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By: Stephan Spencer


What’s the secret to becoming financially wealthy? Many of us relentlessly pursue the almighty dollar but fail to get rich. As you’ll learn in this powerful episode, you have to let go of your attachment to money and focus on solving the world’s problems in order to secure more wealth. Money is a manifestation of energy and it needs to be treated and respected accordingly.

Here to explain all this is the remarkable Dame DC Cordova. DC is the CEO of Excellerated Business Schools, which boasts over 100,000 graduates and helps entrepreneurs create meaningful businesses  that solve problems and make money. I took her excellent seminar Money & You a couple years ago. It was so powerful and had such an impact that I just had to bring her on the show to share her perspective and abundant wisdom with you.

DC Cordova
“Embrace your humanism and become in love with the world.”
DC Cordova

In this Episode

  • [01:45]DC clarifies that she is the CEO of her company, but isn’t the one who created all the content and concepts, which comes from the wisdom of many experts.
  • [02:50]We hear what about Buckminster Fuller is so incredible from DC’s point of view, as she lists some of his remarkable accomplishments.
  • [04:53]DC discusses another remarkable man: Huang Ming of Solar Valley China. She then explains how he became a billionaire.
  • [07:47]DC offers a resource for learning more about Buckminster Fuller, then points out how the things Stephan has been saying reveal that he’s a Money & You graduate.
  • [10:19]Stephan relates DC’s point to a Kabbalistic teaching from Yehuda Ashkenazi, who was a previous guest on Get Yourself Optimized. DC then brings that concept back to the topic of money.
  • [13:36]We hear about DC’s thoughts on Bitcoin.
  • [16:00]Money is an exchange of energy, Stephan points out, then explains why it’s so important to be respectful of it.
  • [19:06]If you’re listening to this, part of you is taking you down a path that you really need to listen to. DC then explains her link with Tony Robbins.
  • [21:10]Stephan agrees that Tony Robbins talks regularly about success leaving clues.
  • [24:32]DC explains that there are two things to pay attention to: how much time are you spending in income-generating activities on a daily basis, and how are you leveraging yourself?
  • [26:41]We learn about the gift that DC is going to give to listeners.
  • [29:28]DC clarifies the difference between a mission and a purpose. Missions can be accomplished, while purposes are ongoing. She then talks about synergy and creating results.
  • [34:11]What does DC mean by “personal clearing”?
  • [36:05]Stephan mentions an Get Yourself Optimized episode with Jonathan Fields that was dedicated to meditation.
  • [37:24]DC discusses emotional mastery as it relates to money. She also touches on some of the losses of her young life, and discusses her dark years.
  • [39:53]We hear about the powerful and transformative event that occurred when DC was 26 and shifted her perspective.
  • [44:14]Stephan clarifies a couple things that DC has said, then shares a transformative experience of his own.
  • [45:24]DC mentions conscious breathing, then explores how the kind of experiences that she and Stephan had leads to doing good for humanity.
  • [47:02]We learn about how DC’s mother reacts to watching the news on TV, and DC’s realization that her reactions apply to all of us.
  • [49:22]Stephan emphasizes that it’s a lot easier for money to come when you’re not attached to it.
  • [52:39]DC shares what she believes Buckminster Fuller would say to Stephan about this podcast. She then offers wisdom about not hurting others.
  • [54:51]Stephan brings us back to something he was trying to remember earlier in the episode, which are externalities.
  • [56:33]The whole Money & You program is designed to integrate left- and right-brained techniques, DC explains.
  • [59:04]Stephan describes a powerful exercise that allows you to access your right brain, as he learned from Bill Donius.
  • [61:21]DC invites listeners to come to Money & You.

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‏‏Have you ever considered that money is energy? Yes, we’re about to get metaphysical about money. But I promise you, it’ll be worth it. Hi, I’m your host Stephan Spencer, and joining us today is DC Cordova. I went through her excellent Money & You seminar a couple of years back and it left an indelible impression on me. You’ll hear more about that in this episode shortly. This is episode #106 by the way. DC is the owner of Excellerated Business Schools, which boasts over 105,000 graduates and helps entrepreneurs to create businesses that help solve world problems. DC, it’s great to have you on the show.

