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By: Stephan Spencer


Kurtis Thomas
“With breathwork, it is a process of going into the trauma & into the deep-seated belief systems that are causing the stress, and it will get rid of that stress causing them.”
Kurtis Thomas

Breathing is a key part of our day-to-day lives, but it can also be used as a powerful tool to overcome trauma and bring healing miracles. Today’s guest unlocks the natural energy of breathwork and how it can transform your life.

Kurtis Thomas is a corporate mindfulness trainer and the founder of Breathwork Detox. He’s the best-selling author of The World is Yours and How To Thrive in the Age of Anxiety.

In today’s episode, Kurtis explains how to use breathwork as a foundation for meditation, stress relief, and healing. Of all of the crazy biohacks Kurtis has tried in his search for pain relief, breathwork has been the most impactful. He even shares stories about people who have experienced weight loss due to breathwork. We also talk about the supernatural experiences that led Kurtis to write his bestselling books. This episode might give you just what you need to overcome the trauma you’ve been facing.

In this Episode

  • [00:38]Stephan introduces his next guest, Kurtis Lee Thomas, a corporate mindfulness trainer and founder of Breathwork Detox. He’s the #1 best-selling author of The World is Yours The Secrets Behind “The Secret” and author of the #1 New Release on Amazon, How To Thrive in the Age of Anxiety.
  • [01:22]Stephan asks Kurtis about the origin of breathwork and its significance.
  • [03:34]Kurtis shares being through the entire medical system, which leads him back to the breath.
  • [06:44]Both Stephan and Kurtis agree that the purpose of pain isn’t to make us suffer but help us to move in another direction.
  • [10:16]Kurtis explains the best part of Breathworks and its difference to meditation.
  • [15:26]Stephan wants to know the effects of breathwork on people experiencing trauma and emotional baggage.
  • [21:28]Kurtis remembers his experience witnessing a Veteran having trauma leaving his body and the physical responses after releasing it.
  • [27:04]Kurtis mentions seeing a video testimonial of a full-blown unbelievable miracle brought by having a breathwork class.
  • [30:17]Stephan asks about the vision, prophetic dreams and their impact on Kurtis.
  • [36:59]Kurtis emphasizes that seeing is believing that anything is possible & the importance of prayer in our lives, making God a business partner.
  • [42:23]Kurtis shares the events of his pivotal moment, shifting his view of his brother’s passing.
  • [44:33]Both Stephan and Kurtis expound about living a life with transparency.
  • [47:42]Kurtis highlights Breathworks having you 100% control and leads to having unique experiences.
  • [50:01]Sign Up to work with Kurtis and get this breathwork experience at, which will bring you to a program suite, virtual events, teacher training and many more life-changing programs.

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Kurtis, it’s so great to have you on the show. 

Thank you, Stephan. I appreciate it, man. I’m happy to be here. 

Let’s start by talking about your relationship with breathwork. How did you get so fixated on it? How did it become such a thing for you? There must’ve been some origin story that is profound. 

They say the two greatest motivators are pain and pleasure. Unfortunately, one of them is a bit more of a motivator than another one.

They say the two greatest motivators are pain and pleasure. Unfortunately, one of them is a bit more of a motivator than another one. And unfortunately for me, I was suffering. I had severe pain. Even more significant than that, there was something mysterious going on with me medically that doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me. 

That is quite frustrating when you’re going to doctors and you’re taking dozens and dozens of tests and spending thousands of co-payments. I was elected for three surgeries and the doctors are coming back and saying, you’re perfectly fine, it’s all in your head. 

I had one doctor, when I asked him to test me for the third time for the same thing—because I swore he’s wrong—he’s like, “Kurtis, you’re healthier than I am.” It wasn’t until I had my own CNT, which is a Taoist tummy massager who told me my wind gate was blocked—which is the energy center behind your belly button, with all your prana and your chi. All the woo-woo terminology. She advised me to go to a breathwork class. 

In my very first breathwork class, I had a breakthrough. I left, I went home, and my stomach pain was gone. I’m talking about, five years of going to the best doctors in LA to New York and nobody could tell me what was wrong with me. But the reason why they couldn’t is that my issue wasn’t physical. It was emotional, it was energetic. They don’t have the remedy for that.

Some might say that it’s even at a deeper level, that it’s spiritual.


In my very first breathwork class, I had a breakthrough.

There are bigger forces that play and we don’t see the bigger picture that perhaps this was a karmic debt that you had to pay from a past lifetime where you had hurt somebody else, or who knows what that might be. But some bigger picture exists that we cannot fully grasp. 

I would like to say that it led me to pretty much knowing that I went through the entire medical system. I’m talking from conventional to Dave Asprey, anal and intravenous ozone therapy—the whole spectrum, and it brought me back to the breath. The one thing that we all share together, the first thing we do when we come into this world, and the very last thing we do when we leave. The breath is so powerful. 

I dropped everything that I was doing. I was a serial entrepreneur. I dropped everything and I said, I’m putting everything into letting the world know about this specific modality. Because I know what it’s capable of. 

