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By: Stephan Spencer


Garrain Jones
“Tap back into the energy that can unlock the powerful artist within you.”
Garrain Jones

When my guest on today’s show was at a crossroads, he made himself vulnerable, posting a letter he wrote to his child self from his adult self, followed by a letter his child self wrote to his adult self. At that moment, he discovered his purpose: to give a voice to the voiceless, or more precisely, to the parts of us we often keep hidden and unheard.

Garrain Jones is an author, speaker, and facilitator dedicated to helping people awaken their inner artist and tap into the “abundance frequency.” His bestselling book, Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life, teaches how to lead an extraordinary life without regret.In this episode, we delve deep into the effects of societal norms and our early childhood experiences on the formation of our personalities and life paths.

In our conversation, we also touch upon the concept of soul contracts. Garrain believes in the idea that our life experiences, trials, and tribulations are part of a pre-agreed plan before we’re born. Alongside reflections on Garrain’s personal trials and the significance of maintaining faith and hope, this dialogue provides an enlightening exploration of personal growth and spiritual awakening. So, without further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [01:56]Stephan welcomes Garrain Jones to the show, where he recounts his powerful and inspiring origin story.
  • [09:05]Stephan and Garrain delve into the signs that have manifested in their lives.
  • [13:48]Garrain discusses how he harnessed the artist’s power within himself, leading to the creation of his new company.
  • [18:47]Garrain shares his perspective on soul contracts with the significant individuals in his life.
  • [22:13]Stephan interprets the meaning of angel numbers that played a role in Garrain’s journey.
  • [25:11]Garrain reflects on the teachings of his spiritual advisor, which encouraged him to embrace vulnerability.
  • [31:11]Stephan explores the Hoffman process and recounts his personal journey of embracing vulnerability and forgiveness.
  • [41:10]Garrain outlines his daily rituals aimed at raising his vibration and enhancing his ability to manifest.
  • [51:38]Garrain imparts his nuggets of wisdom during the conversation.

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Garrain, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Stephan, it’s so great to connect with you. I wanted to honor you and acknowledge you for being brave enough to open up platforms like this for stories like mine that have wings of possibility.

I love talking to folks who have been forged in the crucible, have had challenging childhoods or earlier adult life, and have risen like a phoenix and made an incredible impact and continue to do so. You definitely fit the bill. Thanks for being on the show.

Thank you so much. 

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life by Garrain Jones

I would love to hear more and have our listeners understand your origin story because it is powerful, inspiring, and a bit shocking.

I will share my origin story in parts because it wouldn’t make sense how I can go through so many things and keep bouncing back unless I shared my childhood domestication of my brother, who was four years older than me. He started puberty when he was nine, and I started puberty when I was 18. I was a little kid for a very long time. We would wrestle every single day. He would just lean on me, and I could never get up.

He was watching WWF, WWE, and UFC, and I would have to learn all these moves. He’s like, “Get back up, get back up.” I always had a mountain on me—just how I pictured it—and I’d have to find a way to get back on my feet. I just want everybody to remember this when you hear the trajectory of my story and how I kept bouncing back and getting back up.

Simultaneously, my family doesn’t come from money. Our house got burned down. We didn’t have any insurance. I always saw my mom say, “I’m going to figure out a way.” She was always calm in the face of resistance, and anything extreme. That was her demeanor. She’d always find a way to put clothes on our backs, food on the table, and a roof over our heads. I had my mom doing that and my brother leaning on me.

That was the general makeup of my resilience because what came after that was me going in and out of juvenile prison. My father was murdered when I was 12 years old. I got busted for 62 felonies, breaking into 62 cars in one night, in and out of jail, serving a 12-year sentence, and got out in two and a half years. I was living in my car for two and a half years. That was over 30 years of things, but I just want to point out that I always found a way to keep getting back on my feet.

Most people live in these specific patterns and carry out that pattern until their physical body leaves this earth unless something interrupts it because an object in motion stays in motion. There was one time at 3.43 in the morning in 2011 when I was already living in my car for two and a half years, almost $250,000 in debt, and my daughter pretty much disowned me. My girlfriend had broken up with me because I couldn’t get my life together. And my mom was dying in the hospital.

Most people live in these specific patterns and carry out that pattern until their physical body leaves this earth unless something interrupts it.

All of this was happening at the same time. I just screamed out, “Okay! I’m tired of fighting. I don’t want to fight anymore. I want to be healthy. I want to be happy. I want to be surrounded by nothing but positive people. I just want to inspire people. I want to make a lot of money, but I want the money to represent something I passionately believe in that I would do for free. Just show me a sign and close this out.”

