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By: Stephan Spencer


Edward Haschke
“The greatest journey you’ll ever be on is the one within.”
Edward Haschke

The intelligence of the heart is not something you hear a lot about, but it is a powerful force in the career and life of my guest on today’s episode, Edward Haschke. Photographer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur – Edward is a relentless truth seeker and storyteller. His love for all things related to the nature of consciousness has brought him to discover hidden truths that he now shares with those with similar interests regarding forgotten history, suppressed technologies, and the art of Ascension.

In today’s episode, we talk about the heart/brain connection, and how the heart is actually 5000x more electromagnetically charged than the brain. We discuss the importance of listening to your intuition because the more you do, the more magic and synchronicity starts to show up in your life. We talk about the journey of the empath, scalar frequencies and scalar waves in our DNA, which is fascinating stuff. We get into the power of words, and even why you should not talk smack to Alexa! So if you’re curious about tuning your inner frequency to a higher vibration, take a deep dive with us right now on this exciting episode of Get Yourself Optimized.

In this Episode

  • [00:39]Stephan introduces Edward Haschke, a Photographer, Filmmaker, and entrepreneur. He is a relentless truth seeker and storyteller.
  • [05:45]Edward and Stephan talk about Paramahansa Yogananda and his book, The Autobiography of a Yogi.
  • [11:44]Edward explains how to reprogram your subconscious.
  • [18:01]Stephan and Edward talk about the different viewpoints about Hollywood production comparing the old days and the present.
  • [24:38]Edward shares one of the synchronicities he had that led him to meet one of his very close friends today.
  • [30:47]Edward describes the process of proving to anybody that you’ve mastered your own reality.
  • [36:37]Edward talks about the research he’s been doing about scalar frequencies and scalar waves in our DNA.
  • [42:34]Stephan shares his coach’s explanation of the difference between understanding and wisdom.
  • [47:04]Edward discusses the human’s third strand of DNA, maintaining gender balance between male and female power.
  • [52:12]Follow Edward Haschke on his social media accounts and visit his website at

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Edward, it’s so great to have you on the show.

It’s good to be here. Thank you for the lovely introduction.

Let’s talk about ascension. That sounds really awesome. What is the art of ascension in your view?

Yes, ascension is very awesome.

What does it mean for you, and what should our listeners take from this?

Ascension symbolizes the transformation of the physical into the dream-like.

Ascension as a concept within itself just symbolizes the transformation of the physical into the dream-like, if that makes sense. People often talk about the power of manifestation and how to channel more creative energy through their consciousness to get what they want in life, which is more health, more wealth, more love. What people are doing most of the time is that they’re seeking something outside of themselves to accomplish that. When actually, the journey is within.

Understanding that process is the art of ascension because, once you get to the—I don’t want to say the end because I mean everything’s just a cycle, but it will lead to a new beginning ultimately. Spiritual enlightenment so to speak or the beginning of an initiatory path, which has everything to do with ascension.

In Hindu, I think they call that mukti or something like that, and it’s essentially the escape from the life, death, rebirth cycle where you can ascend into a place of maybe ascended master status or something. Where you don’t have to keep learning life lessons over and over again because you’ve graduated to the next level. I don’t know how tuned in you are to the varying world religions, Hinduism I don’t know a lot about but I know a little bit about it.

It’s all quite fascinating. There seems to be this similar thread between all the world religions and that there are different paths leading to the same end game, which is oneness with the creator. I’m curious what your thoughts are on that.

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Yes. Well, it is actually interesting how the Hindu culture, I can say, is one of the cultures that are very open and very open to sharing more of the knowledge about spiritual enlightenment and how to really go through the process of this ascension that we’re going through right now. They’ve been talking about the Kali Yuga and just the cycles that the universe goes through. Especially what we’re going through right now, which connects to even the Mayan calendar which is the end of the Kali Yuga, the dark ages.

We’re finally now slipping over towards the golden age. Now, it’s as if everything happens perfectly in this cosmic clock that Hindu, the betas, everything that they talk about is starting to really come to fruition for many. Starting more to gravitate towards that knowledge. 

Even the concept of what a yogi is. The practice of yoga is within itself the knowledge of learning how to channel more of this energy through your Kundalini through the spine. If you really pay attention to most religions, if you’re able to read between the lines, you’ll see that they all are talking about the same thing, which is how to raise your vibration, channel it through your energy centers known as the chakras. By doing so, you’ll be able to activate your light body. 

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

The light body is also something that many have talked about. It’s Merkaba. In Jewish culture, we talk about that a lot. But again, I think that few cultures talk about it as real science. I say the Jewish culture does that also with Kabbalah. So many people have understood those principles as being quite related to electromagnetism, and it relates perfectly to how our physiology works with our bodies.

