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By: Stephan Spencer


If you’re a regular audience to the show, you know that I’m a major productivity nerd. My guest for this episode is someone who intrigues me because he has developed his own simple process for getting things done and achieving his goals, and it works. His name is Tommy Baker and he calls his system, The 1% Rule. It’s all about embracing the daily grind and developing a routine that gets resolved. Tommy has applied this method to his own life, but he also helps others realize their dreams via his coaching business, the Resist Average Academy. This is going to be an epic deep-dive into productivity and the secrets that underpin massive success. We will be discussing everything from mindset and coaching to biohacking and ice baths. Strap in because you don’t want to miss some of the powerful insights in this episode.

Tommy Baker
“We rewire our subconscious through repetition.”
Tommy Baker


The Leap of Your Life: How to Redefine Risk, Quit Waiting for ‘Someday,’ and Live Boldly

Tommy, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you so much. I’m excited to be here and ready to get optimized.

Congratulations on your book, The Leap of Your Life. This is your third book. What prompted you to write a third book?

This one was all born out of so many conversations both in the trenches from my coaching business but also in everyday life. The core pattern, because one of the things that I get paid to do is recognize patterns in human behavior, was a sense of waiting that we weren’t lacking clarity or breakthrough, but there’s a lot of waiting around for things, waiting for the right time, waiting for the right moment, waiting for the kids to grow up, waiting for the marketplace to get better or whatever it may be. I wanted to give people permission back that the right time happens when we create the right time by making a committed decision.

What does that mean to give them permission back? Do people hold themselves back intentionally or is it just an unconscious lack of awareness? What’s happening there?

In my ten years of studying human behavior and neuroscience, I believe it’s a mixture of both. I believe a lot of it is operating under the hood and fear is very creative. I referenced fear as a “she”. She will keep us in our tracks in any way imaginable and she knows us best. She knows which buttons to push. For some people, if you tend to be analytical, she’s going to tell you, “You need to do more research and that you need to analyze the marketplace more.” She will always find a way to stop us from stepping into it because we’d much rather stick to what’s known, which is comfortable, even if it’s super painful, even if it causes daily stress than take a chance. This book is all about flipping the script on risk and reminding ourselves that our time here is limited and we’re not going to look back at the shots that we took. We’re going to look back at the ones that we didn’t take.

What exactly is to flip the script?

It starts with our mindset around risk. We’ve all been taught a narrative usually by our parents, school, society, culture at large. I grew up in South America and then in the States. I had two different worldviews in terms of that. At the end of the day, it’s about carving our own path. Many people wake up in careers and lives that aren’t for them. That brings them a lot of anguish and a lot of pain. I believe a lot of the issues happening with men have to do with not understanding the emotions of a life that’s not working. To me, this goes deep and the moment that we can get honest, because that’s where all transformation starts, but most importantly not just get honest about where we are but take that next step. That requires a lot of courage, but on the other side of courage is a lot of power.

I remember reading the book, The Tools, and the first tool of the five is all about fear. It’s a visualization exercise where you imagine the fear as a black cloud and you can run right straight to the fear and run right through it. It was a powerful analogy for me, especially when the co-author explained how he came up with this. It was from high school. This impressive football player would share his secrets of success. He was a champion in All-State or something like that. He was smaller than many of the other athletes in the sport and so forth. What allowed him to become almost invincible was setting aside the fear and not letting that paralyze him but use it. He was a quarterback. Part of his secret weapon was the first opportunity where he could get pummeled, he would go for it. He would get obliterated. He would run straight to that opportunity. Then he became invincible the rest of the game.

That’s stepping into the fear. After that, it’s like, “There are no more jitters anymore. I’ve been through the worst.” That’s a big part of the book too. It’s reframing fear. Fear to me now is a compass for what to do. I know that if I’m feeling fear around hiring an operations person, then that means I have to do it. If I’m feeling fear about launching a new live event, it means I have to do it. If I have fear about an upcoming book launch, then that means I have to lean into it. If there wasn’t fear, if there wasn’t doubt, if there wasn’t any of those, then it wouldn’t be stretching us.

A similar concept I learned from Dan Sullivan about persistence and procrastination and how procrastination is like a lighthouse that points us to where we need to go. If we feel like pushing it aside or doing it later, the thing that we’re procrastinating the most is the thing that we should be working on the most.

I’ve heard him say that too, something about the intelligence beyond procrastination. There’s always a gift there.