‏‏Thank you. I am so glad to be here.

‏‏I’ve just been so touched by the content that I’ve received from you through the Money & You program. I just wanted to make sure my listeners could meet you and learn from you and get some of this – just a few of the many distinctions that I got from Money & You and from your teachings. Yeah, it’s great to have you on.

‏‏Thank you. Thank you. Let me just sort something out really quick. I am the CEO. I’m the one that runs the company. I’ve been behind it for nearly 40 years, and these are the teachings of some magnificent masters that had been put together masterful. I am the one that makes sure that the product gets out there, and that is a big distinction that I want people to really get from the get-go.

How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity through spontaneous cooperation in the shortest possible time, without any ecological offense or to the disadvantage of anyone?

‏‏You’re a curator of amazing content, wisdom of the ages…


‏‏… from people like Buckminster Fuller, that you have curated so magnificently.

‏‏Thank you. Thank you.

‏‏Yeah. Actually, let’s start by talking about Bucky, Buckminster Fuller. He was such an amazing, amazing human, and made a real profound difference in the world, but many people don’t know who he is or was. They had maybe never even heard his name before. What is it about Bucky that is so incredible from your point of view?

‏‏Well, let’s just say, first you know him from having created the Geodesic Dome. If you have ever been to EPCOT Park, that park was actually dedicated to Buckminster Fuller by the Walt Disney – I mean, Walt Disney adored Bucky Fuller. He coined the words “synergy,” the words “Spaceship Earth.” Bucky Fuller was probably one of the first outspoken environmentalists. He was speaking about taking care of Spaceship Earth back in 1930, 1935. He was the man that any major projects like The Hunger Project or other projects that have been the big movers of bringing awareness to the planet, that the world lives in a paradigm of scarcity and we need all to move into sufficiency in order for us to have abundance, which means that every single human being on the planet can be cared for. They can have shelter, food, clean water, clean air. And in that process, as a businessperson – as an entrepreneur, this is the part we brought in – was that businesspeople, entrepreneurs are the ones that make this happen, and they are the ones, who can create products and services that answers Buckminster Fuller’s question: How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity through spontaneous cooperation in the shortest possible time, without any ecological offense or to the disadvantage of anyone? If you can answer that question with a product or service, the likelihood of you being wealthy, being rich, and being happy have increased by 1000%.

‏‏There’s one person that you brought to Money & You, who I got to meet – who has done very much that. He’s become a billionaire in the process. I’m talking about the billionaire who created – yeah. Remind me of his name again.

‏‏Huang Ming. He is the creator of the Solar Valley, and people can go to and learn all about it. He is the world’s leading solar architect and the only man on the planet that has a solar valley, that’s about a half-a-million square meters, I believe. He has a city – he has provided solar energy for a city of 7 million people that most people heat the water that way, and all the city lights are powered that way. It’s a true solar city. He became a billionaire without even caring about money, or he has a whole other energy about money that he is completely, completely committed to the greening of the planet. He started with China and was responsible for the first green law in China. I have nothing but good news from China. I’m the good news bearer from China, because most Americans – most people have no idea that 50% of farmers in China use renewables and will be the first country on the planet to be a major power that’s completely green.

‏‏Wow. Did he become a billionaire because of his work in solar? Or because of something else?

‏‏No. Because of his work. Because he not only – he does mostly solar, but he has other technologies, as you know, in renewables. There are several key ones, and what he did though is that anytime that you have a product – just think about money and wealth this way: If you can create something that a million people will buy, and they will pay a dollar for it, you will be a millionaire. If you have a product or service that people will pay more, you will probably become a billionaire. For those of you who are really interested in being a trillionaire, I truly believe that the first individual trillionaire is gonna be a person that solves the housing problem on the planet, so that it is done in a way that it really adds value to humanity, to communities, as opposed to just flipping real estate. Everyone needs a place to live. If you can find a product or service that solves one of the world’s big problems, you will become a trillionaire.