My sign came a week later when a homeless guy came up to me and asked me for money. I said, “You have more money than me.” He had a wad of money. He said, “Change your mindset, change your life.” It seemed like something out of a movie but created a conscious interruption. It interrupted the habitual nature of how I thought and lived and made me think, “If my mind is set on something, then that’s why the result is what it is.”

It’s been 12 years, and I’ve trained myself to do the opposite in every area of my life where I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy with my health, money, and business. I wasn’t happy with my family, my relationship with my daughter, my mom, and my actual intimate relationship.

In all those areas, I trained myself. I found the right communities and books because even reading books was a part of my opposite, going to seminars, learning spiritual psychology, doing ten days in the dark, the five-day silent retreats, and doing all this emotional intelligence stuff. All of that was part of something I would never do. But because I would never do it, I started doing it, and it started producing different results.

My life right now is a direct flip. I’ve grown three companies to seven figures, and it’s not the typical way either—three companies, seven figures, high-paid speakers worldwide, teaching the story I will share and all the lessons I will share on this podcast today. I was able to retire my mom, invest in impoverished communities and do some great things in the world based on what I learned while turning my life into an opposite.

I’m devoted to sharing these stories and philosophies so that somewhere deep down inside, the dark place where you haven’t yet given a voice sees hope and what freedom looks like in flesh form.

Now it’s the inverse, like a rocket ship going straight up. I’m devoted to my last breath of sharing these stories and philosophies so that somewhere deep down inside, the dark place where you haven’t yet given a voice, sees hope and sees what freedom looks like in flesh form so that you can say, “You know what, me too.” I don’t have to overcompensate. That’s ultimately the origin story that has brought me to where I am today, Stephan.

When you said that homeless man said, “Change your mindset, change your life,” I got angel bumps. I got the insight that that was an angel. That wasn’t just a human. That was an angel sent to you to say those very words to you exactly when you needed to hear them.

I believe that 100%. It turned into my first company. It turned into my best-selling book, Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life. When I write people a check, it says, “Change your mindset, change your life.” It was the gift that kept giving. I always think about it. I was like, “That wasn’t a homeless dude.” Nobody just says that and has the energy that can penetrate your entire soul.

I love that. That is so cool. Thank you for sharing. You got that as a request. Have you asked for other signs and received other signs as responses?

I had my entire life, but I didn’t realize until I started doing personal growth in learning about the self, the mind, the spirit, and your ancestral wisdom. Before I started learning all those things, I was just like, “Oh, I’m lucky. I said this, and this happened.” You can’t see the picture while you’re in the frame. But then, once I was finally aware after I had done personal development, learned about manifestation, and magnetizing your life in a specific way, I connected the dots, looking backward to some of my first lies.

I didn’t understand as a little kid and was like, “I can’t play football on the street because I’m a model.” I was lying through my teeth. I was like, “I’m with one of the best agencies. I will fly to Los Angeles and live in this big house,” when I was seven years old. Al the people were laughing.

Anyone that is plugged into nature benefits from nature’s resources.

What ended up happening later on was I was one of the highest-paid African-American models in America doing the biggest ads and commercials. I was living in Los Angeles in a nice-sized home.

This was before I had lost it all because I didn’t understand how to sustain this life, but I lied. Supposedly, I just said something to the point where I believed it. All of a sudden, I was living it. That was my first bout of being able to ask for something or even say something, and it showed up in my life. It has always been there, but now I’m more aware, so I call it in all the time.

That’s so cool. This reminds me of a lady I met at Podfest Expo, a podcasters’ conference. She shared a story about a vision that she had that was eight years old. She was in the classroom and saw through the blackboard her self speaking on stage. She didn’t know what a public speaker was; she didn’t know that that was a thing, that you could make money doing it, but she saw it clear as day.

Artist power taps into the same frequency that makes a flower grow. It’s locked in the co-creation of all of nature.

People just dismissed her when she shared it, so she learned not to share that vision with people, yet it stuck with her. Now, she does speak on stage. That was just a preview of what was to come. It was not a lie. It was a preview or a precognition. Do you feel that it was precognition for you as well?

I don’t remember the exact feeling I had when I was seven. I just remember all those things that I thought I lied about happened. I started something in motion. Once I recognized it was a motion, I didn’t feel like I was lying in a certain way. I said, “Oh, my God, I slept with this girl.” And then those types of things would happen.

I was like, “Well, maybe there’s something to saying and believing things.” Maybe it’s not a lie. That could be a word that man made up, so it could block us from manifesting and creating the life we want. These words have certain frequencies and codes in them. It could be like, “Oh, that’s a lie,” and then they domesticated us with these specific words so that we might not have full access and capacity to the divine beings that we are.