We'd much rather stick to what's known, which is comfortable, even if it's super painful or causes daily stress, than take a chance. Share on X

Are you familiar with Dan’s work with Strategic Coach and all that?

Yeah. I love that stuff. I’m here in Arizona and there’s Genius Network and Joe Polish. All those guys are connected in some way, shape, or form. I love learning about them.

I’m actually heading to Genius Network, are you a part of this?

Not this year but I’ve been to their live event before.

I went to their monthly meetings but then the annual event is in November. I went to that last one and then I decided to join. Joe Polish is an amazing human being and he runs Genius Network. I knew him from Neil Strauss and his Secret Society that I’ve been part of for many years. He came and spoke and he’s been on my radar for a while. I finally made the leap when I attended my first event of his being the annual event in November.

I love everything you said about the way that you invest in yourself and how you’re the student. That’s so powerful.

What are some of the ways that you invest in yourself and upscale and continuous learning?

The right time happens when we create the right time by making a committed decision.

Coaches have changed my life. At any moment, I’m going to have a coach in every area of my life. For example, I will have a spiritual coach out here in Sedona, Arizona. I will have a physical coach. Even though I spent ten years in the fitness industry, I still need a coach. Sometimes when you’re an expert and you know too much, you need someone to tell you what to do or else you can get overwhelmed with everything that you know, then obviously a coaching business. When I was writing the book, because one of my crafts is writing and I want to be world-class, I hired coaches to help me with my writing, to help me with my structure, to help me with my stories and to help me with that part of the craft. The mindset shift from trying to do it solo way back when I started my entrepreneurial journey to, “I could model someone and I can get feedback,” which feedback is as you know part of mastery. How you get to mastery has been essential.

How many coaches are you working with?

I work with one at a time per area of my life. I have three coaches: business, spiritual, and physical.

I’ve got four coaches. One is a sales coach primarily. Although he does cover all areas of business. One is mostly a business coach, especially in the areas of online marketing. This guy just crushes it. You probably know who this is, James Schramko.

It sounds super familiar.

His podcast is called SuperFastBusiness and he’s got a membership site called SuperFastBusiness. I’m speaking at his SuperFastBusiness live event in Sydney. He’s a crucial coach for me. Dustin Mathews, who’s also been on the show. James Schramko has been on this show. Dustin Mathews has been on my other show on Marketing Speak and he’s amazing as well. He’s helped me a lot with the copyrighting and the funnel development and stuff like that. He’s provided a lot of guidance around. Then I have a speaking coach and that’s Michael Port. Do you know who Michael Port is?

Yes. I wanted to go to his live event but I had too much stuff with my book launch. Have you been in the New Jersey place?

Taking that next step requires a lot of courage, but on the other side of courage is a lot of power. Share on X

Yes. Orion is my wife and her podcast is Stellar Life. She also does speaking. We both went to Heroic Public Speaking Live. That’s his flagship event. We both paid for VVIP, meaning that we were very, very important. We got coaching on stage in front of 500 and some people, live from Michael and Amy, his wife. It was amazing. It was so incredible. It was a 45-minute session of keynoting and getting interrupted continuously throughout with advice on how to block and stage, how to change our pacing and which words we emphasize and being able to turn on a dime. People commented afterwards during that 45-minute session, it was a transformation. What you started with was very good, but what you ended with was incredible and it looked nothing like what you started with. It was within 45 minutes. It seemed too good to be true like it was set up or something.

It was incredibly powerful. We’re like, “We’ve got to get more from Michael and Amy.” We signed up for the graduate program, which we’re in the midst of right now. It’s four days times four months. Four days and then another four days a month later, then another four days, then another four days and then we graduate. What you end up with afterwards is an incredible upscaling of your speaking ability. You could be a keynote speaker, one of these expensive high-end ones. That’s what I’m shooting for. That’s also what my wife, Orion, is shooting for is being on top of the game. He trains $50,000 keynote-type speakers. He has been on the show.

He’s incredible. It’s a great lesson when you’re very specific about where you’re going, putting yourself on the line and learning from the best.

Is that one of the things that you have your podcast for is so that you could interview the people that you most look up to or most want to learn from and get a free hour of their time?

It’s a selfish way to get one-on-one mastermind sessions and then we get to build an audience around it, which is incredible. It’s been amazing. Sometimes I will go back to my own episodes and listen time and time again to pick up more wisdom.