It’s just beautiful that yoga has become such a widespread practice and people like Paramahansa Yogananda really came through to western culture to spread that message and teach us some of those ways because that’s also part of the art of ascension. It’s learning how to integrate those lessons and practice them in your daily life.

Yogananda, I’m a big fan of. He wrote the Autobiography of a Yogi. I’m curious if you’ve read that book.

I have, yes. It was one of the first books that really opened my mind to the possibilities of what really happens when you start living this dream-like reality. It’s so much stuff that happens that is just unbelievable. But if you do some research on some of the things that he talks about, he made many references in his book like Dr. Caligari. The fact that he’s referencing real scientists in his time that were studying how energy flows through the body goes to show that you know he didn’t just have a very spiritual and esoteric understanding of these principles but also very scientific.

I’m very scientific myself. I have a master’s in biochemistry. I was studying for a Ph.D. and I ended up dropping out of it, but I have a very scientific bent to me but yet there is a lot of magic essentially in our reality that we don’t understand that doesn’t get fully explained or expressed through just science. You really do have to almost have a willing suspension of disbelief in order to experience that stuff, the supernatural or extrasensory things that I seem to have been experiencing at a much more accelerated rate in the last few months.

I don’t know about you, but does it seem like stuff’s speeding up in terms of the supernatural things happening?

Just living, being present, just acknowledging, feeling emotions is magic within itself.

Yes, I mean the trick is to just be present and keep your eyes open. Just living, being present, just acknowledging, feeling emotions is magic within itself. We are here manifested in these physical bodies that are just these incredible machines capable of partaking in this dream reality but in such a visceral way. Within itself is magic, but then the more you start to take this body, start experimenting with it, and really allow your thoughts and emotions to merge and manifest possibilities. 

I started experiencing a lot of different synchronicities the moment in which I’ve decided to live in my heart space because what people often don’t talk about is how much more powerful the heart is electromagnetically compared to the brain, which is actually 5000 times more electromagnetically charged than the brain. When I say living through the heart, I literally mean allowing that heart to literally expand and then drive that energy through the mind and the consciousness to then be able to feel this heart-brain coherence, which is very important.

Can you elaborate more on this heart-brain coherence? Yes, it is all magic. I would like our listeners to understand how beneficial it is to get that state of heart-brain coherence going through rhythmic breathing and using heart math for example. It’s just really profound.

The HeartMath Institute has done some very important studies in regards to heart-brain coherence because the heart has cells that pretty much act like brain cells. I mean they’re like neurons. The heart is intelligent. People allow that information to be channeled without trying to suppress it and disconnect themselves from it. They’re actually going to release a lot of emotional blockages. 

If anything, they’re going to start to build a better understanding of themselves because by listening to the heart, you’re actually receiving some such key information in regards to who you are perhaps even beyond your physical form. People understand that we’re mind, body, and soul. The soul is very closely related to the heart because that’s the first part of the body that actually starts the function. The heart starts beating before the brain’s even formed when you’re a fetus. More about the heart, if you live and channel that energy, you’re actually able to get into even deeper states of meditation.

Life is a never-ending journey of discoveries and new learning opportunities.

You’re able to actually basically allow the whole body to follow the rhythm of the heart and to be totally in sync. When that happens, all of a sudden, incredible health benefits come with it. Your mind is just clearer. You’re just more present within your body and not so scattered. I can keep talking about it but the trick is just if you tell your viewers to just take a deep breath and just listen to the heart. Just put their right hand over the heart and just sit with it. Close their eyes. If they’re just able to do that even for five minutes, it will greatly improve their day guaranteed.

What I do is a Wim Hof breathing exercise for about 20 minutes and then 5 minutes of this rhythmic, just slow breathing—5 seconds in, 5 seconds out, 5 seconds in, 5 seconds out. That gets me in the heart-brain coherence after the Wim Hof breathing of 20 minutes. I don’t do it every day. I really should be doing it every day, but when I do it, it feels amazing. It’s also helpful to feel gratitude, abundance, or both while you’re doing this heart-brain synchronization process.

Absolutely. That’s the second part is learning how to then program because our subconscious has been gathering programs since we learned how to walk, for example. Even before then I think, but I’m saying these programs are constantly running because if we had to learn how to walk every day, it would be a bit of a pain, I think. That’s the thing, a lot of the way we live, our habits are totally built on these programs, and most of the time, we don’t really check what programs are going inside of our subconscious. We just live life and live with the conditioning of our parents and our society. 

Then one day you realize that there’s an issue with some of these programs. If you don’t take and make the effort to reprogram or make sure that the programs you want to keep, you keep and the ones that you want to get rid of, you get rid of. If that goes unchecked, it’s going to be more difficult to be able to really do this work. To facilitate that, it really helps to be aware of how the system operates to begin with and know that it’s not, but I can’t meditate because of the monkey brain and all that. It’s a part of it. 

