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By: Stephan Spencer


Most of us have limiting beliefs and annoying triggers that we want to shed. It’s just part of being human. Today, we learn how to break through these things and more with two powerful processes called the Instant Miracle and the Peace Process. Christian Mickelsen is a best-selling author, speaker, and coach who shares these processes along with techniques like muscle testing and focusing on mindset to let go of negativity.

Christian Mickelsen
“All of the things we want are available to us, we are the ones holding ourselves back.”
Christian Mickelsen

We talk about how fears and challenges can hold us back even when we know what we want. Christian shares the techniques that he developed to help himself in his own life, and he shares how they can help all of us with letting go of our core problems and issues. He not only talks the talk, he walks the walk because he came from humble beginnings and went on to become a self-made millionaire. This is a great conversation with this vibrant healer and high-performance business coach.

In this Episode

  • [02:34]Muscle testing and how fears and challenges hold us back.
  • [03:25]How all the things we want are available, but we hold ourselves back.
  • [08:50]Having money is not the key to happiness. Being born rich can be a detriment.
  • [12:54]How we are not victims of our circumstances our destiny is based on our own desire to create it.
  • [13:27]Being held back by things that are painful.
  • [13:44]Getting caught up in the story instead of appreciating how amazing life is.
  • [15:16]How not working was great for Christian, but then he needed to make bigger goals, contribute and have a challenge.
  • [15:55]Not everything is about sacrifice. A lot of it is actually deciding what you want.
  • [19:54]Focusing on being grateful and achieving abundance.
  • [23:49]Realizing that you are actually rich and owning it.
  • [26:36]Seeing the gift in a painful experience.
  • [28:04]The story about the woman who needed help crossing the river.
  • [30:58]Powerful techniques for change and letting go and freeing your inherent nature.
  • [37:53]Stuffing down our emotions and distracting ourselves to not to feel. The ultimate escape is to transcend the feelings and feel deeply.
  • [42:28]Limiting beliefs and things that can hold us back and the cost to our self-esteem.
  • [42:57]Feeling negative feelings to get to peace. Is it worth it to resolve the issues?
  • [44:16]How Christian used the peace process to overcome his fear of heights.
  • [44:55]Stephen used tapping or EFT to hang glide over Victoria Falls.
  • [46:09]The Peace Process resolves things in a permanent and powerful way.
  • [49:20]How unresolved stuff imprisons us.
  • [49:52]The Instant Miracle process is an energetic healing technique.
  • [50:35]Metaphysically we all have spirit guides.
  • [51:22]How Christian felt the presence of his spirit guides but didn’t listen.
  • [54:44]How muscle testing ties into Instant Miracle or a connection to higher energy.
  • [59:08]How the Instant Miracle can help with a variety of fears and phobias and release emotional stuff and speed up the Peace Process.

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‏‏Do certain things trigger you? Do you have unresolved feelings, unhealthy attachments, fears, phobias, aches, pains, limiting beliefs, other forms of suffering, or anything at all that you’d like to shed that doesn’t serve you? If you’re human, of course, you do. Well, get ready to learn how to break through, with two powerful processes called the Instant Miracle and the Peace Process. Hi, I’m your host Stephan Spencer, and our guest today is the amazing Christian Mickelsen. He’s a #1 bestselling author, a healer, a self-made multi-millionaire, and a high-performance business coach who’s shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Eben Pagan, Reid Tracy, Dan Millman, and many others. Christian, welcome to the show.

‏‏Thanks so much. Glad to be here.‏‏

Power vs. Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins

Let’s talk about the Instant Miracle because you blew my mind with that and just to share with our listeners a little story, we met at the Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partnership. What a great group, by the way. Great peer group. We met there and you met my now wife, Orion, love of my life, at that reception. You did a process with her where you had her stick her arm out, you pushed on it and did this muscle test. I would love for you to share this process because it really stuck. It really made an impact in my mind, in my memory, and for Orion too. What a great way to meet. You’re like, “Oh, let me help you with something that Orion was having an issue with.” I forget what it was exactly. I’d heard of muscle testing and so forth but you have a very special process and a very special gift. I’d love for you to share with our listeners a little bit about that.

‏‏Great. There are a lot of different pieces of it. Muscle testing is one part. What I found is that every challenge we have, every fear, every doubt, every limiting belief, whatever is going on, whatever is holding us back, when we think about whatever the thing is that we want, oftentimes, we’re even afraid to get the things we want. We might want to get into a great relationship but we’re afraid to have our heart broken also. There’s a part of us that’s like, “Yes, I want that. I’m full steam ahead. I want a great relationship.” And then there’s another part of us that’s like, “Oh, it’s scary. I don’t want to get hurt.” Or even if we feel really good about the thing we want, we feel really good like, “Oh yeah, I totally want this relationship. I don’t care if my heart breaks again. I’m happy to get into another relationship.” But then you think about someone you want to go on a date with and then that’s scary to go talk to them. All the things we want are available to us and yet we are the ones that hold us back from getting those things because we have these fears. We have fears, doubts, limiting beliefs. I believe we can get to peace around anything. That there isn’t a fear that can’t be, not overcome because overcoming fear is great. It’s when you feel the fear and doing it anyway.

Let’s say I have a fear of heights and I was able to get myself to go skydiving even though I was terrified of heights. I’ve mustered up the courage to do that. Eventually, I thought, “Well, wouldn’t it be great if I could just get to peace about being up high?” And so, I did. This is how we do it. This is how we get to peace around anything, how do we let go of fears, doubts, limiting beliefs. One piece of it is this muscle testing thing. Some people may have heard of it. If you’ve ever gone to a chiropractor, a lot of chiropractors push down on your arm to see if there’s something else going on or they have you hold up a bottle of supplements and they push down your arm. If you are strong with the supplements, that means the supplement is good for you. If your arm goes down with supplement, it means you don’t need it or it could be bad for you. That’s where I first came across it. Probably, I don’t know, 20 something years ago. Some people may have heard of David Hawkins. He is the author of a book called Power vs Force and actually tons of great books. His best book is called Letting Go. Anyway, I came across David Hawkins. He used muscle testing. He has actually the biggest psychotherapy practice in the world at one point. He tested muscle testing at, I don’t remember which university, but he did a bunch of tests with it and really just discovered that muscle testing was a gateway to knowing the truth or falsehood of things. He’s used it in a lot of ways. The way I use it is mostly just to help figure out if there’s something going on deeper that needs to be uncovered in order for something to get fully healed so that people could get totally to peace about something that they were struggling with.

Every challenge we have, every fear, every doubt, every limiting belief, whatever is going on, whatever is holding us back, when we think about whatever the thing is that we want, oftentimes, we’re even afraid to get the things we want.

‏‏I think you have a name for it. You call it The Peace Process, right?

‏‏Yeah. We have a few different techniques. We’ve got muscle testing, we’ve got The Peace Process, and then we have Instant Miracle.


