Episode 196 |

Rewrite Your Genetic Destiny with Dr. Ben Lynch

It's a common misconception that the genetics we inherit from our parents determine our fate with regards to diseases and our overall health. The truth is your genes are not your destiny. While genetics certainly play a role, scientists now know there are many other factors that can exacerbate or trigger underlying genetic issues, including diet, exercise, your external environment and even your internal environment of your body, which includes things like your metabolism, microbiome, hormone levels and inflammation in your organs. Dr. Ben Lynch is an expert in epigenetics who studied hundreds of conditions including depression, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, heart disease, obesity and more. Lucky for you, he has developed a unique method for taking control of your genetic destiny. Dr. Lynch is also the author of the bestselling book, Dirty Genes. He's here on this episode to share practical yet cutting-edge tips on how you can optimize your diet and daily routine in a way that allows you to master your genetic health.

Episode 195 |

Achieve Big Productivity Gains from the 1% Rule with Tommy Baker

If you're a regular audience to the show, you know that I'm a major productivity nerd. My guest for this episode is someone who intrigues me because he has developed his own simple process for getting things done and achieving his goals, and it works. His name is Tommy Baker and he calls his system, The 1% Rule. It's all about embracing the daily grind and developing a routine that gets resolved. Tommy has applied this method to his own life, but he also helps others realize their dreams via his coaching business, the Resist Average Academy. This is going to be an epic deep-dive into productivity and the secrets that underpin massive success. We will be discussing everything from mindset and coaching to biohacking and ice baths. Strap in because you don't want to miss some of the powerful insights in this episode.

Episode 194 |

Healed by Ayahuasca with Dennis Notten

Sometimes here in the West, we can get so caught up in new ideas, we overlook traditional practices that have been around for centuries. My guest for this episode is Dennis Notten, a yoga meditation teacher, healer and a student of indigenous medicine from the Amazon and other parts of South America. Dennis has spent an extensive amount of time in the Amazon learning healing techniques from tribes like the Yawanawá in Brazil. He's on a mission to bring some of these powerful methods to a broader audience in the West and beyond. We'll be discussing plant medicine and in particular Ayahuasca, which comes from the Amazon rain forest. It's important to recognize that when we refer to plant medicine in this episode, it does not mean medicine, drug or supplement in the Western sense.Neither Dennis nor I are suggesting that Ayahuasca or the Ayahuasca vine be used to treat or cure physical diseases or other physical conditions. In other words, please do not construe any of this episode's discussion as medical advice. Indigenous people of the Amazon have used Ayahuasca and the Ayahuasca vine for thousands of years. They’re honoring them as wise plant teachers that help people on their spiritual path. In that sense of having plant teachers guiding us on our spiritual path and helping us in healing spiritually, this is what we mean when we refer to plant medicine. Please don't construe this episode's discussion as trying to persuade, convince you our audience or others to use Ayahuasca or other sacred plant medicine. This is a deeply personal decision.If you choose to invite these plant teachers into your life, it's critical you obtain assistance from experienced facilitators who have integrity and extensive training in an established spiritual tradition. I want to emphasize that if you have any physical, psychological ailments or conditions you should consult with a physician before considering any plant medicines. None of what Dennis and I discussed should be intended as medical advice. With all these disclaimers behind us, I think you're going to find this discussion to be fascinating. Dennis opened me up to a fresh new perspective on spiritual health and on healing. Stay tuned as we explore the amazing wisdom that Dennis gleaned from his extensive time in the Amazon with indigenous people.

Episode 193 |

Thinking and Growing Rich with John Shin

One of the more powerful books I've ever read is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It was first published over 80 years ago. Since then, it's sold over 70 million copies worldwide. It truly is timeless and has changed many people's lives, mine included. Many millionaires and billionaires have credited the book as a primary reason for their success. Among them is our guest for this episode, John Shin. John is not only a wildly successful entrepreneur but also a motivational speaker, philanthropist, movie producer and author of the brand-new book How Rich Asians Think. Just so you can appreciate the scale of what John has built, I'll share with you that John commands a sales force of nearly 6,800 agents. Whether you've read or haven't read Think and Grow Rich, keep reading because you are in for a treat to learn how an amazing book has changed an amazing person’s life and can change yours too.

Episode 192 |

EMFs: Ignorance Is NOT Bliss with Jason Bawden-Smith

On an average workday, how long do you spend sitting in front of a computer? Does your office have artificial lights? Do you microwave a meal for dinner and then sit down in front of the TV? Although we spend most of our time in environments filled with electromagnetic fields or EMFs, we rarely think about this kind of radiation exposure, but what effect are all these devices having on our bodies? There's growing evidence that our lifestyles could be causing adverse effects like headaches, ringing in the ears, lack of energy, weight gain or worse. One of the few people exploring this phenomenon is Jason Bawden-Smith. Jason was a successful entrepreneur until he was struck down by twenty chronic illnesses. He healed himself and now he's on a mission to help others via his books and talks. On this episode, Jason will reveal how he beat his own illnesses and how you can detoxify your environment and develop a healthy relationship to technology. It's essential reading for anyone who's ever wondered if their cell phone is secretly harming them. If this episode leaves you wanting to learn more about how to biohack your EMF exposure, then I also recommend reading my interviews with Brian Hoyer and Luke Storey.