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By: Stephan Spencer


Jennifer Lyall
“A full inner battery allows you to thrive and see magic unfold.”
Jennifer Lyall

Synchronicity is the universe’s way of winking at us, confirming we are on the right path. When we tune in to signs and symbols around us, we open the doorway to guidance, insight, and magic.

Today’s guest, Jennifer Lyall, has learned to read these clues and weave her external world with her internal wisdom. As an intuitive business mentor, Jennifer helps conscious entrepreneurs gain clarity and focus so they can bring inspired ideas to life. She teaches spiritual principles for scaling businesses with integrity.

In this episode, Jennifer describes her journey of surrendering control and discovering a new sense of flow. She explains how she receives intuitive downloads through automatic writing and art. We discuss the responsibility we have when tuning into alternate timelines and energies. Jennifer also shares a powerful dream premonition that became reality.

Additionally, we explore the metaphysical relationship between pets and their owners. Jennifer leads us through an affirmation for revealing blessings, forgiving trespasses, and recognizing oneness. It’s a wide-ranging conversation about mysticism and meaning. So, without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [02:25]Jennifer Lyall shares her journey of struggling with self-doubt but finding a moment of surrender and permission to discover her passion and modality, Connect to U.
  • [07:34]Stephan and Jennifer discuss synchronicity and channeling images and symbols as intuitive guidance.
  • [15:32]Jennifer describes experiencing deja vu and jumping timelines, with a sense of glitching in the matrix, bringing Stephan to reference an article by Tom Kenyon.
  • [21:42]Stephan explains the concept of timelines and how they intersect, causing “bleed-through” moments where individuals from different timelines experience events that are not part of their reality.
  • [30:59]Jennifer reflects on her spiritual journey with her cat as a spiritual mirror.
  • [37:14]Stephan and Jennifer talk about the interconnectedness of all things.
  • [46:58]Jennifer reveals her idea that everyone has the potential to be extraordinary, regardless of their current circumstances.

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Jennifer, it’s so great to have you on the show.

It’s so good to be here. I’m really excited. My heart’s jumping up and down with excitement. It’s like, “Yay, we get to play with Stephan.”

Awesome. I love that. First, I want to hear your origin story, and I am sure our listener does, too. How did you become a conscious and intuitive business mentor and tap into universal intelligence in such a profound way?

My business sucked. In 2008, I started my own business. It’s called Liv Healthy, and the intention was to inspire people to be proactive about health. I had a video podcast. That was when podcasting was in its infancy.

Rick’s First Adventure by Doe Boyle

Wellness was just building some momentum. I wanted to have a part-time business, make some money while the kids were in school, and have some advertisers come on board. But there was a big problem, and that was that I didn’t believe in myself.

I found it difficult to convince companies—there’s that aura of getting energy—to sponsor the podcasts that I co-hosted with a naturopathic doctor because I was just a mom passionate about wellness. “Why would they want to put any money behind what I was doing?” I was exhausted because once the kids went to bed, I would stay up until 2 AM trying to build backlinks and an audience for my video podcast. I was just so depleted.

I came to this place where I was tired of beating myself up. I was working at my business part-time and expecting full-time results. There was this magical moment. It was March of 2010 at 6 AM. It was pitch black, and the house was quiet. I remember sitting on my couch and permitting myself to discover what made my heart sing.

I didn’t know what I believed in. I wasn’t religious at all. My family was Catholic, but they had a bit of a falling out with the local church. I was never baptized, and we never really went to church. I’m the baby of seven, so my parents were just trying to get by.

I didn’t know if I believed in a God, but I believed that there was something more out there, but I didn’t know what that more was. In that moment of surrender, the universe said, “She’s finally listening. Send in the signals.” The signals were always there, but I was finally able to pay attention to them. I let go of the death grip on life and how I thought things needed to be. I was so controlling. That journey of surrender was huge.

In that surrender, I discovered crystals, pendulums, automatic writing, and meditation. Through automatic writing, I was given my modality called Connect to U—the intention of that work is to connect the soul, heart, and mind.

Through automatic writing, I was given my modality called Connect to U—the intention of that work is to connect the soul, heart, and mind.

