when he was five. We went two years down the allopathic model only, and he was only further falling down the cliff.

When I started applying my risk management skills, I started researching deeply. This was 25 years ago—he’s 28 now—so no Internet and no Google. You couldn’t find anything. Keyword optimization was not available. I did a tremendous amount of research in libraries and observed children and families in how their child’s trajectory was either improving or not.

I became a motivated reporter and interviewer, interviewing the families and reporting on what I found in these books. It was an epiphany of over 50 or more books and multiple research articles that I said, oh my goodness, it’s what we’re feeding him. It’s poisoning my son.

That led to the turning around of his trajectory. In 2003, I left my job, retired from this almost 20-year career, and went back to school to study functional medicine, functional nutrition, bioenergetics, biochemistry, and quantum physics. Some of them are in academia, but what I found, Stephan, that what was more important for me is I had no walls. Any kind of tradition didn’t bind me. This is the way you learn, and this is what we’re going to teach you.

What I found was I just asked. I did not know what the time was, but I was just asking the universe to meet me without walls so that I might be able to put these puzzle pieces together so that now, yet another 17 years later, I’ve developed a methodology that had transformational effects to tens of thousands of individuals.

One of your biggest challenges became one of your biggest gifts.


Truth is absolute. On the other hand, illusion is malleable and can change and shift. Share on X

You were talking about what you were feeding your son was poisoning him. I’d love to explore that a bit more. I remember the Hippocrates quote, “Let food be thy medicine.” I’m sure there’s a tie in what you’ll tell us. Could you go deeper into the foods that were essentially poison?

Absolutely. That’s one of the opening quotes in my book, non-coincidentally.

There are no coincidences.

We were feeding him a traditional standard American diet. Even though it was organic and homemade, it was still peanut butter, chicken, gluten, wheat, a lot of orange juice, citrus—because we were told that orange juice is good for us because of vitamin C—and a lot of corn when we went gluten-free, which was not the right thing for him.

It turned out that the underlying root of my son’s issues was significant adrenal fatigue that caused him to require massive amounts of steroids to breathe and not bleed throughout with bleeding eczema. However, that was causing an underlying rebound effect that anything that had mold or acid. What is a peanut? It’s a massive mold. It’s also an oxalate we’ve now found. 

Let food be thy medicine. – Hippocrates

Oxalates trigger mold and a massive histamine response in the gut, but he had tremendously life-threatening asthma and hyper histamine response. The orange juice is acidic. The corn is a mycotoxin that feeds the mold growing in his body because of the steroids we gave him and then further fed by the peanut butter.

Conventional chicken, as we now know—and I’ve been pioneering in this work—contains these truncated protein structures called amyloids. They’re indigestible protein structures. The clinical literature and tens of thousands of anecdotal outcomes prove that these truncated protein structures feed the biofilm that protects the organism hurting him in the first place, so I was putting poison in his blood.

How long did this go on before you changed his diet and got this addressed?

The Gap and The Gain by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy

What was so fascinating, Stephan, is within four days of eliminating those large offenders, the allergic shiners under his eyes started receding. His peak flow meter, which measured how much oxygen he was getting in and out, started shifting positively. We had biomarkers that said we were on to something. 

That was the genesis over time to allow me to step away from the land of the third dimension. It was a very, very successful career. But still, it didn’t matter because I knew there was something greater breathing through me that I needed to become that voice for other parents who were told to deal with a broken child. We’ll patch them up with medicine that further deteriorates them over time.

Right. We’ll get into the third versus the fifth dimension in a minute. Is there a healthy alternative for peanut butter that doesn’t have mold and doesn’t have oxalates? Is it cashew butter? Is it almond butter? Is all of it bad? What’s your take on that?

Almond butter, interestingly enough, is not moldy, but it has a high oxalate level. It’s one of the highest, so almond butter is out. However, cashew butter is really important because it has a high level of molybdenum. In my son’s situation, impaired sulfur processing was a big driver for his asthma. Cashew is rich in molybdenum and supports the sulfur pathway.