Wow. You tried colonics, you tried Myers’ cocktails—the IV drip with vitamin C and all that. You tried all the different kinds of specialists and nothing helped.

Things helped. I will say things helped, but as far as the breakthrough, the relief. It’s really uncomfortable when you feel uncomfortable in your own body. And you have to show up and provide for your family, you have to go through life, put a smile on your face, and nobody knows that there’s gunfire going off in your head. Your energy’s like, yeah. We have to keep that straight face. I couldn’t deal with that anymore. Things did help, but not the breakthrough that I had in my breathwork.

I dropped everything, and I said, I’m putting everything into letting the world know about this specific modality. Because I know what it’s capable of.

Mind you, I’ve been to the jungle and did ayahuasca 14 times. I got scars up my arm from combo frog poison, venom from the shamans that makes you projectile vomit. I’ve done a lot of things. I’m just flabbergasted that the breath, out of all things, is what gave me the most relief. 

Some things that are seemingly inconsequential to others because they don’t see it, they don’t feel what you’re feeling, they just are completely ignorant of it. Yet you’re going through hell. I love the quote, “If you’re going through hell, keep on going.” I forget who that was. If it was Schwarzkopf, some other general, Isenhower, or somebody. But I think it was a general. 

There’s one episode on this podcast that comes to mind related to this, and it was Jonathan Fields. Jonathan is an amazing guy. He was in agony, he was a tortured soul and nobody knew it because of a physical ailment that the medical system couldn’t fix. That was tinnitus. Ringing in his ears drove him to suicidal thoughts. He was at the end of his rope.

Yet, it was the gateway to a breakthrough and epiphany. A change that’s so profound for him that I’m sure he wouldn’t have taken the tinnitus away if he had the option to do it over again. That was his mindfulness practice. He did not do mindfulness meditation prior to the tinnitus. It was a last-ditch effort to try and cope with this thing driving him mad in his head. 

I totally agree. The purpose of pain isn’t necessarily to make us suffer, it’s to move us in another direction. If the universe didn’t do that, we would’ve stayed the same. Yeah, I guess I share a similar story. We both got driven hard into this certain lifestyle.

With breathwork, it is a process of going into the trauma & into the deep-seated belief systems that are causing the stress, and it will get rid of that stress causing them. Share on X

You know there’s this great truism that I heard a few years ago at a Next Level Experience event, and that was a story where the universe sends you these little nudges that’s a feather falling out of the sky, gently landing on your shoulder to tell you something. It’s easy to ignore, of course, because it’s so subtle. 

Then if you keep ignoring those feathers from the universe, eventually, it turns into bricks. When those bricks fall on you, they hurt. After enough time of ignoring the bricks then the Mack truck comes. Thankfully, you didn’t get the Mack truck. Maybe it was a small truck. Maybe it was like a minivan. But it was definitely after the feathers. 

I love that. That’s great. 

Tell me and our listener, what is it that is so game-changing for a newbie in terms of breathwork. Is it access to other dimensions, to greater insights? Is it being able to go from sympathetic to parasympathetic in your nervous system? Is it about quitting the monkey mind so that you can get to a place of being able to listen and not just speak to your creator? Prayer is speaking, but meditating is listening. What is it that you think is going to be the big thing for our listener?

Are you ready for this one?


All of the above. It is the secret sauce. This isn’t just theory. I can go through each one of those and give my philosophy then also scientific backing. For instance, quiet the monkey mind. Steven Kotler talks about this because he talks about flow state a lot. What happens in breathwork right around the 8–12 minute mark, you reach your peak resistance. If you push through that, you enter this quantum field. What’s happening is something called Transient Hypofrontality. 

Things did help, but not the breakthrough that I had in my breathwork.

What that is, is when the prefrontal cortex of the brain begins to quiet down, that’s the part of the brain that judges, it says you’re you, I’m me, this is good, this is bad. They call it the monkey mind, the critic, the ego. When that begins to subside, you begin to have this tremendous amount of enhanced clarity. 

This is why people get what we call downloads, epiphanies, and realizations they come flooding in because that little device in the brain, which I call the self-sabotager, just deflects everything—deflects, deflects, deflects. It goes away and you can see things crystal clear with no interference. That’s another word for flow state, that transient hypofrontality. 

By the way, there’s a great term in Kabbalah for that inner critic—’the opponent.’ 

I like that. I’m going to add that to the arsenal. The opponent, okay. 

Keep going. 

The best part, overall, is that for a newbie, trying breathwork is unlike meditation. Meditation is great, but you need to really be consistent and the results of meditation have compounded interest, compounded results. You need to continuously do it to really see the benefits of meditation. 

Breathwork is different. The results are immediate and undeniable.

Breathwork is totally different. The results are immediate and undeniable. If you go through the session from beginning to end, you will have some sort of experience. It’s very simple. The breathing technique is very simple. I didn’t say it was easy, I said it was simple. It is going to take a little work to get to that point of resistance where you can push through and enter into transient hypofrontality. But for the majority of people, I witnessed miracles on the mat and in my sessions. 