Think about money and wealth this way: If you can create something that a million people will buy, and they will pay a dollar for it, you will be a millionaire.

‏‏Yeah. Yet there are so many people that are just trying to build something for themselves or their own little nest egg. The costs that are borne by the environment, by society at large – they don’t even take into account because it doesn’t come out of their pocket. I forget what the name of those costs are – there’s a specific name for it. Do you know what I’m referring to?

‏‏No, I don’t, but if you’re talking about – what you’re sharing right now are the teachings of Buckminster Fuller – just to wrap up Bucky Fuller. By the way, people can go to, and you will have a library. My team, especially my wonderful web orchestrator – his name is Duane Jaworski – put together a library, where you can go find out information about Bucky Fuller, but the reason why you even got started on that is because you are a Money & You graduate. Without realizing, you spent three-and-a-half days with us, where we were using left and right brain teaching techniques, which got inside into your unconscious, into your subconscious. You got principles that will forever affect the way that you see the world because it taps into, what Bucky called, the phantom captain – that invisible captain, that part of us in every human being, that you know what a perfect pair of shoes would feel like, even though you may never have a perfect pair of shoes. When you step into those shoes that are so perfect, how did you know that – that it was a perfect pair of shoes? Because the phantom captain in each and every one of us knows the suffering of other human beings, that knows the needs of other humans, and as we become more sober. What I mean by that – I’m not talking about alcohol-free. I’m talking about sober in the way that we experience life, in the way that we really accept all of our shortcomings, the way that we accept our fears and we embrace our humanness – the more human that we become, and the more in love that we become with the earth, with love, with life, with our children, with our spouses. You talk about great sex life, and I am very, very blunt about these things. You wanna have the best sex life in life – what you have to do is connect to your own heart, connect to your beloved’s heart. Then you will transform the way that you live, and people will be attracted to you. They will wanna buy it from you. They will want your product and services, especially if it adds more value to humanity, as opposed to sucking it dry…


‏‏…the way that many products do.

‏‏Yes. For sure. When you were talking about the phantom captain and how – somehow we seem to know what it would be like to have that kind of fulfillment, even though we may have never experienced it before. That reminds me of a Kabbalistic teaching. I had some Kabbala teacher actually on Get Yourself Optimized – on this podcast, episode #98 with Yehuda Ashkenazi. He’s actually my Kabbala teacher, and one thing he taught me that was really profound is that – first, he asked the question, “What do you think came first: fulfillment or desire?” What do you think, DC?

What do you think came first: fulfillment or desire?

‏‏I would say fulfillment. But only because it’s kind of a trick question that I have.

‏‏Yeah, it is a trick question. You got it right. Yeah. I guessed “desire,” but in terms of Kabbala – they say that if you had never experienced the thing, either in a past life or in an alternate universe or whatever – if you had no idea what that was like, you wouldn’t desire it. Like if I were to tell you that there’s this really delicious Indian dessert. It’s got ice cream and blah blah blah. I’d tell you the name of it. Would you want it? Probably not. I mean, especially if all I told you was there’s an Indian dessert named whatever, and “Would you like some?” You probably wouldn’t want it because there’s no desire when you don’t have any fulfillments that you can reference.

‏‏Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s why living in the unknown is so amazing. I’m gonna bring it back to money. I wanna bring it back to money because this is the number one subject. This is the thing that runs the world. No matter how you look at it – I have a whole spiritual side, that when people say things to me, “Why aren’t you just in that area?” Because actually money is very spiritual.

‏‏I agree.

‏‏I can do so many good things with it, and I can afford and I can – if you have any reason for creating wealth, do it so that you can solve world problems. Because I tell you, you will be – talk about fulfillment. Talk about being invited to the best parties in Santa Monica, in La Hoya, in Beverly Hills, in Hawaii, on Maui, where I am right now. It’s like you really need to understand that the whole piece about money is that – this is where our programs and our advanced programs, we do all these teachings of Bucky’s principles. He has six areas of how we create wealth. One of the things that we do is we teach people about true wealth. The room will have an aha. They go, “Oh my god.” When people get what true wealth is, we are supposed to – when we’re constantly just chasing money –money is just a means of exchange. It’s just a tool.