The universe said, “Okay, go do a case study.” It’s like, “Oh, I don’t know about that.” I got brave enough and did that case study. It was incredible because I went from a stick drawing of wavy lines moving the energy this way. “Stand here and say this prayer, this affirmation over there.” Through automatic writing, I was given a meditation script and guided people through it.

I didn’t realize that I’ve been working with energy since I was four. My uncle’s an energy healer. My big brother had a waterskiing accident, so I would rub his back all the time when I was little. My other siblings and parents said, “Well, rub my shoulders too. They’re sore.”

Later, when trying to figure out what would be next for me, I remember talking to my uncle in Gibraltar. I was like, “What’s this energy work that you do? Is it Reiki?” He’s like, “Well, I don’t know. It’s just energy, and there’s one in every generation. Maybe you’re the one who’s doing it in your generation, too.” That’s when things started to open up for me.

What do you do from an energy healing standpoint because that doesn’t sound like it’s core to your business now? Are you still doing energy healing in some capacity?

Absolutely. I am releasing the energetic blocks that stop entrepreneurs from stepping into their purpose. It is the foundation. I teach entrepreneurs how to master their energy and expand their personal awareness. I do energy clearing, and I also teach entrepreneurs how to clear their energy as well.

I did a corporate presentation teaching people how to check their inner battery as often as they check their phone battery. In the handout, I had a little note about a chi bath. Somebody said, “Oh, what’s that?” It’s like, “Oh, okay, let’s go there.” It’s like, “All right, rub your hands. Get your hands together and bring your hands apart. Do you feel anything there? Any tingles? Do you feel any resistance?” “Yeah.” “All right, go up, hover over your body a little bit, and just do this little chi bath.” I’m like, “Oh, my goodness, I feel it. I feel tingles.” That was the first time that any of them had felt that before. It still is a very foundational piece of what I do.

Can you remotely heal people, or do you need them in your presence?

No, I’ve had one client in Mauritius that I’ve been working with since 2012 on and off. Energy knows no bounds.

Awesome. How do you incorporate automatic writing, which is how you got started? How do you incorporate that into your practice, and how are you mentoring your clients?

That’s a really interesting question. I still do journaling and writing and get some intuitive guidance. When I feel the urge for a new program, it will come through, mapping it out with the writing.

Energy knows no bounds.

I also channel a lot of symbols when I’m doing any kind of training. When I’m tuning into what’s going on intuitively for a client, I have my handy, dandy little whiteboard that I’ll pull out with my markers. I often channel an image, then pause and wait for the download, “What does this mean? How is this relevant?”

Even though it may not make any sense to me, my clients are like, “Ah, now I understand what that meant when I saw that, or when so and so said this, or things just clicked.” It’s through images as well.

I’ve got one for you. This just happened a few hours ago. My wife showed me a picture of a butterfly she had taken in our backyard; maybe it was the front yard. It’s a cool-looking butterfly. But before she showed it to me, she asked, “Do you want to see a cool picture of a butterfly?” I’m like, “Sure.”

The image that came to my mind is a Blue Morpho; they don’t live in South Florida. They’re in Costa Rica, and they are amazing. They’re huge. They’re just majestic-looking.

I was reading to my son between podcast interviews because this is podcast day in the middle of the day here. I was reading this little Ranger Rick book to my three-year-old son, and there’s a Blue Morpho in there. It’s like, “Oh, okay, that’s not a coincidence.” What pops into your mind when you hear this?

The glitch in our timelines reminds us that things aren't as solid as they seem. Tap into your magic and potential. Create with passion. Share on X

It is what’s the significance of that image in the story. Because there’s something around what was happening in the character’s world in that story that relates to something that you’re going through or witnessing somebody else going through. There’s something about anchoring in that butterfly as a transformational moment for them to go to the next level.

It wasn’t really a story. This is just, “Find the animals in this scene and identify them.” This wasn’t one of the animals to identify. It was just one of the extra animals, the Blue Morpho.