The fact that it’s immediate and undeniable, I think that’s what new people love about it because they don’t have to continue going and going with the first shot. They’re like okay, this thing works. Sign me up.

One thing that comes to my mind is with meditation, it’s like a diet. You can’t do it once and in one day and expect results. Doing the meditation for a long period of time, you get the results. But with a breathwork experience, you’ll walk out a changed person almost certainly.

Exactly. Look at breathwork as like cleaning your car with a power washer. That’s the deep cleaning. Breathwork is the deep cleaning. Think of meditation as cleaning your car with a toothbrush. That’s the maintenance. Because I truly believe that meditation is an advanced practice. 

Why do I say that meditation is an advanced practice? Because if you try to get somebody who’s stressed out, who’s got all these things going on to sit down, sit down and sit still for 20 minutes and don’t think a thought, they’re going to get more stressed out. They’re going to feel more like a failure in the subconscious. It’s so difficult.

Breathwork detox is by far the most effective way to clear and get rid of that emotional baggage.

But when you implement a breathwork practice first and you begin clearing out the heavy stuff that you don’t even know that you’re holding on to, until you actually release it through the breathwork, then it makes meditation so much easier and more enjoyable because you don’t have the mind going crazy. I know you mentioned sympathetic and parasympathetic, the interesting thing about that is that 99.9% of the time, people should be breathing through their nose—they really should. 

When you read James Nestor’s book, people tape their mouths shut when they sleep at night so they breathe through their nose. With this breathwork detox, we breathe through the mouth. In through the mouth, out through the mouth. Because it’s a detox. People forget, everyone’s on a diet like you said, and everyone’s trying to lose weight. But they forget that 70% of the body’s toxins are removed through the lungs. This is why when people do breathwork—this is what we’re studying now, we’re actually putting a lot of research into this—people are losing weight. They’re losing 5, 10, 12lbs from implementing what we created something called the 30-day challenge. 

This wasn’t part of it. That was never part of the plan to be like, this is a weight loss. But we have all these testimonials we’re collecting were like, we need to look at this data. There are Harvard researches that state that the reason why people gain weight is because they eat crappy foods. Now, why are they eating crappy foods? It’s because of the stress which they did in another study in Harvard (and this is a fact), that 60–90% of all doctors visits are stress-related. I quoted that. Now, this stress releases cortisol and cortisol actually makes you crave sugary crappy foods. 

What we notice is that when people are doing these diets, they’re mowing the weeds. They’re mowing the lawns, they’re mowing the weeds, and this is why we know what happens—it grows back. What’s causing it to grow? 

Breath by James Nestor

What we realize with breathwork is that it is going into the trauma, it is going into the deep-seated belief systems that are causing the stress, which is causing the cortisol, which is causing you to eat crappy foods. It is going in and it is ripping out those weeds from the root. This is why people were experiencing that. They’re like, hey, I don’t even crave these crappy foods anymore. Another person’s like, I feel like I have a little guy on my shoulder now who’s telling me, hey don’t eat that. It’s because they got rid of that stress that’s causing them to want those crappy foods and people aren’t losing weight. 

This is new to us. We’re putting a lot of research into this. It’s fun to me because curiosity is just consciousness at work. I’m just really curious about the amazing things that this does. It does so much more than even I know because I’m learning as I go. 

Yeah, that’s super cool. Now, going into that trauma to rip out the roots, how does that work? What is a typical or an example experience of somebody? No need to give names unless they’ve given permission and want this information associated with their name. But I would love to hear a quick case study or two. 

There’s a great testimonial by Dr. Michael Breus, which we’re both good friends with. 

Yes, he’s awesome.

He gave me permission, he put it on my website and he’s arguably the world’s number one sleep doctor. 

Oh, and a past guest on this show too. 

And a past guest. Yeah, I love Michael. People can go check that out. Let me break how it clears out trauma—well, let’s just say sometimes the weight that we need to lose isn’t in our physical body. We’re carrying a lot of emotional baggage, which is actually a real thing, and in that emotional baggage is all types of traumas, heartbreaks, and you name it. 

The issues are in the tissues, right?

What we need to lose isn’t in our physical body. We’re carrying a lot of emotional baggage.

You got my punch line. That’s where I was going to, man. Come on. Yes, exactly. The issues are in the tissues. Because that’s where we store that trauma and that emotional baggage. The interesting thing is we don’t even know it’s there until it’s gone, until we feel it leave. If you want me to go kind of technical and spiritual at the same time.

Let’s do it. 

This is how my greatest realization is that we can all agree that we have blood in our bodies that circulates, that keeps us alive. How is that blood distributed? It’s distributed through veins and arteries. We know that because it’s anatomically, they are, it’s physical. Now, this non-physical world, even if you’re not the woo-woo master, we can all agree that there’s an energy inside of us. There is some sort of vital life force energy that flows through every part of our vessel. 

Chi, prana, whatever. 

Chi, prana, energy, or what everyone wants to call it, yes. 