The body is built to assist you. Once you reinforce what you wanted to do, it will actually start working and get you there in an easier way.

Your brain has been so used to having those thoughts that now it’s going to take a few days to reprogram and have different thoughts or just allow yourself to not think, which is the ideal situation. You’re going to work on a clean slate. But then that’s the thing, eventually, the body is built to assist you. Once you reinforce what you wanted to do, it will actually start working and get you there in an easier way, for sure.

Let’s talk about synchronicities. You just glossed over that, and boy, there’s a lot of magic in synchronicities. I just recently learned about the origin of that term from Carl Jung. He wrote an entire book about it. I talked about this in a recent episode. I want to reiterate it again here but it’s pretty magic that he had experienced such profound synchronicity that it inspired him to write an entire book about synchronicity and coin the term. If you’re intrigued by that, go ahead and listen to the episode with Anthony Capobianco, which is a recent episode.

Very intrigued.

Let’s talk about some synchronicities. What happened in your life that is essentially not just improbabilities from a statistical point of view, but almost like there’s no chance they could be random? They’re almost like, without a doubt, signs of divine intervention.

Well, it’s so funny because I’m from Switzerland originally and I moved here to the US in October because I’m a filmmaker and I had some meetings with some producers that I saw and met at the Cannes Film Festival and invited me to come work with them out here. Now when I did that, I didn’t know that the producer I was getting involved with actually had some mental issues. That just came up as a real surprise. I mean, even though he was somebody who is renowned, respected—I’m not going to say his name—but it’s unfortunate that I came at a time thinking that something was going to happen wasn’t going to happen

The interesting thing about synchronicity is that because of that event I was led to the thing I actually really, really am super excited about being involved in right now. We can go into it if you want, but just the way in which the events coalesced and manifested couldn’t have been a chance. I mean, it was literally just too magical and too perfect. Actually, you’re a member of METal. It was actually through another METal member who invited me into the group to then just hear some of the wonderful people that were talking in this group.

Synchronicity by Carl Jung

When somebody started mentioning that you can get healed through frequency light technologies, my ears perked up and I got very intrigued. I actually got that person’s contact and then that person spoke to me on the phone for an hour and just from that phone call, he’s like, “This guy is doing this incredible work in Malibu. He’s got the center called Q360 where he basically helps people through light and sound technologies.”

When I went there, I really was impressed at what I saw and how people are so happy to have noninvasive treatments done on themselves, and the incredible benefits that they get from it. I’m now a good friend of the guy running the center. His name is Aaron and he’s just a genius. You don’t often meet those kinds of people. I was just very impressed at how generous he is as a human to put himself because it’s risky. They really do try and suppress this knowledge because he’ll be the first to tell you that these technologies have been around.

There hasn’t been anything new, Nicola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, all these people lived in the early 1900s and they provided the world with these incredible inventions. But people don’t often know about these things. It’s interesting now to be able to see this stuff come back. 

Going back to the whole idea of synchronicity, I was looking to accomplish something, and instead, I got led to a place that for me that’s magic. Knowing that there are good-hearted souls that have such incredible minds and they’re of service to others. To be surrounded by those kinds of people instead of superficial people.

I don’t want to say for all people in Hollywood, but I mean there were a lot of superficial people in the entertainment industry. All of a sudden, I feel like I’m where I should be for now. Of course, I’ll still keep doing my storytelling because it all fits within the same ecosystem. I’m always telling stories that are able to help people elevate their consciousness. In a way, it’s a science within itself—storytelling and understanding how that whole process works. 

I want to just interrupt for one second. I just want to invite you to make a small adjustment in perception or of a viewpoint, and that is when you talk about superficial people in Hollywood. I would invite you to refer to it more as superficiality in Hollywood because I learned this a few months ago, when you characterize somebody or a group then you create that reality. You collapse all their infinite possibilities of who they are into the perception that you’re looking to see.

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If I can correct myself then in that sense, what I really meant I think was not just any specific individual, mostly what the programming behind Hollywood really is, which is to keep people lulled in this fake reality of keeping you entertained without nourishing you with information that’s going to really help you evolve ultimately. In that sense, I feel it’s quite superficial, almost detrimental actually because it’s been going on for a while. I’m seeing a lot more light coming into space, especially now with democratization through the internet and people being able to express themselves and not be censored so much.

Well, I’ll tell you, there is a lot of inspiring beautiful stuff coming out of Hollywood in addition to the dark, dystopian, depressing stuff—the things that suck the hope out of people. There’s the really inspiring and illuminating stuff out there too. Not just documentaries, there are movies, even animated movies like for example the movie Soul. I haven’t seen it yet, but I have family members who have seen it and they love it.

It’s on my list, but I don’t have a lot of time to watch movies. I might watch a movie every month or two.