By agreement, we say a dollar means something. We all agreed, and the banks went crazy. This is where people don’t understand bitcoin. Now, just so you know. I have not invested in bitcoin. Do I think that I’m stupid that I didn’t buy when it was $200 a bitcoin, and I heard about it for the first time? I think I heard about it, when it was less than that. Yes, I feel a little bit stupid that I didn’t buy it. Now, the thing is though – I don’t feel so stupid, because just money for the sake of making money is not something that I aspire to nor does it really work. But you need to understand cryptocurrencies are hitting the planet so quickly right now, and you see all these bitcoin things right now, even though it’s been around – I think – since 2008. What is happening is that people are beginning to not trust the reality of money and of banking. Right now, there have been so many loss – I was watching the Townhall yesterday with Ryan, the Speaker of the House. He talked about the 300+ things that they had passed through but people are not even noticing that everything that was done in the prior administration was for many, many, many good things – they are being reversed, reversed, reversed, reversed.

When he said it – I know I’m keeping track of it, but when he said it out to the public, then all of a sudden, people went, “Wait a minute. Things are being changed, and I don’t know about it?” Then that brings another level of mistrust, and so now people are gonna turn into something that looks like it has no government, it has no bankers, it has nothing – that’s what the attraction to cryptocurrencies. This is where we come in. This is where our teachings have been around for so long, because we bring into people this new reality that they really need to be prepared, with education, with entrepreneurial education – peeking at the future with clear eyes, so that they can get a sense of what’s really going to be successful in the future, as opposed to looking at the past and try to make sense of the world that way.

‏‏Yeah. I couldn’t agree with you more. The way I see money is it’s an exchange of energy, and that money is spiritual because it’s just an extension of us as energetic beings. If we disrespect a penny, for example, by stepping on it when we’re walking down the street, instead of picking it up and putting it in our pocket, it disrespects the very energy that is encompassed within that penny. The quality of the energy – this is again a Kabbalistic idea – the amount of energy is what’s different. The quality of the energy is the same, when you look at a penny or you look at a million dollars. So you disrespect a penny, you’re also disrespecting the same energy that’s within a million dollars, and conversely, if you respect the money, you don’t throw the spare change that you get from the gas station into the penny jar because you don’t see it as worthless.

Money is spiritual because it’s just an extension of us as energetic beings.

‏‏Yes. In circles that I live in, I couldn’t talk that way, you see? I’m in the trenches. I’m in the trenches of Malaysia, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and some other countries – Indonesia, other countries. That’s where our work is – India. In India, they probably understand that conversation. What happens is that you are very advanced. You probably are in the hierarchy of needs, that Maslow speaks about – you already know that’s not it. You have that experience. But when most people would not understand that, and what they don’t understand – number one, that is the generalized principle by the way. What you just described is absolutely truth, but for most people, because they’re not in touch with energy – they’re not in touch with their own energy. They’re not in touch with the energy that even trees have or nature has or the earth has and money has. They don’t have an understanding of that, so what we do is we kind of break it down in a way so that we can speak to very advanced humans like yourself, but then we can also speak to someone that is trying to pay their rent, trying to buy insurance, and trying to pay for food for their kids. The best way to transcend all those lines is by having an understanding and always saying to ourselves, “I don’t know. As soon as I think I know a lot,” – this is my life. Something will happen, and it will show me that I don’t know that much. Then what we wanna do is we wanna learn patterns of thinking. This is what I always want for people listening that – and thank you, by the way, for having me on this beautiful program. Thank you to your listeners that are taking the time to listen. By the way, if you’re listening to this, there is a part of you, your phantom captain, that’s taking you down a path that you really need to pay attention to.

