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By: Stephan Spencer


Tim Sandars
“All matter is spinning rings of electrical current. It’s either balanced and centered in the vibration of love or imbalanced and uncentered in the vibration of fear and negativity.”
Tim Sandars

Light and heat are all around us, thanks to the sun, but we’re also immersed in manmade electromagnetic fields, and it’s a concern of modern life that poses various health threats that we need to be aware of.

My fascinating guest on today’s show equates the human body to a cell tower vibrating with an electrical current. Tim Sandars has worked closely with a cutting-edge scientist to develop technology to combat the ill effects of EMFs on our health and well-being. In 2018, Tim and his partner launched the Omnia Radiation Balancer, a product that harmonizes radiation fields and brings a new resonance (electrical harmony) between the electronic devices you use and your body.

In today’s show, we discuss the consequences of uncentered energy fields and how we can actually move the zero point in our bodies. We get into a broader discussion about how the body picks up vibrations and the ways we send intentions and connect with others. If you’re curious about how you can lessen electromagnetic stress on your body, this is an incredibly powerful episode you’re not going to want to miss. So now, without further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [02:49]Tim narrates how he established the Omnia Radiation Balancer brand.
  • [09:14]What is EMF, and why is it unhealthy?
  • [13:33]Who was the scientist behind ORB?
  • [20:25]Tim discusses moving consciousness or moving the zero-point in our bodies. He also talks about the consequences of uncentered energy fields.
  • [24:27]As Stephan mentions metronomes, Tim speaks about how the body picks up vibrations. Tim also discusses the ways of sending intentions and connecting with others.
  • [31:48]Stephan tells about intuitive sensations he heard from Vishen Lakhiani and a study about the power of thought from Dr. Joe Dispenza. Tim explains how we influence our bodies, making us strong or weak.
  • [38:35]How did Tim start with muscle testing to lessen the effects of EMF?
  • [44:54]Tim talks about our body as a consciousness operating with our consent.
  • [47:41]Stephan and Tim give their thoughts on attracting more light and being centered on the vibration of love.
  • [52:41]What is science for Tim?
  • [54:30]Check out the ORB products at and use the code LOVEFROMOMNIA to get a discount, or email Tim at for more inquiries.

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Hello, and welcome to Get Yourself Optimized. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer. Today, it is my pleasure to have Tim Sandars with us. Tim founded the Omnia Radiation Balancer brand after meeting a scientist who had a solution that brings all EMFs to balance and harmony in a unique and fascinating way. Tim, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thanks very much for having me. Great to be here.

So the way we met was seemingly random, but there’s nothing random I’ve discovered. Everything happens for a reason. So I was on Facebook, and our mutual friend, Neil Cannon, posted about serendipity. So you commented on that post, and I get this electric feeling when I’m supposed to reach out to somebody, or I’m supposed to do something, connect, or whatever.

The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene

So I got that, and I’m like, “all right, for whatever reason, I’m supposed to reach out to Tim.” I commented on your comments, and I invited you to the show. Next thing, here we are. What inspired me about what you posted on that Neil Cannon post was your experience with serendipity and synchronicity, which I think are two different things. But let’s save that for a little bit later. I’d love to hear your story and how this serendipity-synchronicity thing ties into this amazing company that you founded.

Absolutely. Before we get started on that, we can explain why you got that tingly moment through the new physics. Weirdly, we can talk about the zero-point field and how energy moves through that zero-point field even through reading a post. That could be something interesting to get into later.

So I did a post where I told a little story, didn’t I? Neil was reaching out. I must have been bored, and I just said something weird happened to me in Singapore, where I used to live. I found a product that was quite good at harmonizing radiation fields.

I came back to the UK because I got thrown out of Singapore and built a brand around this technology, and I would have exclusive rights to sell it in the UK. Then I said, “Well, I need a contract with you,” that kind of Singaporean seller or producer, and they just refused to sign a contract. So I was like, “Well, I can’t run a business without a contract with my supplier.” It’s just as simple as that.

I thought that was basic, but they refused to do it. So I was just like, “Okay, well, I’ll drop that. Let’s spend a bit of money on the website.” Then something called me to go to a festival run by a guy named Michael Tellinger, so I just went. I didn’t have a job or anything like that. This was a consciousness festival where people talked about the Bosnian pyramids, saving wildlife in Africa, or biodynamic farming.

Then there was a talk on free energy. I went to this free energy talk, and it was mind-warping. I was sort of nodding off. Then halfway through, the presenter said, “By the way, I’ve got the solution to all the radiation problems in the world.” My ears pricked up, and I woke up a little bit, so I chatted with him afterward. I said, what have you got? And he said, “I’ve got these stickers.” So I just said, “I basically was thinking stickers. How’s that going to work?”