I mentioned Costa Rica, which we love. It’s where my wife and I got married. We’ve been there a handful of times. There were at least one or two other creatures in that scene that were Costa Rica native animals; one was a red-eyed tree frog, and another was, I think, a bird. I don’t remember which bird it was. Anyway, a couple of animals were also in Costa Rica. I think Costa Rica is the connection here.

Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton

Beautiful. What’s the transformation that’s waiting for you to go back to Costa Rica in that invitation?

We are going to go back this year. There’s a retreat that my wife, Orion, is going to go to. That’s going to be very transformational and powerful for her. We’ve also been talking about getting a place there. It’s such an amazing part of the world. Those are two things that popped into my mind about that.

Is there a butterfly sanctuary at all in Costa Rica? Is that something that exists?

I believe there is.

I would be curious about that. I’d also be curious about the journey of the Blue Morpho. For me, with butterflies, the monarch butterfly holds significance for me, being in Canada, somewhere where they migrate to and the journey that they go through. What is it about the lifecycle of the Blue Morpho that there’s something for you to understand more as an animal totem?

That’s interesting. I love how you can just pop into this mode of, “I’m going to see what comes.” It’s funny. As I looked out the window at the lake in the backyard, at two very precise moments, a fish jumped out of the water, and one was when I started asking you about the Blue Morpho. Incidentally, there are no coincidences.

I take notes in Evernote while we’re doing the episode to remember everything I want to incorporate into the interview, and then I just do this throughout the interview. Things will pop into my mind, and I’m like, “Oh, I’ll add that. I’ll include that in the questions.” I wrote down Blue Morpho in your episode notes because I had to park it.

I have a God journal and write down things I’m grateful for and the messages I receive. That non-coincidence coincidence of the Blue Morpho, I hadn’t jotted down. I’m like, “I got to remember that one. Oh, I better just jot it down right here on this computer.” The next thing you know, we’re talking about it.

Creativity is part of my morning practice.

This is a great example of how magical and synchronistic life is when you get into a place of receiving and being part of the universal life force and intelligence. You’re not just operating as a meat suit. You’re not in materialism mode. All the magic happens.

I have a wonderful story that ties into this. It was during a full moon and a lunar eclipse. I do art. Creativity is part of my morning practice. I drew a picture of trees, black—a nighttime scene, and a bright orange moon. It’s just like, “Oh, isn’t that interesting?” It looks like the sun, but it’s the moon.

I wasn’t present that it was a full moon. I drew this picture of these two trees overarching and seeing the moon in between. I am leading a group called Ready to be Seen. It’s a program I love, where we release the top blocks that hold entrepreneurs back. For every single group, I pull cards to get some insights on the journey I’m taking this group through because the energy is always different based on who’s there.

The first card that I picked for that is this card here that says moonlight. There’s the full moon with the shine, the moonlight on the water, and the two trees. On the night of the full moon, I wasn’t present in my mind that it was the night of the full moon. We live on Lake Ontario. I told my husband, “Let’s go down to the lake and just walk.”

We went for a walk. As we’re about to leave, there’s this gentleman there with a massive lens on his camera. He says, “Yes, it’s the full moon.” It’s just like, “Okay, let’s come back.” It was fifteen minutes, and it was going to be the moonrise.

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We went, grabbed a snack, and then came back. We saw the moonrise. It was the same image as we were walking there, and there were two trees. The moonlight shone on the water, and the energy was so potent. It was so potent; it was delicious.

That’s awesome. You’ve basically got a premonition. You got the image before it happened, and it is now the exact image.

Premonition is reading the signs. It is feeling the poll and listening. Even today, I was presenting to the corporate audience in Niagara Falls, about an hour from where I live. After the presentation, I went down to the falls because I was right there and wanted to take in the energy. I love the energy of the falls.

Premonition is reading the signs.

I was sitting down sorting some things out. I was dilly-daddling a little bit. I had my coat over the shoulder of my purse, then changed, and a pendulum and some money fell out on the floor. I got from the pendulum: “You have a choice to make right now. If you don’t get your act together, you’ll end up losing money.”

I had a call that was scheduled with a prospective client. I needed to ensure I got back on time and didn’t dilly-daddle. It’s just interesting how you can put together the different pieces. The universe is constantly there guiding us; it’s just whether or not we’re listening.