Yeah. Another way this insidious thing happens from control structures and society is that you’re being told as a young child to stop talking to imaginary beings. You’ll be ridiculed and beaten up on the playground, yet these kids speak and communicate in telepathic and extra-sensory ways with their angels and divine beings. They’re being ridiculed for it by their parents and other people in authority, like teachers, so that shuts off the psychic channel. Then they are much more pliable, ready to plop into their seat and get the rote memorization robotic curriculum.

There’s something I want to add to that. I have a daughter who’s 15 months old. Her name is Soul.

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Thank you so much. I heard her make a peep, and then she was full-blown having a conversation. She’s like, “Blah, blah, blah, ” for an hour. When I went into her room, her eyes were closed.

She was standing at the edge of her crib and was like, “Naah, naah, naah!” I’m like, “You ain’t fooling anybody inside that baby body. But I’m here for it, and I support it 100%. I hear you when you say that, and I don’t want to be a part of what I had to experience growing up.”

My mom didn’t know any better, so it took me 35 years to reclaim little Garrain again, which ultimately turned into my new company, which is called Artist Power. The artist is the little kid inside before life stripped everything away from you. I teach people how to tap back into that energy that unlocks the power, called artist power, which taps into the same frequency and thing that makes a flower grow. It’s locked in the co-creation of all of nature, all the planets and stars, everything. This gets the ride of the wave of that.

There’s a teaching in Kabbalah that the desire comes before the fulfillment. When you were seven years old and knew what you would become and what would manifest in your life, fulfillment preceded the desire. The desire is like the fuel, the engine room, for the physical manifestation in this physical plane. The manifestation already happened in the spiritual upper worlds because you desire and have tasted it. If you didn’t taste the fulfillment, you wouldn’t have the desire for it.

I was 14 when I had this vision of winning five Grammys, walking on the red carpet with my mom, and then, when I got my awards, my mom walked on stage with me. I said, “Mom, I’m retiring you.” I had this feeling it was so real, so it was music. In 2011, I left music, but for some reason, I still had that same feeling.

Be Your Future Self Now by Dr. Benjamin Hardy

I still feel like I will win five Grammys, walk on the red carpet with my mom, and make my mom retire. This is even while I was living in my car. Next thing you know, I came into the health and wellness industry, became a wellness entrepreneur, one of the top in my field, and a $8 billion company impacting the community.

Every year, they have this thing. It’s our version of the Oscars. It’s dressed up the same way, and you get awards. The only thing is your reward comes with the top 250 wellness entrepreneurs, who get a 2% bonus of the company’s $8 billion earnings, so you’re about to get a whole bunch of money for doing great work in the community.

I was notified that I was one of those top 250. The next thing you know, I asked, “Where is it being held?” They said it was the same place where they were hosting the Grammys. I won five awards. I’m walking on the red carpet with my mom. This is at age 38. I’m about to be 44.

I was walking on the red carpet with my mom and said, “Oh, my God, this is the same feeling. This is it”. I looked at my mom once I got this huge award and bonus. I said, “Mom, call your boss. Tell them you’re not going back to work.” She was like, “What do you mean?” I said, “Mom, I’m retiring you.”

Since 2015, my mom has been doing what she wants to do. We set her up on a plan. She will launch her eyewear line. She gave up on her dream of becoming a fashion designer when she gave birth to me and my brother, whose four years older than me.

Whatever is meant to teach you is going to teach you.

When I retired her, I handed her a certificate to the Fashion Institute so she could be reinstated back into her dream. At the end of 2023 and early 2024, she’s launching her Jazzy Grand eyewear line. This was part of exactly what you were talking about.

That’s beautiful. Do you believe that you have soul contracts with the important people in your life like your mom and your brother, that before you incarnated, you guys made a plan and had an agreement about all the different things that your brother is going to jump on you and beat you down to the ground all the time, sit on you and make you try to fight your way out of it, your mom was going to almost die in the hospital, and all these different things that were just agreed upon prior to incarnation?

Yeah, there’s something I was supposed to learn and something my brother’s supposed to learn. I never really dug into the exact specific details of all the things, but you are supposed to learn how to do this. Whatever is meant to teach you is going to teach you.

I’ve run 64 miles over a mountain before, done ultra marathons, triathlons, and half Iron Man, and swam 3½ miles in the ocean. If you were to come to me and say, “Coach Garrain, I want you to train me to do a marathon,” and you’ve never done that before. Then, the first question I will ask you is, “Well, how would you like to complete the race? Do you want to walk across? Do you want to just finish? Do you want to compete? Do you want to get the top 50, top 20, top 10, top 5, and break a world record?”

Our lineage or reincarnated past leaves us feeling like we’ve left something incomplete.