Imbalanced and uncentered energy fields beam at us daily through our electronic gadgets. The magnetic point inside our cells starts to absorb that imbalance and vibrates in sympathy with it. Click To Tweet

But here’s the thing, I threw my research into the other product. I knew that you could do something very simple: a muscle test or what is called applied kinesiology, which you and your listeners may know about. This is where you test the body strength, its electrical balance against something that might be a stressor or something you might be allergic to.

I knew that 99.9% of people were kind of allergic to their mobile phones because they all failed muscle tests when I put their phones in their hands. So this is the kind of thing that I do now. I’ve built this brand around his technology. So I took his stickers. I asked him if I could take the stickers, and I said, “Do you mind if I do some experiments with people around here?” He’d never seen a muscle test, so I put them on these people’s phones. 

First, I tested them with their phone, and they went weak. Then I put the stickers on their phone, and they went super strong. I was like, “You’ve got something here.” I need to know everything on that sticker and how you did it. So that took me on a journey. Not only to complete all the work I’d already done from this Singapore partner that dropped out. It’s to create a brand around a product that was incredibly valuable to anyone holding the phone, typing on a laptop, sleeping through their WiFi, or whatever they’re doing because we’re surrounded by all now.

So it took me a journey to finish that, launch the brand, and learn all about the true science of the radiation field that has been confusing most people for a long time. That takes us quite deep into what an atom is and how everything radiates, including ourselves and every atom in a glass of water. But then every molecule of water in the glass of water is also radiating. So radiation is a process of each atom. But it’s obviously got a bit of bad PR these days because of things like 5G. So yeah, that’s how I got that. That was my serendipity story.

That’s amazing. Are you business partners now then with that scientist you met?

Yeah, exactly. He is trying to produce more solutions. His new solution, which I’m hoping he gets right, will be like a board with many plugs in it. Behind the plugs, there are going to be some cables that go into a generator that then basically plucks energy out of thin air.

Because if you know the right science about how everything is a spinning ring of electrical current, not just the wires that connect to our computer, passing light and heat down a copper wire. If you understand that light and heat are all around us—largely thanks to the sun—then you can understand what Tesla was talking about: everything is the light.

Everything is the light—my body, my glass of water, and the water inside the glass of water. Everything is spinning rings of electrical current or light. So he’s building a contraption that downloads that. Then basically, that would disconnect us from the grid. But don’t tell anyone. I mean, it’s a bit of a secret at the moment. It’s also a bit of a dangerous topic for reasons I won’t get into.

We're not our bodies. We are actually a consciousness or soul within the body. So our bodies are operating with our consent but also independent of our consent. Click To Tweet

Yeah, so if we can mitigate the effects of EMF radiation, we’ll presumably have better health, better longevity, and fewer complications from unhealthy exposure.

Yeah, and I guess the first thing to say about that is, why is it unhealthy? Why is it unhealthy exposure? I have many discussions and stroke exchanges with people on anything from Quora to YouTube. They boldly come out and say, “Don’t be ridiculous. This is all just a conspiracy theory.” Everyone knows that EMF is non-thermal and non-ionizing and doesn’t create enough energy to break a molecular compound or shake an electron off an atom, in classic physics terms.

So they wave that stick and say, “Don’t be ridiculous.” So then I come back, and I say, “Have you seen any of the tests on rats that have been exposed over a long time, not just over one day, but over months and years? Have you seen any of the results of those tests on biological life that’s subjected to exposure to EMF radiation fields, and this can be 2G, 3G, or 4G?” 

All the papers have been out there for the last 25 years. You’d be surprised to hear that there are about 35,000 of them on one particular portal. And if anyone wants to fact-check me on that, you can go to and see 35,000 studies on rats. Another very good one is, which is a conglomeration of all the major papers that shows all sorts of things in rats, from infertility to DNA strand breaks to cancers to endocrine system damage, everything.

Anything that vibrates very fast creates a lot of heat and breaks a dangerous molecular compound, like an x-ray.

This is from supposedly non-ionizing, non-thermal, low-frequency radiation. Here’s the thing: we represent the knowledge that says there is a quality other than heat within a radiation field that can affect us. I’m going to get into that a bit later. But ultimately, the electromagnetic spectrum shows us that anything on that side that goes non-ionizing, we broad brush as harmless. On the other hand, anything on that side that vibrates very fast creates a lot of heat and breaks a dangerous molecular compound, like an x-ray.

There’s a big issue, which is that 35,000 studies all come to the same conclusion. If we believe in science, there must be something in that. There must be some smoke billowing out of that fire. So the question is, what is the quality within man-made electromagnetic fields that might cause a vibrational imbalance in our bodies?

That’s what I’m here to explain today, which might be quite interesting for everyone. There is a major difference between the sun, the giver of all life, which vibrates faster and is hotter as a radiation field than EMF from phones, WiFi, laptops, electric cars, etc.

So the sun is vibrating super fast, and it’s super hot. Don’t get me wrong. If I spend too much time in the sun, I get sunburned because it is hot. However, as I’ve mentioned before, the sun doesn’t cause all those problems like internal cancers, infertility, endocrine system damage, DNA strand breaks, et cetera. It doesn’t cause those effects.

So what is it in the man-made radiation field that is causing this what we call dissonance? It’s a vibrational effect. To understand that, we need to understand how every atom vibrates. Whether it’s the atom in my body, the atom like I’ve said earlier in the water, or the invisible wave field of the EMF. Electromagnetic fields, for anyone who doesn’t know what EMF is. So, shall I get into that now? We’re just going that way.

My brainwaves, your brainwaves—alpha, beta, gamma—they’re all invisible electrical fields.

Let’s do that. Let’s get into the science. 

Yeah. So the scientist is called Dr. Ilja Lakicevic. He’s done tests to show that the atom is a spinning torus field of light. When we talk about light, light is the same as electrical current. As Tesla used to say, “everything is the light.” What he meant by that is that everything is light compressing itself into matter. That’s the same in my body for the table I’m sitting at, and it’s the same for invisible electrical wavefields like my brainwaves.

My brainwaves, your brainwaves—alpha, beta, gamma—they’re all invisible electrical fields. I think, as I mentioned before, everything in the body is electric. Everything is because we’re made of atoms, and atoms are spinning rings of electrical current. We know that because the heart is a big electrical current.

Didn’t Nikola Tesla have a quote something along the lines of our brains are just antennas or are just receivers of thought, something along those lines?

Yeah, I forgot. I know the one you’re talking about, and I forget exactly what it is. But yeah, he was very much aware of the true physics of our universe and the sacred geometry within the universe.

Here we go. I found the quote, “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” That’s quite profound.

That’s great. So if we take what he’s just referred to as some source, I can explain a little bit more about what he means by that. Because, effectively, a source exists inside every atom. So what Dr. Lakicevic, who is also Serbian, funnily enough, might be a bit too weird for some people, but has spoken to Tesla in his meditations. So he operates on the same level in terms of his physics. He goes external, or shall we say, off this plane to ask questions and to receive answers.

Effectively, he’s shown us that the atom is a torus field. For those who don’t know what a torus field is, imagine a donut. Imagine that on the inside of the donut is empty space or on the inside of the best donut is space. Imagine within that empty space, so you’ve got an electrical current or a spinning donut of light. Then on the inside of that empty space, you’ve reached a still magnetic point, which holds the electrical current of the donut in place. So you’ve got this relationship between the magnetic steel point and the electrical current circling around it.

The atom is a torus field.

You’ve got this trade-off between the magnetic steel point and the electrical current spinning around it in a donut shape, torus shape. That is effectively the building block of all life. Through your adventures in spirituality and other things, you may know that there’s an institute called the HeartMath Institute, which measures the torus field of energy that comes out of our hearts. It basically has two donuts of electrical current emanating from our hearts, one to about three feet and the other to about 10 feet, which is a bit weaker.

So everything operates on this kind of harmonic scale. It’s like as above, so below. Everything operates in the micro and the macro in the same way. So there’s a giant torus field around the hole of the earth, it comes down to the smallest common denominator through the cell, which is also a torus field of light, and into the atom and the particle, and they all behave the same way.

If you want any evidence of that—because some people might think I’m just putting theories out there—if you extract blood and look at it under the microscope, you can see the donuts. You can literally see the donuts with a hole in the middle. I’ve done that, and it’s on my website because one of the tests we do to prove that the Omnia Radiation Balancer is effective is on my blood, where I take a sample, which is my baseline.

I turn everything off overnight. At 9 AM, I took a sample where I wasn’t exposed to any radiation that day, took a sample to see my baseline, then watched a video holding a phone for 20 minutes. I was in direct contact with radiation while watching a video on my phone, and all my blood started to stick together. It all started forming what is called Rouleaux, also known as adherence.

It’s not a disease, but it’s not the optimal way your blood should look. Your blood should look like these separate donuts or torus fields of energy. Then, it’s clear as day. The blood starts to congeal and appear, developing Rouleaux syndrome and little chains of blood cells sticking together.

Then we put our technology, the Omnia Radiation Balancer, onto the phone and watched another 20 minutes afterward. At the same time, my blood was still in my body, congealed, adhering, and everything else. Twenty minutes later, we took another sample, and I didn’t know what to expect because I thought I’d have to come back the next day to do a real proper test. But we did it straight afterward, and blood returned to normal. All the donuts separated and went into their own space.

You can see that one of our tests shows two things. Firstly, those 35,000 tests that have been reported on rats, there’s something in that because we can observe it in the blood. But secondly, the thing that it proves is that he has a very effective solution. Although, of course, I have to be careful not to say that it works because that gets me into trouble legally, funnily enough. But his solution is highly effective.

So what is it in a man-made radiation field that causes harm, allegedly? We’ve discovered another quality other than the heat that can affect us. It’s the position of that magnetic steel point inside the torus field. 

The thing that moves a magnetic point away from its center is consciousness.

If you imagine again—and this is difficult to explain on audio—that you’ve got that donut of spinning light. On the inside of the donut is empty space, and on the inside of the empty space is that magnetic point holding the donut in its shape. That magnetic point can move around away from the center. The thing that moves it around is consciousness. 

So I’ll give you an example of how we can move consciousness or the zero point around in our bodies. We can do it through a frown versus a smile. One of them, the frown, is a contraction where we’re squeezing all our energy in our bodies. And the other one, the smile, is an expansion. It’s when the zero point goes back into that love vibration—the vibration of love versus the bright vibration of fear. 

If you want to take it one step further, this is where it gets a bit esoteric and a little woo-woo, but that’s what I’m here to do. I’m here to challenge people’s woo-woo meter. Then if we look at the electricity grid, it’s a grid. It’s kind of like a slave system.

We download energy from the grid, we pay for it, and it’s gone. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Why do we go to work? To pay the bills. So they’ve got us through the electricity grid. We represent the actual science of liberty: if we know the right physics, we can download energy from the ether and use it freely without harming the earth or us. So let’s look at that if humanity is ready for it.

So that’s what it is. It’s the position of the zero, the magnetic zero point at the center of the field. If that position is not centered, then the balance of the electrical current starts to become malformed. So if you’re beaming a whole load of imbalanced uncentered energy fields at people through their phones, laptops, and WiFis, then the magnetic point inside every spinning ring of electrical current in our cells starts to pick up that imbalance and that uncenteredness, and it starts to vibrate in sympathy with it.

The human body is a cell tower vibrating with an electrical current.

The best way I can explain that is in terms of us being cell towers too. The human body is a cell tower too. As I’ve just explained, we’re a tower of cells, but all those cells vibrate with an electrical current. So the best way for me to explain that is if you were to get two guitars and put them together—one face the other—and you plucked, so they’re all in the same tuning. 

You plucked the A string of one guitar, then what happens to the other guitar? I’ll tell you, only the A string of the other guitar starts to vibrate. So only the A string because all the other ones are in a different frequency band. So you get that sympathetic resonance. If the human body, with all its extraordinary organs—

I think I’ve heard that if you had a room full of—what are those called where they help you stay at a time in the music?


If the cell phone radiates imbalance and uncenteredness, the body picks up that imbalance and uncenteredness.

I have heard that when you have all of the metronomes at different times, they synchronize if they’re in the same room. Have you heard about this?

I’ve never seen that. No, that sounds very interesting. So they’d all start picking up each other’s vibration and frequency and resonate in sympathy. That’s what happens. It’s the same as having a hug. It’s the amplification of love from one person and love from the other person amplified. Same as having a hug. That’s an electrical reaction in your body. 

Another electrical reaction in your body is picking up a cell phone because that’s a big electrical energy field. The body picks up a big, electrical radiation field, the cellphone, so you have that meeting. But if the cell phone radiates imbalance and uncenteredness, the body picks up that imbalance and uncenteredness. That’s what we try and show in all of our tests.

We do tests, like I’ve mentioned earlier, applied kinesiology, where we do muscle tests to see if the body is strong or weak when we hold phones, and 99.9% of people go weak. Then we put our technology on, and they go super strong. So if you want a strong body, look at our website and check those tests out yourself. Because that’s the good news that we represent is that we can bring these fields to balance and centeredness.

We do muscle tests or applied kinesiology. We do heart rate variability. So we will look at what happens to the heart when using our phones, laptops, etc. We do water crystal photography, looking at how water’s structure is changed by 5G radiation fields and whether it improves once we irradiate water with our technology applied. So that’s another interesting test you can look at and see the results of. They’re very positive results. 

And then, as I said earlier on, we do live blood analysis as well. So that’s a long-winded answer to your question about whether EMF is healthy and an introduction to how we resolve that.

Really cool. There’s another study that I recently learned about. I was reading the book, Mind and Matter. So radioactive decay is very precise and predictable. With americium there was a study done on the isotope of americium. I forget which number, but it would take about 432 years or something like that. I’m just going from memory. That’s the half-life.

But then somebody with a great deal of skill in energy work, like a Qigong expert or somebody, was sending chi to the americium, and it modified the rate that it would decay. Extreme heat doesn’t modify the decay rate. Gravitational fields and strong EMFs, none of that will modify the decay rate. But it was sending the power of thought and intention by at least 10%.

The reason is that the zero point resides at the center of every atom, which we often hear about as the zero point field. The zero-point is effectively the source of all energetic outcomes. Because the light ring borrows the energy from the magnetic point to spin itself into the matter in an atom, and then it discharges itself into the ether. This process carries on flicking on and off.

The zero-point is effectively the source of all energetic outcomes: The light ring borrows energy from the magnetic point to spin itself into the matter in an atom, and then it discharges itself into the ether.

The atom makes itself. Let’s imagine it’s a cell in my body of many atoms. The atoms make themselves into a cell in my body and then discharge themselves into the ether. So they flick on and off, on and off in rapid succession. All cells are making themselves and dying in rapid succession until the end of their life. That’s how all life is moving forwards.

But that zero point in the center of the atom is effectively the mind point of the universe. Those zero points are connected to the quantum field or the zero-point field. From that zero-point field, all energetic material outcomes emerge. So if you can tap into that zero-point field through Reiki or any meditation, mindfulness, or something like that, you can affect outcomes materially. That’s the power we have as human beings.

We are the master creators in that way. We’re the ones that build bridges, write operas, breakdance, or whatever. We do all these amazing things. And we’re always creating. We’re always looking to expand our consciousness and use the divine tools to create if you like.

That would be how that person used Reiki to enter the energetic field of whatever that was called. Was it americium or something? And effectively change its spin so that you could, like you said, reduce the half-life.

That’s the same thing as when you got a tingle when you looked at my serendipity post because some information was calling you and saying, “Hey, come and see me here.” Or something like that, which I’ve had many times before as well, by the way.

I’m not just blowing my own trumpet there, but I’ve looked at things and got tingles and gone, okay, there’s something I need to pay attention to there because the quantum field is sometimes knocking on your door and saying, hey, have a look at this. That’s how Reiki works as well. 

If I want to send Reiki energy to someone worldwide, I will do it through that connected zero-point field. I am sending my intention through the magnetic steel point, which is the main point of the universe from one vibrating electromagnetic body to another. That’s how you can send healing energy. I think we have more powers than we can imagine, to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi. It’s exciting. This is the time to step into that realization.

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Yeah, amazing. This phenomenon of getting the electric feeling or the intuitive sensation that you should call somebody or do something is almost like going mainstream. I just, for example, heard Vishen Lakhiani in a Facebook ad talking about this phenomenon. He is the founder of Mindvalley, which is a very successful online course platform.

Before founding the company Mindvalley, he was a salesperson, dialing for dollars. It was commission only, and he barely made enough money to survive. So he went to a Silva method course, returned, and applied that to his work by tapping into the zero-point field and getting a sensation of whether he should call the particular law firm.

Instead of going through the phone book alphabetically in the law firm section of the yellow pages as everybody else did, his colleagues in the call room would use his intuition to decide who to call. His sales doubled, then they doubled again, and then they doubled again. A few months later, he’s a VP at that company just from tapping into that quantum field and getting a sense of who to call.

How do you get that? What’s the secret sauce to knowing the right move at the right time? Some people will discount that as woo-woo nonsense, yet reproducible studies show that this stuff works.

Radiation is a process of each atom.

Like Dr. Joe Dispenza was talking about on one of his Q&A calls recently, how the power of thought slightly influenced a random number generator. Still, it was statistically significant enough and reproducible. So people in a room tried to influence through thought the random number generator, and it worked. They were able to do so.

We shouldn’t be so surprised, should we? Because we’re influencing our bodies all day with our thoughts. We’re making them strong or weak. We’re telling ourselves messages all day, whether positive or negative. Of course, I’m telling myself more positive than negative, but now and again, I slip into a negative mindset, as we all do, because we’re all human. But this is our power.

What’s missing from even Joe Dispenza is that I don’t know. I’d love to have him talk to the scientists that invented my product because they’d have a great time. After all, his is the physics, which fills that blind spot that says, well, here’s the physics behind what’s happening. If we understand that, and maybe if you want to go and test it, measure it and everything else, and consolidate it as a truth, then we can work from a different platform, which allows us to explore that whole area of, well, hold on, how powerful are we?

Human consciousness shapes and directs our reality.

You may or may not. You probably do, but you probably realize how much human consciousness shapes our reality and how much it’s also directed to shape. Possibly a reality that we didn’t want, and it’s done through fear. There’s a lot of fear in the media. If I turn on the news, the BBC News or whatever, the intro music is, here’s your dose of fear. You can be controlled to manifest that whole reality of fear very, very easily.

This worries everyone because what’s coming next? I mentioned earlier that all our brain waves are electrical fields—alpha, beta, and gamma. That’s a fact. It’s been measured. They’re all vibrating at different hertz and frequencies. Can that be intercepted by the electromagnetic fields coming at us from 4G cell towers, 5G cell towers, and so on? Absolutely.

We need to be wary of that. We need to be wary of the possibility of that manipulation. So I like to dwell on the other side, the potential side. The potential where we’re going with that is because we’re at a crossroads right now. We can step into our power and potentially make many bad things good, wrong things right, or however you want to call them.

With knowledge like this, we can say, “Hold on,” if we don’t want it collectively, then we can create something else. It understands how we’re held in a certain frequency and vibration and says, “Actually, I don’t need that anymore. I’m going over here.” And lots of old systems will crumble as a result.

I’m looking forward to that. I’m curious to hear how you started with muscle testing because that came first before discovering this scientist with the technology for ameliorating the effects of EMF. How did you come across muscle testing? How did that become a thing that you just commonly did? Did you pick up the book Power vs. Force or some recommendations?

Everything in the body is electric because we're made of atoms, which are a spinning torus field of light. Click To Tweet

I’ve done the Power vs. Force. It’s extraordinary looking at how much capability there is in your body that you never even knew about. In fact, I’ve been on a course by a German martial arts guy who teaches people.

I was in Asia at the time. Imagine a typically slim Asian girl, and he teaches you to kneel on top of her, forcing her arms to the ground and then teaches the girl to throw you off her. Until you see it in action, you will not believe it.

Ultimately, there is a means by which you can drop into the absolute soul power of your body and throw me, who is several stones heavier than the girl, straight off, and things like that. And then the flexibility in your body and all sorts of other things. So all these things are connected to what we’ve been saying.

How did I get into muscle testing? I found out that I was allergic to milk when I was 13 through a crazy recommendation from someone else’s parents saying, “You got to go and see this guy.” I think his name was Dr. Choy, and he was on Harley St. in London.

Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins MD, PhD

I went up and put something in my hand again and again and again. I was super strong, 13 years old. I was super fit at that time. Then he put milk in my hand. My arm went, and I was like, “What’s that?” He said, “That’s milk.” I was like, “I drink a lot of milk?” He said, “You got to stop. That’s why you’re here to find that out.”

I knew about it through experience. So many people try and trash muscle testing, but I wonder if they’ve ever tried it because feeling and experiencing are important. Many people in the scientific world try to intellectualize everything and say, no, there must be a reason for everything, there must be an equation for everything, et cetera. But there’s also experiencing and feeling, and that’s important.

It could be misled or compromised in some way. But for me, that was very, very clear who was pressing down with the same pressure every time. As soon as he put milk in my hand, I went weak.

If you fast forward quite a few years, definitely decades from that moment when I went to Singapore, actually before I went there, I’ve had a bit of a brush with stress. Looking back, I had some mental health issues, which was a bit of a gift. It forced me to stop what I was doing and start looking after my body through yoga, meditation, and other things, so that was a gift.

I went to Singapore, and my body started complaining about certain things. So I met this alternative healer, and she just walked around the house with me saying, “Pick up your deodorant, pick up your aftershave, go through your fridge, pick up the water that you’re drinking,” all these things, and tested me and said, “Right, that’s got to go.” And then she pulled out her phone. I went, “Oh, no, don’t do this.” I was like everyone else. I’m on my phone for eight hours a day.

Sure enough, the body went weak. I said, “I knew that was going to happen. What are we going to do about it?” She said, “I don’t know, but I’m looking for solutions.” Then she found a solution. She introduced me to that person, and that’s the product I would sell.

Electromagnetic fields made by man vibrate with a different consciousness, making them imbalanced and unscented.

In the end, I found something that was better, easier to sell for a start, and secondly, gave me the true reason why we react to manmade radiation fields in different ways than we react to the sun. As I said earlier, it’s because those electromagnetic fields made by man are vibrating with a different consciousness, which makes them imbalanced and unscented. As a result, the nice loving cells in our body do not resonate well with that energy.

Wow, what a great story that you were able to come across the solution to EMF exposure through having a health challenge. The whole thing is all so elegantly interconnected where you first discovered you are allergic to milk through muscle testing with Dr. Choy. Then you’re in Singapore, and you need to get exposure to all the different toxins in your house out of your system. Then this lady uses it and recommends an EMF ameliorating system, which starts you down that rabbit hole. Really cool.

Absolutely. When I look back at it, it almost looks like a stepping-stone thing. It’s like one thing leads to another kind of thing. I guess it is a bit like that. That’s how I know it’s right for me, that I haven’t had to force it. It’s just fallen into place.

I recognized straight away that this was a problem affecting, if not 99%, then 100% of people. There are only two people I can remember who are muscle tested and didn’t go weak, and I’ve tested hundreds. So of all the other people, I speak to. I talk to kinesiologists all the time. They say that no one that we test stays strong when you have a phone in your hand.

I’ll tell you something else, which is just anecdotal. But the big thing I learned through this whole, if you like, eliminating process is that we’re not our bodies. We’re not actually our bodies. We are actually a consciousness or soul, whatever you might want to call it, within the body. So our bodies are operating with our consent but also independent of our consent if that makes sense.

For example, our fingernails grow, but we don’t notice them. Our stomachs digest our food and turn it into fuel. We don’t really notice that, either. Our liver drains all the toxins out of our body, getting rid of them and so on. Our lungs bring oxygen into the bloodstream. All of these things are happening, and they’re all divinely operated within the body. It comes from the zero point at the center of every atom and cell. It knows what to do.

Everything in the body is light or electrical current in motion. Our internal good light responds to external good light.

The body is like an orchestra of different instruments playing at different frequencies. We know that the kidneys vibrate at different frequencies to the liver, spleen, heart, brain waves, and everything. We’ve got all these amazing electrical currents running around our bodies doing different things, and we kid ourselves that it’s our body. But actually, we’re just here deciding what to have for lunch, which job to do, who to fall in love with, or how much to work out.

That’s what I learned from this experience, which helped me evaluate my stress and everything else. It was almost like a big decompression moment when I realized and thought that there’s divine intelligence in my body and this is a gift. Just like everyone’s body, it’s a gift. So we need to work on that relationship that we have.

Everything in the body was light or electrical current in motion. Our good light responds to good light. If we’re having a hug or something like that or listening to great music that makes our hair stand up, that is a resonant situation. But we also respond electrically to bad light, which is effectively imbalanced, uncentered, spinning rings of electrical current, which is what manmade EMF is. That’s another aha moment that I’m grateful for.

Spending a lot of time on the negative news and going down rabbit holes may not be conspiracy theories. Still, conspiracy facts don’t serve you because it lowers your vibration and gets you out of coherence with this divine resonance. I found that by staying out of the news, out of negative TV shows, and kind of like all the violence that’s typical in most Hollywood movies and shows on Netflix, I attract more light, abundance, synchronicities, and so forth into my life. I’m happier too.

You can only create fear from a place of fear.

You can’t create from a place of fear. If you know what I mean, you can only create fear from the place of fear. So if you’re listening to lots of fearful stuff or angry stuff on the news, you can only create more anger from there. Whereas if you turn your head and look for the positive things, of which there are many, you can literally go for a walk, look at all the nature around you, just immerse yourself in that, and then you can create much better from that place.

We have free will. We are here to have an experience. We’re here, apart from the grace of God, having this experience. It’s up to us which way we want to go. Is there that proverb about which wolf you want to feed, the nasty or the good?

It’s that simple. Everything is spinning rings of electrical current. It’s either balanced and centered in the vibration of love or imbalanced and centered in the vibration of fear and all these nasty things we choose all the time.

Our brains can get us so easily sucked into just working. I found this out when I got stressed just from working too much and being too obsessed with some false reality through whatever it was—emails, worries about not being good enough, or not getting what I needed, and all those sorts of things. The brain can sometimes work against you in that respect. So yeah, learning to release it and be is the biggest lesson at the moment, for me anyway.

Yeah. Release it without judgment. Just notice and do not have an attachment either way. Just let it roll off your back like water off a duck’s back and not get into the trap of, well, I should be, I’ve let myself down, or whatever because I made this detour, I didn’t keep my vibration high, or whatever. No, this is all an opportunity to experience. You’ll experience negative thoughts, negativity, and stuff, and you’ll learn and grow from that too.

Absolutely, yeah. Everything’s a chance to learn and grow. It’s just which direction you take from it. Things are sent to try us.

A long time ago, I read the book, The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. I learned about string theory, hidden dimensions, and all that. I was agnostic up until age 42. This was before my first awakening in India.

I was fascinated by quantum physics, string theory, and all that sort of stuff. Now it comes full circle. All the stuff I was fascinated by scientifically relates to the things that have a spiritual component or tie back to spirituality. I was never interested in scientific phenomena that didn’t relate to spirituality. Although I guess science is just a servant to the divine will, everything scientific points back to it later.

The body is like an orchestra of different instruments playing at different frequencies.

Science can often be one of two things: an inversion of the truth or a means of hypnotizing us with potential falsehoods. We must be careful because science is being war-gained, especially in the 5G world. They’re trying to push the science of the electromagnetic spectrum at us and say, “there’s no way that that could be harmful.” They’re doing it in other areas as well, but I’m not going to get into those because they’re too controversial. I don’t want your show to get into trouble, but you know what I’m talking about.

Areas where the science is effectively war-gained and propagandized. Anyone that speaks out a ton is ostracized, struck off social media, and so on. It’s really happening. The people that are behind the curtain know how powerful the truth is. It shouldn’t be something they can stop.

I would agree with that. I want to bring us back to the amelioration of EMF exposure through your technology. I know we’re out of time here. How do our listeners or viewers get those stickers or the pendants from your company? How do they follow you, learn from you, and potentially work with you?

Thanks for the opportunity to come on and explain it to people about it. I just wanted to say one more thing. Within our sticker, there are tiny units of energy, which have a program that meets the radiation field and sets the zero point back to its geometric center so that you have the vibration effectively of love if you like. So it’s basically making the radiation field resonant with the energy in the human body, and then we do those tests that I mentioned to prove that the body says yes, the body responded well.

You can see all those tests on our website, which is If you want to shoot me an email, I’m at My name is Tim. Feel free to contact me if you’ve got any questions. I’ll also offer your readers a little discount at the store if you use the code LOVEFROMOMNIA. It’s Please have a look at our test results. If that resonates with you, it will greatly benefit your body.

Awesome. Thank you so much, Tim. Thank you, listeners. Thank you for being open-minded and wanting to grow and evolve. Yeah, get out there and do something amazing. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Keep my phone out of my pockets and avoid too much skin contact it. Most cell phone brands instruct users to keep phones more than half an inch away from the body. Use cell phone holders and straps or put them in bags or pouches to minimize contact.

?Use wired headphones with a ferrite bead or other radiation protection accessories rather than wireless headphones. Corded headsets are safer because studies have shown Bluetooth devices can cause cancer, sleep problems, DNA damage, and infertility as they emit higher levels of radiation.

?Turn off devices when not in use. Turning off devices stops the transmission and emission of radiation. If it’s necessary to use a device, I ensure Bluetooth and WiFi functions are disabled when not needed.

?Avoid using smartphones when the reception is weak. Only use the device if it has many bars. Using a phone with weak reception emits more radiation.

?Refrain from placing the laptop on my lap when working for longer periods. Laptops should also be several inches away from the body; it’s better to place them on a surface. If there are instances where I must put my laptop on my lap, I’ll use a protective barrier, such as a blanket, between me and the laptop.

?Manage the usage of WiFi routers and smart technologies. Although smart technologies and connectivity make life easier, the downside of this is more exposure to EMF radiation. Consider turning off WiFi routers when not in use, especially at night. Instead, opt for the essential smart technologies only and weigh their risks.

?Keep cell phones and other wireless devices away from the bed when sleeping. Part of having a full rest is keeping away from phones. If possible, turn off my phone or switch it to Airplane mode – even if I use it as an alarm clock – so it stops emitting or receiving radiation.

?Consider avoiding wearable devices. Wearable techs such as smart watches also emit and receive radiation. Determine the pros and cons, and weigh the risks of having a device attached to the body at all times.

?Use radiation protection stickers to reduce imbalances in the body by wireless radiation. Attaching stickers with an invisible energetic layer to electronic devices regains balance in the electrical field and restores the wave field to its geometric center.

?Learn more about radiation protection and restoring your body’s harmony and balance, and get the Omni Radiation Balancer (ORB) stickers and pendants at To get a discount, use the code LOVEFROMOMNIA. Also, sign up as an Omnia affiliate at

About Tim Sandars

Tim Sandars founded the Omnia Radiation Balancer brand after meeting a scientist who had a solution that brings all EMF fields to balance and harmony in a unique and fascinating way.

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