Cashew butter and pecan butter are rich in Vitamin B6 and important for that impaired sulfation pathway. Sunflower butter is rich in sunflower lecithin, which helps the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis—that fight or flight response—or helps with the epinephrine response

Yes, there is alternative butter. Part of my methodology is to understand your genetic blueprint and current state of health, bring them to an intersection, and eat in supplement to that.

The body will come to a still point of peace when there is truth.

I’m sure we’ll delve into The Wildatarian Diet, what’s good and not so good to incorporate into a diet. Each person, I’m sure, has different needs and requirements based on whatever it isgenetics, blood type, et cetera. But I want to start going down this spiritual rabbit hole with you.

You mentioned earlier asking the universe. That prompted me to point out something I learned from a previous guest on the show, Kim White. The episode was all about angels. One of the things he said stuck with me was, “don’t ask the universe because the universe is duality. It’s dark and light. It’s good and evil.” Whereas you ask God, and He’s all good. 

If you want to ask the universe and get the mix of the good and the bad, feel free, but you’ll get a better, more benevolent outcome by asking God directly. Have you ever heard that before?

I have not, but that is quite beautiful. In asking the universe instead of direct ask, it’s a matter of vocabulary. It’s an inviting truth. It’s an invitation to receive a vibrational aspect that is true. The truth will never be anything other than the truth. Illusion can change, shift, and have different shapes.

When there is truth, I believe and have witnessed it enough in myself and the various clients I work with at this quantum level that the body will come to a still point of peace. That, for me, is the affirmation of deep knowing. The studies show that—I call it Circle K because I believe we have three levels of knowing—intellectual knowing, intuitive knowing, and then knowing of the heart. That heart is, in many traditions, the seat of knowledge.

Knowing of the heart is the seat of knowledge.

At that level of still point, the heart gives us a lot of resonance in the heart-brain coherence. When the heart is out of alignment, it will beat differently, but that still point gives us that metronome cadence of coherence. Coherence provides peace in the body to settle down into rest and restore. That’s true for me.

When you said the truth, there’s a movie that I saw on Netflix last year that I liked. It’s called Kardec. It’s about Allan Kardec, founder of the spiritism movement in the 1800s. A great movie. One of his psychic clients or colleagues was receiving a message, and the spirit of truth signed it.

I don’t hear that term bandied about much. I hear the Holy Spirit talked about a lot in Christian circles. I hear about Spirit in the psychic mediumship of spiritualism circles. That is a catch-all for receiving guidance from spirit guides, God, angels, and so forth. But I’m curious about the spirit of truth. If that resonates for you, what comes to mind when you hear that?

I believe that we have vibrational frequency surrounding us, the angelic resonance from the angelic realm guides and masters. As more and more is revealed, this is moving from mysticism to science. I think this is Dispenza. Mysticism is a science that yet hasn’t been proven.

We have vibrational frequency surrounding us.

This reminds me of that quote that all technology sufficiently advanced looks like magic.

Amen, and so it is. I love the word abracadabra because that means as it is spoken, it shall become truth.

Yeah. In Aramaic.

That’s right. When we tune in, how we tune in, and why. The why is very important because intentionality drives a lot of the reception. We have different capacities for listening to frequencies. At what capacity am I living and breathing into this moment that will allow me to receive a certain level of truth? 

What’s so important, Stephan is that all truth may not be revealed to us at all times. But what am I willing to see at the moment that gives me a bigger window and lens around all truth? It may be too big for me right now.

Can we, as humans, capture the ever-infinite truth in this human body? The vibrational frequency may be too much, but if we can get appetizer bites and then build a menu, if you will, that’s quite magical, and what a gift.

All truth may not be revealed to us at all times. Figure out what you are willing to see at the moment that gives a bigger window and lens around all truth.