When I’m in interview mode, I listened differently. I’m in tune with the guests and with where they want to go and it’s almost like I’m channeling. When I listen again afterwards to absorb the content, it goes to a different part of my brain. I process it differently and then I utilize it differently. It’s definitely worth re-listening for me.

It’s the same thing here because one of my intentions is always to be hyper-present during the conversation. When you’re in that hyper-presence, you go to places that you didn’t imagine. You’re so present that you miss out on some of the stuff. When you go back into it, it’s like, “This happened here and this is what I got from here.” When I resonate with the material, I go intense. One of my first mentors, his name is Dr. John Demartini.

Fear is very creative. It will keep us in our tracks in any way imaginable.

I love him. He’s been on my show too. He’s a friend.

He resonated with me and I remember getting one of his DVDs. This was before I could even afford his events. I said, “This resonates. I’m going to go all in on it.” I listened to the same audio for 476 straight nights. I tattooed that into my subconscious. For the audience out there, when you resonate with things, putting the repetition because then repetition is when we start to rewire the subconscious.

Did you go through his Breakthrough Experience?

I’ve done nearly everything he has.

What would you say is the biggest breakthrough that you’ve gotten by applying either learnings or wisdom from John or other thought leaders or gurus or mentors?

It’s always the internal stuff. I could think of breakthroughs in business and then big launches and being able to sell one of my businesses, but it always goes back to the internal work that they helped me do. For John, at a young age, just ripping my reality open to what I thought was possible. Thinking that I was capable of something and deserving of something and that threshold was very close and that was my comfort zone. Then going through his process of thinking like, “I’m here for something much bigger and bolder.” Not only can I look at that, but also feel capable and worthy and deserving of bringing it to life. Those internal breakthroughs are the ones that create the external ones in perpetuity.

What would be a big stretch goal for you then that you never thought possible until you started working on your own mindset?

We rewire our subconscious through repetition. Share on X

I started in the fitness industry and now I coach entrepreneurs and I help them with some of the stuff that I just said, with what mentors have helped me. My goals are to impact ten million people to write New York Times bestseller and to speak on stages with some of my mentors. People like Demartini, Brendon Burchard and stuff like that. If they would have told me that many years ago, I would have had a hard time believing that was possible. Giving yourself permission, that is so crucial. A lot of times people think, “Who am I to do that?” The gift that I’ve found is like, “Why not me?” When we flipped the script that way, we can own it.

If not you then who? If not now, then when?

I’m sure you’ve seen this from being in the trenches for so long. Clarity is powerful, but if we don’t act on that clarity, it starts to fade with time. What started out as a crystal-clear clarity now, six months or a year down the line, it might not be there anymore. What a tragedy to miss out on what could happen if we brought that clarity to life.

The stuff that can make a difference in the world and the stuff that you’re meant to do, your gift, your genius. If you get a little tap on the shoulder by the universe to do this thing, you’ve got to seize that and make immediate movement because that fades so quickly. Whereas the opposite happens with the stuff that is not good for us. That is us being on autopilot, being zoned out and focused on our animal consciousness. That would be things like bingeing on Netflix and that sort of thing. In those cases, the universe starts to poke you and say, “You need to get off the couch. You need to do something different.” Then, you ignore that and it turns into a brick. The brick hurts, whereas the little tap on the shoulder or the feather. That doesn’t hurt, but bricks hurt. A lot of times we set those aside too or just ignore those. Then that becomes the Mack truck that runs us over.

We’ve all been there. I always say a crisis is powerful for change, but why resort to the crisis? Why wait for the crisis? Why not choose conscious growth and arm ourselves with the mindsets, the tools and the strategies, make ourselves uncomfortable now and trade in short-term pain for long-term fulfillment?

One thing I learned from Kabbalah, I’ve been studying Kabbalah for the last few years, is that there are more blessings in the things that you find the internal motivation for, instead of getting an external kick in the pants from the universe. If you’re having to get a beating from the bricks raining down on you and then you take action, you start helping the homeless or whatever it is that you were thinking of doing. There aren’t as many blessings in that as if you spontaneously get up off the couch and be like, “I’m meant for more, I don’t need some external motivation. I’m going to be my own engine room for this growth and for this contribution.” Then you get out there and you do it.