That life force energy. Now, how does that get distributed through the body? This was my discovery. It actually gets distributed through the body through these things called nadis. Some people can call them meridians. But we have 72,000 of these nadis. What they are is they’re pranic channels, they’re pranic highways, they’re energetic highways where all our energy gets distributed. 

Now, interestingly enough for my situation, there’s one area in the body where all 72,000 of those nadis intersect. It’s like the Times Square of your energy field. Take a guess where it was? 

The purpose of pain isn't necessarily to make us suffer. It's to move us in another direction. If the universe didn't do that, we would've stayed the same. Share on X

Solar plexus.

In the belly. Behind the belly button, where your wind gate is, where all the energy comes in and comes out. If you get congested there, it’s going to block up every part of your body. Now, we can get clogs in these 72,000 nadis where the issues are in the tissues. It gets clogged in a very simple way like, oh, that person gets on my nerves. It’s like a gut clogged in that system and that person irritates you until that nadi is cleansed out because that’s how we clean out all the emotions. 

There are no pills that you can take, there are no medicines that the doctor can give you. The only two things that I witnessed that clean and clear out these nadis is kundalini yoga and breathwork detox. 

Whenever you get a practice where you witness people cry for no reason, it’s because it’s clearing up the nadis. It’s clearing out your emotional body. Breathwork detox is by far the most effective way to clear this out and to get rid of that emotional baggage. Imagine, I’ve been to the jungles and did the ayahuasca, which I’m a fan of. I wish it was legal everywhere. I didn’t have to go to the jungle. But you have to do it properly with shamans and it’s very spiritual and very physical. 

But the breath is the trojan horse. It’s free, natural, everybody’s holding. You release DMT—we didn’t get to that, I think we’re probably going to get to that in a moment—and that’s dimethyltryptamine. It’s the component or chemical responsible for getting secreted from the pineal gland when you dream at night. It’s literally what launches you in another dimension when you go to bed at night where you’re like, oh, this is real, and then you wake up. It’s because of the DMT

You can go on Netflix right now and type in The Spirit Molecule, and they’re referring to DMT. It’s known as the spirit molecule. Interestingly enough, more than the pineal gland, the lungs secrete more DMT than any other area in the body. When you do this breathing technique, you begin to microdose on DMT naturally. This is the reason why—because people have no idea—people have all these mystical experiences and all types of these weird connections to the cosmos, to the earth, to the people in the room next to them. It’s because they’re microdosing. I witnessed it. 

In the non-physical world, we can all agree that there’s an energy inside us, vital life force energy that flows through every part of our vessel.

Usually, two things happen when they really start to activate the breathing. Half of the people have this natural euphoric and blissful high, and the other people just trip balls. They’re in another dimension, talking to their grandmother, or getting the recipe for the family cake. I’ve heard it all and it’s just so magical to me. It’s very similar to ayahuasca, but it’s natural, it’s breathing. I just still can’t get over it and I’ve been doing this for years.

That’s so awesome. You mentioned earlier in this conversation, you’ve seen actual miracles. What would be an example of a miracle?

Okay, this one I wouldn’t consider a miracle. A miracle is something that’s unbelievable, I can get to that. But you asked a specific question of what trauma looks like leaving the body. I trained teachers and I work with other breathwork people. There was a gentleman who was a war veteran. He started the breathwork. In the breathwork, all of a sudden, his legs started to run like he was running a marathon. They started slow and then literally like Carl Lewis sprinting. I’ve seen a bunch of things so you want to let that experience play out. So I let it play out. 

What happened to that gentleman afterward when we’re in the integration phase is that that person was in a war. He was a true war veteran. In war, there was one of those IEDs or whatever that hit his Hummer and killed one of his friends, injured another person, and then he froze—fight, flight, or freeze. He froze. Literally, he was frozen while all this stuff was happening around him and he suffered from severe PTSD. 

When he started the breathing technique, he was able to tap into that emotional body. He went back to that moment and he had the physical response of running. He acted it out, he got it out of his system, and then after the breathwork that trauma was released from his body and his PTSD was completely gone.

When he started the breathing technique, he was able to tap into that emotional body.

Wow, that’s incredible. It’s like he relived the experience and relived it differently. Which reminds me of CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) where A+B=C. The activating event plus the belief equals your experience, circumstance, or whatever. 

But you can apply this equation which is A+B+C+D=E or something like that where it’s the activating event plus the belief plus you experiencing it again—that’s the E—plus the D is the decision to replay this in a different way equals a whole new outcome. I butchered the equation, but that’s a general principle. It sounds like he did that in super speed through this breathwork experience.

Yeah. He was able to tap in. Sometimes, not all the time, you got to feel it to heal it. He relived that. That wasn’t his intention. That was just what his soul in his body knew that he needed to release because it was just hindering him. But he never was given the opportunity. I don’t care how much therapy you have and how many pills that you’re on, it doesn’t work. It’s like you really got to tap into the body. 