This people ask me – I get interviewed, and people say, “How’d you become so successful?” I do have a formula, which I am actually going to give a model, as a free gift that I’m gonna give to your people. It’s gonna be The Business Success Model. It’s actually a business formula, and I’ll talk about that in a few minutes. The combination of the two is the formula of following the clues. Tony Robbins did Money & You when he was only 23 years old. We supported him for the first year of his major coming out live. We put him on his first airplane to go from San Diego to Hawaii to do a firewalk here in Honolulu. One of the things that he talks about later – I just thought, I wonder whether he learned that from us – which is “success follows clues.” What you wanna do is you wanna get so tapped in, and all you have to do is decide. This is the thing. If you can – if you’re listening to this right now, I want you to have some kind of a transformational experience. Don’t just listen to me. I want you to just look deep and just make a decision that you’re gonna be seeing things differently, that you’re gonna hear things differently, that you’re gonna see with fresh eyes and begin to see what is really true for you – what is true for your community, for the earth, and then begin to see miracles. When all of a sudden, we begin to hear and see different business opportunities – and maybe our own business, that has been a struggle, that is gonna go out of business anyway, just because of technology, then we begin to feel safer within our own selves and begin to really see where the money – where the cash is.

‏‏Yeah. I do remember one of Tony’s expressions that he uses all the time is “Success leaves clues,” and I believe it. I would not be surprised if he got that from you guys at Money & You.

‏‏Actually, Bucky – Buckminster Fuller, too. We have been surrounded by masters. There are so many wonderful masters. A girlfriend of mine – I asked her. She’s kind of like a big guru in your industry, and I asked her for a testimonial. She did Money & You Business School and all this. She says it was so long ago, that I really don’t remember much. I’m actually gonna write a testimonial for her and send it to her because I remember exactly when she was in the room and she began to see and look into the future, so that when social media hit on the planet, she was ready for it. She was prepared for it. Her psychic, her energy was already ready for it. It wasn’t something that her brain got. Her spirit got it, and so you are in a field that is so fascinating because you’re beginning to shape the future. You’re beginning to shape the young people, and who would have ever thought how hooked everyone was gonna get on social media. I’m hooked on it. I love it. Social media was made for me. I love everything about it, and for some reason – I’m very strict about many things in my social media so people don’t engage with me and do all kinds of weird things with me. It’s very simple – is my social media. I don’t like what they say – it gets deleted. They get deleted. I have my own universe in social media, which is good news, good news, good news. One of the things that I do love about social media though is that you are influencers, and one of the reasons that – as I’m remembering more and more your beautiful book, and now you’re doing this – it’s like we actually shape societies now with tools like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn or whatever it is that people are using. The young people are really being influenced by it, so how can we add more value to them?

Where focus goes, energy flows.

‏‏Yeah. You get what you pay attention to, so you get more of it. If your social media newsfeed is all about the political in fighting and negativity and drama and all sorts of garbage, then you’re gonna get more of that in your life. You attract it because that’s where you focus. Where focus goes, energy flows. By creating a safe space for you in social media, like you described, where it is all about good news. You’re gonna not have the haters in your neighborhood. You’re not gonna allow the negativity at all. That’s great! So many people are not discerning enough when it comes to social media – not discerning where their focus goes or where their time goes, and then they get distracted. Then they lose focus and end up wasting so much time – losing that deep work capability that we all have, but we have to cultivate.

‏‏Well, there’s a thing called – I used to be called in to do – a consultant a long, long time ago. There were two things I was always looking for, and this is a money lesson for your audience. How much time are you spending in income-generating activities on a daily basis? How are you leveraging yourself? Those are the two key components to creating wealth – to creating money. You have to value your time. When you get up in the morning and you’re gonna go to work, you have to figure out which are the most income-generating activities that you’re going to do and which are going to be the ones that are going to create the most leverage for you. If you do five actions a day – that could be posting on social media. By the way, people can go to DC Cordova. That’s my regular page. My apologies. I’m almost up to 5,000, and so you can always go to Dame DC Cordova – that’s my fan page. Now I love it, because people can follow you. I have mine open. I mean, anybody that posts, I approve because I have my Timeline thing. I check everything that goes up, and you can come in and you can see. There are some postings. There are some things that I have said, that were a little bit controversial, because at that particular moment in my life, I was very upset about it. I mean, there are certain laws that are being passed right now. There are certain things like a bunch of federal land just got sold last week – that are gonna turn into developments. They are over 300 laws that have been passed, and all kinds of things are being done, while we’re being entertained with all these conversations about something else. You can be a pied piper, but in between, you also have to focus so much on the goodness and what the solutions are. This is where the money is. This is where the money is. The money is in the solutions to world problems. May I tell them a little bit about the gift I’m gonna give them?