I don’t know if it was before we started recording or after, but you used the word circuitous. It’s a roundabout way of getting to your destination because it isn’t about the destination. It’s about the journey. We have our spiritual mission and all that, but it’s really about the journey and not about the destination of it. 

I remember in the book, The Alchemist how the shepherd boy was sent so far on this journey just to be sent back. Have you read the book?

Yes, I have.

Yeah. I don’t want to spill the beans on the plotline, but I found that to be quite a great plot twist to have him take that circuitous route.

It is a circuitous route, and metaphorically is where you are home. Where do you find yourself at home? Many of us are lost in seeking, so we never find home. Again, one of the sayings back to my circle of truth is home is where the heart is, back to that still point, back to that truth, and back to knowing self. Reconnaître in French is to re-know. Reconocer in Spanish is to be known. These words in these various languages are to know self. Remembering to recognize is to know yourself.

And knowing yourself more than just this personality of your identity in this particular incarnation, can you tap into that multi-dimensional you and see, for example, your past lives, sole mission, and future? How do you tap into that?

We all have the capacity to step into the as ‘me.’ We have various levels of how we master being in the human form. First, it happens to us when we’re victims. That’s beautiful. We’re hanging out with it, and then it happens through us, so we’re moving through.

When it happens ‘as us,’ there’s no separation in that ‘as us,’ ‘as me,’ ‘as all,’ in the oneness of the universe—that one voice, verse, and truth. We can access that aspect of all we’ve been through. I believe that the great masters in physical forms, like the great geniuses of Einstein and Mozart, could bring it in from the morphic field and access the future. Tesla, Edison, and Jefferson could access that.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

We have to be open in inviting it, so our vessel has to be free of interference, which also gets back to the biochemical level. That’s why our biochemistry is so important because we are liquid crystalline structures that are receivers and transmitters. Still, if that liquid crystalline structure has interference, then we’re not going to get the truth. We’re going to get confused. That’s when we doubt, and that doubt is also an energy leak.

It’s also when you get interfered with and get wrong or incorrect messages. For example, my wife, Orion, has a podcast called Stellar Life. She just interviewed a famous pet psychic, Laura Stinchfield, who is also a guest on this show. In Orion’s interview with Laura, something popped up for me from that interview.

Laura said that one thing she doesn’t like about gurus that happens way too often—these are gurus not just in the Eastern world but in the Western as well—as they’ll apply their telepathy to their students, flock, and devotees and allow the student to think that they’re available 24/7 telepathically, and they’re not. So, these opportunistic spirits who aren’t of the light will pop in and masquerade as the guru, and they’ll get the wrong information.

It’s critically important to discern who these people, entities, or spirits are that you’re communicating with because as we get more toward the fifth dimension and out of the three-dimensional prison, we become much more of a telepathic species or telepathic form of being. So I’d like to hear what your thoughts are.

That’s possible. I have seen it done when people go into psychotic breaks, and their bodies are not theirs anymore. That’s at the most extreme level. That’s why the intention and the invitation are so important. Once you send an invitation, a wave is renounced through your physical being. Only those invited that stand on the right-hand side of God with the caliber of the highest good for all that is in the intentionality of a frequency that only will exist in light. No one else is invited to the party.

We are so powerful in our declaration. Hold that and not be in fear because if you declare, but then you’re in fear, you’re collapsing the truth because fear will collapse the field. You can’t declare it and say, just kidding because I’m scared. It’ll be interesting as science evolves how we can measure the frequencies that come through and enter our field.

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One thing you said a few minutes ago about the liquid crystal structure spurred a question for me. In the new-age community and metaphysical community, we talk about 12 strands, the crystalline structure of DNA. As we ascend into the fifth dimension and as we get more elevated in our consciousness, we activate our DNA and the additional structure that’s sitting there latent but not activated until now, until this time, and until we consciously are ready for it. Can you talk about that?

Absolutely. There are many stages. Kryon channeled through Lee Carroll is one of them. I’ve met Lee, a lovely human—on these 12 strands of DNA. We are in a fascinating dance of living in the aspect of what we can allow ourselves to be open to in these dimensions. I’ll call it interdimensional DNA. 