I’m not saying none of that stuff works because there is. I don’t want to discredit. But in conjunction, when you’re really able to clear out the emotional body. This is just coming from a place of trying everything and realizing that the majority of our issues, like we said from Harvard 60%–90% is stress-related. It’s stress, emotion, and energy. Our medical system does not focus on those particular things. They discredit them actually. That sucks. It really does.

It's uncomfortable when you feel uncomfortable, yet you have to show up, go through life, put a smile on your face, and nobody knows that there's gunfire going off in your head. Share on X

There is something else that came to mind when you were talking about PTSD. That was another interview on this show with David Berceli. He’s the creator of TRE. I don’t know if you’ve heard of him. 


Okay. Tension and Trauma Release Exercise is what that stands for. That can help people with PTSD, and lots of other people as well to get those issues out of their tissues. You’re going through the motions of the trauma release, when people shake it off or when animals get hit by a car and they shake it off. That’s a way of purging or releasing the trauma. That can be done just by going through those motions of shuddering, shaking, and what have you. 

While you’re experiencing your fear, anxiety, or whatever from that experience that you keep re-experiencing can just fix it. 

Yup. I’m a fan of TRE. I’m grateful for that work because it does work. I was just actually it yesterday. I do this exercise at the gym. It’s like one of those female exercises. It looks like you put your legs in and go out like this. When I hold a specific area, my whole legs and stomach shake. 

I use that exercise to clear that energy out. It shakes so much. I know my intention is I’m getting rid of stuff because even though I do the breathwork and I healed my stomach, now that I’m holding space for thousands of other people to heal, you tend to take on other people’s energy. I have to have a continuous practice that clears and cleanses myself out. TRE is in that.

Whenever you get a practice where you witness people crying for no reason, it’s because it’s clearing up the nadis.

That’s cool. What a phenomenal story that you shared about the veteran. You said there’s an example of a full-blown, unbelievable miracle. Can you share that one?

Yeah. Believe it or not, there’s a bunch, but this is the one that I love because it came in threes. Things had to come in for threes. I’ll use one lady because she gave a video testimonial, she wouldn’t shut up about it, she was so happy. 

She was married for 12 years or something like that and they were trying to have a child for years. I forget the number of tries, like five, six years. Went to doctors, all those special fertilizer people or whatever, and they couldn’t have a baby. She took my breathwork class, and in the breathwork class, she said that she saw an energy in her woman’s area—uterus or whatever it was—like a dark shadow or whatever. It lifted from her and she said she had seen it in her third eye or whatever, leave. 

She goes at that very moment, she had a flash of the baby and she knew that she was able to have a child and then that she was going to get pregnant. Very shortly after, she reached out to me, she told me the whole story. She showed me the baby thing, and she’s like, “I’m pregnant.” I got goosebumps just thinking about it. The reason why is that one is a miracle because it created life. 

Life itself is a miracle. 

Yeah. When I hear the word miracle, I’m like, oh man, there’s nothing more significant to me than a couple and a married couple who want to have a child, who couldn’t and tried everything. Did breathwork and knew in the breathwork they were going to be pregnant within the next month, and they did. Now, it wasn’t just her. There were two more people after her within two-, three-week periods that said the same thing. I was like, okay, this is a thing. I don’t think I’m going to go out there and promote it, ‘hey, do you want to get pregnant? Come do this.’ 

The breath is so powerful because it is the one thing we share, the first thing we do when we come to this world and the last thing to do when we leave. Share on X

I truly believe people who are in touch with their higher selves, they’ll find me. I don’t really have to put myself out there in that manner. But they found me. It’s beautiful, man. I love what I do. I truly do. 

Of course, we’re at 33 minutes and I’m recording right now. 

I love it, I love it. 

Great. Do you see things in your third eye?

I do. When I do breathwork, the downloads, epiphanies, things that come in, a lot of how I’m growing this business is like I’m going into breathwork, how do I do this? How do I solve this problem? It’s a great problem solver. As far as creativity, there’s no pill that you can take for creativity. I’ve taken all the nootropics—legal and probably illegal, all the Dave Asprey stuff, everything that I think could work as far as brain enhancement. The breathwork has been by far the thing that has enhanced my creativity the most. 

In all honesty, I don’t really think it’s even enhancing creativity. I actually think it’s removing all the things that are blocking creativity. Because I just feel and think so clearly when I’m in the breathwork sessions.

With breathwork, it removes all the things that block creativity because I feel and think so clearly when I’m in the breathwork sessions.

But have you had visions? Have you had certain kinds of prophetic dreams or lucid dreams that have been quite impactful for you? Or have you had knowings that just showed up for you and you couldn’t have possibly have known it any other way?

Yeah. I’ll say this. A lot of those visions—those prophetic visions—they’re very much out there and if people want to see them, they can go on my Instagram page because I put them in my stories. Whenever I have these visions, I have saved stories and I’ll put them in there. Literally the strings of just visions and prophecies and stuff like that. People always ask me, how do you get this information? 