I always say running from pain gets old after a while. We’ve all seen this and maybe we’ve been in this before where the pain threshold is high. Maybe we get a brick and so we’re going to execute. We’re putting ourselves out there, we’re doing all of the things. Then as soon as the pain threshold starts to go down, we slide back into comfort. That lasts a little longer and then the pain thresholds are back. It’s like, “That is exhausting.” There has to be a point when we make a transition from running from pain to having a much deeper driver and being pulled by something that doesn’t require a brick or a Mack truck.

A lot of the issues happening with men has to do with not understanding the emotions of a life that’s not working.

My question to you is why only ten million people? Why not a billion?

You’re absolutely right. We have to catch ourselves.

I’ve got this same question of me. I had this stretch goal that I made when I was in the Platinum Partnership with Tony Robbins. One of the monks there who I have had on the show, he’s a oneness monk and he’s the only Western monk, now he’s come back to the States. It was a powerful conversation that we had where we talked about making a bigger impact. I decided I wanted to touch a million people’s lives. I thought that was huge. Then months or even years later, I came to somebody else I was in conversation with. I told him that I want to touch a million people’s lives. I’m focused on helping my clients get higher rankings on Google. I’m working with big brands and so forth. That’s not my calling in life. I’m incredibly good at the SEO side of things. That’s not why I’m here in this incarnation is to help big brands with their Google rankings. Then I talked about what my bigger mission is with helping people. I want to write a New York Times bestselling self-help book. I want to have my own events about personal development, etc. I want to touch a million people’s lives. The person I was in conversation with said, “Why only a million? Why not a billion?” That’s why I asked you why not a billion?

I love that because even in our space and in this conversation, anyone reading this, you’re going to have a growth mindset, we still place limitations on ourselves. To me, it’s all about consistently breaking through those thresholds and increasing our capacity for bigger numbers. One million, ten million, whatever the number, that’s where we feel comfortable right now even if we don’t have that. I love that you asked that question because why not a billion?

Peter Diamandis has this thing he calls the Massively Transformational Purpose or MTP. You need that in order to have these incredible moonshots, where you decide that you’re going to create the next space company or whatever. If you don’t have an MTP, then what’s driving you? What’s the big vision? My MTP is to help evolve the consciousness of humanity globally. There’s not a number associated with it. It’s not like a million people because that’s a drop in the bucket. If we’re going to elevate the entire human consciousness to a new level of awareness and responsibility and it’s being more conscious, then it’s got to be everybody. There’s got to be a tipping point where everybody comes along and we stop trashing the planet and all this stuff. Have you heard of this before, MTP or moonshot?

I definitely have. I’ve studied a lot of Peter’s work and his interviews. That reminds me also of Naveen Jain’s moonshot thinking. My interview with him opened me up and challenged me to think bigger and bolder and not letting the common roadblocks get in the way when we tend to think big and then we focus on the how. We focused on what we don’t have or stuff like that.

Naveen is an awesome human being. I had a conversation with him at the Bulletproof Biohacking conference a few years ago. He said he’d be on my show. I have to keep chasing him up and hopefully, that will happen. He’s done some incredible things in the world and one of his latest ventures, Viome company, is fascinating. They’re differentiating themselves from their competitors out there like uBiome. Our biomes are so important to our health and they get bombarded by the glyphosate and all the other environmental toxins that are everywhere raining down on us literally and the air we breathe. What are you doing to protect your health, detoxify, extend your lifespan and all that stuff?

The internal breakthroughs are the ones that create the external ones in perpetuity. Share on X

I think of these so often in health and vitality, a lot of times you want to get to the sexy stuff first. The sexy stuff is what would be considered biohacking these days. To me, it’s doubling and tripling down on the basics. Building that foundation: mind, body and spirit. In regards to the body, it’s training for longevity. I love taking ice baths every single day. Using cold water therapy, not only for the physiological benefits but the psychological benefits. Just trying a lot of different new things. It’s very easy for us to get comfortable with like, “I’m going to do paleo, I’m going to do keto, I’m going to do whatever.” I love trying new ways of eating and new ways of moving my body. If our mission is a billion or if our mission is to transform human consciousness, we need a lot of time and energy to make that happen.

Have you studied under Wim Hof for the ice baths and all that?

I have worked with one of his certified instructors. It’s a great tool. I noticed a significant difference in my mental clarity and then the quality of my day when I start my day with a nice bath. There’s that beautiful moment right before when there’s that voice in the background that says, “You don’t have to do this now.” You’re about to put your foot in and it becomes very easy not to do, but that sets the tone for the rest of your day.