Your response will unlock how I specify my training so you can shape, develop, and mold to complete the race you’re asking for. I believe that somewhere in our lineage or our reincarnated past, there was something that I was supposed to do. Maybe somebody else was supposed to do it, but they didn’t fulfill the mission, so it passed. It’s like every success has a successor.

It passed on, and then it’s like, boom. “Here’s the same mission, the same test, and the same marathon you have the opportunity to complete because you’re connected to the same field or the same frequency as this other person who didn’t complete it. How do you want to complete the race?” This is part of my dreams and visions. “I want to do this. I want my mom to retire. I want to flick humanity and give the world its pulse back so we can be heart-based beings again.”

I know that’s a very big race. That will unlock the equal of its resistance, which is also my specified training. I believe somewhere along the line, I was chosen, and I chose. I’m up for it all, so I think my life was bullying, beating down, seeing murder, seeing people killed in front of my face, just all the hardest things. Now when I’m on stage in front of 55,000-60,000 people speaking in 75 different countries and doing all these things, I’m peaceful and calm. I don’t get overwhelmed. All that training has supported the capacity to harness the life that can hold for the depth of living.

This is a Kabbalistic teaching. Your vessel has grown, so you can hold a lot more light. One thing I was guided to share with you just now is you were woken up at 3.43 in the morning. I got that it was an angel number. I looked it up in a book called Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue.

It says for 343, “Your spiritual devotion and practices have attracted the help and guidance of many trustworthy angels, archangels, and ascended masters.”

Oh, come on, Stephan. Let’s go. That just jacked me up. I like that. People often say, “Garrain, you’re like a blend of Tony Robbins and Harry Potter.” I’m like, “I’m way more Harry Potter.” What you just said was just tacking on to the Harry Potter part.

That’s awesome. Another important number for you is 12 because you have a sentence of 12 years. At age 12, your father was murdered. Let me read to you number 12 as well from this book. “Keep your thoughts positive about the future, as what you are thinking influences your future. This is a message to keep your faith and hope strong because there are strong determining factors right now.”

I interpret that faith is not just belief in God but in everything he’s doing for you, which is for your highest and best good. Even the stuff that looks like the worst thing that could happen. Hope is that positive expectancy will continue so that everything is a blessing. 

I love that. Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you for sharing this. I love your vulnerability and your authenticity. You’re just so real. You’re not going to sugarcoat stuff. You won’t bypass the stuff that doesn’t look good.

For years, I would not tell anybody I was a foster child. In 2016, I took a workshop with Clint Arthur and learned how to get TV appearances. One of the things he challenged me to do, which I’m very grateful for, is to embrace that thing that I was hiding from and speak on TV about it.

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I did several TV appearances about the three lies about foster kids. I’m very grateful for that because it’s a gift. It’s part of my story that makes me more relatable, more human, and accessible. 

I also used to hide. I wasn’t always the vulnerable one, sharing and putting myself out there realistically. One day after that 2011 awakening, I told people, “ I’m a personal trainer. I do this and that, and I just felt this.” That felt like a lie eating my soul alive because people were like, “I’m trying to get like you.” I’m like, “I don’t want to live right now. I’m trying to figure my life out.”

Rihanna had a song called Livin’ a Lie. I heard that song, “Out here Livin’ a lie, out here livin’ a lie,” and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I said, “I’m going to share who I am.”

I had this spiritual advisor, and her name was Monika Zands. She had told me to write a letter from my big self to my little self. When I’m done, switch to my non-dominant hand, and write a letter from my little self to my big self. She didn’t give me much context, but I just put context on there. I need to apologize to my little self for abandoning him because I was ashamed of who I was when I was little and the life that I lived.

I ran away. I even changed my name to my middle name—I went from Garrain to Stefan. Stefan is my middle name—so I could start over. I said, “Little Garrain, I’m so sorry for leaving you.” I just apologize for abandoning him. When I switched to my non-dominant hand, which I unconsciously didn’t even know was exercising a different part of my brain, I was unprepared for the emotions coming through and out of me.

I need to apologize to my little self for abandoning him because I was ashamed of who I was when I was little and the life that I lived.

These were stuffed, things I repent from a long time ago. It was all my snotty tears and cursed words, “You effing left me.” When I was done, I went on Facebook and wrote a post, “You think you know me? You have no idea. Here’s what you know because of what I told you, but what you don’t know is I’m sleeping in an abandoned building right now. I’m sleeping in a storage unit. I’ve cheated on every girlfriend I’ve ever had, and I have money issues and all these different things that if anybody were to find out, what would happen?” I shared it all. I said, “And five years from now, I’m going to be a multi-millionaire, and I’m going to retire my mom.”