‏‏Sure. By all means.

‏‏One of the things I wanna share with your audience is the Business Success Model. The creators of the work are a gentleman by the name of Marshall Thurber and the woman behind the power was Bobbi DePorter. Bobbi DePorter is the woman that has put on the planet a program called She co-founded that with another teacher that – they do magnificent work with teen education. One day somebody asked Marshall, a long time ago, “Can you just tell us what is Money & You all about? Just kind of like debriefing.” He debriefed Money & You, the program, but at the same time, I realized that it was actually this incredible model. As I was thinking that, he called it the Business Success Model. We were almost telepathic with each other. We worked very closely together for six years, and so the Business Success Model is like a model that they will see a pyramid. At the bottom, ‏‏you learn from mentors and masters – mostly masters. You want people that are masterful in one area, not masters in life, because honestly, I never met one of those. With the gurus, I find that they may not be masterful in certain things, but they’re masterful at what they’re teaching. Then you create a niche. When that particular niche – a niche is something that no one else is doing or you could improve on something that is already pretty famous, like Samsung improved on iPhones. Samsung – no matter what iPhone does, Samsung has the best cameras. Whenever my friends take pictures with a Samsung, I go, “I wish my pictures were that beautiful on the best iPhone that I have.” Samsung is a little bit of a sample of an improvement on an iPhone. You create a niche, and then you leverage that niche. That’s the third step of the Business Success Model. You leverage it through systems, through creating a very tight context – what you learn in Money & You.

The hardest thing in business are the people.

The fruit bowl theory of business, where you have very clear rules on how you’re gonna participate together, and then of course, you also have the people because the hardest thing in business are the people. People – we are so funny. We have feelings, emotions, and all that. Then once you create a very tight framework, context on how you’re gonna participate together, then you go into the one that’s – from leverage, you go to systems, and then you go to teams. You have aligned teams – teams who have a purpose together. They have clear rules of the game. They have a clear mission. A mission is something that you can accomplish, that’s actually – the difference between a purpose – a purpose is an ongoing process. A mission is something that is actually something that you can measure, so mine is – really one of our missions is to transform education systems around the world and eradicate poverty and hunger. People have said, “Oh my god. DC, how are you ever gonna measure that?” Most people don’t realize that right now, there are agencies on the planet that know exactly how many people – or pretty close – how many people are starving and how many people are dying and how many people are poor. Yes, that is measured. Then what you do is then you have a group of people that have very, very clear rules of the game, then you go onto creating a thing called synergy which is the word that Buckminster Fuller coined, which is to create extraordinary results that are unpredictable. Then from there, you move into a thing called Creating Results. In life, you either have results that speak for themselves, or you’re justifying or you’re making excuses why you didn’t create the results that you wanted to create. Life is very transparent, and that’s why I always teach my godchildren this. It’s like, “People will look at your life, and they will see what you have generated – what you have created.” It is this gift – and they can go to You can download that. I wanna really encourage people to just follow us in, but the ones who are ready to go global and to begin to really have a sense of the three major factors that are coming in – they are factors that are coming in that are crossing each other right now, that are going to make all the difference in the world in the next 3 to 5 to 10 years.