If you look at the piano, the key is striking the keys to illuminate that facet of that liquid crystalline structure because if you think of a crystalline structure, it becomes a transmitter. Crystal is a huge transmitter. So we have to transmit through prisms.

It’s that aspect of what am I tuning into vibrationally? We have the music in us because music is the auditory wave for us, but some music is inauditory. It’s just another illumination frequency, so those DNA strands and that interdimensional DNA can be struck. 

Now, that light is on. It’s like ping, ping, ping, ping, ping. As we ping and that light reverberates because the light is a wave, we match others similarly striking those keys. It’s a harmonious sound that is being built on the planet for those willing to step up to the choir.

When we’re in the truth, we say similar things that resonate at that same frequency.

When you said ping, that’s a technical term. As a UNIX systems administrator, you would type in the word ping and then an IP address. It would contact that server and then respond that it was up. You would continually get responses back on a regular interval if the server is up. If it’s down, you will not hear back from it. That’s called a ping, and it’s a techie thing.

In her interview with Orion, Laura Stinchfield said that she looks at a picture of the pet or of the person she’s going to connect with. She also does people mediumship and pet psychic stuff with pets who are alive and those who crossed doors. 

Looking into the eyes of the animal or the human in the picture is like dialing a phone number. It connects the dots. For me, that’s a ping. It’s like I’m pinging an IP address or a website address. She referred to it as a phone number. She doesn’t get fooled or interfered with. She’s calling direct to that spirit and connecting without getting fooled by some entity masquerading.

Isn’t it interesting? When we’re in the truth, we say similar things that resonate at that same frequency. One of my throughlines is I go direct.

That is a big issue in this awakening movement. People are relying too heavily on intermediaries, and that’s dangerous territory. You might even equate it to idol worship from the Bible, all the warnings about idol worshipping.

Who Not How by Dan Sullivan with Dr. Benjamin Hardy

You put some guru so high up that they are your intermediary to God, to the I Am, and to all that is instead of going inside your heart. As you said, that triple knowing and the Circle K. I need to go into my heart, the knowledge in my heart, the knowing in my intuition, and the knowing in my intellect and make sure that I’m getting the right answers and the right guidance rather than relying on the guru who’s serving as my intermediary. It doesn’t have to be a “guru.” It could be your minister, coach, or mentor when you put them on a pedestal or idol worship—dangerous territory.

I 100% agree with you, Stephan. I’ve spoken with individuals. I said, “if you’re going to be in that realm, then you need to be in guru rotation, so not one guru gets too much power over you because no one or nothing has power over us.”

Part of the work that I teach through my one-on-one advisory is I’m going to teach you not even to want to talk to me anymore because you’re going to have all you want. I’m supporting and creating bridges. I’m not building an unsteady bridge that you’ll always need me to hold the rails for you. That’s not my work. My work is to help catalyze the infinite potential and support you in catalyzing the infinite potential for you with you, not only me.

Yup, because all the answers are within. Tony Robbins has this great quote, “All I need is within me now.” I learned what he calls magic of that. Also, “Life happens for me, not to me.” is another of his. Everything I need is with me now. With strength and certainty, everything I need is within me now.

Just imagine me at one of his events. It’s like a rock concert. I hadn’t had the spiritual awakening when I learned that yet, so I just sounded like a good bumper sticker like, yeah, that’s empowering. Oh my goodness, the layers to that are incredible. Also, life happens for me, not to me, the depth of that. I did not grok that at all. It just sounded like a really good bumper sticker. 

By the way, I learned a cool adjunct or corollary to that, and that is this. Life happens for me, not to me, but life also happens to me. That’s another level. Not just happening for me where I’m a participant. No, I’m driving the bus. I’m the pilot of this universe because I’m the observer. That’s the observer effect. In the multiverse and this little shard or slice of the multiverse that I pilot, I have much more control and influence than I could imagine.