I’ve always been getting it, to be honest, because before the breathwork, I wrote a book called The World is Yours – The Awakening – The Secrets behind “The Secret”. After my brother had passed, I really started getting downloads and information. I never wanted to be a writer. That was never my thing. But I started writing. I started getting all this information, put it in a book, and then it became my number one best-seller, Oprah got it, Tony Robbins, Kim, Kanye, Lady Gaga, 150 of the biggest celebrities are seen in photos walking in TMZ with my book, Usher.


Thanks. It was pure organic. The reason why it resonates with people is because it’s very deep, it’s very profound, but it’s simple. I’ve had 10-year-old kids read my book and their parents reached out to me and said the book changed their life. Simplicity, people want to understand stuff. They want to connect the dots.

Did you have a particular Matrix moment where you saw the bigger picture, you saw the matrix? Thus things like the book The World is Yours, The Awakening that just was an inevitable conclusion or byproduct?

Yeah. If you want this interview to go really left and weird. 

I’ve had a lot more left than you, so why not?

The World is Yours: The Awakening by Kurtis Thomas

Okay, good. I was in the entertainment industry. I’ve had liquor companies. I’ve worked with the New England Patriots. It’s kind of really into that scene. I was never into any of this metaphysical stuff. Until, like I told you, that pivotal moment when my brother had passed and I started to get into my spirituality and started getting downloads. I’ve done the ayahuasca and had profound experiences with beings. But even before the ayahuasca, I started to see UFOs. I’ve never seen a UFO before. I was fascinated with it. 

Long story short, I started writing The World is Yours and I got frustrated and I went to go to delete it. When I went to delete it, I was walking up the stairs and something told me to turn around. I turned around and I saw a shooting star. I’m like, holy crap, was I supposed to make a wish? I’m going back and forth in my head. I was like, oh, maybe it’s a sign that I’m meant to write a stupid book. Is this a sign? And then I saw a comet. A comet—not a shooting star—going through the sky. And then I started seeing UFOs and I’m like, whoa, whoa, life got really, really weird. 

That’s why my name on Instagram is actually @manfromthestars. That’s when all these started to happen. What was really happening, I was connected to my galactic roots. We all have our family here—I got my daughter, I got my mother, I got my family, I got my dog. But we actually have a real family that is from our galactic origins, up there. This is very temporary. It’s a blip in our soul’s evolution in our life. It’s very significant and we won’t get into how significant this lifetime is on earth and what’s about to transpire. But it’s a blip. It’s bigger than big. 

In the book, I call it, this is the galactic SuperBowl of human evolution that has never been experienced before. There’s never before been a planet and an entire civilization that chose to ascend together. They’ve done it separately, but never together. It’s much, much harder as you can see. But it’s never been done before. There are beings literally from different quadrants of the galaxy all over here to witness this. 

Why we can’t see them and interact with them, that’s a whole nother story. I promise you, it’s for their own safety because there are bigger things going on. Let’s just say that yeah, there’s a whole another reality and a world out there. I started to experience these things that I thought turned my world upside down, but obviously, I found out it turned my world right side up. I started to look into deeper levels of truth and things of fiction didn’t seem so fiction when my consciousness began to expand. 

Because when I started to see the UFOs, I remember when I saw my first one in Joshua Tree, I took a certification called CE5 with Dr. Steven Greer. He didn’t lead it but it was called CE5, which means Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. Which means you actually go out and you do human-initiated contact. At the time, I thought it was kind of BS that you could do a protocol and call ships in. But when I went out there the three days, every single day of those three a ship showed up. 

I remember my most profound experience when I saw it, I could feel, literally, something inside me. It was more like a glass ceiling of consciousness that was clear, it shattered. And from one moment to the next, I just had this deeper connection that I knew anything was possible. If I just witnessed and saw what I saw, I go, if they came here from a different part of the galaxy, anything is possible. It was a feeling more than a thought. I just started living life completely differently at that moment.

I’m starting to really grasp that anything is possible.

Yes, man. It’s a good feeling.

Oh my goodness. Just little things too. I really want a FedEx truck to show up right now so that I don’t have to go out of my way to a FedEx drop-off location and boom, magic. It wasn’t even part out of the way, it was immediately in the way. It was in the middle lane park with the guy behind the truck. All I had to do was slow down, there were no cars of course behind me. I was able to just give him the package. He scanned it and then he was off. I didn’t go even an inch out of my way. I love that.

Those are the stories you collect that make you become a master manifester because you begin to truly believe that anything is possible because you have all these experiences of things that you just instantly manifest and I have a bunch of them. That’s how you enhance your power because it’s all beliefs. People think you need to see it to believe it. I promise you that’s BS. You really need to believe it to see it. The more you believe it, the more you see it. It’s how it works.

It’s so true. People that you would never guess are spiritual and have seen angels, collaborated with angels, with higher beings, and so forth. The people who you think are the most scientific and skeptical and then they’ll tell you in private, actually, I saw angels.

In private, right? exactly.

