Episode 174 |

Increasing Your Business’s Value with John Warrillow

If you own a business or thinking of starting one, then you're going to want to hear what my guest in this episode has to say. John Warrillow is the author of Built To Sell and of The Automatic Customer. He's also the Founder of the Value Builder System, which has helped thousands of business owners drastically increased the value of their companies. John is also the host of Built To Sell Radio, which I've had the pleasure of appearing on as a guest. He's a general expert in all things business and finance. How can you make your business more valuable and how do you set things up to ensure that you can make a smooth exit if and when you decide to sell? We'll be talking about these topics and more including valuations, earn-outs, company structures, investment and plenty of other good stuff to make your business better. Stick around because this episode might just make you a lot of money.

Episode 170 |

Steal These Leadership Strategies with Scott Eck

Do you want to be a better leader? Then it's time you join the theater. My guest for this episode number 170 is Scott Eck, Founder and CEO of Leadership Masters. A company that creates leadership theater experiences for Fortune 100 clients such as Coca-Cola, 3M, Boeing, State Farm and Lockheed Martin. You may be wondering what theater has to do with leadership. It's all based on an idea called sociodrama, developed by a student of Freud's years ago. By roleplaying key figures in high stakes situations such as the British government during World War II or the African National Congress during the trial of Nelson Mandela, Scott is able to completely immerse the students in extraordinary circumstances to help them understand the actions and behaviors of great leaders firsthand. Learning in this way can affect deep personal change and develop leadership and communication skills in a way that's not possible in more conventional approaches to education. I got to know Scott at one of Doug Allen's masterminds where we both were speakers. If the name Doug Allen is familiar to you, it may be because he was also a guest on my other podcast, Marketing Speak. I have to say, if you aren't listening to Marketing Speak, you are missing out on a free university-level education in marketing. It is fantastic and yes, I'm biased. Prepare as Scott reveals some profound insights into behavior change, education and leadership. In the process, I bet you're going to learn how to facilitate true innovation in your organization.

Episode 168 |

Outside-The-Box Tax Strategies with Mike Packman

The best time to plant an oak tree was twenty years ago. The second-best time is now. Tax planning is like that. We're already at the tail-end of the year and now is the time to figure out how to shelter your hard-earned money from taxes. January 1st will be too late. No one gets excited about doing their taxes, but this episode number 168 is going to be very exciting because it will reveal tax strategies that you've never heard of but that you're going to want to hear. You'll learn how to defer and reduce your taxes with the help of our guest, Mike Packman. Mike has a long history in the finance industry and is the Founder of Keystone National Properties, a contributor to New York Real Estate Journal, Chairman of the C-Suite Network Specialty Tax Council and the Cofounder of Bundlefi. Get ready to kick back and settle in as Mike shares some outside-the-box tax strategies. All the standard disclaimers apply. Your mileage will vary. This episode should not be considered financial advice. Consult your accountant and attorney before making investment decisions.

Episode 167 |

Painful Lessons Growing an 8 Figure Business with Rand Fishkin

Imagine the euphoria of learning that an investor is willing to bet $20 million on your company. Then imagine the stress that sets in after you realized what you’ve just signed up for. After all, that investor is expecting you to quadruple their money. My guest on this episode has been there. He not only lived to tell the tale, but he also wrote a book about it. Rand Fishkin is the author of Lost and Founder, which charts to rise on his multimillion-dollar company Moz and his rocky dealings with venture capitalists along the way. Rand is my co-author on The Art of SEO, which is considered to be the bible on search engine optimization. Back in 2009, that book put me on the map and I'm forever grateful for our collaboration. If you've ever considered growing your business or courting investors stick around. You're about to learn some valuable advice and uncomfortable truths you won't get from anywhere else.

Episode 165 |

Breaking The Mentality Of Scarcity with Sharon Lechter

Two books have had a profound impact on my life: Rich Dad Poor Dad and Outwitting the Devil. There are more than that, but these two are particularly pertinent to this episode. The authors of these two books, Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill respectively, have become household names but someone else had a hand in both books and she doesn’t get the limelight. Her name is Sharon Lechter and she’s our guest in this episode […]