I really recommend it. I’ve watched it. Actually, I knew it from watching the trailer and hearing people talk about it. You’re actually right. We’re starting now because I think people’s consciousness is finally spreading pretty fast. The new age or the young people, they’re definitely more of that consciousness. That’s it. It can be a win-win. You can make a successful entertaining blockbuster film that’s got soul in it.

People’s consciousness is finally spreading pretty fast.

Even back in the day like decades ago that could happen and has happened. Think of the movie, Contact, for example. It’s decades-old now. It’s really inspiring and it’s a really heartfelt science fiction movie. The Last Mimzy, also again, heartfelt science fiction but more for kids. Great for adults too. That’s not a super well-known movie, but it’s really a great movie. It’s a feel-good movie.

You spoke to me about it once. I think I really got to watch The Last Mimzy. I’ve seen Contact. Contact is really great. It was considered a pretty good hit at the time, but if I think of movies like The Matrix, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, even Star Wars. I mean, all these movies that have really hit the big time have definitely a lot of spiritual innuendos, a lot of knowledge that for those that understand what they’re really saying, there’s a reason why people resonate with that from deep. Because when you have such a strong reaction like you do when you watch those kinds of films, you know it goes deeper than just the straight-up storytelling of Hollywood. Really, you’re starting to talk about that dream space, and you’re starting to give that universe structure.

We’re aware of that from a place that comes even before this incarnation, and so it really draws us in. I could speak about those films tirelessly forever because I love them so much. They’ve inspired me growing up. I watched The Matrix when I was nine years old. I knew there was something to it. Now, I watch it over and over again and keep finding new things that I go, “Oh my gosh, they’re actually talking about this and that.” Now that I’m studying more about things that we talk about, it really makes sense.

It is quite a profound movie, The Matrix. Now the other two, not so much. The two follow-up movies I think took away from the original message. I think just watch the first one.

Yes, I’m referencing the first one.

I’m curious if you saw Cloud Atlas.

Yes, I’ve watched Cloud Atlas. By the same filmmakers and Tom Tykwer.

Yes, the same filmmakers of The Matrix.

Yes. I mean, if you really pay attention, you understand that all those timelines and all the stories are happening simultaneously.

Become more conscious of my thoughts. Acknowledge what they are, and if they don’t serve me, let them go.

I’ll tell you a real mind-bender—I learned those actually in Kabbalah—the present, as well as the past and the future all, happen simultaneously. That is too wild. You don’t really understand it until after you pass back into the nonphysical, but that’s what makes it possible for the ability to see into the future because the future is essentially happening now. I’ll get the intuitive hits, things that tell me to do something or another thing because something’s going to come to fruition in the future if I do that.

Lo and behold, it does. It’s spooky, but it makes a lot of sense if you step back and you see that time is really an illusion. That’s something that is actually in the first line of the Ana BeKoach prayers. The first line of meditation is the realization that time, space, and motion are an illusion.

Absolutely. Like you said, the future and also the past. I’ve realized that I’ve written things in my stories that I thought I was just very creative, and instead, I realize that some of the things I was writing actually occurred exactly as I wrote them. But nobody told me about those things and it’s not even that openly talked about. Certain things I’ve had to dig and then realize, “Oh my gosh, how did I do that?”

I was channeling from the past. Fascinating stuff.

Back to synchronicities. You met this filmmaker or Hollywood person, you flew to LA on the assumption and promise of a big deal that fell through because of some issues with this person.

Unfortunate because I really cared about this person. It just felt like I couldn’t really help him. I couldn’t do anything. You just have to accept that it’s the reality that you shift. I just shifted and went with it, stayed as long as I could until I really needed my space. Funny enough, I met somebody that I hadn’t seen in 10 years, came by the office to visit and brought a friend at one point—invited a friend. That friend is actually a person with whom I’ve become very close now.

Realize that time, space, and motion are illusions.

I’m actually in their home right now. I’ve been invited just to stay for—we actually didn’t even put a date on it. She knew that I needed to go on this journey and trust the universe. It wasn’t out of desperation or anything like that. I had options but it just felt right to be with somebody that shared my consciousness. We’d assist each other on this journey. Just because of that and nothing else, that whole journey that I did coming over here was worth it just because I met a soul sister that really, it’s just so beautiful the synchronicity out of that. 

But then of course, everything just started coming together. Now, she’s also been going to the clinic and bringing her partner as well. It’s been transformative for all of us. I’m just amazed that it’s really not even just about you. It’s about letting yourself just be of service and being in your right state of mind and state of being. Everything around you just starts to shift in such a way that it actually doesn’t just benefit you. It benefits those around you. If you keep doing that and the other people are doing the same thing, then you can see how that spreads wider and wider and wider.