My morning routine is about 90 minutes. I call it the daily six and it’s an iteration of many routines I’ve learned from mentors. It’s gratitude, creating space through meditation, journaling. Sometimes that’s an emotional release, just writing everything down like morning pages styles. Sometimes that’s thinking about a vision and filling in the spaces. Sometimes that’s deconstructing the last day, the physicality and movement. I have a piece for purpose and for that, usually that’s my writing time. Just protecting that core space of writing. Then the last one is an encouragement, which is closing my eyes and thinking of one person that needs to hear that one message of, “You’re doing awesome, you’re inspiring me.” Sometimes it will be my fiancé and sometimes there will be some stranger or some acquaintance on Facebook that I got a hit of intuition that I should encourage.

Is this based partially on Hal Elrod and his SAVERS method?

I don’t think so. I’ve seen his stuff, but that exact thing is not familiar. In this space, it’s many different types of morning routines. It’s probably an iteration of many handed down through the years, but I finally found something that’s connected with me. At the end of the day, I always say our morning routines are setting us up for something. In the personal development space, it can be very easy to do a morning routine and then go about our day. Even if you’re an entrepreneur or you’re not an entrepreneur, not to maximize what that is. For me, that morning ritual sets me up for my most focused, my most important work of the day, which many times is writing. Once I do that, I know I’ve won the day and everything that comes after that is just cherry on top.

Who would be your biggest mentor or inspiration for your morning routine?

Sometimes when you’re an expert and you know too much, you need someone to tell you what to do or else you can get overwhelmed with everything that you know.

I’ve studied so many but I think it’s spending time going to many events, talking to many people, trying different programs and then finding what fits best intuitively. I can’t pick one source. I used to tell myself I wasn’t a morning person. This was ages ago. Then I opened up a gym. If you’re going to open up a gym, you better be a [4:00] AM or [5:00] AM person. I used to live in New York City and people will wake up at [2:30] in the morning to train before they hit their job. It was funny because I went from “not being a morning person” to making that radical shift and within six months, I was beyond morning person. Shifting that attitude from, “I’m not a morning person.” My mornings are how I set the tone for the day. I’m coming off sleep, my brain waves are in the slow suggestive states where I can play around with this subconscious. Taking that time for ourselves. It’s been a culmination of many different influences.

Speaking of controlling your mind and how suggestive it is at certain times of the day and so forth. Have you studied any of Joe Dispenza‘s work?

Yeah, I love him. He was on the show and he’s been a big influence ever since he came out with Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself. I do a lot of sensory deprivation floating and I did one and I do his meditations in the tank, which helped me go one level deeper.

I did a float tank a few years ago. I haven’t done it since, but it was a spiritual experience for me.

What did you think?

I loved it and I had no idea what I was in for. I just thought, “I will be relaxed or whatever.” I went into it without expectations like the willing suspension of disbelief. I didn’t have skepticism or anything else. I was just open. A lesson that I had learned in Kabbalah was something that I spontaneously decided to practice and go through that exercise. I had an awakening experience in there and that was very cathartic. It was beautiful. I was floating in Pasadena and I know the owner, a cool guy. My wife, Orion, came as well and it was beautiful.

If you want to deepen your meditation, it’s a great anchor. I used to do it every single Sunday and it would set me up for the week in a powerful way. I’m not in about 150 hours in one. It’s one of my favorite practices for deepening that connection. I’ve had psychedelic spiritual experiences in there. I’ve had physical recovery. I’ve had the whole spectrum but either way, the biggest benefits happen once you leave the tank, more presence, more grounded, more connected.

Clarity is powerful, but if we don't act on that clarity, it starts to fade with time. Share on X

I remember coming out afterwards and reuniting with Orion. I told her some powerful and profound things that help deepen our relationship after I got out and had that experience. Definitely, I wholeheartedly concur. What physical healing did you get from floating?

I pushed my body to the extreme, both from training and endurance and all types of events. Just being in that magnesium and the Epsom salt, great physical recovery. Every time I float, I get the best sleep, the deepest sleep. The access to deep sleep seems to come so much faster. The same thing with meditation. After I float for three or four days, I feel and this is my experience, I’m not tracking, but my access to those slower brainwave states, those deeper brain wave states, is much faster because of the flow and spending time in there.

Have you had any kind of spiritual awakening in the tank?