‏‏Muscle testing by itself will only give you information that won’t actually help you change anything. It won’t help you get to peace by itself. But Peace Process and/or Instant Miracle, either of those could help people get to peace. The Peace Process is something that everybody can do. At some point on this call, maybe we’ll dive into that a little bit more.

‏‏That’ll be great.

‏‏Yeah, but tell me more about Get Yourself Optimized. What are they looking for? What do you guys want here?




‏‏Wow, alright.

‏‏This could be transformation in relationships, in your peer group, in your health or wellness. It could be in mindset.


‏‏You got a great book coming out, the Abundance Unleashed book. Definitely, that would be of relevance to our listeners, to unleash more abundance. Let’s talk a bit about that and we’ll go back to some of these processes that you got too.

Abundance Unleashed by Christian Mickelsen

‏‏Perfect. Right now, we have my book coming out very soon. When people listen to the recording, it may already be out but either way, you could pre-order it or order it at We’ve got some special bonuses for folks who decided to jump in on it. The premise of Abundance Unleashed is that most people think that being born with rich parents or perfect parents or being born with great connections or whatever the thing is that people think are the advantages that make people successful, it’s not the advantages actually that make people successful. We all have our own talents. We all have our own skills. We all have our own strengths. We all have our own weaknesses. The more we can be operating in our strengths, that’s going to make it so much easier to be more successful. I was just reading an article about Kobe Bryant and how he’s now becoming this investor and Chris Sacca, he’s a billionaire investor and Kobe came to him saying, “Hey, I want to become a great investor.” Chris was like, “Most people are not that serious. They’re just fly by night.” He gave him all of this. He’s like, “Alright, well listen, I’ll meet with you but here’s what I want you to do. You got to go study all this stuff, read these books, watch these videos, all these things.” Kobe just surprised him because he was just doing all of it. Anyway, I was reading the comments on this article. One of the comments was, “Oh, it’s so easy if you already have hundreds of millions of dollars. Of course, he’s going to be successful. That’s the trick. You just have millions of dollars.” But most people maybe don’t realize that most athletes go broke. People who make millions of dollars, even hundreds of millions of dollars, lose all their money. They spend it all, they invest it poorly, and it’s gone. They’ve got nothing to show for it. Just having money, certainly, there’s an advantage to it but most millionaires are self-made millionaires. Most people, being born rich actually, in a lot of ways is a detriment to becoming rich because you don’t learn the lessons, you don’t have the hunger, or whatever the underlying cause is. But ultimately, our success is not determined by our genetics, are not determined by where we were born. Certainly, it’s way easier in the first world than it is in third world countries but we all have this power inside of us to create the life that we want.

The number one thing holding us back from having it is ourselves. Abundance Unleashed is all about opening up to allow way more abundance to flow into our lives, more money, more love, more health, more happiness, and more success. My parents got divorced when I was young, about nine years old. My mom was a waitress and she was raising four kids on the waitress income. We were always behind on payments to the electric company, water company, gas. We never knew whether we were going to have, at any given day, if we have water or we’d have heat, or we have electricity, or if the garbage would just sit out and not get collected for weeks because the garbage bill didn’t get paid. I grew up wearing hand me down clothes from my brothers who were 9 and 10 years older than me. The first one will wear it, the second one will wear it, and then 10 years later I’ll wear it. Totally out of style, beat up, crappy old clothes. I get teased for that. I had glasses. My glasses were broken. I had tape on my glasses. I was not the coolest kid around. I grew up feeling like, “Oh man, if only I had more money, then I would be popular.” There was this kid in school named Ron. He got these brand new fruity-smelling markers. Everybody was like, “Oh yeah, I want to smell them. I want to use them. Can I borrow them? I’ll be your best friend.” It was like everybody wanted to be a friend because he had these new fruity markers. I just thought, “Wow. If I was rich,” which was so funny too because how much for fruity markers, probably not very much but in my mind as a kid it was like, “It’s the fruity-smelling markers. If you just had money, that would solve all our problems.”

My parents fought a lot. It just seemed like money would solve all the problems. I had all this shame around being poor. We all have the ability to go from rags to riches, to have the relationship we want. I grew up poor and then I’ve grown myself to become a multimillionaire. I have $2 million-plus estates here in San Diego. I have an incredible wife. We’ve been together for going on 13 years. We have three awesome daughters and friends with a lot of people. Some of which are well-known people. I live a great life. I made my life. We all can make our life exactly the way we want it. The other thing is I get to work basically part-time. I don’t have to work full time. I get to set my own hours and still make great money and make a huge difference in the world. It’s something we all can do. That’s what Abundance Unleashed is all about. It’s about opening ourselves up to being more than we think we are, to the truth of who we really are, which are these infinitely powerful beings that can create whatever it is that we want. Everything that’s ever been created in this world, first was something that someone dreamed up in their mind and then turned into a reality. All the buildings, all the machines, all the computers, electricity, somebody dreamed about harnessing that and capturing that power. We live in a miraculous world and it’s because of people who decided to go for it in a big way.

Letting Go by Dr. David R. Hawkins

‏‏Yeah, so true. We’re not a victim of our circumstances and our destiny is not determined by our circumstances. We shape our destiny and it’s really based on our desire to create it.

‏‏Exactly. Sometimes, we’re held back by things like financial or societal challenges. Sometimes, we think, “Oh, it’s that stuff, it’s the economy, it’s politics. If the right person was the president, then everything would be better.” But there’s also we’re held back by just things that have happened to us that were painful. Maybe your parents gave you up for adoption or something. It’s like, “Oh, if I just had real parents growing up.” We just get caught up in the story about something instead of just really appreciating how amazing life is right now because no matter where you are, what’s going on, for 99% of the population, especially in the first world, life is amazing. Even people in third world countries can be so happy with so much less than we, people in first world countries, are. It’s like, “I’m only driving this car. If only I had that car, then I’d be happy.” That’s a big lie. The if-then unhappiness that if this, then I’d be happy. There isn’t a way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

‏‏Right. You decide to be happy and you don’t wait for some circumstances to arrive.

‏‏Right. That doesn’t mean you still don’t want to go for the big step. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to be uber-rich, be a millionaire, or have a great relationship. Go for those things too but not because hey I’m not happy now, but because hey, this would enhance my life. This would make things even more fun. This would mean I’d be able to contribute more. This would mean I’d grow more, which is really what it comes down to, is growing. When I first moved to San Diego, I certainly wasn’t rich, but I head up my schedule up so that I could just work as much, as little as I want. Basically, I got rid of all my client appointments. I told them they could call me whenever they needed coaching, whenever they needed help, but we wouldn’t have appointments anymore. That just freed up my whole schedule. In the first three months, I moved to San Diego just doing whatever the heck I want and not working very much. That was great for the first two months. The third month, there was this like, “Oh my gosh, I’m so bored out of my mind. I need a challenge. I need to contribute.” So then I was like, “Alright, I got to change things around.” I got bigger goals instead of just taking life easy. You can take life easy as you go for big goals too. That’s another myth. We have so many limiting beliefs like in order to be rich, you have to sacrifice. In order to be rich, you have to give up your free time. In order to be rich, you have to give up time with your family. All those things of you know, “Hey, if I want to make more money, I have to work twice as hard or I have to work twice as many hours.” All those things aren’t necessarily true. The most important thing you need to do is decide what you want and then let the way be shown. We get so caught up in the how and how kills more dreams than just about anything else.