You follow your intuition, she follows hers, and then that becomes contagious. Other people around you start following their intuition. Intuition really is just essentially angels whispering into your inner voice. You hear it as yourself, but it’s not your subconscious because your subconscious goes from thought to thought to thought to thought, kind of a ricochet thing happening inside your head, whereas intuition just sticks. It stays there. That is a sign that it’s coming from a higher dimension.

It has to feel right.

Yes. Well, it feels not just right, but it feels like who you are—your highest self. The more you listen to your intuition, the more you follow your intuition, and you manifest the things that your intuition is leading you to, the more magic and synchronicity shows up in your life, and then it just tends to accelerate and compound. It’s the law of compounding returns but in a metaphysical way.

I want to add to that because what people also need to understand is that it’s the path of least resistance, but you have to acknowledge what it takes to walk that path as well. It takes a great deal of love and a great deal of courage to be able to get through the tests that the universe is going to present you. Where it’s really going to start saying, “Okay, he gets it or she gets it.” They’re able to speak their truth. They’re able to trust their instincts and their intuition. Therefore, all these events now are just going to help manifest in a much easier way.

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But at first, when you’re just starting to transition from the previous consciousness and starting to choose the path, that can be tough. I have to say, it wasn’t easy for me. But just sticking to your guns, just being clear with yourself, being honest, being true, and not worrying about what other people are going to think just because you’re insecure or whatever. Just really learning to trust yourself. That’s what it takes. Once you do that, then the magic really starts to happen. I mean, you start to feel it as a pleasant experience.

When you say courage, you mean the willingness to allow people to judge you, to ridicule you, ostracize you, do things that are unjust because you stand out as somebody who speaks your truth, who lives in a higher plane of existence, isn’t just all about making the money and doing the stuff that’s of the physical plane of reality. You get a lot of judgment when you step out of line like that.

You do. That’s important just to know that that’s being true and honest. Obviously, you want to be aware of who you have around you and not necessarily make people feel you’re just here and they’re there. You just want to make sure that you’re able to get yourself in a place where you can really listen to yourself and be yourself. At times, it may mean just having few quality people in your life that ultimately are able to allow you to shine your brightest. 

Sometimes even your own family won’t understand you. My family, I can’t say everybody understands what I’m going through right now. I don’t even at this point expect them to. Of course, at first, it was a bit difficult to try because I feel very close to my family. But I realized that it’s really when you’re starting to go on this evolutionary path, again, not everybody is up to speed to what lies beyond the unseen. 

Learn to trust yourself. Once you do that, then the magic really starts to happen.

Everybody’s so attached to what we’re going through right here that it’s hard to process that as above, so below. Things that happen up here that then trickle down to here. If you are willing to not have this physical reality that we’re in right now dictate how you should be, then you become a master of your own reality. But it takes time to prove that to family members or to anybody. I’m still in that process. I mean, it’s a never-ending process, but I’m saying, I’m finally now witnessing, and people close to me are witnessing because they’re of that consciousness, and they’re open to it. 

Incredible things happen, and people sometimes aren’t able to connect all the dots and say, oh my gosh, it’s quite amazing how this actually occurred. They’ll just go, it’s just a coincidence, or we don’t know. It could have happened in a billion different ways. Fast forward to the future and you actually go, “No, it had to happen that way. It really did.” That’s, again, just trusting, having faith, and eventually, you’ll be—I mean, you know already now. It’s everybody else that needs to catch up. Again, when the time comes for them, you will be able to give them all this wonderful insight. That’s why I also say, just because a flower hasn’t bloomed yet and they’re still a bud doesn’t mean it’s not a flower.

Yes, that’s beautifully said. To approach people who don’t see what you see with unconditional love, compassion, patience, and curiosity for what their world is like and what they’re seeing is very important. Because if you do not see yourself as equally important as them and vice versa, that we’re all equally important, you lose the plot. There’s also another important point I wanted to reiterate based on what you had said is that your state of being creates your circumstances and not the other way around.

Correct. Yes. Like we said before, the heart plays a huge role. When I speak of the heart, I mean, your emotions. We are emotional beings. The way we actually interface with our reality is through those emotions and nature communicates through emotion. When you communicate with your pet or an animal, it gets scared when it feels that you’re fearful. Everything is understanding how to be centered in the emotion that you want the other being to perceive of who you are and where you’re coming from.

Even with an inanimate object. I hear people who talk very rudely to their Amazon Alexa. For one thing, there are actual scientific studies that have shown that there are negative brain chemistry reactions that happen by talking negatively to an inanimate object, such as your Alexa device. It hurts yourself, it also affects the field around you. People are in that field, or they come in contact with that field. Your negativity is affecting you, everyone around you, and everything around you. You think you’re not harming anybody because you’re just talking smack to your Alexa device.

Always focus on the positive and keep promoting what’s good.

