Episode 216 |

Unlocking Your Highest Potential with Steve Glaveski

Are you born an entrepreneur? Or is it something that can be learned? If you take Steve Glaveski's success as an indicator then it's definitely the latter. Steve is the founder of several companies including Collective Campus and Lemonade Stand. They're all underpinned by the philosophy of making the world a better place by teaching more people to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset. It's a powerful idea and one that I personally find inspirational. One of Steve's arguments is that we not only need more entrepreneurs, but more entrepreneurial employees and organizations like businesses, nonprofits, and governments. It's an idea that I wholeheartedly agree with. Steve is also the author of Employee to Entrepreneur, a great book published by Wiley that explains the methods and tools that freed him from the nine to five grind. And he's the host of Future Squared Podcast, where he explores the future of business and emerging technologies like AI and Bitcoin. Steve, like me, is also a contributor to Harvard Business Review. As you've probably guessed, Steve likes to think big. So strap yourself in, for this episode number 216, as you're in store for a fascinating discussion on how to really refine that entrepreneurial mindset and build a thriving, adaptable business.

Episode 213 |

The Web of the Future Is Already Here with Gabriel Rene

We're entering a new phase of the World Wide Web and most of us aren't even aware of it, or at least not aware of the full extent of it. It's referred to by many as Web 3.0 and it will shepherd in a new era of AR, VR, mixed reality, AI, IoT, and blockchain. This new iteration of the web will be a spatial web, where there are no boundaries between digital space and physical space. I'm excited for you to learn in this episode how much of your daily life will be impacted by the spatial web. We will be immersed in a layer of rich dynamic data, which will revolutionize how we work, live and interact with others in profound new ways. For all these technologies to work seamlessly together though, there must be standards and protocols that everyone adopts. That's where my guest for this episode number 213, Gabriel Rene, comes in. Gabriel is the Executive Director of VERSES Foundation, a nonprofit that's leading the charge and developing open standards for the web 3.0 era, making sure everything is interoperable, and encouraging global adoption and the ethical use of all these emerging technologies. Before his work with VERSES, Gabriel was a thought leader in the tech and entertainment industries for over 25 years, running several companies and consulting for such brands as Verizon, Sony, Coca-Cola, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft. Join us for a mind-expanding conversation about this new era of the web that we are entering. In this episode, we're covering everything from the future of nation-states, and indeed of the Earth itself to the Digital Gaia Theory. If you're looking to keep your finger on the pulse of this rapidly changing world, this episode is going to deliver some powerful insights. Let's get this show started.

Episode 207: How to Have a High-Performing Assistant with Tim Francis |

How to Have a High-Performing Assistant with Tim Francis

If you run a business, you know it's tough to get out of the weeds and find time to work on the stuff that really matters, especially if you're a solo entrepreneur who can't delegate to staff. These days, you can easily hire a virtual assistant off the internet. However, it can be difficult to find someone reliable and trustworthy enough to take care of personal tasks, like managing your inbox or booking travel on a credit card. My guest for this episode number 207 is Tim Francis. Tim is someone who has thought a lot about assistance, delegating, and the most efficient way to run a business. After achieving success at a young age, Tim was hit with a rare illness which left him crippled for three months. The illness forced him to start again from scratch and rethink his entire approach to business. The result was two innovative new businesses, Great Assistant and Profit Factory. Tim is a master when it comes to hiring, managing, and delegating tasks to assistance. So if you employ one or you're thinking of employing one, the knowledge he shares today will have a real impact on your business's bottom line. We'll also be discussing plenty of handy tools you can use to streamline the management of your team and your business. And Tim will reveal some powerful insights like why you should only hire assistance in your own time zone. There's plenty to dive into. So let's get started. Shall we?

Episode 205 |

The Future of Work and Money with Don Tapscott

Over the past few decades, technology has radically reshaped the way we do business. Compare life today to that of someone living in the early 90s. It's like comparing a VHS tape to Netflix. Organizations are becoming more collaborative and less hierarchical. We're crowdsourcing powerful data and insights at the touch of a button. The blockchain is decentralizing and disrupting across all sectors- government, business, nonprofit. One man who's studied the impact of some of the biggest technological innovations of recent times is Don Tapscott.Don is the bestselling author of 16 books including Wikinomics, and Blockchain Revolution. He's executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, and a member of the Order of Canada. Don regularly consults for prime ministers and presidents who want to understand what our current era of rapid technological change means for their citizens. And now, Don will help you prepare for the decades ahead too.

Episode 204 |

Read People Like a Book with Vanessa Van Edwards

What makes someone captivating? Is it an innate quality they’re born with or is charisma something you can learn? That was the question that fascinated Vanessa Van Edwards, behavioral investigator and author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, when she began her research into the science of charisma and persuasion. As it turns out, there are plenty of science-based hacks you can learn to help you master social situations, read other people’s emotions, and develop stronger relationships. Many successful people have already mastered these skills and use them every day in their business dealings.In this episode 204, Vanessa will be revealing some amazing insights, including the primary ingredients of charisma, how to read the tone of voice, facial expressions, hand gestures and understanding micro-expressions. Vanessa has shared her research with trillion-dollar companies, and she’s been featured in CNN, BBC, CBS, Fast Company, INC, Entrepreneur magazine, USA Today, and The Today Show to name a few.By the end of this episode, you will have a laundry list of techniques that you can use to win at networking and inspire respect in social situations and even leverage to achieve massive success in your life and business. For anyone seeking to improve their relationship or communication skills, this episode is packed with useful and practical advice. Without further ado, let’s get started.