‏‏So basically, you are creating this engine of desire to make this thing happen, this destiny, or this vision that you see in your mind, and how will show up if you trust. You just focus on creating that vision.

‏‏Yeah, and you can definitely figure out how. In the book, I lay out the five-step client breakthrough system, which I’ll run through briefly here but you guys, if you want the in-depth version, you can certainly check out our book, Abundance Unleashed is the name of the book. The five-step client breakthrough system. This is what I use with my clients to help them achieve the results they’re looking for. Number one, I help them create a vision and direction for what they’re wanting to achieve like we’re talking about here. The second thing I help them do is strategize their actions so they can create strategic action plans, so they know exactly what to do every single day to achieve the results they want. Step three is to upgrade your skills. There may be some skills you need to improve on in order to get the results you’re looking for. Maybe you need better leadership skills, better influence or persuasion skills, better flirting skills if you’re single and want to get into a relationship. That’s the third one.

Optimize your environment.

The fourth thing is to optimize your environment. That means your physical environment, making it more inspiring and more likely to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. For example, if you want to lose weight and you have a plate of Oreo cookies sitting out in front of you everyday and you have to use your willpower to say, “No, I’m not going to eat these cookies today.” That is really hard. Will power, it’s really hard to use self-discipline and willpower to get yourself to have the stuff you want. Instead of having the plate of Oreos sitting right in front of you, it’d be much better if it was in the pantry and it would be even better if it wasn’t even in the house. Optimizing your environment by getting rid of all these tempting foods. Maybe you still eat some but now, there’s a lot of friction. You create friction. If I want to eat any dessert, I’ve got to get in the car or go for a walk. I’ve got to get in the car and drive over somewhere to get some kind of dessert. It’s not as easy and it’s not tempting you sitting right there. Anyway, that’s optimizing your environment. Obviously also, people you surround yourself with make a huge impact on us.

‏‏The key point here that was a big breakthrough for me was willpower. Finding out that willpower is a finite resource and that it dwindles over the course of the day. You will eventually give in to those cookies if they’re around 24/7. By the end of the day, you’re like, “Okay, I’ve tried so hard and I’m exhausted.” I give in. That’s because willpower gets used up. You don’t want to waste it on stupid stuff like the Oreo cookies.

‏‏And then the mind starts playing games. It’s like, “Look how good I’ve been all day long not having any of these cookies. I need to reward myself with just one cookie or two cookies.” And before you know it, you ate the whole plate. That’s why step five of the five-step breakthrough success system is to master your mindset, master your psychology. You’ve got to take control of your fears, doubts, limiting beliefs. You got to wipe those out and keep yourself focused on what’s positive, what’s great. Actually, the first chapter of Abundance Unleashed is actually called Thank God We’re Rich. The reason for that is because a handful of years ago, I really focused on gratitude for the year. I was just so focused on taking the time being really grateful and at the same time, my personal income increased by over $1 million that year, which was a significant jump. I didn’t go from making $20 million a year to making $21 million a year. It’s definitely was making way under $1 million a year and now making $1 million-plus. When I looked at which of those two things made a bigger impact on the quality of my life, the gratitude, or the million dollars, it was clearly the gratitude. It made a huge difference in the quality of my life versus the million dollars. The million dollars was nice, the million dollars was great, but the gratitude was much better. At my live events, in my audience is I’ll ask people which of these do you think made the biggest difference in the quality of my life? Most people, “Oh you know, it’s the gratitude.” I’ll say, “If I could just give you some extra gratitude or give you $1 million, which would you pick?” Most people will pick the million dollars because we think gratitude is easy and the million dollars is hard. It may be true that gratitude is easier but just like happiness is the way, gratitude is the way. If you want to be richer, gratitude is the way. It will not only make you feel richer but it helps to attract more wealth to us. I grew up poor.

‏‏I did too, by the way.

The more we see ourselves as rich, the more likely we’d take on that identity of I’m rich.

‏‏The more we see ourselves as poor or middle class, the less likely we are to actually become rich. The more we see ourselves as rich, the more likely we’d take on that identity of I’m rich. We’re much more likely to attract more wealth and abundance to us. You don’t want to make it be fake. You don’t want to pretend you’re rich. You don’t want to be faking, “Oh, I’m not really rich but I’m just going to go ahead and say and think that I’m rich.” You want to realize that you are rich. That’s where the gratitude comes in. Because I realize now I didn’t grow up poor. I thought I grew up poor but I actually grew up rich. I was just comparing myself to the wrong people. I was comparing myself to people who had nicer clothes, who had the fruity-smelling markers, etc. and not the people who had less. Yes, there were times when we didn’t have electricity or water but mostly, we did have most of those things most of the time. That makes us richer than the richest kings of 1,000 years ago because they didn’t have running water or electricity. They didn’t have washing machines or microwaves. Kings would’ve toppled over kingdoms if they could just get what we have. The other kicker is I resented having to cook myself dinner most nights when I was 12 years old. We had food from the food pantry. Basically, the only thing I really knew how to make was macaroni and cheese. That was my dinner almost every night. I’d make macaroni and cheese. I grew to hate macaroni and cheese. Now, I make some really good money. I hired a private chef to cook for us most days of the week. I have three daughters. Guess what they want to eat for dinner almost every night?

‏‏Macaroni and cheese.

‏‏Mac and cheese. Exactly! My kids would think I was richer than they were because, “Oh my gosh, you could have all the mac and cheese you want.” We don’t want them eating a lot of mac and cheese, right? We want them eating a little bit healthier than that. But sometimes, mac and cheese, “Oh my gosh, you could have all the mac and cheese you want.” Rich is such a perspective. I realized, back then, I was rich. I just didn’t realize it. I didn’t own it. I thought poor me, poor us, poor my family because we don’t have as much money. My parents argued a lot. It wasn’t all about money but sometimes it was about money and I just felt like, “Oh, money is the solution to all of life’s problems. If we just had more money, then my parents wouldn’t argue. If we had more money, than I could be cool. I could be liked. I could be loved. Everybody would want to be my friend because I could give everybody a fruity smelling marker.” That’s the crazy thing too. Coming back to mastering your psychology is this kid’s name was Ron. How did he grow up? Is his life better than my life now? Did he struggle more than I struggled? Did he struggle less? Who knows? I don’t remember him. I haven’t looked him up or anything. He may have grown up thinking, “Oh my gosh, if I want people to be my friend, I need to have any of the coolest stuff all the time.” He might wonder like, “Gosh, how do I really know who my friends are because they only like me for my things.” Who knows what his life turned out to be? Our psychology is so critical because we all screw everything up in our minds. Everything is perfect for most everybody. If you’re not fighting for your own survival, your life is pretty damn great.