It’s on social media. When I wrote that down, I had seven pages. It was the first thing I’ve ever done that went viral. I wasn’t even a viral person. I didn’t even have an Instagram, so there was nothing. I had no traction. I’d tag 40-70 people in a post, and maybe 10 would respond.

When I wrote that post, I maybe went to the bathroom for 20 minutes. I came back, and I was like, “Where did these 2000 likes come from? Where did 500 comments come from? Where did all these share? I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

I looked at my emails. The first person who wrote to me was a celebrity who I didn’t even know who knew me. “Where did you get the strength to tell that story? That’s what I’m doing right now. I put the gun down after I read your testimony.” I was like, “Fifth message, I didn’t drive my car off a bridge after I read your testimony.”

It was at that moment that I said, “It’s the first time in my life I felt like I had a purpose.” That’s to be the voice of the voiceless or the parts of you that you haven’t yet given a voice. That’s where the vulnerability takes my dark, alchemizing it and saying, “Hey, me too, and you’re not alone.” That’s where that comes from.

That’s amazing. This reminds me of a story that Ray Brehm, another guest on this show. He shared it with me on a Zoom breakout. He’s in another mastermind that I’m in called Joint Venture Mastermind (JVMM).

At eight years old, he was very lost and trapped. He was living with a very abusive father. He was contemplating suicide or running away, trying to figure out how he could escape, and he didn’t really see any way out. Then he heard a voice saying, “I love you. Everything’s going to be okay. I’m you in the future.”

That’s so good.

Decades later, he’s doing something called The Hoffman Process. The instructor tells him to think of a time when he was eight years old and sends this message telepathically to his younger self, “I love you. Everything’s going to be okay. I’m you in the future.” We can totally communicate from our big self to our little self and vice versa. Time is an illusion.

We can telepathically communicate with our future selves. Benjamin Hardy has that book, Be Your Future Self Now, which is really about telepathically communicating with your future self, bringing him or her forward into the now through telepathic communication, and finding out what the things that will get you to where you want to be to that version of you and how do you avoid the minefields.

I love that.

Another thing that I wanted to comment on was how you shared that you actually went by the name Stefan, your middle name, for a while to hide or change your identity. I went by the name Steve through most of my childhood because my aunt told me when I was little that Stephan was a sissy name. She has no recollection of ever telling me this. People say stuff, then it hurts to the core, and they don’t remember anything about it. That caused me to change my name to Steve for 12 years. Until I became an adult, I realized, “Wait a second, Stephan is actually a really cool name, and it’s unusual,” so I switched back to Stephan.

Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue

I also embarrassingly cut my aunt out of my life for maybe two decades, 15 years, or something like that. I had a lot of unforgiveness towards her, not just for that. It’s not good. Unforgiveness is the poison you drink yourself. Of course, it hurt her as well. She didn’t get to meet my kids, who are now in their late 20s and early 30s, until well into their teenage years. That was definitely not good of me to do that.

The forgiveness that I sent her and the love that I sent her after I finally healed and expanded my vessel and filled my cup. I read a book called The Tools. One of those five tools is to imagine the person you’re in conflict with in front of you, and you send love from you to that person, and then you imagine what it’s like for that person to feel at receiving it. Once you’ve finished that, then you fill yourself back up with love from the Creator. You draw that down from the upper worlds, so you’re not depleted.

I did that with her, which is the visualization, and then I decided, “Okay, I’m going to give her a call.” She’s been back in my life and my family’s life for over a decade. I am very grateful for her forgiveness of me. As you alluded to earlier, people in these dark places, who are not very evolved in their thinking at the time, say and do hurtful things. It’s not that they are intentional. This was part of the soul contract for my highest and best good, ultimately.

I recognized that I forgave her, and she forgave me. It’s all for our highest and best good. Of course, I accumulated some negative karma for that degree of reactivity and unforgiveness.

There is a special power inside of embodied forgiveness. I remember that I was just struggling with some things like the two men who murdered my father, doing all this personal growth work, and people seeing what it’s like on the outside, but it was like, “There’s something I’m missing. I’m missing the buck on something.” Then I was doing a speaking engagement on culture and productivity in Boston. There were about 3,000 people there. I was the keynote speaker.

Keep your channels open by training your vessel and lifeforce. Make this a daily practice.

For the first time, I forgave the two men who murdered my father. For my whole life, I wished they would die, I wished their kids would die in anything, the absolute worst for taking my father away. At that stage, I was consumed by the essence of freedom. I truly allowed myself to forgive them.