Yeah. One of the reasons I moved out to Arizona was because I was in the tank and I saw a vision of Arizona. I left everything in New York City and I came to Arizona. I didn’t know anybody. That was a spiritual hit of intuition that I acted on. I’ve also had intense psychedelic type experiences in there. One where I came to acceptance of death as part of life, which was impactful for me because just to fully accept that head-on was incredible. I remember I went to the flow tank and this was in New York. I had dinner that night. This was an experience. I was two hours in the tank and I couldn’t even drive after. That’s how intense it was. Then I show up at dinner and it’s like buzzing. It’s New York and I’m trying to hold onto the essence of my experience. It was one of those times where I was in the room but somewhere else. I couldn’t get back home fast enough to journal because it was such a profound experience.

What was the big shift for you around fear of death? I know the stoics will have this coin that they will carry with them. It says Memento Mori, something like that along the lines of, “Remember you’re going to die. You’re only mortal.” I thought that was bizarre for the longest time, but I get it now. I get that we should treasure every moment and live each day like it could be our last because someday it will be. That makes you much more intentional and deliberate and you show up more powerfully and you have a bigger impact in this world.

That’s the lesson that I got out of it in accepting my own death and bringing my mortality from something that’s so far away in the ether to actually something that’s right here right now. It’s a great focuser. It’s a great motivator. It’s a great reminder to say the things that need to be said now and not put it off until tomorrow. I have a practice every single week here in Scottsdale, where I visit a local cemetery and I do a walking meditation and it’s very reflective. Because of the energy of the cemetery, it’s also very grounding and very reminding of our mortality. That’s something else I do in the float tank too is we go through this very classical Eastern meditation. You’re in the tank and you’re visualizing every single part of your death from one hour after to 100 years after. It’s incredible. I go back into my days with so much more intention, so much more heart and reminding myself of what matters. If there’s something I need to say, if there’s something I need to do, I have to do it now because there’s no guarantee.

The 1% Rule: How to Fall in Love with the Process and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

I haven’t heard about those 100 years after sort of thing. That intrigues me. What is your vision of 100 years after your death?

This one’s all about what is your lineage going to remember you for? It’s two-fold because it’s also a physical one. It takes you through a meditation where it’s like, I know for somebody it sounds so intense, but it’s like you physically see you returning back to the Earth and what that turns into after 100 years. It’s the physical and then also more of a legacy piece. I always thought legacy was this thing that’s so far out there or being in Laguna beach or thereabouts, went to some beautiful cemetery. There was a whole section that was children. There were anywhere from ten days to five or six years old. I would have a powerful breakthrough because I’m like, “Legacy was this thing that’s in the future and you’re in your 70s.” I looked up the tombstones of these beautiful souls that were only here for a very short period of time. They had lived a legacy. In that time, they had created the legacy. It reminded me legacy is something that we get to choose and we get to live out every single moment.

Have you been to India? Did you have any spiritual journey there?

I haven’t but that’s definitely on the radar. I definitely want to go.

That’s where I had my big spiritual awakening. The one where I went from agnostic or almost atheist to spiritual and connected to the Creator. It was on a trip to India with Tony Robbins in 2012 and 300 or 200 and something other Platinum Partners. The guy that I forgot to mention his name earlier who was monk who was a Westerner, his name is Doug Bentley. He’s a great potential interview for your show if you’re interested.

I’m going to have to deep dive more into that story. That’s so incredible.

Let’s move to some of your other work because I don’t want to completely neglect your other two books. What’s The 1% Rule?

The 1% Rule is about releasing the pressure of the outcome. This was a direct response to me going to many events and hiring mentors, but not being able to connect the dots and creating a vision. It was empowering and inspiring, but focusing too much on the outcome instead of what we’re going to spend most of our time, which is the process. I wanted to bring down a vision to the simplest common denominator possible for now. I knew if I move forward, and that’s called 1% on that today and I did it tomorrow with the beautiful power of compound interest, that vision would come to life much faster. Also while placing my self-esteem around the process and not the outcome.

In Kabbalah, there’s a concept called the 1% reality and then there’s the 99% reality. This is a completely different concept, but I love it. It’s been a game-changer for me. The 1% reality is our physical reality where we can knock on the table that we’re sitting at and it feels solid. This is the world that we occupy. We’re very familiar with how the Laws of Physical Reality work. We can make more money. We could build a successful business. We could improve our relationship with our partner and we can go grocery shopping, all those 1% reality things. What is much greater than that reality is what is unknown to us. The 99% is everything else. We can only get a hint of what that might be like, like other realms of existence, other forms of life that aren’t even on our planet and the vastness of the universe and of the multiverse and of what’s outside of the multiverse, outside of time, space and motion. That’s the 99% reality. That’s where the Creator and the angels and everything is. That’s what we need to connect with more and we forget. We’re going through our daily lives and then we’re on autopilot.