‏‏This is true. I agree with you. I also grew up poor, but now, I’m rethinking that because even though for a large part of my childhood, I grew up in a ghetto and I almost got abducted just walking around the block once as a four-year-old. It was really scary. It was a very, very bad part of town. I basically stayed indoors all the time. I didn’t have any friends or anything. It was not fun. But there’s a different story there that I couldn’t make up about that experience. That it created in me a resilience and a drive to be successful and to make a difference and do a lot of important things in the world, to have a real impact and to not be a victim of my circumstances. I never felt like this is all I get. I never felt like I’m stuck in this world. I was driven to do something great and to get out of that world. It was for my benefit. It was to serve me. It was a gift even though I didn’t see it as a gift at the time.

There’s always a gift in every painful experience.

‏‏In the moment of painful, hard times, it’s hard to see the gift but there’s always a gift in every painful experience. Sometimes, we keep paying the price. Something bad thing happens to us, whatever, “bad thing.” It’s there to serve us. It’s there to help us grow. There’s a gift in it. Maybe it helps us be more compassionate. Whatever the case may be, there’s a gift there.


‏‏Many people never find the gift and even if they do, they’re still paying the price because they’re still suffering about their past. What I would love to invite everyone to do is to let go of the suffering, let go of the story. As tough as it was for you, can you imagine living in many of the third world countries around the world where you’re living under tin shack next to a million other tin shacks?


‏‏There’s a story and all of our stories, they can either serve us or they can hold us back. Whatever our story is, it doesn’t matter. It’s not about getting rid of the story or finding a new story. You can do that. You can always find a new, empowering story. The most important thing to me is that you don’t keep carrying the suffering with you. There’s the story of the two monks who were traveling across the countryside and there was a woman who needed to get across the river. She couldn’t make it by herself. She looks like she was in trouble. Monks are apparently not supposed to ever touch women but this woman was struggling to get across the water, she was in danger so he picked her up, carried her across the river, and then the two monks went on their way and they were walking for many, many more miles. The other monk said, “I can’t believe you picked up this woman. We’re not supposed to do that,” and all of the stuff. The other monk said, “I put her down miles ago and you’re still carrying her with you right now.” We can carry stuff with us forever but we can let it all go too. Maybe your parent abused you or maybe your parent neglected you or maybe somebody in school bullied you, which certainly happened to me. It may have happened to you. It happens to lots of people. All those things that happen to us, yes, there’s a gift in it which we want to find ideally. But whether we do or whether we don’t, let’s not keep carrying the pain of that with us for the rest of our lives. Let’s get to peace about it. Let’s not keep paying the price. It’s not like we need to go back and revisit every painful experience just to make sure we get it to peace, but if something is affecting us today from our past, let’s make peace with that.

It’s not like we need to go back and revisit every painful experience just to make sure we get it to peace, but if something is affecting us today from our past, let’s make peace with that. Share on X

‏‏How do we do that? How do we make peace with something? I know you’ve got these amazing processes. I got to experience that in one of your seminars several years ago. Let’s share a bit of what that’s like and what it’s about.

‏‏Great. We talked about muscle testing a little bit. The two main techniques I used on myself almost daily anytime I realize something is pushing my buttons and they’re new, different things. When we use these techniques, we can get to permanent peace about that particular topic. Let’s say if you have a fear of public speaking, you could use these techniques and get yourself to a place of peace and then actually go public speak and feel calm, feel excited, have fun with it, enjoy it. For another example, if you have maybe something that happened in your past that have been tormenting you and you want to get to peace about it, same thing, you can use this and you can get to neutral, get yourself to build I think back on that situation that used to make you so upset, freaked out, whatever. Now, you can look back at it and just be neutral about it. I know that can sound like, “Oh my God. Is that really possible? I don’t believe it.” People invest a lot of years, a lot of money and therapy, I’m not saying never go to therapy and I’m not saying that there isn’t value there, all I’m saying is these techniques are the most powerful techniques I’ve ever come across for being able to change yourself, to let go. We’re not changing the inherent nature of who you are. You’re actually freeing yourself, freeing your inherent nature, your inherent power because all that stuff, the fears, the baggage, anything that we’re hanging onto that’s pushing our buttons, is keeping us from being our most powerful versions of ourselves because deep down, we are all infinitely powerful, infinitely creative, infinitely resourceful but we don’t show up that way because of these fears, because of the anger, the baggage, whatever the stuff is that we’ve got going on. How we get to peace, the two techniques that I use the most are the Peace Process and Instant Miracle. I’ll explain the Peace Process first.


Setting Your Heart on Fire by Raphael Cushnir

And then I’ll explain the Instant Miracle. I had a new friend. We met from going to a couple of seminars together. She would exercise like a maniac. I just felt like she’s running from something. There’s maybe something going on, something happened to her. I don’t know what but I could just sense that there was something under the surface that was maybe not resolved. Within a few weeks of moving to San Diego, which was about 14 years ago, I went to a little workshop from Raphael Cushnir. He is the author of the book called Setting Your Heart on Fire and many other books. At this workshop, he said he had some painful experience and people were trying to give him all sorts of advice, tell him how to get over it. He just said, “You know what? I’m just going to let myself feel horrible. I’m just going to let myself actually feel all this stuff.” When he did, eventually, it just ran its course and he got neutral about it. I was at another seminar. I’m a learnaholic. I was at another seminar. It was someone else who did a similar technique but instead of just feeling the feeling, he tuned in to the most intense part. I saw that helped people overcome their stuff. I took those two ideas. Just being present to the feeling without trying to make it go away, tuning in to the most intense part, I took those two ideas, combined them together, and then added some nuances to it in how you just send the feelings loving energy, some other things. Here’s how it all works. Ultimately, if anything is pushing your buttons, peace isn’t only possible. It’s inevitable if you’re willing to do the work on it, if you’re willing to work on yourself. I believe success is inevitable.

Whatever you want to achieve, you can have it if you’re willing to do the work in the world, if you’re willing to work on yourself, and you never give up. That third one is definitely the kicker because most people would give up before they get to the success they want. Most people give up before they even get started because they’re afraid of failure. Failures are the bricks that pave the way to success so we’ve got to fail, we’ve got to be comfortable with failure. That’s a lot of times what I’m helping people to heal and to let go of, maybe it’s fear of failure because that fear of failure keeps us from actually even going for it. How it works is just a few steps. Step one is if you think about the thing that pushes your buttons. Let’s say, it’s fear of public speaking. Imagine yourself public speaking and you think about, “Oh my gosh, if I were to get up on stage, maybe my mouth would get dry, my palms would get sweaty, my armpits would swell like crazy, people would be looking at me thinking I’m supposed to do something, they would see how nervous I was which would make them think that I was going to be horrible.”