There was a guy who kept staring at me when I was offstage. I’m like, “Why does this guy keep looking at me?” It was awkwardly weird. He came over, and he was like, “I just want to apologize.” I said, “For what?” He said, “20 years ago, I went to prison for attempted murder. I just got out yesterday. I was going to murder the guy who snitched on me 20 years ago, but I saw freedom through you and how you forgave those two men. And I’m done. I want to thank you because you modeled freedom for me. I also want to apologize for those two men who murdered your father.” That was the closure that 12-year-old Garrain always wanted. I just wept, and I cried.

By forgiving them, it found its way into this person. A sorry came through. It was like a natural cycle completing itself, just like a video game. It’s like I passed to another level. It’s like this thick energy of heat, and my world tastes different; food tastes different. The eyes I’m looking through, I was seeing differently, and it happened. I can benchmark that specific moment. I wanted to add that story to what you were sharing in terms of forgiveness.

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Are you familiar with the book The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch? He also wrote Conversations with God.

I’ve read that one.

This is a children’s book. The premise is similar to what you would have read in Conversations with God that we are all beings of light, we’re little candles on the sun, and it’s hard for us to see our majesty, our greatness, because we’re just candles on the sun. But the sun would not be the sun if one of its candles were missing, so we are essential.

The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch

In order to experience being the light, the little soul, one of those many candles on the Sun, wanted to experience being the light. God tells him, “You’re already the light.” “But I want to experience being light.” God says, “Okay, we can arrange that.” He had to create darkness so the little soul could experience being the light.

In Kabbalah, this is referred to as Tzimtzum. Tzimtzum is the contraction. God took his light of all that was because he has all that, all that is, and made the illusion that there’s now some darkness, which gave us the space to be a light and see that light up a room. The little soul is saying, “Thank you, that’s wonderful. Now I can practice being the light in all the different ways, like being forgiving and being unconditionally loving.” God says, “Yes, except there’s no one to forgive.” He tells the little soul, “Look around. All of your little friends were all perfect.”

In order for the little soul to experience being forgiving, he needed to have a friend willing to volunteer to be dark, to lower his vibration enough to do a terrible thing that requires forgiveness. That was the soul contract they went into. “Let’s do this. You’ll do this for me in another lifetime. We’re going to help each other through this, but it’s very important we don’t forget that you don’t forget being the forgiving one, who I really am because then we could both be lost because you’ll forget yourself as well. We’ll need somebody else to come in and help us both remember.”

It’s such a powerful little children’s story. Your story about forgiving those two men who murdered your father reminded me that these were bright beings of light, candles in the sun, who had to do a terrible thing in order to bring about your epiphanies and your transformation.

Karma is the law of cause and effect. When something seems unjust, we just haven’t seen the bigger picture. Past lifetimes with your father being the perpetrator, all the scales eventually balance out, but that’s not the point. The point is to experience an aspect of the light called forgiveness. In order to do that, you have to have somebody who seems unforgivable.

Embodied forgiveness contains a special power.

I love that. I’m getting that book today.

That’d be a great book to read to your little one.

It’s a great book because I operate on pictures that way. Oftentimes, I get kids’ books, and I’m like, “This is actually a really good book,” but actually, all adults should read this book.

Let’s talk about some of the things that you’re doing on a daily basis to alchemize the dark, to raise your vibration, to increase your ability to manifest, to increase your ability to deliver God’s miracles in people’s lives. What do you do every day?

I wake up at 4.30 every morning without fail.

That’s pretty early.

I run because it opens up my channel. God uses me when I’m running; it’s like my moving meditation.

Yeah. I’ll go straight for a run. I don’t run for a workout. I run because it opens up my channel. God uses me when I’m running more than any other thing that I do. It’s like my moving meditation. That’s where I get all my ideas from my retreats, my songs, the different programs that I design, and the different people I want to work with. It just falls through, and I trust everything that comes through.

I wake up in the morning, tap into my operating system, and call it breath training. There are people who do breath work, but breath training is where I put my breath through extensive training, so I’ll go run. I live in Hill Country. My goal is to run 5-10 miles, I’ll go and run, and every three steps, I’ll breathe in my nose. In another three steps, I’ll breathe out my nose.

It’s difficult to do one mile, but I’ve worked my way up, “Two, three, two, three,” even while running up hills. Even if I’m running fast, I keep that same breathing pattern. As soon as I’m done, I get into my cold plunge, and we have a sauna. My goal is to match the same kind of breath and the same breathing pattern. As soon as I get in, “Two, three, two, three,” stay there from three to six minutes, and do the same thing if I’m swimming or biking. What I noticed was my world slowed down because I trained for the world. You deserve to lose the Super Bowl if you’re trying to practice in the Super Bowl. You deserve to lose that life. If you’re trying to practice when the bright lights come on, and you’re not actually training for it, but because I’m training my lifeforce. What’s the force in my body through extensive things, and I’m finding solace and peace every single day?