Life happens for me, not to me. – Tony Robbins

That’s a secret sauce if we’re willing to entertain that because sometimes the bite is too big. That’s scary. But if we’re just willing to entertain, what if you already opened up that possibility? What if I am that powerful to be able to influence all I am experiencing for the highest good? That’s magic.

That also reminds me of a Marianne Williamson quote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.” It’s our brilliance that freaks us out.

Brilliance should not be confused with ego.

Yeah. It’s our revelation of light and the ability to light up a room and the universe with our benevolence. It’s very powerful.

As humans, duality is an experiential aspect of understanding the difference between, for example, light and darkness.

Brilliance, in other words, brillar, is to shine in Spanish. To be brilliant and to be bright is to shine. When you’re shining, you are illuminated. When you are illuminated, now you’re full of light. In the light, you’re going to cast away the darkness because that’s the juxtaposition. That’s the duality. As humans, that duality is an experiential aspect of understanding the difference because if we don’t know the difference, how do we know where we are? It’s that relativity and relative measure. Where am I relative to where I desire?

I also talk about what I want a lot. I want to do something. That just puts you in the gap. The process of becoming puts you in the process of becoming. That’s very powerful. Words are so powerful because they set forth a wave, and you’re inviting it. If you’re inviting the want, I will always be wanting, which is in the gap.

Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach and author of a bunch of books, talks about the gap versus the gain—being in the gap and being in the gain. For example, Who Not How. He also has a book out on The Gap and The Gain.

It’s just so practical in everyday life, running a business, and all that. It’s very metaphysical, too, from a metaphysical standpoint when you say words are powerful. We manifest through our words, not just our reality, but we create angels through our words.

When we speak, we need to be in alignment and integrity with our thoughts, actions, and words. All three must be aligned in purity to create powerful, positive angels. Otherwise, we’re going to be having a less-than-benevolent thought or intention. Then, we have a positive-looking action and also positive-sounding words. We’re mouthing the words. We’re doing the right thing, apparently, but we don’t mean it. We’ve just created some mischievous angels that are now whispering into our consciousness, and the intuition that we’re receiving is not pure. It’s not clear channeling from the upper realm.

Sometimes our life experience presents itself in a crunchy way instead of a smooth one.

Absolutely. Sometimes, our life experience presents itself in a way that I call crunchy instead of smooth. When the crunch arises—and it’s our right to make it smooth—how do we show up in the crunch? 

I’ll give you an example. Recently, my brand manager, copywriter, and voice were brilliant beyond measure, and I’ve enjoyed working with her. She got her dream job and was recruited.

On her face, that looks crunchy because she knows me. I’m like, and you make me sound better than me because you’re such a brilliant writer. So what we did is we created an opportunity for something better still. 

Stephan, in 8 days, 250 resumes popped up. I made a hire. They started in eight days. Emily—shout out to Emily—was so gracious in creating her exit. The employee who started eight days later was already being trained before starting. It all worked out. The transition has been so incredibly smooth. It’s something better still for all.

When one door closes, another door opens. When you make room energetically for that closing door, you invite in a new opportunity. If you try to clutch on to the old opportunity and it has outlived its spiritual contract, now you’re blocking and kicking resistance in the path of the next thing, stage, or level. So you got to just get out of your way.

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Also, to think of these people as souls who have agreed to be with you on this mission in different stages is not a coincidence. It’s not just luck that this new person came in to replace this other person with perfect timing and everything. Your soul contract agreed before even incarnating. Like, “okay, you’re going to be my voice in writing to the world and help me to amplify and amp up my mission.”

That was so true. It was such a beautiful, infinite expression of co-gratitude for the expression and the experience because she has grown so much through the process that allowed her to gain this job of a lifetime. She wasn’t seeking it, and it came to her. Why? Because she was a frequency match for it. It will not miss us when we’re a frequency match for it. 