I hadn’t heard of that. I’ve heard of similar concepts but put in that way, it’s amazing.

Legacy is something that we get to choose and we get to live out every single moment. Share on X

Tap into that 99% reality as much as you can. Remember that you have angels with you that are looking after you, that you are being looked after by the Creator. That we live in a friendly universe and it’s not just about making it or breaking it. That is not about a zero-sum game that somebody has got to win and somebody’s got to lose. It’s dog eats dog, like all the 1% nonsense that we tell ourselves. There is so much more.

That’s the surface area. It can be so easy to look at our circumstances, especially if we’re not where we want to be in our physical circumstances, that’s the 1%. Who we are and what we’re capable of is the 99%. It’s to shift that focus.

Your UnResolution book. Is that your first book?

That was and that came from a decade in the fitness industry. In any transformation, there are going to be many similarities, but people are waiting for a calendar digit to go from an eight to nine, nine to zero, to make the change. I wanted to strip that. UnResolution, as it sounds, is designed to break through that mindset and put you in a place where you’re ready to commit change because opportunity costs are real and there’s a cost to waiting.

Is that focused primarily on physical transformation like an extreme makeover, lose that weight you’ve been wanting to lose or get more fit? Is it about everything and anything like a spiritual transformation?

It was born out of spending so much time in the trenches, helping with physical transformation, but it’s more encompassing to all other areas of life.

UnResolution: How to Ditch Resolutions Forever, Live Life by Design, and Achieve Your Dreams

I had a big transformation. I’m guessing you probably didn’t discover that. It’s on the website under the About page. What the impetus was for me starting this podcast, it dates back to 2009 when I went to my first Tony Robbins event. It was a big kick in the pants for me from the universe that I need to get off my butt. I need to stop being complacent with letting things just happened to me and not taking control of my life and being the best version of myself possible. I was on that lane of the hot coals, walking across the 2,000-degree hot coals in my bare feet and getting to the other side and not burning, not getting even blisters and realizing, “If I can do that, I can do anything.” Then I start making all these huge life changes one after another. Over the course of the next ten months, twelve months, I became literally unrecognizable from the guy that I previously was. You can see the before and after photos on the About page on

I’m looking at them and it’s incredible. What I see is a series of leaps. This is literally the theme of the book. All of the things that you did here, to step into your courage, to step into the unknown, to become the person you became, that’s incredible.

I’m inspired to help other people make huge leaps like that themselves. The leap of your life, so to speak.

It’s amazing because if you look at the prior picture, there are hundreds and ultimately thousands of micro decisions, but for you to be in that same place, except worse because more time has passed. It works both ways. In my programs and my podcast, there’s a version of me that’s 75 pounds overweight. I’m on my third floors, in a career that I can’t stand. What’s the difference between those two? It’s thousands of decisions compounded over time that leads to vastly different places. That can be very empowering or disempowering depending on how we look at it. At the end of the day, it’s one decision that we make today, it’s one decision that we make tomorrow and in between, there are going to be big leaps but after those leaps, we also have to navigate our lives anyways. That’s what you’ve done, which is super cool.

The scientific theory of the multiverse, which frankly I believe it. I think that there are many different universes and there are different versions of us occupying those different universes who have made different decisions. They have the fork in the road and they’re like, “Actually, I’m not going to move to New Zealand. Forget that. That was a dumb idea.” Then the other version is going to take the leap and do it. I don’t know if you’ve studied under or heard of Donny Epstein, but he’s good friends with Tony Robbins. He’s got this incredible healing modality. He’s come up with numerous ones, energy healing type things and stuff. He’s created Network Chiropractic, a bunch of different things, EpiEnergetics.

I had the honor and privilege of experiencing his energy healing. It reorganizes you on a physical level, on an energetic level, spiritual level. It is incredible. If you could imagine having a version of yourself that is already empowered and has the tools, has gone through the hard work, and you could just exchange versions with that more empowered and enlightened version of yourself from another alternate reality like an alternate universe and swap versions with that one. That’s essentially what you can do by getting his energy healing. It’s exchanging versions.

