Episode 153 |

From Homeless to Philanthropist with Jabez LeBret

It’s hard enough to build a business without funding or training. Imagine how much harder it would be if you truly started from nothing and were homeless. Now, go one step further and imagine stepping away from the business that you created in those unlikely circumstances to follow your true passion: creating an innovative nonprofit in the education field. This may sound like something out of a novel, but for today’s guest, it’s his true life story.Jabez Lebret was a homeless high school dropout on a path to nowhere. He turned his life around by getting his GED and studying finance. He later became a financial analyst, an international public speaker, an author, and a Forbes contributor. Recently, Jabez sold his award-winning marketing agency to pursue his passion in education as co-founder of Sisu Academy. Tune into this episode to learn more about how he turned his life around, his advice for others who are considering selling their companies, and much more!

Episode 145 |

Outsource Like a Boss with Trivinia Barber

For many of us, it’s hard to let go of control of many aspects of our business. Whether it’s our email inbox or our blog posts, it’s never easy to relinquish control. Imagine how much easier life would be, though, if you knew you could go on sabbatical for six months and your business wouldn’t miss a beat. When you have the right team of virtual assistants, your business can operate with minimal input from you. This means you can focus on the things that you actually need to do (like your videos or podcasts) and have your team do everything else (like your blog posts and audio editing).Trivinia Barber is the founder of Priority VA, a boutique virtual assistant agency that matches elite-level entrepreneurs with highly skilled assistants. These assistants really understand the online space and come prepared to deliver a massive ROI right out of the gate. Our conversation is a fresh take on the world of virtual assistants, and we discuss the value that having the right team can make across various aspects of your business. You’ll learn how to effectively work with VAs, ensure they won’t leave you for a different employer, and become a grandmaster at delegation.

Episode 143 |

Creating Money Instead Of Earning It with Aaron Ross

Do you treat a rented apartment the same way you would treat your own home? Do you treat a rented car as well as you treat your own car? If you’re like most people, the honest answer is probably “no.” Similarly, most people who figuratively rent their jobs don’t treat them with the same passion or the same investment as they would if they felt they owned their jobs. This doesn’t necessarily mean having financial ownership of the job; emotional ownership is just as important.Tune into this episode with Aaron Ross to learn more about this concept of employee ownership and owning, rather than renting, jobs. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, this conversation provides valuable information about lifestyle design from a true expert on the subject. Aaron is married with 11 children and three dogs. He’s also the author of From Impossible to Inevitable and Predictable Revenue and the co-founder of Predictable Revenue, the Outbound Success Company, and Predictable University.

Episode 142 |

Building Your Dream Life with Arman Sadeghi

Lots of people focus on one area of life at a time. They might try to create wealth, lose weight, get into shape, or create and maintain relationships . You don’t achieve success by chasing after one or two things with intent. Instead, true success comes from creating balance across different areas of your life. Regardless of your professional role or personal life, it’s likely that you’re suffering from a lack of balance.If you’re ready to achieve that balance, this is the episode for you! My guest, Arman Sadeghi, is a business coach who focuses on well-rounded success that involves a balanced life. In our conversation, you’ll learn his tips, tricks, and hacks to achieve dramatic success without sacrificing any area of your life.

Episode 134 |

The Spiritual Underpinnings of Financial Success with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

There is nothing more innocuous than trying to increase your own fortune. In a truly open, transparent market, there’s no way to make money without benefiting someone else. In other words, money is only created when two humans please one another. If you want financial abundance, the trick isn’t to want money itself. You need to create an environment in which you enter into mutually beneficial situations.Rabbi Daniel Lapin is here to talk about the fascinating connection between spirituality and financial abundance. These things may not immediately seem connected, until you realize that they’re intimately related. Daniel is a Rabbinic scholar and the president of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians. His books include America’s Real War, Thou Shall Prosper, and Business Secrets From the Bible. Today, he’ll share his deep and powerful insight into how matters of the spirit relate to finances, and offer solid advice for how to achieve financial fulfillment.