The experience of deja vu also popped into my mind when you were talking about that scene you received, downloaded into your mind before you saw it in real life. Deja vu, I learned from Tina Zion, isn’t just like it happened in a past life or something, but it can also be projecting yourself forward in time to your other moments, locations, events, and other dimensions because time isn’t linear. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on that.

I had a deja vu moment this morning while doing that presentation. I felt it. I was sitting in the same spot. The person who invited me to speak was there. She was saying those things. I could see that expression. She’s like, “Oh, that’s interesting.”

Itty Bitty Kitty by Bob Keeshan

Other than being present to it and resonating with what you just said about time not being linear, and sometimes we’re jumping timelines in those moments, a glitch in the matrix is what I’m feeling. It’s the words that want to come out right now. That’s all that comes up for me, but there’s also something more to explore here that I have never considered that we will tap into.

I think so, too. A couple of things regarding jumping timelines—there’s a fabulous article by Tom Kenyon. It’s  The Art of Jumping Time Lines. Are you familiar with that article?

No, but I’m familiar with Tom Kenyon. I’m eager to hear more about this.

Yeah. It’s phenomenal. He channeled it, and I guess it was the Hathors from which he channeled it. For our listeners, if you are intrigued by this concept, please read the article. It’s really, really good. It made a profound impact on me. I had to go back to it several times for months, and I got new levels of understanding from that article at different times.

One of these concepts conveyed in the article is a timeline bleed-through, where multiple timelines happen simultaneously. They all exist for our highest and best good. We can jump timelines. Why do they exist for our highest and best good? The biggest reason, in my understanding, is that we can experience a timeline review or life review at the end of our lives, where we get to explore, like a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book, what our lives could have been like if we’d made some different choices.

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It’s not enough just to see your life flash in front of your eyes and say, “Oh, boy, that was a stupid thing to do. I shouldn’t have said that. That was awful, what I did. What would have happened if I had restricted my reactivity? What would have happened if I had been more proactive? What would have happened if I had operated from a place of loving kindness and the most benevolent outcome as my focal point for all these decisions and actions I made? Oh, let’s see.” 

Then, see it all play out fully to a conclusion for your life’s end with each scenario. That’s why timelines exist. That’s my understanding of it.

By the way, there’s a great movie from the ’90s that I recommend if you haven’t seen it or haven’t seen it for a long time. It’s with Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s called Sliding Doors.

Yes, I remember that.

You’ll get new insights from that movie if you watch it again.

A couple of things came up for me in this conversation. I remember reading the book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. Have you ever read that one?

No, but I’ve been listening to the audiobook of his second one, Destiny of Souls.

For those who haven’t read that book, he was a hypnotherapist. He found that in order to help people heal or move through different issues, he would take them back to the first incidents. Sometimes, he was taking them back to so many previous lifetimes, even into the ice ages. He came up with the idea of mapping out the journey of souls.

You can look at your different lives or timelines to evaluate, fast-forward, and reverse.

In doing so, he talks about this moment of where we’re picking the lifetime, where you are the soul, and you go through your evolution with a soul family, and you’re in this movie screen-ish room. You can look at different lives to evaluate, fast-forward, and reverse. What you’re describing for me is almost like that same moment. Because time isn’t linear, the same thing is happening—the end or the beginning of life is the same moment.

Your future and past lives are all happening in the simultaneous eternal now, just like this life is happening. The book I read or listened to is Destiny of Souls. I do believe that there are some stories in there about being in a reading room or library, where you’re reviewing your past lives, what you could have done differently and so forth, and get sucked into an interactive movie.

This is the purpose of having timelines, but then what’s the practical application of these timelines? It’s becoming part of today’s vernacular and pop culture.

For example, if you go on Netflix, Disney+, or something, you can watch a Marvel show called Loki, which is dark. I don’t recommend it—Marvel and Disney are dark. Anyway, the premise of Loki is that there’s a version of him in one timeline that is rogue in terms of not being part of the approved primary timeline, what they refer to in the show as the ‘sacred timeline,’ and then they have this timeline police that tries to chase down these variants which are from alternate timelines, trap them, capture them, and send them into a no man’s land.

