Episode 215 |

Mastering Your Time, Attention, and Productivity with David Allen

We all love that satisfying feeling of getting things done. Unfortunately, clearing off your to-do list often seems like an epic task without any end. If you've struggled with this problem yourself, you probably realize that if you want to maximize your productivity, you need a system.  My guest for this episode number 215 also came to this realization and the system he developed became a global phenomenon. I'm talking about David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, creator of the GTD or Getting Things Done Methodology, and one of the most influential thinkers on productivity in the world. David needs no introduction, but if you're looking for street cred, he was named one of the US' top five executive coaches by Forbes and one of the top 10 business leaders by the American Management Association.  David's common sense approach to productivity has not only made him a bestselling author, it also has made him a sought after keynote speaker and created massive demand for his accredited training program in dozens of countries around the world. If there's only one podcast episode you listened to on productivity this year, make sure it's this one. And if it's only two then add in my previous interview of David episode number 26. It's an oldie but goodie, trust me on this one. And now on with the show.

Episode 214 |

The Antidote to Burnout with Alex Pang

If you want to succeed, you need to work hard right? Hustle. It's all about cramming in as much as you can in each day, working long hours, and even pulling that occasional all-nighter, at least when you have to. Wrong! At least according to my guest for this episode number 214. Well, and me too, for that matter.  In his new book Rest, Alex Pang argues that you actually get more done when you work less. It sounds counterintuitive, but when you think about it, it makes total sense. How can you perform at your best when you're constantly tired and burned out? Instead, by blocking up parts of your week for intensive deep work and then looking after your body and mind by resting, napping and taking a day off when you need it, you can consistently operate at peak performance.  Alex is the author of four books that have been translated into a dozen languages. He's the founder of the Restful Company and a sought after consultant and expert on rest and productivity. He's been profiled in the New York Times, The New Yorker, Financial Times, Guardian and is a visiting scholar at Stanford University. If you're ready to revolutionize your work-life balance, stick around because we're going to be discussing the most cutting edge strategies for improving your productivity while also living an amazing and fulfilling life. Stay tuned.

Episode 213 |

The Web of the Future Is Already Here with Gabriel Rene

We're entering a new phase of the World Wide Web and most of us aren't even aware of it, or at least not aware of the full extent of it. It's referred to by many as Web 3.0 and it will shepherd in a new era of AR, VR, mixed reality, AI, IoT, and blockchain. This new iteration of the web will be a spatial web, where there are no boundaries between digital space and physical space. I'm excited for you to learn in this episode how much of your daily life will be impacted by the spatial web. We will be immersed in a layer of rich dynamic data, which will revolutionize how we work, live and interact with others in profound new ways. For all these technologies to work seamlessly together though, there must be standards and protocols that everyone adopts.  That's where my guest for this episode number 213, Gabriel Rene, comes in. Gabriel is the Executive Director of VERSES Foundation, a nonprofit that's leading the charge and developing open standards for the web 3.0 era, making sure everything is interoperable, and encouraging global adoption and the ethical use of all these emerging technologies. Before his work with VERSES, Gabriel was a thought leader in the tech and entertainment industries for over 25 years, running several companies and consulting for such brands as Verizon, Sony, Coca-Cola, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft.  Join us for a mind-expanding conversation about this new era of the web that we are entering. In this episode, we're covering everything from the future of nation-states, and indeed of the Earth itself to the Digital Gaia Theory. If you're looking to keep your finger on the pulse of this rapidly changing world, this episode is going to deliver some powerful insights. Let's get this show started.

Episode 212 |

Wisdom from Another Realm with Paul Selig

What exists beyond our physical reality? Is it possible to connect with other realms of existence and the beings that inhabit them, including loved ones who have moved on from our world? These are esoteric questions, but some have made it their life's work searching for answers to them. One of these people is Paul Selig, psychic, medium teacher, and award-winning author. Paul was educated at Yale and served on the faculty of NYU for over 25 years. In 1987, a spiritual experience left him with clairvoyant abilities, and he decided to dedicate his life to channeling the messages he hears telepathically. These unique powers have brought him massive success, including praises from top executives and celebrities.  Paul is a regular guest in the mainstream media and has appeared on Nightline, Fox News and The Biography Channel, to name a few. In his latest book, Beyond the Known, Paul channels the wisdom of higher realms via his connection with mysterious beings known as the guides, and invites his readers to move beyond the perceived limitations of their current reality. Whether you're a skeptic or deeply spiritual, I invite you to join us on this fascinating journey where we tackle some of the big questions and tune our minds into a higher vibration and joy.

Episode 211 |

Disruption: Your Key to Success with Jay Samit

A lot of people in business can talk a good game about disruption, but how many can say they actually personify it? If there's one person who can lay a rightful claim to the title of serial disruptor, it's my guest for this episode number 211, Jay Samit. Jay advances the gospel of disruption everywhere he goes and his radical approach to business has transformed entire industries. As a consultant has spurred innovation in major brands like American Express, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Disney, and LinkedIn to name a few.  In his best selling book, Disrupt You!, Jay lays out a blueprint for becoming a disruptor in your own life with lessons from major innovators like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. According to Jay, anyone can become a disruptor. The key is learning to see that there are unmet needs everywhere in society. All you have to do is just simply solve one of these problems and you might just become a billionaire. Whether you're a successful entrepreneur or a dreamer in the 9-to-5 grind, this inspirational episode we'll get you up off the couch and get you motivated to change the world.