Episode 187 |

Cracking The Code On Aging with Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Getting old is one of those certainties like death and taxes that most people just accept. A few tried to fight it with plastic surgery or biohacking but for everyone else, it's an inevitability. What if aging is not a certainty and instead a disease with a cure? My guest for this episode is one of the top scientists in the world on extreme life extension. He's not willing to accept small advances in this area. He has absolutely driven to getting humanity to longevity escape velocity where for every year we live, we get an extra year added on to our lifespan due to advances in medical technologies. His name is Dr. Aubrey de Grey. I first met him over a decade ago at the Foresight Institute, one of their events. He's been working on this problem for much longer than that. While the Fountain of Youth is still ways off, Aubrey's team has made some promising breakthroughs and incredible discoveries about why and how our bodies age. He'll reveal the seven hallmarks of aging and the latest research on the interventions that could stop them. Aubrey is a truly inspiring person in so many ways. I highly recommend reading this episode in full, in fact reading it again more than once, whether you're planning or not to live forever.

Episode 186 |

The Power Trifecta for Getting Organized with Charles Byrd

When you run a business or household for that matter, it's easy for things to descend into chaos. That's always been true but with all the distractions available to us now, it's far easier for us to get bogged down with information overload and shiny objects syndrome. This isn't a minor issue. If you don't get a handle on chaos in your business or in your life, it can quickly escalate into serious problems. My guest for this episode is productivity expert, Charles Byrd. He is an Evernote-certified influencer and a coach who teaches top CEOs how to tune out the noise and become more focused and productive. If your inbox is overflowing, your Google Drive is filled with incoherent notes and your desk is littered with scribbled Post-its, Charles might just change your life. In this conversation, we'll reveal an amazing Power Trifecta for getting organize and the secret to finding your five-second superpower, as well as how to get off slack and start getting stuff done.   I got to experience Charles’ brilliance firsthand through his online course about Evernote and then through some private coaching and all I have to say is, “Wow.” In fact, I'll be hosting a webinar with Charles as a speaker where we will go deeper into his amazing framework. If you like this episode and I know you will, then you'll want to register for the webinar at www.KillTheChaos.pro/Optimized. If you've been reading this blog, you'll know that productivity is a topic that's near and dear to my heart and it's a recurring theme here at the show. If you too are passionate about productivity and focus, do yourself a favor and check out my excellent interviews of David Allen, Cal Newport, Chris Bailey, Ari Meisel, Nick Sonnenberg, Tiago Forte, Mike Vardy, Will Henshall and Tim Ferriss. I can promise you some life-changing life hacks. There's even a productivity category on the GetYourselfOptimized.com website to make it even easier for you to find them.

Episode 185 |

Negotiate Like a Boss with Chris Voss

Imagine you're on the phone with a kidnapper. Your goal is to get them to release their hostage as soon as possible. It's a life or death situation. If you say one wrong thing, it could quickly escalate and you'll have a disaster on your hands. My guest for this episode is Chris Voss. As an FBI Hostage Negotiator for over 24 years, he's been in that exact situation dozens of times. You don't operate in that kind of high-pressure environment without coming away with powerful insights on human nature and human psychology. When Chris decided to share his wisdom in a book, Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It, it was bound to be a hit. He is also the CEO of The Black Swan Group, a company that provides negotiation training for businesses, individuals and even law enforcement. The negotiation strategies that Chris has developed don't just work in hostage situations, they're applicable to business deals, sales and even internal communications. His methodology focuses on uncovering black swans or small pieces of information that can be used to achieve the desired outcome. In addition to this episode, I encourage you to listen to my wife, Orion’s episode with Chris Voss on the Stellar Life podcast, episode number 137.

Episode 184 |

The Secret Weapon of the Highly Productive with Tiago Forte

Our brains can hold only so much information. If you're an ambitious person like me, you probably have many projects and ideas on the go that some things get forgotten. It's almost like you need a second brain to keep track of everything. You might be surprised to know that you can build a second brain. I’m not talking about some AI Robot. I’m talking about an innovative system that acts an extension of your mind. Tiago Forte is the Founder of Forte Labs and a writer, speaker and teacher who is obsessed with the future of work. He’s used his background in design and technology to create a system for entrepreneurs and creatives to keep track of their ideas using Evernote. It's so effective. He's dubbed it the second brain. If you ever wished you could learn faster, work quicker or better manage all your ideas and projects, then you'll definitely want to build a second brain. On this episode, Tiago and I will be discussing everything from productivity apps to note-taking skills and how you can leverage them to be far more productive than you are.If you're interested in working smarter, there are also many other great episodes that you must listen to including Tim Ferriss, Chris Bailey, Todd Herman, Nick Sonnenberg, Mike Vardy, Ari Meisel. The easiest way to find them all is to go to GetYourselfOptimized.com and click on the Productivity category, which is under Podcast. I also encourage you to start reading my other show, Marketing Speak, even if you're not into marketing. I have guests on that show who could help you up-level on a personal level. For example, on one episode of Marketing Speak, I interviewed Re Perez all about branding and everybody should be working on building their personal brand. After all, your names are being googled and you should be in control of that narrative. Go and subscribe to Marketing Speak and then come back and read the rest of this episode and learn all about how to develop a second brain.

Episode 183 |

Playing The Tax Game with Diane Kennedy

Unfortunately, tax time is upon us again. Before you take a visit to your accountant though, you're going to want to listen to this episode number 183. It might save you some money. As you probably know, the tax system has had quite a bit of shakeup 2018. A lot of people still don't know how the new tax rules will affect them. My guest isn't just a tax expert, she literally wrote the book on the new tax plan. Diane Kennedy is a New York Times bestselling author and she's going to talk about her new book, Taxmageddon 2018: How to Brace for the Trump Tax Plan. If you don't want to get slugged with a hefty tax bill, Diane is going to be revealing some amazing tax secrets about LLCs, cryptocurrency, tax credits and more. To maximize your refund, you'll also want to check out the excellent episode I did with Mike Packman, episode number 168 on Outside-The-Box Tax Strategies. Search for Mike Packman on the Get Yourself Optimized website or in your favorite podcast app.