When the ego part of the brain deflects everything, downloads, epiphanies, and realizations begin to lead to a tremendous amount of enhanced clarity. That's another word for flow state, that transient hypofrontality. Share on X

Which brings me to another point too that I was thinking about this earlier when you’re talking about clearing out the nadis. You know of only two ways. Actually, there’s a third way. Since we’re talking about this topic right now. I just recently interviewed Tina Zion, who is a world-renowned medical intuitive and healer. 

Clearing out the nadis, you can call in a divine and sacred being. Who specializes in that particular issue. It could be in you. It could be somebody else. It could be even in a disembodied spirit, you’re getting haunted or whatever. You’re getting some weird things happening in your home. You could call in a divine and sacred being who specializes in that entity or soul that’s disincarnate, that’s hanging around at that property, and there he or she shows up, and then you can ask all sorts of things, like show me the point of origin of this. Show me how this is serving me or the other person or whatever. 

You can ask them of course then to heal it and take it away, clear out those energy centers, take the negative entity that’s attached or whatever into the light. There are all sorts of really cool stuff you can do just by asking the right questions. First of all, call in the right beings who are the specialists, rather than just making a general prayer, and then to make those very specific and precise requests. It’s really, really cool.


Yeah. That’s the third way to clear out the nadis.

I’d put that under prayer as far as prayer and invocation when you’re invoking spirits or divine energy because it all comes from the same source. But there are different beings that specialize in different things. By all means, prayer is always going to be the foundational work for pretty much everything that I do has prayer, even my business. At one point in my business evolution, I realized that I needed to make God my business partner.

I started implementing God in my business endeavors, and everything shifted and changed.

I love that.

When I started doing that, everything changed. How I learned that was pretty interesting. I had a business partner. We were doing great, and at one point—after five years in business—we just decided to go our own ways, our separate ways. It wasn’t bad blood or anything like that. He’s like, “I really want to do things on my own. I want to go in this direction.” I was like, Cool.” Shortly after, he’s telling me like he has a new business partner and I’m sitting here like, you just said you want to work on your own. What are you talking about? I’m clenching my jaws listening to him.

He’s going, “He’s the greatest business partner,”and this and that. I’m like, “Who’s this business partner?” He’s like, “God.” I was like, “I don’t have to compete with that guy.” Something clicked. I was like okay, he’s onto something. I started implementing God in my business endeavors and everything shifted and changed.

Amazing. The most unlikely messengers show up for us sometimes to give us the most important messages of our lives.

I agree. I actually say that at the end of breathwork. I suggest people, make sure you don’t call or text any exes because they’re in this nice vibration. I go, but just remember temporary people come to teach permanent lessons. Some things stick. By far, that was one of them. I’m still friends with him. That’s my dog, for life.

That’s awesome. Coming from this perspective of glimpsing this bigger picture, knowing more about your origins, how we’re all connected, and how everybody’s watching, not just on this physical plane but all planes of existence. We’re at the center of attention right now because this is a pivotal moment in human evolution and the evolution of the entire planet. How does your new (from that point forward) viewpoint on things shift or change the view of your brother passing?

I think the whole reason why my brother’s passing was so profound and effective is because my breakthrough was then, so I view it the same then as I do now. That’s why I got on this path because when my brother passed, what happened was some random psychic came up to me. I was living in Rhode Island, I was visiting California, and she’s like, “Your brother’s here. He wants to connect with you.” I’m like, “You don’t know me. I’m not from here.”

There are no secrets. These beings see everything, and they monitor our every thought.

Long story short, she gave me a card and they never caught the people that killed my brother. They killed him and his fiancé in a home invasion. His fiancé’s father was a retired Boston police detective. Every cop was on that particular case. They never caught the people that did it. I got desperate and I talked to this lady and she connected to my brother. He told me through her who did it. It was people that were his friends. I was like, “What? This doesn’t make sense.”

Two weeks later, they caught the people that did it. I read the front page of The Boston Globe or whatever it was, and the same name that he gave me were the same names in the Boston newspaper. I was like, wait a second, how is this possible? He told me my sister was pregnant and she was pregnant, all these different things. 

I’m like, okay, wait a second. If this being can see into the past, present, and future and can see everything about everybody, the epiphany I had was one, I want to learn more about the spiritual world. Because when I learn something, I have to go all in. Because if it’s already there, whether I like it, know it or don’t, it’s there and it’s in effect, so I want to learn it. 

Then it also made me realize if they can see everything, what am I hiding from? I didn’t even know I was hiding until that moment. I was like, there are no secrets. If you think you have a secret, you do not have a secret. I can promise you that. There are no secrets. These beings see everything. They are monitoring our every thought.

There are no private thoughts.

There are no private thoughts. There’s no privacy. I started at the moment. I said, wow, I don’t have to hide. I started living my life from that moment with more transparency. When you do that, a lot can shift in your life. A lot can change. That’s my story with that and that still stays with me. I still feel those.

Little shifts make a big difference.

Yeah, an additional point to add about the transparency is that when you live with that transparency, knowing full well that your thoughts are being broadcasted, not even being monitored, that changes the way that you think. For me, the purity of thought really kicked in. That allowed so many more miracles to happen. Because that combination of purity of thought, word, and deed are all congruent with each other, and it creates very powerful positive angels.