Whatever the heck crazy fantasy goes through people’s mind if they have a fear of public speaking. It’s going to be different for everybody. Some people might be like, “Oh, no, I don’t care about sweating and people seeing my sweat. It’s like what if I screw up my talk? What if I say something dumb? What if people laugh at me?” I’m doing my best to make people laugh so I want people laughing when I’m teaching or leading a seminar. We’d imagine the situation. It doesn’t have to be public speaking. Whatever anybody has, you can just imagine, maybe it’s going up and talking to somebody that you’re interested in, you want to ask out on a date, or whatever the case may be. You think about the thing and then you notice that the feeling is actually somewhere in your body. Step one is you think about the thing that pushes your buttons or maybe it’s something from the past. You think about that situation like my mom abandoned me, or my mom did this, or my dad did that. You just think about that situation and you notice where the feeling is in your body. Maybe it’s in your chest, maybe it’s in your throat, maybe it’s in your stomach. It could be anywhere really. Generally, it’s usually somewhere along your chakra line but it could be anywhere. Sometimes, it’s in people’s arms, hands, feet. It could be anywhere. Head.

‏‏What type of feeling is it typically for somebody? Is it like a tightness in the chest or is it like a feeling of pins and needles? What’s most common?

‏‏It could be anything. You just want to look for something that feels not good.

‏‏And different, I guess, from when you’re in your normal state.

We are biologically designed to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

‏‏Basically, yeah. For some people, feelings are up for them a lot of the time. We are biologically designed to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Avoiding pain means we stay alive because we don’t jump into a fire, or jump off a building, or race after wolves trying to eat us, or whatever. Pain is bad. Pain is not good for us. Pleasure, it’s like food, sex, whatever. That not only keeps us alive, it keeps our species alive. We are biologically hardwired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. When it comes to feeling emotional pain, we treat it the same way as if it’s like, “Okay, I felt humiliated when I had to answer that question in school. I said the wrong thing. Everybody laughed at me. I felt humiliated. Now, I don’t want to ever answer a question in public, let alone speak in public because I might that humiliation again.” Not only that but like, “I want to stuff down that experience and push it down. I don’t even want to feel it even when I think about it.” We stuff our emotions down and we try to avoid feeling those feelings not only by doing the things that we create the feelings but by even feeling the feelings at all so we try to distract ourselves with food, internet, drugs, alcohol, TV, even positive ways like being a workaholic or an exercise-aholic. It’s a healthier way but it’s still oftentimes avoiding feeling feelings.

‏‏It’s an escape.

‏‏It’s an escape. What we want to do is the ultimate escape, the great escape, the ultimate great escape is to not escape at all but to transcend the feelings by feeling them fully and completely until they are completely gone. Step one is you think about the feeling, you can think about the situations that might push your buttons. Step two, you tune in to the feeling in your body. Where is it? You just tune in. You just scan like, oh yeah, it might be in your chest. It might be in my stomach. Some people, maybe, just don’t even know. But just tune in to your physical body anyway and you might start to set. For some people, yeah, maybe it’s tension up in your shoulders. I used to carry a lot of tension in my shoulders. I actually used to carry it in my neck and then I let that go and then I was carrying it in my shoulder for a while and then let that go. But it wasn’t actually in my neck or shoulders. The tension was there but the emotions were in my stomach. Sometimes, if you can’t feel weirdness in your body and you just feel some tension, just go ahead and be present to the tension. That’s fine too. But eventually, you might notice that there’s oh yeah, there’s something in that feeling in the pit of your stomach or your throat tighten up or whatever it might be. Just tune in to the feeling, you’ll find it. That’s the second step.

The third step is to tune in even deeper and find the most intense part of that part. Let’s say it’s in your chest or it’s in your throat. Tune in, is there a spot within the area of your chest where it’s the most intense? It’s kind of like a bull’s eye but it might not be in the middle. If the bull’s eye was the feeling and the whole [00:42:34] was the feeling and then the most intense part is in the bull’s eye, it’s right in the middle, but when it comes to our feelings, it might not be right in the middle but it’s still somewhere in there. You can find there’s a most intense part. You just tune into that and just keep your attention on it. These feelings are like oil in an oil candle. Our presence is the flame. We never know how much oil is in the oil candle but our presence will absolutely burn it out. If we stay present to the feeling, it will burn it out. We just have to stay with it. The next step is to just stay with the feeling and send it love if you can. We’re not trying to make the feeling go away. The more you try to make it go away, the more it’ll stay because what we resist persists. If we just surrender to the feeling, just let it be there, let it live, let it breathe, let it expand, let it contract, let it completely take you over, just let it be there. If you just be present to the feeling, just let it be, stay out of the mind, and stay in the body. Your mind might start racing in trying to find ways to solve whatever situation.

The best thing to do if you notice your mind racing is just to keep tuning back into the physical sensations and just get even more curious about the sensations themselves.

Like fear of public speaking, your mind might start going, “Okay, wait a second, if I were to do this or to do that, then if actually have to do public speaking but other people are on the stage with me, then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.” So then you start thinking, “Well, who could I have on the stage with me?” Your mind just starts trying to solve it. The mind actually can’t solve it. The best thing to do if you notice your mind racing is just to keep tuning back into the physical sensations and just get even more curious about the sensations themselves. Are they expanding, contracting, swirling, pulsating? Just notice what’s happening and just really tune in and then eventually, you will get to peace. How long will it take? I don’t know. For most things, it’s a matter of minutes, sometimes, a matter of seconds. I only had a handful of things that didn’t resolve within a couple of hours. That couple of hours may seem like a really long time but if you can imagine, if you had a lifetime of fear of public speaking or if you think about the advantages of being free of public speaking, some people not only have a fear of public speaking but they’re actively worried that they could get in situations where they would have to public speak and maybe it affects their job, or they don’t even want to go take a job because oh my gosh, or maybe they don’t want a promotion because if they got a promotion, yeah, they’d make more money, yes, they would do work they love more, but now, oh my gosh, they’d have to do these talks to all the team members.