You’re not being conscious of how your thoughts affect people around you and the environment and will ultimately lead to specific events from happening. Being conscious of that, if you want to change your way of life, you got to change the way you think. The way you feel is an important part of it. 

It’s harder to change the way you feel than the way you think. What I say is it’s so much easier just to try and decode what’s going on inside of your heart to then be able to let that influence your thoughts because that’s exactly what happens when you’re unconscious of that process anyway. One emotion can spark a thousand thoughts.

A great way to think about that is you’re a receiver like an FM radio, and by having positive emotions—positive expectancy, feelings of abundance, gratitude, unconditional love—you have tuned your receiver to a frequency that allows a lot of positive, empowering, very productive thoughts to come in. These thoughts, especially the intuitive ones, which are coming from elsewhere, are amazing. Why wouldn’t you want to stay at that high frequency? 

Now if you get all angry, depressed, upset, frustrated, just hopeless, you’ve tuned your receiver to a very low frequency and that’s where the really dark stuff starts coming in. The self-defeating thoughts, the things where you beat yourself up, and many of these thoughts aren’t even yours. They’re just coming from instead of the higher vibrational angels are coming from, the dark entities, the souls who are looking to suck off your energy. You’re feeling all this dark stuff just because you’ve tuned into the wrong frequency, the wrong channel.

If you want to change your way of life, you got to change the way you think.

Well, to be fair—and this just comes with the research that I’ve been doing into scalar frequencies and scalar waves, which maybe you’re aware of—there are particular frequencies. For example, your body gives off the chi energy, the life force, the toroidal field that your body creates. That frequency range is actually so small it really penetrates through to your DNA, and it can go literally across the planet and not lose any of its power. Actually, the scalar waves, you can actually create machines that emanate those frequencies.

It’s important to understand that the military and a lot of other people in various sectors of power are very well aware of how that works and have been putting out particular frequencies to suppress people’s consciousness. It’s more difficult than it should be. We’re being bombarded with these frequencies that keep us in that depressed state already or angry. They’re influencing that because it’s so much easier to control people in that state than people who are speaking the truth, being sovereign unto themselves, channeling their own frequency, and literally being able to shield out those particular frequencies.

I understand. Now that I’ve done this research, I see how even some of the best people in the world have a good heart, but they’re perhaps very sensitive. Even when they hang out with particular people, they can’t help but take on their energy like empaths. To really understand that—especially if you’re sensitive—you really need to put a little more effort into staying centered and really protecting yourself from all this bombardment of stuff that’s thrown at us because it really is detrimental and it really does affect everybody on the planet.

There are all sorts of precautions one can take, but ultimately, there’s nothing better than just staying strong, centered, and in love. It takes effort, that’s the important thing. I know it doesn’t come easy for people that are in a depressed state to just feel love and feel gratitude, to just understand what’s really going on so that they don’t just put the blame onto themselves. Because blame is just the ego. You’re adding more weight than you need to. It’s unnecessary. 

But to understand, it’s not your fault. It’s just we’ve been manipulated to quite a big extent, and to just empower ourselves with the knowledge that’s going to set us free ultimately.

I wanted to circle back to something that you had said a minute or two ago about protecting ourselves energetically, especially if you’re an empath so that you don’t take on too much of other people’s negative energy. This was from a docuseries I was watching. I think it’s called Superpower

It takes a great deal of love and courage to face whatever the universe has planned for you. Click To Tweet

David Sauvage was one of the folks interviewed in this docuseries. He’s an empath and is able to really go deep into what’s going on inside of you without you being able to articulate these things. He’s just able to go deep. To a point where it’s even from past lives, from your birth and very early formative years, and so forth. It was impressive, what I saw on that docuseries. 

What he does so that he doesn’t take on people’s stuff because he has such a gift with this. He has a certain pendant or something that he wears that helps him to block that energy so that he doesn’t take it on, and he takes the thing off when he’s doing a session with a client. That was intriguing to me. 

One thing that I do every morning and night is I’ll do this visualization exercise where I have three bubbles of protection around me and one of them is a mirrored sphere facing outward to repel negativity. This is the Metatron prayer of protection that I do. It’s really, really helpful.

I’ve tried it. It works. Thank you for sharing that.

Just two weeks of doing it on at least a daily basis, you’ll feel the impact. You really will.

Again, even just taking time whether it’s mindfulness or just feeling that energy channeled through your body is already creating some form of protection. But then of course, by engaging the power of visualization, you’re tapping into what people refer to as the magical aspect of this work, which actually comes from the magi, so imagination. 

Taking time, whether it’s mindfulness or just feeling that energy channeled through your body, is already creating some form of protection.

What you should be doing with your brain most of the time is just allowing it to visualize things that ultimately will create in the ethereal plane, as you said in this case, protection or sending love and healing energy to somebody—just seeing even the colors, the spectrum of light. Just visualizing that creates an electrolysis process within your own electrochemical process within your body. 