That’s beautiful. I mean if somebody’s tapped in and was able to read every thought I had every single day, I’m not perfect. I wouldn’t sign up for that test, but definitely, I understand the integrity of thoughts and more importantly, intentions. Little shifts make a big difference, that’s the thing. Those little changes don’t take much.

The relationships that we’re closest to are the most important to think about. If I say something unkind to my partner that’s behind closed doors and that’s not as big of a deal as having an outburst in my workplace or whatever. No, it’s actually worse. It’s actually worse. From a spiritual perspective, that’s your person. That’s your soul mate. The worst of the worst is to betray that person, to cheat on that person. That can just have a ripple effect across dimensions.

I agree. I mean karma is a real thing. It’s not all bad. There’s good karma. I look at it as lore of ballots. You’re speaking truth and facts, buddy.

Thank you. One thing I want to circle back to for a minute before we close out this episode is this concept of microdosing DMT to get back to the biochemistry here. By the way, there is a great episode of an expert on microdosing, Dennis Notten, he’s phenomenal. 

But for somebody who is really anti-drugs, brain-altering substances, or whatever. Somebody who’s never even smoked a cigarette or something, what would you tell that person about this—how do you allay their concerns around getting a nice big dose of something that is maybe an illegal substance just by breathing?

Breathwork Detox by Kurtis Thomas

I am so glad that you’re so tuned in, tapped in, and turned on that you’re able to circle back to that because I make a point every breathwork introduction whenever I mention any of that stuff. The caveat is that, I would say, listen this is unlike anything like mushrooms, DMT, acid, or any of that stuff. It is much different because when you take those, you’re committed. You are on that ride for three, four, five, six hours. You’re not getting off until it’s done. That substance is in control and you must surrender to it, if you wish to have a good experience.

Breathwork is nothing like that because you are in control. You are in 100% control. You are in the driver’s seat. I’m in the passenger seat guiding you. You can speed up your rocket ship and take off and go as far or as deep as you want, you can slow it down, or even stop the breathing at any given time and completely just stop the process that you’re undergoing. They’re in control. That’s the number one thing I let them know. That all sensations are temporary. They’re going to go away and that they’re in control.

Now, I encourage them greatly to don’t slow down, to keep going, to push past that resistant point so they can go into that transient hypofrontality and have this amazing experience that thousands of people are having every week in my breathworks. I tell them if you want to have a breakthrough, you have to break through. You go to push a little bit. I’m there to hold that space for them, to hold their hand, and guide them through it. Even afterward, I’m answering questions for up to two to three days. I’m there to support people. That’s my job.

Awesome. Do you do these breathwork workshops over Zoom as well as in person, or just over Zoom these days?

Ninety percent Zoom. I just did a couple of events back in the east coast last week. They’re still going on, but in Zoom people just feel more comfortable. They’re in their own home. It’s a lot easier. I got people from all types of countries. It’s just beautiful just seeing all these people show up in the Zoom and changing lives from literally my office.

That is awesome. Okay. Where do our listeners go to sign up, to work with you and get this breathwork experience that changes their lives?

Very simple, That’ll bring you to the program suite where they can click and go into the virtual events, which I recommend especially if someone’s new to the virtual event. They can try it. Then there’s other programs for people that want to go deeper such as the 30-day challenge, that program I was talking about. We have teacher trainings, so I teach people to do exactly what I do. But I would say get a taste of it because once they get a taste, it’s a game changer.

You’re hooked.

Yeah. You’re literally hooked. It’s a game changer.


Definitely try it.

Okay. Thank you so much, Kurtis. This was fascinating, so much fun, and enlightening. Thank you, listeners, for sticking it out to the end. I really think you’re onto great things, but you got to put it into action. We’ll catch you in the next episode. This is your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Pay close attention to the messages around me. The universe will continuously send me signs as subtle as a feather or as hurtful as a brick until I become aware and move in a new direction.

?Be patient and trust the process. It takes work to get to that point of resistance where I can push through and enter into transient hypofrontality.

?Practice regular breathwork. Doing so will help me clear and release heavy stuff that I don’t even know I’m holding. Then meditation will be easier and more enjoyable.

?Perform Kundalini yoga and breathwork detox. This will unclog the system that exasperates me and clean out my emotions.

?Make sure to have a regular regimen of cleansing my energy. Like batteries, I need time to recharge my energy so I become a better person for others.

?Understand that breathwork involves many challenges. There are many ways, epiphanies, and realizations that come in, but it’s a great problem solver when I successfully do it.

?Believe that anything is possible. The more I believe it, the more I see it.

?Start praying and make God a business partner. Have faith in Him and let Him lead the way for me.

?Be as specific as possible when saying a prayer. Ask the right beings with the right requests and continue asking for what I want in life.

?Start living with more transparency. There are no private thoughts & I don’t have to hide.

?Visit the website of Kurtis Thomas by typing to get this life-changing breathwork experience & join virtual events.

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