You just got to think about what’s the cost of having this thing and then what’s the cost to your self-esteem to have it because there’s a part of you that feels like, “Oh my gosh, I’m not good enough, I’m not awesome enough because I have this fear of public speaking.” If you were willing to just feel these feelings long enough to actually get to peace, you just got to think, “Would that be worth it?” Would it be worth 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes? I’d say the vast majority of things I worked through myself and with clients usually resolves within 20 minutes. Some can take several hours where maybe they need to Peace Process for a little bit and then take a break, go have dinner, hang out with some friends, or whatever, hangout with my kids and then come back, Peace Process it some more. Very few things, I only had a couple of things that took me years to get through that I thought maybe would never get through. One of them was fear of heights. I used to be afraid of being up high, and again, I can get myself to feel the fear and do it anyway, build some good courage muscle but I didn’t want to just be able to feel the fear and do it anyway. I wanted to do resolve the fear so that I could be up high and just feel totally calm, totally comfortable. Actually, that one took about a year and a half of focusing on it. What I did is I decided to take up rock climbing, indoor rock climbing so I would force myself to get into situations where I’ll be up high and then I would Peace Process it and Instant Miracle it. Sometimes before I would climb, sometimes after, and sometimes, even right while I was climbing. Actually, I wouldn’t even say it took a year and a half. It took about nine months and then I got off of actually focusing, deciding I wanted to be free of it and then focusing on it. I got to the point where I can climb up a 55 ft wall at our rock climbing gym over here and just feel completely peaceful. No fear, no panic. When I first started, even a 25 ft wall, I wouldn’t even go all the way up because I didn’t feel comfortable even though I’m harnessed in and I knew logically, my brain knew I was safe but my body felt freaked out and scared.

‏‏I had a similar fear. The way that I dealt with it was through EFT, emotional freedom technique tapping. It was on a Platinum Partner trip to Africa where this EFT expert Fred Gallo worked with me right before I was going to get in a microlight. I wasn’t even going to get into a microlight, which is a hang glider with a motor attached. We’re going to fly over the Victoria Falls in this tiny little hang glider thing with a pilot and there’s no real seat. It’s a joke of a seat. There’s no way I was going to do it but then I did that tapping exercise for 40 minutes and it really had an impact. It stuck. It’s really powerful. In fact, I interviewed Fred Gallo on this podcast, episode 53. Listeners, great episode where we talk about that process. Your process is obviously different from tapping and it’s permanent so you don’t have to deal with this particular situation again of fear of heights. It’s resolved.

‏‏Yeah. The Peace Process resolves things in the most complete, permanent way out of anything I’ve ever seen. I’ve been around personal growth basically since I was 12 or 13 years old. I’ve studied NLP, hypnotherapy, got master certified in both. I’ve seen people with tapping. I’ve done a little tapping myself. People do get really good results with tapping. I’ve found nothing is more permanent and powerful than the Peace Process especially when combined with Instant Miracle. Instant Miracle, I would say, does affect people similarly to the way that tapping does but then it does a gazillion other things too besides just what tapping does.

The Peace Process resolves things in the most complete, permanent way out of anything I’ve ever seen.

‏‏We got to talk about that one too.

‏‏We’ll get into that in a second. Peace Process, we’re almost to the end of it, actually. What we need to do is once you get to peace, then you want to think about the thing that was pushing your buttons before just to make sure you really are eat peace. Because if it was a level 10 intensity before and now you get it down all the way down to a level 2, now you’re not really super focused on let’s say public speaking and not thinking about it, it might feel like, “Oh, it’s resolved.” But we want to make sure it’s completely resolved so then I would just have somebody go, “Alright, now imagine public speaking. When you think about it now, how do you feel?” If it feels neutral, that’s great. I also that proof is in the pudding. If this is at one of my seminars, I’d be like, “Alright great, here’s the mic. Give a talk to the audience right now.” And see how do they feel. Are they scared or they feel good? Most of the time, they feel good. If they don’t, it doesn’t mean it didn’t work. It means we’re not done. We can always get to total peace. Again, we don’t necessarily know how long it’s going to take but fortunately, at the seminar, the few times I’ve worked with people on public speaking, we’ve been able to get people totally neutral, totally comfortable where they actually can pick up the mic and start teaching something to the audience. That’s the Peace Process.

‏‏That’s pretty amazing. You’ve had such great testimonials. People who have dealt with major, major things with the Peace Process, and then they just incorporate it into their lives. It’s just part of how they operate.

‏‏We have all this gunk holding us back. When we let go of something, again, not only do we resolve that situation but it frees up some of our energy, some of our power. If we all have 10 million unresolved issues, I don’t know about the numbers but let’s just say it’s 10 million and out of those 10 million, maybe you have 1,000 that are really super significant. If you were to clean up 100 of these in a year for the next few years, you just keep opening up more and more of your strength, your power, your energy, your resourcefulness, and your connection to source. A lot of our unresolved stuff keeps us from feeling fully connected because we are so in our heads. The more we’re feeling stuff we don’t want to feel, instead of feeling it, we get up in our heads trying to solve it and think through it. The mind is a powerful tool but it also is a powerful prison and we don’t want to be imprisoned there.

‏‏That reminds me of something I learned from the Oneness monks in India, is that let the tiger devour you. When you run away from those uncomfortable feelings, just let them come and let the tiger devour you and it will dissolve.

‏‏That’s a good one.

‏‏Yeah, very powerful, really stuck with me.

‏‏Let’s really quick talk about Instant Miracles especially since you opened with this. Instant Miracles, I don’t know how crazy to get here.

‏‏Let’s get really crazy.

‏‏Okay. If we were just going to be noncrazy, I’ll start not crazy and then I’ll get crazier. If we were to be not crazy, we would just talk about how science shows everything’s made up of energy, blah, blah, blah, science, science content, blah, blah, blah. We are energy. We can affect energy, blah, blah, blah. And so, I have this technique called Instant Miracle, which is an energetic healing technique. If I’m going to go crazy, we’re all crazy to a certain extent.

‏‏It’s not really crazy. It’s just metaphysical.

We all have spirit guides and I felt connected to my spirit guide a few times in my life.

‏‏It’s metaphysical. If we’re going to get metaphysical, then we all have spirit guides and I felt connected to my spirit guide a few times in my life. The first time was when I was shoplifting when I was in junior high school. I had a friend who shoplifted and kept stealing candy before we’d go to school or on the way home from school. I grew up kind of poor so I was like, “Wow. He keeps getting all this free candy.” And he wasn’t poor. In fact, his dad was a police officer. Eventually, he kept daring me to do it. I kept seeing him get away with it. I’m like, “I guess I’ll try it.” And then I did it. It was thrilling. I was like, “Oh my God.” And then I was getting free candy too. One night, I was laying in bed and I could just feel the presence of these three, I don’t know what they were, but now I know they were my spirit guides. I could just feel them say, “If you steal again, you will get caught.” I told my friend the next morning. I’m like, “You know what? I think this is really bad. We shouldn’t do this. Let’s stop.” He’s like, “You know what? I have the same feeling we should stop.” He’s like, “But let’s just do one last time.” I was like, “Alright.” At least we’re both now onboard with stopping.

‏‏Peer pressure.