When people understand that it’s really science, when they understand that we’re not just sitting down and just not doing anything, it’s science. You have to understand all these different techniques because that’s a whole other aspect of understanding. You feed your body what it needs, the minerals it needs to be able to function, then you make your body exercise. You have to do the same thing for your mind and for your spirit.

This is something I just recently learned within the last week or two. One of my coaches is a Kabbalah teacher. I started studying under him five or six years ago. He was differentiating for me, understanding versus wisdom. Understanding, which I have been seeking with fervor. I’m just going after more and more information and trying to figure all this out as things have been accelerating for me over these last few months.

That in a way gets in the way for me because my understanding almost blocks the wisdom. They’re not the same thing. Wisdom just essentially comes to you as a gift, whereas the understanding is something that you’re processing all this information, all these different inputs to get. Understanding is great, but it is not the full picture. Wisdom is a much more rewarding thing. 

When King Solomon asked God for wisdom, when he was given the option of like, you’ve been so amazing. I’m going to grant you whatever you want, what do you want? The only thing he wanted was wisdom. Because he wanted that and nothing else, God gave him everything else. It all comes for free with wisdom. That’s pretty amazing.

Well, it’s the intention. What’s the intent behind whatever it is that you’re doing? Why are you seeking that? What’s the intent behind that? I think that’s very important for anything that you do to know where it’s coming from. We’re curious by nature, but sometimes our curiosity can supersede the very thing that we’re actually trying to accomplish, which is to gain that wisdom and knowing how to apply it. 

Sometimes, you’re just going to learn things as you do them, as you go through the experience and just saying, “Yes, I want to just go through something I’ve never tried before just because I want to test myself and explore myself.” I’m not worried about not knowing enough or knowing too much. Sometimes knowing too much is the problem. That’s what you’re saying. 

Understanding is great, but it is not the full picture. Wisdom is a much more rewarding thing.

You’re not supposed to be too analytical. You’re supposed to just feel into it and allow that to be the driver because by doing so, the mind will know at certain points how to provide you with the information you need to be able to communicate or to be able to do specific things. But to really be centered and focused throughout. I’ll keep saying this over and over again because that’s—and I know we only have a few minutes left, but I really just want to touch upon our DNA and how important everything we’ve just spoken about actually relates to that because DNA is an antenna for consciousness.

A lot of the way in which we’re able to feel and even our own genetics, how they’re related, our DNA dictates a lot of that. Of course, if you studied the work of Bruce Lipton with Epigenetics, your thoughts and emotions can change your DNA code by thinking and feeling specific thoughts. 

Right now, we’re going through a moment where people are really concerned about what’s going to happen with viruses, vaccines and if our DNA is going to be impacted by that. In the end, I just want to help reassure everybody that even though there may be some nefarious things going on because people say this virus was created and it didn’t just develop from nature—to be aware that the best way to actually protect yourself is through your consciousness. Not to be in fear because fear actually drops your immune system by, I would say 40%.

I encourage people to do more research on how your state of being influences your immune system. Ultimately, DNA and consciousness, that’s a part of our ascension evolution. If we can understand how certain aspects—I’m pulling up right now something I found that was very interesting. Technically, we say we only have two strands of DNA, but actually, they call the rest junk DNA, but it’s actually not. There’s no such thing. It’s just DNA that perhaps hasn’t been activated yet.

Some of us, I’m sure you’re certainly beyond the two strands at this point because I want people to understand that the first strand represents the courage to move ahead and integrate our fears. The second strand would be the ability to focus on something and follow it to completion. The third strand is maintaining the gender balance between male and female power. 

The heart's intelligence is not something you hear a lot about, but it is a powerful force in career and life. Click To Tweet

As you’ve noticed right now, people that are not aware of their female and male energies and integrating them as a whole within themselves are really still in that patriarchal mentality of needing to suppress your feminine side because you think that there’s something wrong with that. It’s not. It’s a total perfect marriage of energies within yourself. Because we’re human, we tend to see it as sex, but it’s not. These are just energies. That’s the third strand. The fourth strand is the balance between our energy field and the physical body. Everything we just talked about, that’s the fourth strand as well. The fifth strand is living peacefully in a state of acceptance. That’s how you activate that.

The sixth strand is the strength to stand in one’s truth regardless of the outcome. You’ve already gone from just a two-strand to a six-strand DNA by just understanding how your consciousness is able to process everything I’ve just mentioned, you’re activating more and more of your DNA by staying within that energy, that consciousness. I’m going to continue all the way to 12. The seventh strand is the ability to accept both our dark and light sides. Transcending the ego and integrating your shadow, doing shadow work is also very important. That will activate that.