You don’t have to go through the hard slog. That’s a construct that we put ourselves through. The whole idea of time, space and motion is a construct from the 1% reality. What if we could affect our past as well as our future? There are so many what-ifs that can take you down incredible rabbit holes of possibilities. We were also narrowing our thinking about what’s possible. Imagine if you could just tap into that version of yourself from another universe, another alternate reality. That’s a bit of a side but Donny Epstein is also a must-have guest for your show. He’s been on my show and he’s one of the most incredible humans I’ve ever met.

I love that because I’m getting some new resources, which is always exciting. I’ve been on this journey for a couple of years but always looking to grow and find new people to resonate with. Thank you for that.

You’re welcome. This is what I’m most passionate about is helping people to uplevel and tap into a higher version of themselves. I’m willing to invest whatever it takes. I’ve invested seven figures in my own personal development with the intention of helping others with that. These high-level masterminds and seminars and programs and so forth like the Tony Robbins stuff that I did, it all costs money and it adds up fast. Platinum Partnership is $130,000 a year. I did that for three years. I met my wife because of the Platinum Partnership. I’m connected to the Creator now because of Platinum Partnership. It’s not Tony specifically, he’s an incredible curator and incredible connector. It’s people who he connected me with that woke me up, particularly in India, I have him to thank for it. It all takes an investment of some sort: time, money, attention and we get so distracted by stupid stuff like Instagram and Facebook. What a waste of valuable life.

You’re speaking my language with that.

Do you have any tips you want to share with our audience around intentionality and being less distracted?

Non-negotiable, start your day on airplane mode every single day. Take digital detoxes. Once a week we will do with my fiancée, a full Sunday digitally detoxed. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but you go into Monday as a different person and you’re not so addicted. The rabbit hole is so addictive. To get out of that, I always say you won’t find clarity in the chaos. You won’t find the answers in the noise. A lot of times people say they’re looking for answers. We live in a world that’s nonstop and we’re constantly distracted. How can we ever have the space for a breakthrough until a Mack truck creates that space for us? Why wait for an identity crisis moment to get the space when I can create that space? Airplane mode, obviously the tools like meditation, flow tanks, stuff like that. Starting the day on our terms, that is massive.

If the first thing you do is check email and Facebook, it’s everybody else’s priorities and interests and not yours. That’s a terrible way to set your compass. Can you share your podcast and the URL to your podcast website? Also, remind our audience of the book and your main website and your academy?

The podcast is Resist Average Academy. You can go on iTunes or anywhere else. You can grab the podcast at If it resonated, The Leap of Your Life. You can grab that at any major book retailer or

Do you also have some online courses or online programs that people can take?

We do have one called the Four-P experience, which is a combination of the inner and outer work. The four P’s are purpose and personal power, then the external ones are performance and profit. That’s a digital course and also a virtual training course that I have.

Is that also at

It is.

Thank you so much, Tommy. This was a lot of fun and very inspiring. You’re an amazing human being. Congratulations on all the successes that you’ve had. The best of luck with this book. It sounds amazing. For our audience, get out there and take some action on this. Set up your own daily six. Figure out what you’re going to do that’s going to help ground you, whether it’s ice baths or float tanks or whatever else. Start taking some action and we will catch you on the next episode of Get Yourself Optimized.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Learn about Tommy’s 1% Rule on developing a routine and how I can apply this method in my own life.

?Take risks because my time on earth is limited. As the saying goes, we’re not going to look back at the shots that we took but at the ones that we didn’t take.

? Carve my own path so I don’t wake on day finding myself in a career and in a life that I don’t want to be in.

?Get a coach, someone who can help point out what I need to do in different areas of my life so I don’t get overwhelmed.

?Be hyper-present when I’m in a conversation so I don’t miss out on things and can go places I never imagined.

?Reread or relisten to the same material that resonates with me. Repetition rewires my subconscious and lets me discover new things I didn’t catch previously.

?Act on a clarity right away. It’s powerful, but if I don’t act on that clarity immediately, it starts to fade with time and I’ll miss out on what could happen.

?Build a foundation of health and vitality in my mind, body, and spirit by doubling or tripling down on the basics of health and detoxifying.

?Read Tommy’s book, The Leap of Your Life, so I can learn how I can give myself permission to take a chance and step into the boldest version of myself.

?Check out Tommy’s podcast, the Elite Man, and his coaching business, the Resist Average Academy, to see how he can help me realize my dreams.

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