‏‏We just did it one last time and he’s like, “This time let’s get something big.” Seeing how we were in junior high, big just meant big in volume not necessarily worth a lot of money like you got a big bag of chips. I got this big bottle of Gatorade that I put in my backpack. As I was walking out, there was this roll of Certs, it was a new flavor, and it was in the wrong bin. It was like almost glowing. I reached over. I grabbed it, put it up my sleeve, slid it down into my pocket and my friend and I went to go leave and he walked out the door and then I got grabbed by my jacket from behind and they called the police. Anyway, that was my first introduction to my spirit guides and that I should listen to them. I had some others in my life.

‏‏What happened with the police? That must have been uncomfortable.

‏‏Yeah. They never checked my bag so they didn’t even know I had the big bottle of Gatorade in my backpack. They drove me to my house and they wrote up a warning. My parents weren’t home but my older brother was. I was like 12 and he was around 20 so he’s definitely an adult. They were just like, “Hey, he was caught shoplifting. Here, give this to your parents.” That was it. That was the end of that, thankfully. I’ve had other run-ins with the law, which I’ll save for another time and I had other run-ins with my spirit guides and this feeling like a knowingness about things sometimes. I had some things I needed to heal. Basically, I reached out to my spirit guides to say, “Hey, can you help me with this?” I could feel healing would happen and I could feel relief. Most of it was emotional stuff I was getting healed of. And then eventually, after doing this for a while, I actually used muscle testing also as a way to communicate with my spirit guides because I could talk to them but I couldn’t necessarily hear them speak back to me but  I could have a knowing sometimes. Sometimes, I would just muscle test and I’ll be like, “Okay, can you guys heal this thing?” I’d muscle test. Yes, okay, great. Is there something more we need to know? No. This is ready to heal? Yes. Okay, go ahead, heal me. They would heal and then I would check if the healing is complete, great. And then I tune in and yes, lo and behold, it was resolved.

‏‏That’s where the muscle testing ties in with the Instant Miracle, is it’s a way to check in with your spirit guides or with that knowingness that’s inside you that is not articulating through speech.

To me, it’s about how useful something is, not necessarily about why it works, how it works.

‏‏Yeah. We all have a connection to this higher energy or whatever it is. Not necessarily my spirit guides, I’m not muscle testing and communicating with my spirit guides anymore. I could but when I do this work, I’m not necessarily connecting to my spirit guides and muscle testing is a way to connect to the greater intelligence of everything, I guess. I don’t really know. I didn’t invent muscle testing. There’s lots of training on that. I teach people how to do muscle testing and to me, here’s the thing. I don’t care really how something works. I just care about how to use it. I don’t know how my iPhone can do all the amazing things it does. I just am glad it can do it. I don’t know how electricity works but I know how to turn on the light and how to plug things in. To me, it’s about how useful something is, not necessarily about why it works, how it works. Someday, I’m sure scientists will help figure all this out but until then, I’m just happy that I have it. Anyway, I noticed that the healings were happening. And then eventually, I noticed that I would take these big breaths in when the healings would happen. That didn’t start off that way. And then I just had this knowing. I think I can just do this healing myself now. I muscle test it and it was true so I didn’t need to bother my spirit guides anymore. I could just do the Instant Miracle. I didn’t have a name for it originally. I would just take these breaths and things would get healed. I originally was just using it on myself for a while, then I had private coaching clients and they had some challenges. I was like, “Let me see if it’ll heal for them too.” And they got healed too. I started doing it at my seminars and people in my seminars, business owners who came to learn how to get clients and how to grow their business and some of the biggest stuff that holds us back is ourselves and so I’m like, “Well, let’s try and see if we could do it here. I’ve never done it for a whole group. Let’s try and see what happens.” We do it and people would be healed. Eventually, I started hosting live events just around Instant Miracle, where people come out for a couple of days at a time and just come in and get lots of healing.

And then I have one where I actually bestow the Instant Miracle gift on other people where then they can do Instant Miracle for themselves and for their friends, their family, their clients, etc. Instant Miracle, I didn’t even know originally that it was going to help people heal physical things as well but people with fibromyalgia have been instantly healed with Instant Miracle, people with lifelong migraines healed with Instant Miracle, people with chronic back pain healed with Instant Miracle, people who used to need hearing aids, after Instant Miracle, no longer needing hearing aids, and people who have vision problems who need glasses. In fact just at my last event which was not even an Instant Miracle. It was a business event that I just did a couple of weeks ago in Fort Lauderdale, we had somebody who had a dairy intolerance. I had to make sure there was zero dairy in anything she would eat because it would cause a serious reaction for her. We did Instant Miracle for her and she’s eating dairy no problem immediately and she also had vision problems. Here’s something funny that happened. She lost one of her contact lenses. She thought it got pushed up into her eye. She was trying to find it and couldn’t find it. She didn’t have her contacts and then she woke up the next morning and she could see so well she thought that her contacts were still in. She realized they weren’t in and then she went to the eye doctor and lo and behold, her eyes have improved. That’s one of those things too. Sometimes the healing is instant and it’s all immediately better, sometimes the healing happens and then the body needs to catch up.  I don’t know if her prescription now was, “Hey, you have 20/20 vision now.” But if she keeps letting her eyes heal, she can very well make it to 20/20.

Anyway, that’s what Instant Miracle can do. That’s sort of how it came to me from the spirit guides. It’s super helpful for emotional stuff too. Sometimes you don’t even need to do the Peace Process at all. Speaking of fear of public speaking, I was at an event and someone had a fear of public speaking. I just did one Instant Miracle and bam! She felt like no problem. That was the biggest thing holding her back. Her business was around cryptocurrency. Because she needed to talk about it and she needed to do a lot of public speaking and that was the biggest thing holding her back. And so bam! For her to be able to have that resolved that fast. Instant Miracle can help people release emotional stuff instantly. I use it with the Peace Process so it can help speed up the Peace Process. Sometimes if you have something pushing your buttons or whatever, the best is you could just Instant Miracle it and it’s completely resolved. That happens some of the time. The second best is you Instant Miracle it and you Peace Process it and eventually, it is completely resolved. The third best is sometimes you do those things and you still need to feel the fear and do it anyway if you haven’t had a chance to completely resolve it. Let’s say you have a talk coming up 20 minutes from now and you got to give a presentation and you’re freaking out, great, let’s Instant Miracle it, let’s Peace Process it but if you haven’t completely resolved it, you might need to feel the fear and do it anyway and then after your talk, let’s go back and Peace Process and Instant Miracle and let’s get you to neutral so that the next time, you can go up in public speaking and feel totally peaceful, totally neutral. That’s available to all of us. We can all get neutral. We can all get peaceful. We can all unleash our abundance and have more of what we want; more money, more love, more health, more happiness, which is what my book is all about.

Get Clients Today by Christian Mickelsen

‏‏Let’s get our listeners here to take powerful action. You had some amazing bonuses at that website. Why don’t you quickly share what those bonuses are if people buy the book.