This is part of the pop culture timelines. Of course, it’s been around since the 90s, at least since that movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow, where there are two versions of her; one misses the train, and the other one catches the train, and they’re completely different lives based on that simple moment. It follows the course of her life through both variations.

There’s a bleed-through moment where she’s injured or something. Something happens, I forget exactly. But in the other version of her, she feels it, and she almost falls to the floor. She’s at a table waiting for that table as a waitress and needs to hold on to something because she’s about to pass out.

These timeline bleed-through moments happen especially when multiple timelines meet a timeline node, which happens in times of greater chaos. When there’s a lot of chaos happening in the world, that’s the opposite of certainty, which is a great gift from above.

Being able to jump into timelines with complete depth of knowing requires you to detach from the energetic chaos around you.

Certainty is something that you can’t count on, and it’s not even part of the normal experience of life on this physical plane, but you can be gifted with it. If you pray for it, you ask God for it, and it comes from the higher dimensions, from the higher Sefirot, to use a Hebrew term from the Kabbalah, you get gifted with it.

Now, I can navigate this world with more certainty, faith and trust because I feel everything happening for me.” I don’t just have the bumper sticker of life happening for you, not to you. I really get it. I feel it in my bones. I experienced it. I am it, and I’m not just talking about it.

A couple of things that come up for me around this conversation are for certainty. It’s a complete depth of knowingness, which requires you to detach from the energetic chaos around you. It’s so tricky with the constant entanglement. I don’t know why the word superhero wants to come out of people who have the strength, the focus, and the courage to fling off all of these other concepts to stay true to that knowingness inside when you can surround yourself with more people that are at least on that same path, that are in that frame of mind, and that it gets easier to do because you create your bubble around that.

The other thing that comes up for me around the timelines and the bleed-throughs is the drawings I will do. Symbols will come up. I’ve been working with the symbol of the Merkabah for a long time.

Recently, I got that all those intersections for the Merkabah are those opportunities for timeline jumping, those intersection moments and that there was something far greater for me to know, understand, and help people with navigating through in their business to go from that stuck timeline, where they can see where they want to go, but they’re just stuck like that skipping record in this old dimension, because they’re so connected to the past intelligence or past knowingness, and they just can’t break through.

The universe is constantly guiding us, but we need to learn to listen.

I can be this bridge to help them get over that intersection to make that next level of growth so that they don’t have to put up with the crap of the old thinking, the old energies, the old entanglement, and to move through much more elegantly. Thank you for helping me with that awareness. That’s pretty juicy.

That’s awesome. Let’s just keep going down this rabbit hole here. Since you said superheroes, what comes to my mind is my psychic super friends or a psychic SEAL team. I also refer to them as. There are about fifteen of them. Most of them, I know personally. I haven’t had any conversations with a few of them or had them on my podcast yet, but I know they’re legit. I have that inner knowing that they’re legit.

They are energy healers, psychic mediums, medical intuitives, remote viewers, automatic writers, and all types of psychics. It’s an amazing resource to share with somebody from this list. Let’s say, Jaye Lasko. She’s an incredibly gifted psychic who is able to tap into your past lives, cellular imprints, past life traumas, and so forth, heal them, rewrite the imprints, and help you replace them with better ones. She uses muscle testing on herself while asking you to repeat different things.

She’s having you go through and scan your body and talk about different body parts and different things. She just gives you the things to say and then tests the truth, whether weak or strong, with muscle testing on herself. She’s amazing. She has a recommendation from a past guest on the show, Aaron Scotti, the executive producer of the movie The Peanut Butter Falcon.

I love referring Jaye to my friends, clients, and people to whom I get the nudge to refer her. She’s one of the fifteen or so people on my psychic superfriends list. That’s one thing that popped into my mind while you were talking about superheroes.

The second thing, when you’re talking about that bridge, The Last Mimzy is a fabulous movie. It’s a science fiction movie. I remember a scene where the little boy who has this gift with structure and building stuff with his consciousness, not just his mind, but his consciousness and his intention. He helped his little sister to save humanity in the future.