For instance, an argument with my wife or something happens in society, and everybody else is bent out of shape. What I do is go right back to my automatic, “Two, three, two, three,” and I’m always in a state of calm. Because I’m in a state of calm, I don’t miss too many things. I’m not looking at life through the eyes of overwhelmed, stressed, overcomplicated, or things like that. My world has slowed because my heart rate is slower than most people because I elongate my breath, and then I trained the heaven out of my breath through these extreme activities.

You have to be willing to try new things with your operating system flowing in the day rather than being on the defensive and figuring out how to navigate your day.

Now my life force stays so strong. My dreams are so potent. My ideas, the way that they come in, the way that I channel, and just that lifeforce training in itself, it’s like you take a trumpet and then unclog whatever is in the way so it can blow the beautiful music. We’re all divine channels. If you do not realize that you might be a water hose with 20 different knots in it, it doesn’t matter how much water pressure you have. You can put on 900 lbs of water pressure, and little drops of water can come through.

I continuously keep my channel open by training my vessel and lifeforce. This is a daily practice. When I was working with somebody, they were like, “Do I have to do this every day?” I’m like, “You brush your teeth every day. What if you brush your teeth every day for 10 years and then stop for five days? Your breath is going to be stinky. Why?” He’s like, “Because of the bacteria.”

“Do you take a shower every day?” “Yeah, every day.” You renew your mind every day. You clean your instrument every day. When you have all conditions geared, it just becomes a channel, and you’re plugged into nature. Anyone who is plugged into nature benefits from nature’s resources. Be it money, abundance, intimacy, love, or whatever is floating around in the abundance frequency meant for your life to be as fruitful as possible, the fruits of your life are the fruit on life’s tree.

When you are a clear and divine channel, you just get to benefit from nature’s finest without overcompensating, stressing, or just all the other things that just take you out of alignment with nature. One of the things that I do is the lifeforce training. It’s a whole school. It’s a whole practice from the time I get up. When I go to sleep, the things that I write down, how I do certain things with my wife, the certain preparation, there’s a whole ritual to it, but it’s tailor-fit to my life.

The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels

When I was single, it was different. Then when I got married, it changed. Then we had a baby, it changed again. You’ve just got to be willing to try new things that have your operating system flowing in the day rather than being on the defensive and trying to figure out how to navigate your day. Always learn how to be ahead of your day. The simplest thing that you can do is be a master of your breath.

That’s cool. What’s something that you do with your wife specifically?

She doesn’t wake up at the same time as me, but when I wake up in the morning, there are certain touches that I do. I’ll still say the prayer when I wake up. I’d say the most profound thing that I do with my wife is we have a love meeting every Sunday, without fail, at 10 AM. I want to go through this love meeting because this is probably going to save a lot of marriages. I can tell you that it’s not about the length of your marriage; it’s the quality.

I know people who have been in marriages for 30 years who hate each other, and they stay in there because of their kids. It’s the quality that I’ve extracted from people who actually love their partners. Every Sunday, we go over our schedule and each other’s schedule. She has my schedule, I have hers, and we go over it.

There are no surprises because sometimes, when they’re in transition, they don’t feel safe when they’re just unaware of things. When things just pop up, it triggers them to not feel safe. We go over our schedules, and then we ask, “Is there anything that you need support with this week?” If I need to be cheered on because I got a big launch coming up and I’m launching my leadership program or my Awaken the Artist Within retreats or something like that, she’ll just be like, “Go, baby, I’m so proud of you.” This is something that I need, especially little Garrain.

We go over our schedule, then we go over a date night. What are we doing? Does it need to be moved? How do we make it special? How can we improve from the week before? Anybody out there? Keep dating your wife. She wants to be pursued.

We talk about sex. What do we want this to look like? Exploration. Anything we want or need. If she’s saying, “Baby, I want you to go down on me this week.” Knowing what you want, so everybody else doesn’t have to play Houdini, is how you get what you want. Being able to communicate that effectively on a week-to-week basis, so things aren’t compounding over time, is so efficient to the efficiency of your relationship.

It’s not about the length of your marriage; it’s the quality.

This is the big one. Anything left unsaid, people hold on and hold, and three years later, they explode. Every week, anything left unsaid, “Are we holding on to anything, a complaint, an issue or even a compliment we didn’t say?” Come from neutral. We are here to better our relationship.

The last one is praise for self and others. Sometimes I can be so accomplished that I forget. I’m like, “I just feel like nobody sees me.” She’s like, “You haven’t even acknowledged yourself.” We acknowledge one thing that we’re proud of for ourselves and then one thing that we’re proud of for others, but we just are doing a lot of things. We just end up doing 10 things a piece, and then that becomes our love meeting.