The eighth strand is the ability to hold personal boundaries, regardless of outcomes. Again, no matter where you are, protect yourself but just be yourself. That will automatically activate that eighth strand. The ninth strand is the ability to accept and live within a diverse community. Even seeking to integrate yourself, be of service, and be with others in a cohesive way. You’re at nine. At 10, your ability to tune into and listen to one’s soul or higher self.

You see, we start activating psychic abilities once we keep going up to this so-called Jacob’s Ladder. That’s what it’s talking about too. The 11th strand is the power to envision, create, and manifest these visions in 3D. Now we’re really understanding how the manifestation gets activated much more significantly once you’ve really gone through all of these different strands. The 12th strand is the ability to be accepting, kind of appreciate the value in all things. Really that oneness, that sense of oneness and beingness with all that is created. That’s important.

I’ve learned now that expectations lead to disappointments.

Really important to think in terms of accepting what isn’t working and what doesn’t seem to be for your benefit as being ultimately for your soul’s benefit. Seeing, in other words, the hand of God in everything. That relationship with that Hollywood person that didn’t work out and that deal that fell apart. The issues that you’re facing with regards to the pandemic and so forth and its personal impact on you that’s not been positive, seeing the hand of God in that. Accepting that these are helpful to your soul’s path, to your soul’s growth.

Well, that’s the thing. I really went into it with expectation. I’ve learned now that expectations lead to disappointments. Not to just think, now this is going to happen or that needs to happen. It doesn’t need to happen. It would be nice if it happened but I’m not going to attach my expectations and my happiness to it so that if it doesn’t, it’s okay. It’s as if everything’s fine. That means something else is really meant to happen. I’m going to keep maintaining that energy field and being my center because that’s what’s going to attract the right events that are even better. 

I think I’m actually in a better situation now than I was before because of everything that I’ve learned along the way. I have all these tools now that I can use to be able to go even further into this ascension journey. Of course, I still met some very good people through this person that I came here with that are absolutely amazing. I know that something is still going to come of it. It’s going to happen when it’s going to happen.

I’m not going to worry about the timing on that or exactly how it’s going to happen. But just knowing that there are good people out there, even in Hollywood. They’re really doing their best to try and change the world for the better. I know we’re at the end here, but I guess we can leave this with the message of just, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” which is a famous quote by Gandhi. A lot of people talk about being the change. Be the change and take that responsibility.

Yes, and trust that this is all happening for you, not to you. It’s all for your benefit.



You will learn to appreciate yourself. You will grow so much. Just take on this life, and the more you work at it, the better the outcome for sure.

All happening for you, not to you. It’s all for your benefit.

All right. How do our listeners get in touch, learn more, potentially work with you? What’s the best place for them to go?

I have a website that has some of my photographic work. I’ll be honest. This is the first podcast that I did where I’m able to really open up about all these things. I’m very grateful to you, Stephan, for pushing me to do something I haven’t done before. But I’m definitely excited about how your listeners are going to perceive everything we discussed. 

If they do want to start a conversation with me, they’re welcome to come to my website which is or even hit me up on Facebook or Instagram, which is Edward Haschke. I don’t think there are many people with that name out there so they’ll find me easily.

Thank you, Edward. This was so fun and inspiring. You’re such a cool guy, heartfelt, and open. I love your energy. Thank you for joining us.

I appreciate you so much, and blessings to you and your wife for your next travels.

Thank you. Blessings to you too, and blessings to you, my listeners. Thank you so much for listening all the way to the end of this episode. I hope you got something profound out of it, and that at least you’re going to take one, two, or maybe three actions out of this. If it’s just to maybe read Yogananda’s book, The Biography of a Yogi, to read a little bit about Kabbalah, check out Bruce Lipton, or the docuseries that I mentioned that David Sauvage was in, or something. Just pick something. Watch The Matrix again. We’ll catch you in the next episode of Get Yourself Optimized.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Constantly work on raising my awareness and vibration. Life is a never-ending journey of discoveries and new things to learn.

?Become more conscious of my thoughts. Acknowledge what they are, and if they don’t serve me, let them go.

?Appreciate the beauty around me. Always focus on the positive and keep promoting what’s good.

?Reprogram beliefs that no longer serve me. Humans are ever-evolving beings. I am a constant work in progress. What works for me today might not be the case tomorrow and that is okay.

?Visualize my dreams until they become reality. Manifesting my dreams attracts everything that is for me. Believe that I am meant for the things I desire, and truly deserve them.

?Live with intent, focus, and purpose. Learn to avoid life’s distractions to truly appreciate its beauty.

?Set some boundaries. Saying no is also an act of self-love.

?Breathe deeply and slowly. Practice some breathing techniques that can help clear my mind.

?Nurture my relationships. Having a sense of belonging brings out the best in me.

?Check out Edward Haschke’s website to connect with him and his art.

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