I won’t spoil the plot because it’s really fun and interesting. It’s a great movie for kids. It’s uplifting and one of the few uplifting science-fiction movies. Most things are so dystopian and dark that one deals with the future. I love that movie. Those are the two things that pop into my mind. Anything land there for you on those?

Yeah. Where that leads me is this deep awareness of how all of my clients who are coming to me are just healing a part of me. I’ve attracted several women who are about ten or fifteen years older than me. It’s like I’m healing a version of myself on that timeline, allowing me to jump to a greater possibility for myself and them. That was an interesting insight.

That’s cool. I like that a lot.

Here’s my kitty, sorry.

There’s this deep awareness of how all of my clients who are coming to me are just healing a part of me.

No apologies were necessary. Your cat wanted to chime in. What is your cat’s name? And is it a boy or a girl?

Her name is Haylie. I’ll tell you the story of her predecessor, Cassie. My son had this book called Itty Bitty Kitty, and on the front of it was a picture of a diluted Calico kitten. She’s a patchwork of black, brown, and white. This little kitty wanted to go on this adventure and got lost. This hotel bell person took her in, and they adopted her.

He got that when he was about two. Three years later, this one really cold December day was when my little boys and I were out for a walk with my husband. It was cold, it was dark. There had been a lot of snow. We were walking through the neighborhood and heard, “Meow, meow, meow.”

We saw this cat out in front of a neighbor’s house. We knocked on the doors and said, “Your cat got outside.” They say, “We know she’s there, but she’s not our cat. We can’t even let her in because we have a dog.” It’s like, “Oh, my goodness, well, we can’t leave this cat out overnight.”

We brought her in. A neighbor had two cats and had two litter boxes, so they let us have a litter box. My husband and son knocked on some doors but couldn’t find the owner. I was terrified because I had visions of this cat climbing up my curtains and tearing up the place.

In the end, that night, I couldn’t sleep very well. I was reading a book on the couch, and she curled beside me. We took her to The Humane Society to see if her owner could find her. We put up some signs in the neighborhood and went to the local pet food store, too, and nothing. We ended up adopting her.

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

It took me a while, but she had the same coloring as the cat in the book, Itty Bitty Kitty. It’s interesting how cats have also been a big part of my spiritual journey.

With the predecessor, Cassie, she had this eye infection. It got really bad, covering three-quarters of her eye. This is as I was developing on my spiritual journey. I remember taking her to the vet, and nothing would clear it. I tried all different things, but nothing would clear it. What made clear was that I was going deeper in my spiritual journey, changing my perception, and getting a clearer vision. And that’s when it healed. She was mirroring.

Wow. Yes, our pets are mirrors. That’s another important thing for us to cover in this episode. A family member, I’m not going to say who has an animal, a pet who has been getting sick as she’s been getting sick and challenged with an addiction. I mentioned to this person that this is not random. This pet volunteered to be here to be this mirror for you.

If you’re going to face these challenges and succumb to addiction, you’re going to not just go down with the ship. The animal is going to go down with you. It gave this person pause to reflect and think about, “Okay, what kind of life choices do I want to make?” When you are going through whatever the challenges, the addiction, or the life lesson, know that your animal chose to support you through this. You guys have the soul contract and chose to do this together.

When I first received my modality Connect to U, one of the first volunteers with whom I practiced my modality was a friend who was a Reiki master. She was not in a good spot at the time. She was going through the difficulty of a lawsuit. She knew she was right, but the other party was denying it.

She was so stressed out about it. She would be hugging her dog. It got to be such a burden on her dog that the dog was having a hard time lifting its neck. It was just taking on so much of her energy. It’s pretty crazy.

Deep knowledge and awareness requires you to detach from energetic chaos around you.

We did a lot of shifting when we did the Connect to U modality, and everything flipped to be in her favor within weeks. It was pretty crazy. Of course, the dog got better, too.

Something else came in here while you were letting your cat out. No apologies were necessary.

I said thank you. I consciously said thank you. I did apologize, so I consciously said thank you this time. I appreciate your reflecting on that.