One of them, of course, is technology. It’s definitely technology. The other one is renewables. If you don’t believe in climate change or you don’t believe that renewables are the answer, you probably really need to listen to different people or really read different publications because it is definitely here in the United States. If we had it up to our leadership, we’d stay behind, but this is something that the States and the mega-mega-billionaires have taken on. The United States is gonna continue with this purpose, in that respect. Here is another sign of the entrepreneurs really pulling in their weight. The last one is contribution. We’ve gone into an era, that came out of technology, that now people really feel the need to make a contribution bigger than just to their own lives. There is a program we’re doing. It’s called the Global Excellerated Business School. The word “excellerated” – if they just go to my Facebook, they can see it everywhere. It’s a combination of excellence and accelerated. When you begin to be able to look at the future and see how it is shaped and in which direction it is going, at this point, you have advanced your ability to create wealth and use the Business Success Model so that you can have a formula. You can look at the future, and then you do personal clearing, which is what people do in our Money & You program, besides learning all the business stuff. When you do the two – this has been the key to every successful person that I know, whether they are billionaires, millionaires, or they are fantastic humanitarians, that have created legacies that are beyond excellent. I hope that you listen to this again because I cover quite a bit. I just feel inspired by you to share this information with your audience.

‏‏That’s awesome. Let’s just quickly define – what do you mean by “personal clearing”?

‏‏What I mean by that is that you need to become a master of your own emotions, of your own feelings, of your own behaviors and reactions. Next time you get upset about anything, take three deep breaths. Don’t do anything. Take three deep breaths and just go inside and take a look if you haven’t had this feeling before. Before lashing out or taking action, that may have very big consequences, like never ever, ever make a major decision when you are emotional. That also includes good decisions. That includes marriage. That includes what school you wanna go to. You need to sober up. That’s what we call sobriety. Once you begin to have these basic things – I highly, highly, highly recommend meditation. I’ve been meditating without missing a day – twice a day – for nearly nine years now. I honestly have to say, of all the things that I have done, has been the one that has calmed my nervous system and my emotional outbursts. I’m South American. I’m Chilean. I’m a Scorpio. I have all these reasons why I used to be so emotional, and they are all very justifiable, but the bottom line was that my emotions were out of control – a lot of people’s are, including people that only have outbursts once or twice a year, but they’re so grave. They’re very substantial that people around them get very sad. This is what I mean by personal clearing – knowing and then working with people that can help you.

Next time you get upset about anything, take three deep breaths. Don’t do anything. Click To Tweet

‏‏Yes. I loved that you mentioned meditation and recommend that. I have a whole episode – multiple episodes – but one episode in particular dedicated to meditation. That’s episode 75 with Jonathan Fields. Great episode. He’s really into mindfulness and had a – he got ringing in his ears, tinnitus, and it was driving him bonkers. He wanted to kill himself. Then he ended up using that as his gateway to mindfulness meditation because he didn’t know what to do. He just was getting to the end of his rope, and so he would try anything. He tried mindfulness, and that opened a whole new world up to him. He shares that story in the episode. Really powerful. I love the idea of personal clearing – of before doing anything, taking three deep breaths. That reminds me of the proactive formula, which is something we discussed in the Yehuda Ashkenazi episode on Kabbala. That’s the first step in the five-step process of the proactive formula. Before you react, you gotta pause, and part of pausing is to take a deep breath or three deep breaths, so that’s great.

‏‏The whole thing about emotional mastery – again, I go back to money, because I’m one of the people that – I suffer a lot when I was very young. I had a lot of loss – beloveds of mine were ripped away from my life. When I was 6, my best friend died. When I was 18, my beloved, my fiancé. Then I lost a baby. So what happened for me was that I got into eight years of what I call my dark years. I lived in hell for eight years. Even though if you were to have looked at me, you would have thought I was the most successful young girl on the planet because I was. Because I turned all my energy to success – to being successful, but I was so sad and so empty, so I moved to Hawaii at that time so that I could find some relief. I had an enlightenment experience when I was 26 years old, that gave me the sense of purpose that I now have. I know that there isn’t enough money on the planet to take care of any of that because I had already been there, done that. But one of the things that I know for a fact is that many people – because money in many ways runs the planet – spirituality doesn’t yet. We hope it will, but now what we have to do is the combination of the two – is the solution for many of you. That also means that you have to be very honest and accepting also what people call the dark side of you. I never liked to call it that. I have a wonderful teacher [Spurinson Rosal [0:40:01] that says, “Don’t judge yourself that way, because they’re not dark sides of us. They’re just parts of us that are emotional and hurt and in grief and helpless, so we love every aspect of ourselves.” