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By: Stephan Spencer


Brian Hoyer
“People are waking up to the fact that we need to get back to some of our ancestral ways”
Brian Hoyer

Let’s start things off with a few questions. Do you ever keep your phone in your pocket for convenience? Do you talk with it against your face? Maybe most importantly: have you ever noticed the ultra-fine-print disclaimer in cell phone manuals that says to keep your phone a certain distance away from your body? The reason these questions matter is because having your phone too close to your body exposes you to electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. Even if you’re already aware of EMFs and choose to use Bluetooth instead, you may still have a problem.

A few weeks ago, Luke Storey mentioned EMFs in our conversation on this podcast. We only got a few minutes to talk about them, though, and I want to make sure you get the whole picture! Brian Hoyer joins me today for an in-depth discussion on EMFs and their health effects. Brian uses EMF shielding as a primary tool in his wellness practice, and has toured the country doing workshops. In our conversation, he’ll explain what EMFs are, why they’re such a problem, and how you can take steps to reduce exposure and heal yourself.

In this Episode

  • [02:50]There are a lot of people who have misunderstandings about EMFs, Brian explains. He takes a moment to explain what these misunderstandings are, and what the reality is.
  • [04:52]What happens with non-ionizing radiation from cell phones, wifi, and so on? What parts of our body are affected?
  • [07:31]Brian discusses whether there are certain frequencies that are more physically damaging than others.
  • [11:03]We hear more about the potential impact of EMFs on newborn babies, specifically as it relates to baby monitors.
  • [14:06]Brian opts out of getting scanned at the airport, choosing to be patted down instead. He explains why.
  • [17:07]Stephan points out that we can’t trust big companies to be looking out for our health when it comes to EMFs. Brian then talks about a frequently unnoticed disclaimer that phone companies include in their manuals.
  • [19:53]What does Brian do if he needs to take a cell phone call and doesn’t have his earbuds with him?
  • [21:52]Brian talks about where he got the shielded pouch that he uses for his phone. Image is shown below.
  • [23:00]Would it be better to use a landline with a cord than a cell phone or a cordless phone, if you have that option?
  • [25:04]We learn about whether we can reduce our exposure to EMFs in the environment.
  • [30:17]Stephan and Brian discuss what to do to make the bedroom a “safe cave” for eight or more hours of nightly healing therapy.
  • [34:36]How much does the special paint that Brian has been describing cost?
  • [37:32]Brian shares some of the ways he handles day-to-day life, pointing out that the data on your phone doesn’t always need to be turned on.
  • [40:09]Brian recommends using an iPhone ethernet adapter.
  • [40:52]In terms of EMFs, how are hotel rooms in comparison to the average home? He then explains the solution he’s working on coming up with for traveling.
  • [43:27]We hear about the types of conferences that Brian goes to.
  • [43:54]Brian discusses magnetic field exposure, which he explains is linked to several serious diseases. He also talks about the home assessments he does.
  • [47:21]Last year alone, Brian did about a hundred EMF home assessments.
  • [48:00]What frequencies are the most problematic ones? It varies from person to person, Brian answers.
  • [51:03]Brian shares some of the incredible ways in which fixing your bedroom can improve your overall health.
  • [56:33]Stephan launches into a lightning round with quick questions for Brian. First: what do we do if we’re hooked up to smart meters for electricity?
  • [57:54]If you want to reduce your exposure, wouldn’t it be better to get the smart meter out of there and replace it with another meter?
  • [58:56]Should we stop using electric toothbrushes? How about hair dryers? What about a blender to make a healthy smoothie in the morning?
  • [61:40]In terms of EMF exposure, should people avoid using microwaves?
  • [63:16]Is using dimmer switches on your light a good thing or a bad thing?
  • [64:04]We reach the last lightning round question: what’s the impact of thermostats?
  • [65:17]Brian addresses the topic of Bluetooth, which he recommends avoiding.
  • [67:13]How can listeners get in touch with Brian to learn more or work with him for a home assessment?

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‏‏In this episode number 132, we’re gonna cover EMFs. EMFs, electromagnetic fields are a credible threat to your health. You might recall we covered the dangers of EMFs in episode 126 with Luke Storey. Well, we’re gonna dive deep into EMFs and their health effects in this episode with Brian Hoyer. Brian is a functional nutritionist, kinesiologist, and geobiologist trained by GEOVITAL Academy, a 35-year-old naturopathic clinic in Austria specializing in radiation protection and environmental medicine. EMF shielding is a primary tool in Brian’s wellness practice, used to optimize lasting improvements in the health of his clients. Brian built an EMF-shielded tiny house on wheels and toured the country doing workshops and EMF inspections in over 100 homes. Brian, it’s great to have you on the show.

‏‏Yeah, thanks for having me. I’m excited to share what I have to share with your listeners.

‏‏Perfect. Let’s start with EMFs because I have a feeling that our listeners are not really up to speed on the impact, healthwise, on electromagnetic fields and radiation from everything from their cellphones, to the wi-fi routers, to everything is plugged into the wall sockets and they are just not aware. I wasn’t aware. It was the latest Bulletproof Biohacking Conference where I really got it that it’s important that we reduce our exposure. I was really surprised when speaking to Dr. Mercola after his keynote talk. He had a huge crowd of people around him to ask questions. He made sure that nobody had their phone on except in airplane mode before they came close to him. I’m like, “Okay, if Dr. Mercola is that serious about EMF exposure, I need to pay attention to this.” I’m really glad that we met at the conference and that we’re gonna get to share some of this important information with our listeners.

‏‏Yeah. There’s a lot of people that have a misunderstanding about the whole electromagnetic radiation because there is this conventional idea out there that only ionizing radiation is damaging because it can damage your DNA and cause mutation, and everything with the nuclear radiation, and the gamma rays, and x rays and that sort of thing. Everybody knows that that stuff can be damaging. But there’s traditional science, it’s always behind in my view anyway. They think that there are only thermal effects of radiation, so your microwave creates heat, it heats up your food but the idea is from all the telecommunications company is that as long as we keep the heating of tissue down then it cannot damage your body. It doesn’t have a biological effect. Recent studies, the experience, my experience, and the experience of many practitioners, and those of the academy that I trained within Austria, GEOVITAL Academy. They’re a 35-year naturopathic clinic. They’ve been doing this for a long time. They found that people who are exposed to non-ionizing have other biological effects that are not thermal effects but they have different physiological effects on the body that are damaging in many ways. I can point to some studies and get into that.

People who are exposed to non-ionizing radiation have other biological effects that are not thermal effects but they have different physiological effects on the body that are damaging in many ways.

‏‏Perfect. Let’s talk about the studies and what they found. What happens with non-ionizing radiation from cellphones, from wifi, and all the other stuff that we’re getting doused with? What parts of our body are getting affected? What types of cells, is it our brain cells, is it our digestive system? What’s getting the impact and what kinds of impact?

‏‏One of the reasons that it’s so impactful is because it’s actually activating these voltage-gated calcium channels and probably some other voltage-gated ion channels that are in every cell of your body. It’s essentially affecting the whole nervous system and the places where those voltage-gated channels are concentrated area in the brain and the heart. They depend heavily on different voltage changes for physiological functions that the whole body, all the metabolic processes, and everything, they depend on those to bring minerals and open the door, into the cell when voltage’s a certain way, and then excrete minerals out of the cell and use them up in a certain way. When we have the stimulation from these voltages, the cellphones, the microwave radiofrequency radiation, and even television signals, when that goes to the air you can actually measure on the body your micro voltage and what your body is being exposed to from those frequencies.

When I do an assessment at someone’s house, and we’re trying to see how much exposure they’re getting in their home, I have a meter that actually measures micro voltage on the body, and it’s taking a measurement of all the radio frequency, microwave radiation from the cellphone towers to the wifi or Bluetooth, baby monitor, smart meters, anything that’s wireless that’s being sent through the air, it’s showing what is actually hitting your body, the whole surface area on all sides. It’s a measurable thing, and we can turn off or shield you from those frequencies, and your body voltage goes way down. As far as the study that points to this, there’s one that actually Dr. Mercola at the Bulletproof Conference key referenced it several times by Dr. Marin Paul, and what he found was that when you give calcium channel blockers, it actually mitigates the effect of non-ionizing radiation from cellphones and wifi, basically all the radiofrequency and microwaves. That is physiological proof that if you take a calcium channel blocker you basically don’t have the same oxidative stress that happens when you don’t take one, and you’re exposed to the same exact frequencies.

‏‏Interesting. Are there certain frequencies that are more damaging than others?

Some people feel worse in wifi; others feel worse in areas where there’s heavy cell phone tower use.

‏‏That’s something that’s more of a bio-individual thing. Some people feel worse in wifi; others feel worse in areas where there’s heavy cell phone tower use. I have a friend who whenever when we’re in a rural area and we’re around a lot of people, and they all have their cellphones with them, she gets heart palpitations. The reason for that is because the cellphones in a rural area where they can’t reach the tower very well, they push out more juice essentially. They’re trying to reach the tower and so everybody’s cellphone just kind of raises up the power to try to reach the tower and connect with it because it’s got low bars. That just totally increases all the exposure to everybody in those rural areas.

People who want to reduce their exposure and get away from all the cellphone towers, they tend to wanna move out into the country, but then a lot of them keep their cellphones and they don’t find that it helps them because their phone is pushing out so much juice to connect to the cellphone tower all the time. That’s something that a lot of people don’t think about is that it’s not only the towers that are the issue which is probably the biggest issue that I see when I’m doing these assessments at people’s homes. But it’s also like if your cellphone is not connected well to a tower, then it’s actually pushing more juice to get to that tower. That’s right next to your body. You’re getting a whole lot more exposure from that than the tower most of the time. If you’re saturated in a city then you have towers all around you, that’s very likely more of the bulk of the exposure that you’re getting.

‏‏The bulk of your exposure in the city is what, the tower because there are towers everywhere, or is it the cellphone itself that’s next to your body?

‏‏Well, it would be both. But because there are towers all around you and it’s really easy to get connected, there’s a reason for that and your micro voltage is super high even though your phone is off. Most of the homes that I assess, I turn off all their wireless devices in the entire home, and we still have higher readings. The micro voltage I’ve seen anywhere from 200 or 300 microvolts all the way up to above 10,000 microvolts. You turn off all the wifi devices, and all the phones in the home, and it makes very little difference on the body micro voltage. The only way we can get that down is to actually shield the room with a special paint that we have or you can get a canopy, but they have to shield at the right frequencies. There’s a lot of products out there that don’t shield at the frequencies that you’re being exposed to and they don’t always sell the meters that can detect those frequencies. You can have a false sense of security if you don’t have the right instrumentation to measure these things.

You can have a false sense of security if you don’t have the right instrumentation to measure these things.

‏‏Alright. You mentioned a little bit ago baby monitors are one of those devices that gives out the radiation, and wow to expose your new baby to all this EMF radiation. Parents probably are just not thinking about that kind of impact. I would imagine that age has something to do with your resilience and the potential damage that EMF exposure can do to you.

‏‏Yeah, definitely. The infants, their brains are developing and if we’re stimulating those voltage-gated calcium channels that are concentrated in the brain and in the heart, that can cause some damage. Most parents that have a baby monitor want one, they’re getting it to protect their child, and so that they can be attentive and everything. I think that in so many ways, technology has blessed us but it’s also been a curse in a lot of ways. I think people are waking up to the fact that we need to get back to some of our ancestral ways because that’s how we came about to be who we are today. Our bodies can’t change so quickly with technology to adapt that quickly. We’re just kind of thrown into this big fight or flight stress response. Everybody is so caught up in this sympathetic state. It’s a fight or flight state when most of the time, throughout history, humans have been in a parasympathetic rest and digest state, it’s no wonder we have all these digestive issues, and autoimmune conditions, and neurological conditions. I really do feel that the whole electromagnetic stressors that we have today are one of the primary causes of these things going awry because these frequencies actually attack the blood-brain barrier and also attack the gut membrane, so you have intestinal permeability also known as leaky gut.

‏‏Wow. A lot of this exposure that you get, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can certainly build a canopy in your home or use the shielding paint in your bedroom, and so forth. You can unplug the different devices from the wall socket at night at least and not have things plugged in while you’re sleeping. But let’s say you’re going to the airport. First of all, they want you to go into this device that’s gonna blast all those microwave radiations on you, “Oh, no. It’s completely safe.” I’ll refuse that. I’ll just get patted down if I get randomly selected. I got TSA pre-check.

‏‏Yeah, I got that too. I decided to get that too then I won’t have to go through all that stuff.

‏‏If they randomly select you even though you’re in the pre-check lane and they want you to go through the, what’s the machine called?

‏‏The Millimeter Wave Machine.

‏‏Yeah, Millimeter Wave Machine. Notice they use the millimeter-wave rather than microwave because even though that’s the correct wavelength, that would freak out people because, “What? You mean you’re gonna blast microwaves? Like the microwave, I have at home? Like destroy things if I cook it too long or will start a fire if I put anything metal in there. You’re gonna put me in that?” “No, no, no. This is completely safe.” Do you opt-out and get patted down if you have to?

Millimeter waves is actually a higher frequency of microwave radiation.

‏‏Yeah, I opt out every time. These millimeter waves, like you said, they’re technically the right term, but what people don’t realize is it’s actually a higher frequency of microwave radiation. It doesn’t penetrate through solid objects as well but it still penetrates through the skin to a point and it can cause damage. It does with these voltage-gated calcium channels. There’s another physiological effect too that just happen by default because of the oxidation and the inflammation that the physiologic that co-response of these voltage-gated calcium channels being stimulated. It can really reduce your melatonin. Yeah, there are all these places where we can’t reduce it. We’re at the airport, we’re flying, we’re traveling, we’re trying to do business, and then raise a family in this world that we all live in. But what I found and what a lot of people who are putting in solutions for electromagnetic stressors have found is that if you just protect the bedroom, then you have eight hours of healing therapy every single night, and that’s when your body repairs and restores everything. It’s like the maintenance time for your body is when you’re sleeping.

‏‏Right. The garbage collection happens and all that sort of stuff in your brain. Yup, exactly.

‏‏Yeah, right. Your brain shrinks by about 40%. The glymphatic system is activated and the melatonin floods the brain. A lot of people don’t realize that melatonin is the body’s most potent antioxidant. Your brain is flooded with this melatonin and it cleans up, like you said, all that garbage, and it basically dumps it out through the cerebrospinal fluid at the back of your neck, and then goes into the circulatory system for delivering kidneys to filter everything out. But that only happens when you’re in a parasympathetic state which basically means not stressed. We have all these frequencies that are coming in and causing a rise in cortisol that the adrenal glands produce which is your stress hormones and that automatically lowers your melatonin. The body actually also perceives a lot of these frequencies as if it is light. A lot more people know more about blue light stress than EMF. It’s well-known that blue light reduces your melatonin production. But a lot of people don’t know is that because your body was never been exposed to these radio frequencies and microwaves before, the hypothalamus perceives these frequencies as if it’s light. It then regulates melatonin production via that physiological response as well.

‏‏Wow. People might think that, “Oh well, companies like Apple, and Microsoft, and GE, they’re looking after us. If these were a serious thing, they’d know about it.” But think about how long we’ve had to wait before Apple introduced night shift mode into the iOS on our iPhones. Now it’s more common knowledge that the blue light exposure is gonna really mess with your melatonin production. We have night shift mode built right into our iPhones, into the iOS. But how many years went by with the iPhones being produced and iOS updates with no night shift modes until just recently. Something as known as blue light now, think about EMF exposure and how years it’s gonna take for Apple or Samsung or whoever to introduce something that’s going to reduce our EMF exposure. You might be dead by the time they get around to it.‏‏

Overpowered by Martin Blank PhD

Yeah. It’s gotta definitely take a long, long time. There’s a book by Dr. Martin Blank called Overpowered. He talks in there about how the telecommunications industry is actually three times more powerful in politics, in the government with their lobbyist than what big pharma is because they have three times much more revenue every year. Every cell phone that you get comes with an instruction manual. If you look very closely in that instruction manual, the very end, they’ll say you’re not supposed to, basically, they don’t want you to use the phone within a centimeter of your body, and you shouldn’t keep it within a centimeter of your body. Yet, they don’t tell people practical things like, “Don’t put this in your pocket. Don’t put it right up to the side of your head like everybody does when they talk on the phone.” They have their little disclaimer in there about radio frequency and they totally deemphasize it. But they know that there’s an issue and they have to put that in there so that in case something happens, they can’t get sued but they know. But it’s gonna take a long, long time like you said.

‏‏What do you do if you don’t have your headphones with you or your earbuds and you need to take a call? You don’t put it to your head. You put it at least 1 cm away or you just put it on speakerphone and hold it. What do you do if you have to take a call and you don’t have your earbuds with you?

‏‏I actually have a shielded pouch that I use. It has this metalized fabric and it has a pocket on the outside and I stick my phone in there and then half of the pocket on the outside is shielded with that fabric as well. I have two layers of this shielded fabric between me and my phone and I can talk through it. And yes, I can also put it on speakerphone but then I hold it in my hands shielded on the outside by the outside pocket. Then my face and my head, and the rest of my body is shielded because there are two layers of fabric between me and my phone. The other thing that I do is I have this app called OpenSignal. I use that to locate which cell phone tower that I’m connecting to then you can kind of orient yourself before you get on a call to, “Okay, if this cell phone tower is on my right side, then I gotta make sure that my phone is on the right side of my head so that I’m getting a clear signal, and it’s not trying to push more juice, and more signal is coming out of the phone.” There’s a bunch of little hacks you can do like EMF hacks, various things that you can do to help reduce your exposure. But bottom line is that if you’re using this technology, you’re gonna be exposed, and if you’re out and about and still in the real world operating and functioning like everyone else is, you’re gonna be exposed during the day time, but at night you can definitely reduce your exposure and get it down to a healing level if you use the right shielding solutions in there that are attenuating the frequencies that are out there.

At night you can definitely reduce your exposure and get it down to a healing level if you use the right shielding solutions.

‏‏Right. This shielded pouch that you described that you have, is that something that you just bought off of Amazon or there’s a special place you have to get it from?

‏‏Well, there are several companies that make them. GEOVITAL makes them. I’m a consultant with them but the one that I use is actually I had my wife make for me. We just got our own shielding material and made it the way that I wanted it designed. People can do that or they can find a GEOVITAL consultant and order one from them. There’s a lot of different options online. A lot of them don’t work as well as others. Anyone that has a hole in the shielding doesn’t work very well. There’s some that flip and they’re like you can flip it back on and they just have one side that’s shielded but there’s a hole right through the microphone. The radio frequencies are kind of blasting through that hole so it’s not very effective. It’s hard to design something that works that also fully protects you. There’s no perfect solution for using the phone other than getting it away from your body and then using a wired headset if you can.

‏‏Right. Speaking of wired, would it be better to have a landline with a wired phone rather than using cellphones?

‏‏Oh, yeah. If you had a wired phone that’d be good. A lot of people use cordless phones indoors with their landline and that lets off a lot of electromagnetic radiation too with the radio frequencies. Those can be just as bad or worse than wifi. I think they’re, a lot of times, the cordless phones in people’s homes are worse than the wifi.

‏‏Oh, wow. Oh, shoot. Because I have a cordless phone. Okay. Alright. That’s good to know. Speaking of the shielded pouch again, I would love to see what yours looks like. I know it’s custom-made by your wife, but would you be willing to take a photo of it?

‏‏Yeah, I could do that. It’s funny you say that because I actually didn’t get to pick out my fabric. My three daughters picked it out.


‏‏It’s a really weird color. One side is orange, and then it’s got basketballs on it, and everything.

‏‏Aww, that’s cute.

‏‏They are like, “Oh, daddy likes basketball.” So they decided to give me this thing. It looks like a little kid’s bag but I still use it. It reminds me of them.

‏‏Aww, it’s cute. I like it. Alright. That’d be great to see what that looks like and I can share that on the episode page, on the We’ll also include links to the different tools and resources that we talked about so that app called OpenSignal that you use we’ll link to that and all the other stuff, GEOVITAL, etcetera. Let’s say, back to the airport again, you’re walking through the airport, there’s wifi everywhere. They’re blasting wifi through the whole airport so that you can use the different wifi options. You can’t reduce your exposure to that or can you? Can we wear a special tin foil hat and then blast the radiation or what do we do?

‏‏No. The only way to do it would be to wear like a beekeeper suit that’s got metalized fibers in it. Because you’re an antenna and so if any part of your body is sticking out. There are some EMF blocking clothing that people wear or they use but some people that are sensitive find that it worsens their symptoms. The jury’s out on that one but as far as what you can do at the airport, because it causes oxidative stress, anything that you can do to basically counter that is good. There’s this product molecular hydrogen that they know helps to mitigate the damaging effects of EMF. There are also antioxidants you can take.

There’s this product by Biotics Research that I use because it basically reduces the formation, it’s called KappArest. It has turmeric, ginger, black pepper, frankincense, Boswellia, and then Propolis, and then some enzymes and things but it’s very anti-inflammatory and it’s really good for remediating the damaging effects of EMFs. But even with that, I kind of explain to people, I tell them, “Picture a scale. On one side of the scale, you have all the nourishing things you’re giving your body. This nutrient-dense whole food into your body that’s organic, and free of pesticides, and GMOs, and all that stuff. Then on the other side, you have stress. In order to get your body to heal, the nourishing side has to outweigh the stress side.” But what happens for so many people is that they’re trying to put supplements and good food and everything on one side, on the nourishing side. But the stress side is weighed down so much that it’s budging and tipping that scale in the right direction. What we have to do is remove those stressors and the most important time to do that is in the evening when you’re sleeping. That’s why we’re really focusing on the bedroom when I do my assessments at people’s homes.

I like to work with real solutions that show a difference on the meters.

So far, we’ve only talked about one type of electromagnetic radiation. There are also electric fields from the wiring in the walls. There are magnetic fields that are from a lot of your home appliances that if they’re penetrating the sleeping area or an area where you are spending a lot of time, that can be an issue. There’s also the geopathic stress. That’s radiation that comes up from the earth. That’s magnetic field lines of the earth and there are underground water currents that can be under extreme pressure that creates the energy that comes up. There are different ways to measure these different types of EMF. All of them have different solutions. There’s a lot of companies out there that try to sell you something that says, “This is the one solution to all your EMF problems. It changes the frequency. Blah, blah, blah.” I don’t doubt that those things could possibly support your body in some way. According to my meters and my readings, it’s not removing the stressor. Do you see what I’m saying? They claim that it’s doing something and maybe it is but is it anything more than a placebo effect? I don’t know. I like to work with real solutions that show a difference on the meters and basically kind of recreate that ancestral environment where our body could be like, “Oh, man. Finally! I can heal. I’m supposed to be in the stress-free environment.”

‏‏In a cave.

‏‏Yeah, I’m supposed to be in this cave. I’m supposed to be free of all the microwave and radiofrequency radiation flying in from all these technologies. I’m not supposed to have wiring around. It’s causing my body voltage to go very, very high. If you think about the way that electricity impacts the body, it causes muscle contraction. Your muscles when you put electrodes on them and out voltage through them, it contracts your muscles. The heart is a muscle. How do we restart the heart? We use the defibrillator and we shock it into a rhythm and that causes a contraction. When we surround ourselves with this electricity and we have a very high body voltage while we’re on our bed that’s made of metal, springs, and the frame is often made of springs, and so we have all this voltage that easily comes up to the body from the wiring in the walls, and the lamps plugged in next to our bed. All of our muscle cells on the cellular level are contracting and releasing minerals all night long causing a stress response that’s just enough that we’re not able to get into that deep detoxification state, and a parasympathetic state, and that brain dump doesn’t happen.

‏‏Yeah, the garbage clean up.


‏‏Let’s talk about what we should do to make the bedroom a safe cave like you’ve mentioned you could shield the room with special paint, we can unplug various devices from the walls, not have things plugged into the wall sockets for the electric fields there. We can make sure that different devices are not close by to the bedroom, like for example if your wifi router is just on the other side of the wall, that’s not good right?

‏‏Yeah, definitely.

‏‏Let’s say that your microwave in your bedroom or close to the bedroom, that’s not good either. Walk us through the process of making your bedroom a safe haven from all these EMF exposure.

‏‏Sure. Basically, you can reduce your electric field exposure, let’s just talk about electric fields first. Every home I go into typically has electric field exposure because you have wiring in the walls. You have things plugged in. Even if something’s not on and it’s plugged into the wall, it’s still bringing in electric field into the room closer to your body. You can measure this. Yes, unplugging things from the wall helps but it’s still not gonna get you down to that healing level. In order to fix that, you really need to have that shielding paint put on the wall. You don’t just paint it on the wall and then leave it. You actually paint one layer on in the whole entire room. And then you let that dry. You use this grounding tape, and you have each panel of the wall has this grounding tape on it, and the ceiling as well. The grounding tape is connected to the ground outlet of your electrical system. You just have an electrician pull that out, pull out the ground wire, wrap it around, then the whole room is grounded. Then when I come back and test a home after they’ve been shielded, a wall that was 100 V/m causing their body voltage to be like 1300 V/m on my one meter, or like on another meter it might be 4000 mV, all of a sudden the wall is zero and their body volt is just down to 20 mV or 30 V/m on this other meter that I have. That can only happen if you ground out the walls.

The ultimate solution is to use shielding paint.

The alternative to that is to find out which breakers are going to the bedroom and turn those off. That can help reduce the electric field exposure but that doesn’t really always fix the issue. I’ve even been in houses like two out of three homes that I do this test, this home assessment for, you can turn off the main power and the person will still have too high of a body voltage. You have the power off in the whole house and somehow there’s still voltage leaking it onto their body and their bed. It’s because wherever the main power comes into the home there’s an electric field there with those power lines and that is overlapping with other metal wires that go throughout the entire house. That voltage kind of slips onto those and finds its way to the bedroom and onto the body kind of stimulating you all night long. There’s a lot of people who give blanket statements, “Just turn off the entire power to your house except your refrigerator.” I haven’t found that to be the ultimate solution. The ultimate solution is to use the shielding paint and that’s because it takes care of these electric fields but it also blocks out the outside wireless radiation from coming in. Your wifi is not gonna be able to get in there and cause an impact on your body. The cell phone towers are not gonna be able to get in and cause an impact on your body because those are reflected away. It’s reflecting away the outside stressors and it’s trapping the electric fields on the wall. It’s a dual purpose with this paint.

‏‏Very cool. How expensive is this paint?

‏‏Oh, it’s pretty spendy.

‏‏I bet.

‏‏When I tell people about this, I say, “This is more like a home remodel for your health,” and a lot of people spend thousands of dollars on other types of healing therapies whether they’re hyperbaric chambers, or saunas, PMF devices, whatever. They spend thousands of dollars on those things when every night they could be having eight hours of healing therapy in their bedroom and spend a couple thousand to shield their room. The thing I like about shielding a room especially with having kids is that you have 100% compliance every single night. All you gotta do is do the project once and then your kid goes to the bed and they get healing therapy for eight hours every single night. They sleep better, they’re gonna be happier, and healthier. It’s the easiest thing to implement that I can even think of. I can’t even get my kids to eat their vegetables half the time, you know. Just like saying, “Go to bed,” that’s easy.

‏‏Go spend 20 minutes in the infrared sauna is not gonna get the compliance there as much as, “Okay, it’s time for sleep.”

‏‏Yeah, exactly. I love saunas. I’ve been working with a sauna company to make an EMF-free sauna. That’s a very powerful therapy but if you use that in combination with the idea that you can have eight hours every night of this innate healing that the body is yearning to do, and most of us have never experienced an EMF-free sleep, but for all of humanity before electricity was introduced, we had it every night. Now we have all these modern diseases that are creeping up. There’s other modern stressors too that contribute but the EMF attack these barriers and because of that, it’s really detrimental. We do have a toxic environment and if those barriers are not intact then our defenses are down for all the pesticides, the glyphosate, the air that we’re breathing that’s polluted, and everything. It can infiltrate our bodies all the more because those barriers are compromised.

‏‏Okay, let’s say that we’ve put the shielding up for the bedroom at night, we also wanna reduce the exposure during the day, and we need to be able to take phone calls, we need to be able to work on our phones because we’re knowledge workers or what have you. Do you just normally keep your phone in airplane mode with the wifi hooked up or do you have the phone off altogether and then you rely on maybe getting phone calls through your computer. How do you handle the day time?

The data on our phone doesn’t always need to be on.

‏‏There are things that I do and then there are also things that I recommend. There’s a whole full spectrum of options. At the very least, the data on our phone doesn’t always need to be on. If you keep your data on your smartphone, then your phone is continually checking for messages on Facebook, and WhatsApp, and Instagram, and everything all the time. It’s pinging the tower pretty consistently. If you turn your data off it’s not pinging the tower consistently. It’s only waiting for a phone call or a text message to come in. That’s the first step for people that are addicted to technology to reduce their exposure. The second step would be to turn it in airplane mode and check it whenever you feel like it. Have certain times where you can check your phone. For those who are extreme, you can actually get an adapter that goes to an ethernet port, and they have one for iPhone and one for android phones. You can connect that to an ethernet cable and it goes into a mini USB or what’s the Apple connection? A lightning?

‏‏Lightning, yup.

‏‏Where it can go into a lightning input there and you can have your data on your phone while your phone is on airplane mode. You can actually use it, and the same thing for tablets and iPads. You can also enable wifi calling and you can make calls with your phone that way. It’s like an old wired phone but it’s a cell phone. If it’s on airplane mode, there’s no radiofrequency coming out of it. There are options out there. It’s just not as convenient as just using a regular old phone.

‏‏I’ve enabled wifi calling on my phone. I’ve started getting the habit of turning my phone into airplane mode and keeping the wifi on. It’s not as ideal as plugging ethernet cable through the lightning port. I do know that that’s reducing my exposure at least to the cellular signal. I can still get phone calls because of the wifi calling. I can see that on my iPhone because Verizon’s my provider and it says ‘VZW Wifi’ or something like that as the message that lets me know that I’ve got the ability to take calls and make them as well as the data.

‏‏Right, right.

‏‏That’s at least a step in the right direction.

‏‏Definitely, yeah. I think you would really benefit from getting the iPhone ethernet adapter and try that out. The ones that I’ve seen work for both the iPhone and iPad.

‏‏A couple of thoughts here, random thoughts to go back to previous things that you’ve said. You’re talking about shielding the bedroom and then I was thinking about hotel rooms. How are hotel rooms in comparison to our own home? If you’re in an apartment or you’re in your own house?

‏‏Right. Hotel rooms actually, because they’re commercial properties, they use shielded conduit for the electric wires that are grounded. All their electricity are contained in this grounded conduit. Basically, metal surrounds all the wiring in the hotels. You don’t have much electric field exposure other than when the lamp’s plugged in. When you go to a hotel and some of the older hotels, they’re not up-to-date, but if you’re in a newer hotel, they will be. You’re pretty safe from the electric fields if you unplug all the lamps and everything in the hotel room. But as far as the wireless radiation that’s coming in, usually pretty intense in hotel rooms. They also have all the wifi and all of the people have their phones around. Hotel rooms are not as bad as living in an apartment complex but you still have everyone’s cell phone which is always communicating all night because most people don’t turn them on airplane mode at night.

You’re pretty safe from the electric fields if you unplug all the lamps and everything in the hotel room. Share on X

‏‏Yeah, right. What do you do about that? Because if you’re traveling a lot, kind of a road warrior, I speak at a lot of conferences, I’m in a lot of hotels. I can’t bring a shielded cage, a canopy, or something with me, can I?

‏‏It’s funny you say that because I’m actually working on a solution for that very thing because I myself travel a lot. I’m working with a manufacturer and we’re coming out with a travel kit for people like you and me to be able to go into these conferences and have a shielded place where we can get really restful sleep. Basically have a better performance during the day when we’re trying to speak to people. I don’t know about you but when I’ve spoken on conferences before it’s exhausting. You have all the blue light, the fluorescent lighting, you’re getting wi-fried all day. It’s just kind of almost like a nightmare. It’s like, I’m speaking at this health conference, it’s very ironic. I’m speaking at this health conference and everyone’s got their phones on and I’m feeling so unhealthy with all the lighting and everything.

‏‏First, giving people tons of sugar throughout the day. Start off the day with scones, and donuts, and things like that, very unhealthy.

‏‏Oh, yeah. You’ve probably go to some different conferences than me. I’m a nutritional therapy practitioner so a lot of the conferences I go they have amazing food.

‏‏Oh, that’s nice. Let’s talk about magnetic field exposure. What are the implications here? What do we need to do about it?

‏‏Magnetic field exposure, in many studies, have been related to childhood leukemia, brain cancers, there’s a lot of studies out there that show this. If your listeners go to Google and use all your wonderful tips in your Google search book, they can find stuff and links on Google Scholar for some very interesting articles on the biological effects of magnetic fields, so yeah. You’re welcome for that plug.

‏‏That’s Google Power Search available on Amazon.

‏‏There you go. A lot of people come to me and they’re like getting ready to buy a house and they’re wondering if they need to purchase it. The number one thing I tell them is, “Make sure you’re not close to those big power lines.” Those big transmission lines where there are high voltage power lines that are going down because those things create a huge magnetic field that is extremely difficult and impractical to shield against. You can shield the electric fields, you can shield from the radio frequency and cell phone towers with the paint but you cannot against magnetic field with a paint. There’s a special type of metal you can but you basically have to create a huge box around your entire home. It’s very impractical and astronomically expensive to do that. It’s better to just not be near those power lines. That’s essentially the guideline with magnetic fields is they’re localized and so if you can get away from them then that’s the best option. One caveat to that is that a lot of times there are magnetic fields in the home from wiring errors. The only way you can detect these is if you have someone like me or another professional come in and actually find these wiring errors and being able to explain to their electrician how to fix them.

The neutral wire is not equal to the hot wire current.

A lot of electricians don’t necessarily know that it causes something that’s related to health. They don’t realize that it causes a huge magnetic field. They just know that the neutral wire is not equal to the hot wire current. That’s not proper electrical code, essentially. They don’t know why it’s something that they’re supposed to do. They just know that it’s not supposed to happen. Another source of magnetic field in many homes that I test across the country is when there are magnetic fields on pipes, on plumbing on people’s homes. Basically, if you’re on city water there’s a high chance you have magnetic fields on your pipes. You basically have to cut off your connection with the city water with a PVC pipe or what they call a dielectric union or coupler. That will basically fix your problem because that current is no longer going through your house and the magnetic fields are no longer there after that. All these things have to be discovered through a home assessment. You have to have the meters to detect them.

‏‏That’s what you do, you travel all across the country doing these home assessments, right?

‏‏Yeah. I did nearly 100 of these EMF home inspections last year. I was very busy. I kind of have this goal to help as many people as I can to put in solutions before the fifth generations of wireless technology comes out in the phone technology that the telecom industry is rolling out because I just feel like there’s gonna be some significant changes in our health when these frequencies get rolled out. I wanna really try to help as many people as possible to put in protection before that happens.

‏‏Yeah. What are the frequencies that are the most problematic ones?

‏‏Well, it’s very different for each person. Some people will be more affected by electric fields or magnetic fields or a certain frequency of radiofrequency from the towers or wifi. It’s hard to say just in general that everybody’s more affected by this frequency than that frequency. But the thing is is that with shielding, the lower frequencies and the radio frequencies range around 100, 600, 800, 900 MHz. Those travel through solid objects much easier than the higher frequencies. But the higher frequencies have to go all the way up to about 28 or 30 from what I understand in the reports and studies that I have seen before they stop going through solid objects very well. Your wifi is 2.4GHz and then they also have a 5.8GHz band now.

And then above that, there are also cell phone towers that are actually communicating with one another with these, they call them backhaul transmitters or directional transmitters. They’re operating at frequencies at 6 GHZ, 8 GHz, 12 GHz, 17 GHz, 19 GHz, even 23 GHz I’ve seen. Those are basically able to send large amounts of data between the towers so that they don’t have to send smaller amounts with lower frequencies. That’s kind of what they’re gonna use with G5. They’re gonna use a bunch of the higher frequencies to get more data pushed between the towers and then use the lower frequencies in the neighborhoods and some of the higher frequencies too to connect all this stuff together. It’s kind of drenching us in what we’re already drenched in wirelessly. But then adding some other frequencies that are a little harder to shield against. The shielding paint will do a good job but a lot of the solutions that you find online are not gonna cut the mustard anymore.

‏‏Yeah. It’s hard to wrap my head around because it’s overwhelming to just think about eating right, and take all the right supplements, and trying to reduce our exposure to air pollution, and everything. I’m in LA and there’s a lot of air pollution. Thankfully, I’m near the beach so it’s fresher air than inland but boy, there’s so much that we need to think about. I don’t wanna just be worried 27/7 that I’m getting all this bad exposure to stuff. That’s probably hurting my health too just getting all stressed out, worried about all the exposure to these toxins and to these EMF fields, and to mold potentially, and air pollutants and everything. Oh my god.

You have exposure during the day that takes you one step backward but at night you get the two steps forward again.

‏‏Yeah, I say the same thing to people and I totally understand that. The reason I do this and I try to make a difference in this field by saying this and what I tell people is that, “Yes, it can be very overwhelming. But if you just take the first step of fixing the bedroom, you’re giving yourself a shot.” Because basically, when you shield the bedroom, it’s like taking two steps forward in your health toward healing. You have exposure during the day that takes you one step backward but at night you get the two steps forward again. You’re making progress toward your healing. So many of my nutrition clients, they can’t get well, they can’t heal their leaky gut, or fix their autoimmune condition. But when they put in the shielding it makes all the differences. They don’t even need a leaky gut supplement anymore. They just go one month in a shielded bedroom and their leaky gut goes away. Their food sensitivity starts to clear up. All the protocols start working better.

This is what happened with GEOVITAL, the naturopathic that I trained with from Austria. They’ve been doing for 35 years. They’ve been doing the geopathic stress and the electric fields since the early 80s. What they found, they were doing that for a while, and about early to mid-90s when all the wireless technology really started to become more widespread. They were doing these protocols. They had all these herbal protocols and helping people with all their chronic illness and they were doing great. All of a sudden those protocols stopped working. They’re like, “What’s going one?” Well, we’re in an environmental medicine clinic so we need to search the environment. There must be something in the environment that’s changed. They go to the house and they see all these new technologies and they got together and came up with this shielding paint and the solutions. They’re original inventors of the shielding paint, as far as I know. They introduced this and then they started putting in these solutions for these patients and all those old protocols started working again. People started to heal.

It’s not a matter of, some people say, “Oh, I took this supplement it didn’t work for me. I tried this diet it didn’t work.” Well, they didn’t remove the stressor during that healing time. You know that that’s when the body wants to heal because anytime you get sick, you get tired, and you wanna go to sleep. Your body tells you that by you getting tired. It’s basically your body is screaming to you like, “Look. You’re not well. You need to rest and lay down. We need to detox this stuff out of the system because that’s just how we do things here in the human body.” When we don’t realize that, that’s to our detriment. If we just fix that sleeping area, I really think that’s the first step, and for most people it’s a doable thing. There might be sometime in the future when we might need to do more but as far as the first best step for anybody, as far as EMF goes, fix that freaking bedroom.

‏‏Yeah and get a home assessment too so you can figure how bad the exposure is too.

‏‏Yeah. You have to get the right solutions. A lot of people try to do it on their own but they don’t have the experience of a 35-year running naturopathic clinic behind them to show them that you don’t do it this way. I always use this example because I’m kind of a do it yourself in many ways. I’ve built this shielded tiny house that I haven’t even finished yet. If I would have just done that and tried to build it myself without any instruction or guidance, I totally would’ve made so many mistakes. I actually learned everything on YouTube. I would follow these YouTube guys to build my tiny house and see all the stupid mistakes that they made, and then I would not make those mistakes. It’s kind of the same with the whole EMF thing.

You can make a lot of really bad mistakes and they can have consequences for your health. You can just hire a professional to come in. The equipment that we use is very expensive equipment. I have about $8,000 – $9000 worth of equipment. The average person can’t afford to just do that as a hobby. There are less expensive meters you can buy to kind of get an idea but they’re not adequate for finding a permanent for your home. We are trying to come with a more affordable solution but if you’re in a home where you know you’re gonna be there for a long time, or you wanna be there for a long time, then it’s worth it to go ahead and put the money down for getting someone in there who knows what they’re doing, and to get you some good permanent solution in your home so you can have a healing environment every single night.

You can make a lot of really bad mistakes and they can have consequences for your health.

‏‏Yeah, that’d be great. I have a few more questions I wanna ask you. I know we’re really running out of time. Let’s do a little lightning round here just to ask some quick questions, you give me quick answers. How’s that?

‏‏That sounds good. Let’s do it.

‏‏Okay. Smart meters, what do we do if we’re hooked up to smart meters like the electrical grid or whatever?

‏‏Smart meters, they cause dirty electricity in the home. They have a pulse signal that’s radio frequency same as the cell phone tower but it just pulses five or six times a minute, everyone’s a little bit different. The solution that I have for that both dirty electricity and the pulse is also the shielding paint. It’s really, really simple. There’s not much that the shielding paint won’t do for the dirty electricity and the high frequency because if you’re not exposed to dirty electricity because you’re not being exposed to any electricity because your wall is shielded then you don’t have to worry about what’s behind the wall if that’s not reaching your body.

‏‏Right. Things aren’t plugged into the wall, if you wanna reduce your exposure because you’re hooked up to smart meters, and you get the dirty electricity and the pulsing, wouldn’t it be better to get that smart meter out of there and replace with a regular dumb meter even if you have to pay your electrical company a little fee to get rid of it rather than just be protected only in the bedroom?

‏‏Ideally, you would get rid of it. Some people don’t like that idea or they don’t feel like paying that monthly fee. In an ideal situation, yes, get rid of it. But in my experience, the bulk of your exposure to this wireless is coming from the cell phone towers. The smart meters maybe 1% of your exposure but it can be like the straw that broke the camel’s back in away. For a lot of people, that’s what it is. They think that the smart meter is all their woes. If they just get rid of that they’ll be healthy. But there is a lot of stress that came before that smart meter got installed that up to that point was causing you so that you couldn’t handle it when it was installed.

‏‏It just kind of was compounding effects until that was the thing that tipped you over the edge.

‏‏Yes, exactly.

‏‏Okay, cool. Let’s move on now to electric toothbrushes. I use an electric toothbrush. Should I stop using that?

‏‏Well, I was talking with Dr. Mercola about this because he asked me the same question. Electric toothbrushes they run out off of battery and it’s DC current, and that’s what your body runs off of and it’s not damaging to my knowledge, or at least they don’t talk about much happening with the DC magnetic field or the DC electric fields being damaging. In my circles, I think an electric toothbrush is okay. I could be wrong about that. I haven’t researched it enough to give a definitive answer on that particular thing.

‏‏How about a hairdryer? That one’s plugged into the wall socket.

‏‏Yeah. That’s something that releases a huge magnetic field and also an electric field. Definitely limit your use and if you have to use it because you’re a little in love with your hairdryer then keep it as far away as possible but I don’t know of any good alternative to a hairdryer other than just letting your hair air dry.

‏‏How about a blender? You use a blender to make a nice, healthy shake or smoothie in the morning but you stand right next to your blender while it’s running. Probably not a good thing?

‏‏Yeah, it’ll release another magnetic field. Anything with a motor or with a lot of wattage is gonna have a large magnetic field as much as 4, 6, 8 ft. out. Really when you run your blender, that’s what I do, I’ll run it and I’ll just step back. I’ve measured so I know how far to step back, so I step back like two steps and I’m about 4 ft away. I think I use a NutriBullet and a Blendtec sometimes. NutriBullet’s about 4 ft away. Blendtec’s a little bit further. They’re one of those things that you have to do better, but if you go about 6ft away or just leave it there on the counter that should be fine.

‏‏Yeah, okay. If you run into the other room.

‏‏Yeah, that’s what I have told people to do if they absolutely have to use a microwave.

‏‏Right, right, right. Microwaves that’s another good one. I have a microwave, should I not be using that? Because I’m kind of lazy when it comes to cooking. I’m actually very lazy when it comes to cooking. It’s either 35 minutes to heat something up in the oven or it’s 4 minutes in the microwave, I’m gonna opt for the 4 minutes. But the food is not gonna be as healthy. It breaks down some of the nutrients more. Yeah, I didn’t even think about the EMF exposure that I’m causing to me and my wife by using the microwave. What’s your thought about that?

The microwave creates too intense frequencies.

‏‏Yeah. Well, the microwave creates too intense frequencies. It’s the microwave radiation but then there’s also a magnetic field because there’s a lot of wattage going through that to power the microwave when it’s on. Stepping back from the microwave when you use it is important but we don’t have a microwave, we don’t use it. A lot of houses I go into they have them. They don’t use them either but one issue I’ve seen is that the microwaves are right above the stove. Even if they’re not running, there’s about 3-4 ft. magnetic field that comes up off from the front of the panel, where the little buttons are, and the clock. People who are cooking there for hours on their stove are getting this huge magnetic field right in their head.

‏‏Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s me too. This is exactly where it’s positioned, right above the stove.

‏‏Usually, I know a lot of houses there’s a breaker just for the microwave. If you don’t use it turn the breaker off. Don’t just keep it on. Turn it off or if you unplug it will take care of that too. Usually, it’s easier to just turn the breaker off than scoot the microwave out and unplug it if it’s in a little cabinet positioned where microwaves go.

‏‏Right. Two more quick ones. Dimmer switches, you got your light connected up to dimmer switches which is so you can kind of regulate how much light. Is that a good thing, a bad thing, and why?

‏‏If you have the whole room shielded, it’s not that big of an issue. But if you don’t then it is because it’s causing more dirty electricity. Basically what dirt electricity is it just transients different frequencies that are riding on the electrical line. There are different types of technology that do that dimmer switches as one of them. I kind of rag on dirty electricity a lot because it’s only half a solution to get these filters that filter it out because really the electric fields themselves are damaging whether they’re dirty or not. My goal is to get all of the electric fields away from the body and not just dirty electricity because the electricity itself is still causing a body voltage that’s stimulating and causing biological effects. Overall, I would say reducing all the sources of dirty electricity is really important and dimmer switches is definitely one of those.

‏‏Okay, the last one is thermostats. They’re these fancy smart thermostats like from Nest which is owned by Google, and there are just regular thermostats, what’s the impact there?

‏‏A lot of the thermostats and the technology that you have out there even the security systems have wifi signals that are going constantly, and that’s gonna be a stressor. The first step for your listeners is to go through the house and get rid of or turn off everything that produces a wifi or Bluetooth signal, at least turn those off at night, and that will drastically reduce your internal exposure. You still have the cell phone towers coming in but at least you won’t have the excessive frequencies in the 2.4GHz range which can be overwhelming.

‏‏Great. You just mentioned Bluetooth and we didn’t really talk about that this whole episode. How bad is Bluetooth in comparison to wifi, like the 2.4 GHz, and 5.8GHz?

‏‏It’s essentially the same when you measure it with a meter. The Bluetooth earbuds and things like that, those are basically putting their radio frequency really close to your head, in your ear. I don’t recommend those. Try to get rid of those as much as possible with anything even like the wearable tech.

The Bluetooth earbuds and things like that, those are basically putting their radio frequency really close to your head, in your ear. I don’t recommend those.

‏‏Right. Wearable tech like the Bluetooth headsets and let’s say smart clothing and stuff that’s Bluetooth-enabled. What about the tiles that help you find your lost keys and everything that’s all Bluetooth.

‏‏Yeah, if those are Bluetooth then those will be an issue. Also, the Apple Watch, FitBit, even the Oura ring. That’s one that a lot of people in the fitness world are using. That’s a better option if you wanna use some trackable tech because it uses infrared to get the information from your body. But then you have to use the Bluetooth to download that information, so as long as you disable the Bluetooth while you’re wearing it, and only enable it when you’re downloading the information, that’s the best way to use that kind of tech.

‏‏Yeah. I have an Oura ring. I’m gonna make sure that I’ve got that set-up right. Good to know. Well, this was mind-expanding, and frightening, and exciting. I got so much to do now to get my home and environment to be safe. Thank you for educating me and our listeners here on what’s important and what we need to do about it. That’s a very, very important aspect to our health. Many of us, I would guess, are neglecting.

‏‏Yeah, you’re welcome. I’m actually gonna be in LA in a few weeks. If you want me to come by and check out your home just let me know.

‏‏Okay, sure. I’ll definitely follow-up with you on that. If somebody wanted to work with you to do the home assessment, how would they contact you?

‏‏The best is to go to my website which and just fill out the form for being interested in-home assessment. I have a schedule on there of tours that I do. Just tell me where you’re at and what your situation is and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. I really like to talk over the phone to kind of hear people’s situations because it’s easier to explain things.

‏‏Awesome. Thank you so much again, Brian. This was fabulous. I hope that our listeners are gonna take action on this because it is so important. We’ll catch you on the next episode of Get Yourself Optimized. This is your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

Brian’s shielded pouch that he uses for his phone.

Important Links

Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Be more aware of how EMF can affect my health. Take time to learn about what its long-term effects are and what I can do to prevent them.

?Limit my time spent on and near my phone to avoid absorbing radiation waves.

?Keep my phone at least 5 centimeters from my ear when I’m talking to someone. Use earphones when I’m on a call.

?Turn my phone off or on airplane mode when the signal is very low. The further phones are away from towers, the more radiation they emit.

?Unplug the WiFi router, TV, microwave and anything that emits EMF before I go to sleep.

?Get my house assessed by experts such as Geovital to measure the radiofrequency, micro voltage, microwave radiation and other electronic waves surrounding me.

?Avoid using baby monitors to reduce the risk of exposing children to EMFs at a very young age.

?Use OpenSignal, an app that locates the nearest tower, to get a clearer phone signal.

?Take KappArest, an antioxidant, to remediate the damaging effects of EMFs.

?Turn off my data when my phone is not in use. My phone uses data to search for signal and telecommunication activity even when I’m not using it.

About Brian Hoyer

Brian is a U.S. based Functional Nutritionist, kinesiologist, and Geobiologist trained by Geovital Academy, a 35-year-old naturopathic clinic in Austria specializing in Radiation Protection and Environmental Medicine. EMF shielding is a primary tool in Brian’s wellness practice used to optimize lasting improvements in the health of his clients.

Brian studied with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. Brian also on the board for a Healing Farm Retreat Center on the Big Island of Hawaii set to launch in March 2018. He lives near Cleveland, Ohio with his wife, Lindsey, and our three daughters. Last summer (2017) they built an EMF shielded tiny house on wheels and toured the country doing workshops and EMF inspections on over 100 homes to help people begin to address and support their chronic illnesses and put in solutions and plans for EMF radiation protection. Haven’t finished the tiny house build yet but it is shielded from wireless and will be completely shielded from other types of EMF as well when finished.

Disclaimer: The medical, fitness, psychological, mindset, lifestyle, and nutritional information provided on this website and through any materials, downloads, videos, webinars, podcasts, or emails is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical/fitness/nutritional advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Always seek the help of your physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, certified trainer, or dietitian with any questions regarding starting any new programs or treatments, or stopping any current programs or treatments. This website is for information purposes only, and the creators and editors, including Stephan Spencer, accept no liability for any injury or illness arising out of the use of the material contained herein, and make no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the contents of this website and affiliated materials.


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  1. Surprised to read that some people get their symptoms get worse when wearing shielding clothing. Because I have the EMF intolerance syndrome and most of my friends are very sensitive to EMF’s too, we all agree that EMF protective clothing helps making significant difference, thanks to that difference we are able to travel, feel much better in airports compare to being there without EMF clothes on. But we use only Leblok clothes what gives us a guarantee that there will be no nasty chemicals in their clothes and the shielding level is the best unlike the cheaper clothes made from alibaba fabrics. Many EMF sensitive people are MCS as well, that’s why it is important to use quality fabrics for us.

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