Also, you said crazy a couple of times. I’m being nudged to tell you that it’s not crazy. It’s disrespectful. I don’t know how that lands for you. 

I appreciate that, actually. When I started my journey, there were so many synchronicities that I remember asking my husband repeatedly, “Do you think I’m crazy yet?” He’s like, “Stop asking me that.”

The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch

That’s a low-vibration question.

That was just where I was at. What I was experiencing was just so incredible. My logical mind was trying to find an explanation for it. Your reflection on me using that word reminds me that there’s a little bit of a fear of judgment that needs to be healed.

Our words are very powerful. That’s how we manifest. A lot of our reality is through our words. That’s how the word became flesh. Everything started with a word like these energy packets of Hebrew letters, which have created our reality, the creation that we’re experiencing. So, be mindful of your words.

Thank you for the reminder to kick it up a notch. Thank you.

On a positive note, it’s not crazy when these synchronicities happen and things beyond the realm of logic. The odds don’t compute. The odds are in one in trillions that these things would happen simultaneously, or they’re completely unrelated and yet at least causally related. It seems in the material world, but then in the upper worlds, it’s all divine timing and divine orchestration.

The synchronicities are the scaffolding of the universe. This is how the universe works. It’s the opposite of crazy, and it is by divine design. For example, I’ll share that I had a previous interview with Neil Moore

One of the topics we discussed was one of my daughters, Cassie. You talked about your cat, Cassie. She’s a piano teacher and entrepreneur with all these students in Orange County, California. We were talking about this. That’s an example of synchronicity.

Sometimes, there are moments of truth when the universe gives us a synchronistic sign.

Another clue or breadcrumb in the trail helps us to see that everything is connected and everybody is connected. You heal yourself when you’re healing others because we’re all one. It’s something that you talked about just a few minutes ago. These kinds of synchronicities and serendipities are the universal operating system.


Yeah, I love magic too. Where were you thinking of going in this conversation when you said a glitch in the matrix a little while ago?

It’s about the dichotomy of the world we think we’re living in and what we believe is possible in our hearts. Sometimes, there are those moments of truth where the universe is trying to remind us, “Hey, over here, remember that feeling?” There’s a synchronistic sign to be that, “Hey, over here, remember.” Sometimes, that bleed-through is just there to remind us that things aren’t quite as solid as they seem. Tap into your magic and potential and bring it to life. Be the creator that you are.

The phrase from the movie The Lion King pops into my mind as you’re talking, “Remember who you are.” That was Mufasa saying Simba, and then Simba collapsed. The scent of him floats in the air and gets picked up by the magical baboon. I forget his name, but then he knows Simba’s coming back.

He can see that he’s got that premonition ability. He can see into the future, and now he’s okay. Simba was lost, but now he’s going to be found again. He did not die.

Remember who you are is how you go from a seemingly dark connotation of that The Matrix movie, which was divinely downloaded that whole script. Sophia Stewart submitted the screenplay to a contest in the 80s, a science fiction writing, a movie writing contest, or something, and never heard anything. A decade later, the movie comes out, and it’s like, “Hey, that was my movie. I wrote that.” There’s a whole thing about that. 

Interesting. I’m finding that I’m getting triggered by the word premonition, and I don’t know why.

Tell me more about that.

It feels like something icky, unstable, uncertain, and unheard of. It feels like a scolding, something from another lifetime, where I perhaps was a seer. I’m feeling the presence of this man with a top hat on. “What are you doing talking about this premonition stuff?” I’m demeaned into not wanting to use that language because it gets dismissed, isn’t believed, and isn’t trusted.

Do you feel like you were persecuted in that lifetime?

Whenever hardships occur, remember magic awaits you on the other side. Share on X

The words that want to come out are maybe better than persecuted sent away. Just like, “Go away, we can’t cope with what you’re saying.” That feels linked to that whole feeling of the early journey of, “Do you think I’m crazy yet?” And the fear of judgment from my husband and others around. “Is she going crazy? Am I going to be pushed away? Am I going to be ostracized again?”

If you are sent away, in many societies, that’s essentially death because you rely on your community for so much of your livelihood. You’re trading different goods and things, part of that tribe and living on your own. Yeah, being sent away is death.