We have to be aware and open. This is why I’ve been telling many of my team and tribe that if you receive information, you must immediately act on it because time is fleeting. We must work on it because otherwise, we will entertain another potentially infinite possibility. We could change lanes if we don’t listen, act, and trust because when we are a clear vessel, there’s no doubting what the receiver is. There’s no doubting in the transmission, like you said, these mischievous angels.

If you receive information, you must immediately act on it because time is fleeting.

This is the practice of the practice. I talk about practicing. Like when you’re building muscle, you must practice knowing the difference. This is a daily practice, so we can get extremely skilled to know if this truth or something else that’s coming to be mischievous to take me off my highest intended path.

I wanted to bring up something about Truthiness. There’s a great clip from Stephen Colbert.

Oh, I love him.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this before. But still, there’s a little graphic around social media that shows true on one two-dimensional plane, true on another two-dimensional plane orthogonal to it, and then the three-dimensional truth.

The three-dimensional truth is a cylinder, and then the shadow of that three-dimensional cylinder on one two-dimension looks like a circle. On another, it looks like a rectangle. Both are true, but the truth is a cylinder. We see true, but we do not know the truth.

Exactly. This is where perspective and perception can become argumentative because they’re seeing one aspect of it, you see the other, they’re not matching, and they’re both right. However, the perception is that no, this is what I see, and I’m clear in what I see. The other is saying likewise, but it’s a different part of the aspect. So in that circumstance, what I offer is what am I not willing to see that they’re seeing? How can I expand my lens to capture a bit of their perspective?

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One of the concepts in Kabbalah is the 1% versus the 99% reality. We’re in the 1% reality, and you think it’s vast. There’s so much that’s unknowable. All that, including all the different fields of study we could look into, is only 1% of the bigger picture.

To access that 99% reality, we have to be cognizant that there is a 99% reality and be aware of our awareness as the day goes on, every moment, trying to be aware that there’s so much more than this physical reality and everything in it. All the things we could study, like rocket science, quantum physics, biochemistry, et cetera, are all in the 1%. Having that awareness of your awareness throughout your day is important. 

Speaking of Kabbalah, just to circle back to something we discussed earlier, this idea of brilliance, the foundational book in Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, is called the Zohar. In Hebrew, that translates to splendor or radiance.

Your aspect of having awareness throughout the day comes into unlearned truths.

Beautiful. It is light. Your aspect of having awareness throughout the day comes into unlearned truths. They come and will bring themselves into weaving a thread of a story that feeds the curiosity or the missing pieces you’re looking for on that day. You’ll get it on license plates. A specific song will come in or on billboards.

I was recently driving to a venue with a rocket scientist and an astrophysicist, and we were talking about something very intentional in the third dimension of space and how we put people out in the bigger space beyond the moon, and then all of these things started popping in. It was so central to some conversation pieces that we couldn’t catalyze in the third dimension with intellectual knowledge.

Of course, that is. It was awareness. It’s always being aware and willing to see the unseen and making that invisible visible because it’s there, but sometimes, we just don’t want it.

Sciences are everywhere.

They are.

Everything is a sign. Nothing is random. Everything is engineered. In this movie, we’re experiencing that we’re the protagonist and primary actor, being edited in real-time by our unseen support team in the spirit realm. God, our angels, and our spirit guides are popping in the right song or lyrics. They’re editing it in real-time to ensure we get the message and do whatever course corrections are required to stay on track.

Zohar by Maurice Simon

How brilliant is that? That’s the brilliance. It’s so beautiful.

I recently interviewed Sam The Illusionist, who does a lot of channeling. He’s popular on YouTube. One of the things I loved from one of his channeling videos was that what we’re experiencing in the present moment is not actually in the present. It’s in the past. What we believe to be happening right now is in the past. It’s an echo.

Not taking in information through our five senses will get us into the present moment. It’s to shut that out and go inward. When we are in what Joe Dispenza refers to as no time, no place, nobody, nothing, that’s the present moment. How profound is that?