The difference in our relationship with that is night and day than the difference of our relationship without that. It makes me and my wife feel safe, seen, and recognized. It fine-tunes the relationship in a way where there’s no guessing game.

Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix Ph.D.

I bet that’s so cool. I interviewed Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt. Harville is the founder of Imago Couples Therapy and the author of Getting the Love You Want, a huge New York Times bestselling book. He’s been on Oprah and so forth. One thing that he and Helen have done without fail for two decades is a nightly appreciation of at least three things they appreciate about the other person before they go to sleep.

You give me all this gold that I’m going to instantly apply.

The gold comes from the heavens. I’m relaying it to you. My wife and I did this for multiple years, pretty much without fail. We’ve got out of that habit now. We still have a really strong relationship, but it definitely made a difference doing it for years of these daily appreciations before we went to sleep.

If we could send our listeners or viewers to the next action that will get them started on some momentum to make a huge transformation, what would that be? Where do we send them to get your book and to sign up for your coaching, work with you, and learn from you?

This is for everybody out there. I’m inviting you to write a letter to your future self. Think about what your goals are for this year. I want you to take yourself into the future. Whenever you hear this, just take it out a year, and write a letter to your future self congratulating yourself for everything that you accomplished. “I am so proud of you for doing what you said you were going to do.” I really infused the acknowledgment, that frequency of acknowledgment and celebration inside this letter.

I want you to write this letter. Make it a one-page or two-page if you want to, but really get juicy with your goals. I want you to tap into what it would feel like had you accomplished all those things you said you wanted to that were your goals and vision for this year. Write a letter as if it existed, then mail it to yourself. Don’t open it up until this time next year. You come back to me and Stephan, and I want you to wow us with what showed up magically.

Our weekly love meeting fine-tunes our relationship in a way where there’s no guessing game.

That’s step one. Step two is my book, Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life, which I wrote really practically. There are so many levels of education that I have, but I wrote it simply for people who don’t like reading books. My brother read that book, and he’s like, “Man, I haven’t read a book in 25 years. It was so easy to read.”

The principles inside are ancient universal principles said in a very practical way in the articulation of the way that I speak. It’s on Amazon. I have one of the most powerful healing retreats in the country called Awaken the Artist Within. I want you to imagine your life in your full self-expression without a mask, without hiding, without doing what everybody else tells you to do, but there’s a voice inside that has been yearning to come out. I know how to pull that out.

Me and my energetic practitioners that I bring into the space when it comes to self-expression genuine confidence, and you take a risk on the inner voices that you’ve never given a chance that could be the most magical things in your life. It is a very safe container, so I invite each and every one of you. You’ll see it everywhere online. It’ll literally be everywhere, and they sell out within two weeks.

Awaken the Artist Within, or go to my website, You can visit my Instagram, @garrain.jones, and I am here to serve. This is your conscience speaking to you. I am here to serve. Thank you again, Stephan, for having me on.

When you are a clear and divine channel, you benefit from the best aspects of nature without overcompensation, stress, or other negativity that takes you out of alignment with nature. Share on X

Thank you. Keep sharing your light and making a difference in the world. It’s beautiful.

Thank you so much, brother.

Thank you, listener. Keep sharing your light and make a difference in the world as well. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Write a letter to my future self. Visualize my future success and accomplishments. Mail the letter to myself to open in one year as a reminder of my goals.

?Practice daily breathwork training. Strengthen my life force and maintain my calm through challenges. Treat my body as a divine temple by prioritizing self-care.

?Engage in a weekly “love meeting” with my partner. Review schedules, needs, intimacy, and unresolved issues. Make expressing appreciation for my partner a daily habit.

?Unclog my channel and embrace my gifts. Remove inner obstacles and recognize my divine purpose. Remember, I am a divine channel meant to share gifts.

?Practice forgiveness and love. Forgive those who have hurt me and send them love, and imagine their reception of it. Replenish myself with love from the Creator.

?Connect with nature daily. Engage in activities like running, cold plunges, and swimming. Reap the benefits of nature’s abundance for my well-being.

?Release expectations and trust divine timing. Let go of my rigid expectations for how my visions must manifest. Have faith in the timing of the universe.

?Surround myself with positivity. Choose to be with people who uplift and inspire me. Limit interactions with energy vampires.

?Rediscover fun and play. Set aside time for fun and embrace my childlike wonder. Don’t take life too seriously; enjoy the journey.

?Visit Garrain Jones’ website,, for valuable resources from his podcast, programs, and coaching. Read his book Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life for practical wisdom based on universal principles.

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