You know what comes up for me as you say that is an image of Tarzan—living out there, being immersed in nature, and finding something even wiser.

All right, because everything is always for our highest and best good. It is by design to be that way. If we don’t see it, it’s just an unrevealed blessing. Blessings are either revealed or unrevealed. If they’re revealed, then it’s obvious, like, “Oh, wow, I just won the lottery.” Actually, that could be a lot of pain because people in studies have been worse off more often than not from the lottery than if they had not won. They were better off the forehand.

The unrevealed blessings are those challenges where we think we’re going through hell. When you go through hell, just keep on going because, at a wider angle or perspective, you can see, “Ah, wait for a second, that was the best thing that could happen to me. I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

My chiropractor got cancer in 2006, 2007, or whenever it was. He’s just like, “That was one of the best things that happened in my life. I almost died, and it changed me. Because of what happened, I’m a better human, soul and servant to God. And I wouldn’t change a thing.”

When you’re immersed in nature, you discover great wisdom. Share on X

It’s pretty miraculous, the strange unfoldings that occur and how we can’t understand the magic of it all. There’s an affirmation that I say every day. Part of it is that “I forgive those who trespass against me,” much like the Lord’s Prayer. I know that there is only one power, and this is for my highest unfoldment. Just always reaffirming that whatever may be messy at the moment, there’s something magical on the other side.

Amazing. Would you mind sharing that prayer with our listeners?

Sure, yeah.

Amazing. One thing that pops into my mind while you’re talking is that premonition is a foretelling or predicting the future. One thing that was a powerful message and distinction that I got from above, from the upper worlds, maybe a year or a year and a half ago, two years ago, was to stop trying to predict the future stuff or foretell it, instead, try to work on creating it.

That’s where the timeline jumping that we talked about ties in because being on a higher vibration aligns better with a more benevolent type of timeline with not dystopian, dire things happening to humanity, but instead of more miraculous, revealed blessing type of unfolding, you can choose that. It’s not that you’re jumping the timeline. It’s that you’re being invited. You choose to accept the invitation.

Whatever may be messy at the moment, there’s something magical on the other side.

It’s not up to you. You’re co-creating. You’re not creating. God is the creator. Put your ego in check, be humble, and know you’re working with God’s energy. And this is all God. Your money in the bank account isn’t your money; it’s God’s money.

It’s not your business; it’s God’s business. It’s not your family; it’s God’s family, and you’re the steward of all this stuff. If you’re operating from that place of humility, you can jump timelines and get upgraded all to business class, first class, VIP, and all that.

The title of your podcast, Get Yourself Optimized, comes up for me. It’s like there’s this invitation that’s extended to everybody. I’m being shown that there was this moment years ago when I went to Beverly Hills, and we went to this club where there was that long lineup. Because somebody knew a guy at the door, he let us all in.

There’s this exclusivity and feeling special, but we all have the potential to be that special person. We just have to get ourselves optimized. In my world, I talked about having a full inner battery, and in that thriving state, and just hanging out there more time, and then it just happens and unfolds.

We all have the potential to be a special person. We just have to get ourselves optimized.

Awesome. When you say something special, I’m reminded to point out that we’re all equally important. The homeless person you don’t even know his name, and you see him every day, you really should know his name and greet him by name. We’re all equally important: you, the homeless person, the President of the United States, and everybody else. We’re all equal in importance; we are all special.

We all have that unique signature to who we are, our energetic signature. We make the wholeness complete. One candle less in the sun means one candle less than the sun. It’s not the sun without all of its candles. You’re one of those candles, one of those lights. I got that analogy from a great little children’s book by Neale Donald Walsch, The Little Soul and the Sun. Do you know that book?

Beautiful. I love it.

This was delightful, and it is a great word for it. If our listener or viewer is intrigued, excited, and wanting to work with you, how do they get in touch and start that process?

Sure, you can visit my website, You can connect with me there and learn more about my magic. Reach out.

Thank you so much, Jennifer. Thank you, listener. I hope you’re inspired to create magic in the world and reveal light. We’ll catch up with you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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