That is so powerful and so profound. I love the word echo. We’re in the echo because the echo is the resonance of what has already happened but has not come into our auditory. That echo for me just resonated so profoundly, of course.

When people tell you to get out of your head, get in your heart, and get in the present moment, that distinction, if you’re still not in the present moment, if you’re relying on your five senses, is, I think a critical next step for people.

It is a critical next step. Our five senses have been trained to understand a double helix. Our senses beyond that is an interdimensional DNA that may have 12 or infinite strands.

It’s so cool. I could just talk to you for hours, but we’re running up time here. We both have hard stops here in just a couple of minutes. If you had to share one last parting nugget of wisdom with our listener or viewer, something that we haven’t even discussed yet, and just encapsulate it into something short like a 30-second or 1-minute thing max, what would it be?

Our body will tell us how to tune in to the interdimensional knowing because nothing has power over us.

It’s about news breaks. Sometimes, the news breaks the truth. It’s because they’re sound bites. Just tune in to that interdimensional knowing. Is it resonating for you? What is that information that’s moving in? Is it a breaker? Is it a flow? Is it force, or is it flow? Is it breaking, or is it building? The body will tell you. No one or nothing has power over us.

Right. We get so addicted to the news cycle. If we just unplug from it, go into our heart, recognize that, hey, this doesn’t serve us, focus on the light, knowing some dark dystopian secret about the Kabbalah does not help me with my soul’s mission. It just distracts me and lowers my vibration; this is not serving me; I’m not going to engage; I do not have any more fear to feed this, and I’m done. It is so critical.

Amen. Interestingly, the vernacular is a news break. Isn’t that interesting? It’s not a news flow or a news completion.

Awesome. If our listener or viewer wants to work with you individually, if they want to learn from you, study with you, all that sort of stuff, get your book, and go through your Cochrane Method, what’s the next step for them?

So That’s all aspects of clinical, The Wildatarian Diet, and the biochemistry aspect of myself. 

The is my private coaching or private advising and teaching methodologies for Cochrane and private advising at the moment.

The only real failure is the failure to grow from what we go through. – Marianne Williamson

Thank you so much. What a great pleasure. This is so fun. To be continued. What a  lovely time I spent with you.

We’ll have to do a part two sometime.

Indeed. Thank you so much, Stephan.

Thank you, Teri. Thank you, listener. Go out there, reveal some light in the world, and make it a great week. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Constantly work on discovering myself. Self-awareness allows me to access my multi-dimensional self — my past lives, soul’s mission, and my future.

?Discover my genetic blueprint. This will help me personalize my diet and lifestyle based on my body’s overall health needs.

?Intentionally send and receive messages from God, spirit guides, and angels. When, how, and why I’m spiritually connected become vital to my ability to receive messages from higher planes.

?Practice discernment with every person, entity, and spirit I encounter. Discernment enables me to assess situations and clues, prayerfully make decisions, and ultimately choose well based on how my faith informs my life.

?Be mindful of my declarations. My declarations simultaneously convey my intentions and expectations. Fearlessly make my truthful declarations or they will collapse and become impossible to fulfill.

?Open myself to new possibilities. Let new opportunities naturally unfold rather than forcing them to happen. Observe every moment, experience, and event as an opportunity to grow. Relinquish my pretense of control.

?Purify my thoughts, actions, and words. When I come from a pure, authentic place, powerful positive angels and guides will protect me and lead me to a better life.

?Hone my awareness of and openness to the unseen. What I experience is just 1% of reality.

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About Teri Cochrane

Teri Cochrane is the founder of the Global Sustainable Health Institute® and an international thought leader in longevity. Through her decades of clinical work, Teri has developed The Cochrane Method®, a future-facing, multisystem health and longevity model. This model examines the intersection of genetic expression due to pathogenic and environmental causes, energy, and her clients’ unique personal blueprint. Teri specializes in solutions to complex health conditions and serves world class athletes. She is the author of the Amazon best-selling new release book, The Wildatarian Diet: Living As Nature Intended.

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