‏‏If you go to, one of the bonuses is that we’re going to do a live Instant Miracle healing call, an Abundance Unleashed live group coaching call. We haven’t scheduled the date of that yet. It’s going to be probably after the launch and the launch is on August 29th so probably in September. That’s one of the bonuses. You’re also going to get a learning guide to go with the Abundance Unleashed book. That’s going to help deep in the learning. An action guide, basically. How to take it and get it more applied to your life. I did a one-day live event called Unleash Your Abundance Now. It was amazing. We taught a lot of stuff from the book so if you’re more of an auditory or visual learner and you’d rather get the info that way versus reading, it’s not a one for one retelling of the book by any stretch but there’s a lot of great stuff in there from this one-day event. You can study or you can watch that video after that one-day event. People paid some significant investment to come to that private one-day event and you guys are going to get the recordings of it for free. We’re going to do the Instant Miracle group healing call that I mentioned. The Abundance Unleashed companion guide. There’s also a Peace process toolkit. It’s great to be able to do the Peace Process on yourself, it’s also awesome to have somebody be able to facilitate, take you through the Peace Process, keep you tuning into what’s happening in your body right now, you’re doing great. I have a video that explains how to do that, which explains the Peace Process. I have a video that takes you through the Peace Process. There’s also a one-paged instruction on how to do the Peace Process. There’s also an audio of me taking you through the Peace Process so you could be listening to it as you’re going through stuff that you want to Peace Process. Those are all of the bonuses and there’s going to be more too. These are just the ones that we were announcing. We’re going to keep surprising and delighting people. All you have to do is get the book.

‏‏That’s amazing. I have to tell you that as soon as we hit off this interview, I’m going to buy the book because your stuff is amazing and all you, listeners, need to take immediate action and do it too. It’s just a no brainer.

‏‏Awesome. My greatest passion is just surprising and delighting people. I feel like anytime anyone makes an investment in anything I offer, my goal is to make them feel like it was the best investment they ever made. I want them to feel like they hit the absolute jackpot by joining me in whatever I’m offering so I’m going to make sure that people feel the same way. You can order the book. The retail price is $19.99. There are all the links to order it. You can order it on Amazon. I’ve seen it as low as $13.99 on Amazon. You can get it in Barnes & Noble, all those places. You have all those links there. Order it then you just take your receipt, on my website, you just post the receipt number in there and then you get access to all of the bonuses. I think you’re going to love the book. I just read it for the audiobook. I recorded the audio version of the book a couple of weeks ago and in reading it, I’m like, “Yeah, wow. That’s pretty good. Yeah, I forgot that was in it. That was pretty good too.” I think you guys are going to get a lot out of it. I’m on a mission to heal the world. I want to set us all free of our own stuff. Before we’re born, we’re a part of the infinite oneness of all. We’re connected to God. We’re one thing for nothing, infinitely powerful, infinitely abundant and then we are taken as a little drop of the vast ocean of all that is and dropped into an infinitely powerless little baby and we grow up feeling like, “Oh, other people are bigger, stronger, more capable. We’re weaker, not as smart, less capable.” We grow up through that experience of seeing these giants that has all this power and we have such little power. All that conditioning and these life experiences of some painful things, all those things hold us back. My goal, it’s like a seed that gets planted in the dirt and it’s got to make its way through the dirt but then on top of the dirt is there is this concrete. It’s like, can I get through the cracks? My goal is to just break up all that concrete so there’s nothing standing in your way of you being the most infinite version of yourself that you can be. That’s what Abundance Unleashed is really all about.

We grow up through that experience of seeing these giants that has all this power and we have such little power.

‏‏Amazing. I’m excited to check out the book. Is the audiobook also going to be available soon or now on pre-order?

‏‏I think it’s going to be released on the same exact day that the book is available. I’m not sure if you can pre-order the audio version of the book yet or not. I’ll have to look into that. I just recorded it about a week and a half ago. The wheels may be in motion so it could be possible that they may have already pre-planned it and already have it available and pre-order the audiobook as well. I’m not sure.

‏‏Alright, awesome stuff. Thank you so much. I’m just curious, is it possible that people could work with you on a private basis, or are you not taking private clients anymore?

‏‏I do work with clients privately but I actually have a team. It’s extremely expensive to work with me and when I say extremely, I think I’m one of the I don’t know, top 10 probably highest-paid coaches on earth, maybe even one of the top two, maybe even number one, I’m not even sure but I’m pretty expensive but I do have the whole team of coaches that can do Instant Miracle and Peace Process that are certified and handpicked. I’ve certified hundreds of people, over 500 people to do Instant Miracle and Peace Process and muscle testing, and all this whole methodology. We only have about 20 coaches on our team. We’ve picked the best of the best, people that are really good at it. If somebody wants to work with me and maybe can’t afford it, we do have a team of people available. Really, one of the best places to go is starting with the book, and if you are drawn to this or if you just feel like you want to go even deeper right away, start at, and then we’ll direct you to some info on our live events. I have actually a live event coming up called Instant Miracle Experience where I’ll be doing the sealing for people for three days straight. People can come to the event and have a chance to work with me up on stage as well as when I heal anyone up on stage, I’m also healing everyone on the room. If somebody else has a similar issue about money, or relationships, or health, or whatever, it’s going to affect you too and I found most people have a lot of stuff to heal. There are plenty of good stuff that’s going to happen. Everybody has huge breakthroughs if you come to the event and some are just mind-blowingly miraculous. We got that one and then if people want to go even further, then we’ve got the four-day event where we actually teach people to do the Instant Miracle and that’s called Instant Miracle Mastery. People can go to and if they want to learn more about those events.‏‏

How To Quickly Get Started As A Personal Coach by Christian Mickelsen

You also have some great trainings on how to get more clients and how to be more successful in your coaching business or your consulting business. Get Clients Now I think is the name of that seminar?

‏‏Get Clients Today.

‏‏I’ve been to that and that was great. If you’re just wanting to get more clients or to expand your business, you could go to that seminar and get a lot of value too. It’s not just the metaphysical stuff. There’s business stuff too for you as well.

‏‏Yeah. We help people get clients, grow highly successful businesses and my goal is to help people make more money than they ever could have imagined by helping other people. I’ve helped coaches go from zero to six figures very quickly. One of my students just did it in 34 days. Tons of money to be made in coaching. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, if you’re not a coach yet, you might want to consider it. I have other books I’ve written: Get Clients Today, How to Get Coaching Clients, and How to Quickly Become a Personal Coach is another book for people who are looking at getting into it. The best place to start is That’s going to be really the gateway to all of things Christian Mickelsen that can help people get wherever they want to go.

‏‏Awesome. Listeners, you’ll be able to quickly get to everything but like Christian said, just go to as a gateway to all of Christian’s awesome stuff. Thank you Christian and thank you, listeners. This was, I think, very inspiring, and if you take action on this, life-changing. We’ll catch you on the next episode of Get Yourself Optimized. This is your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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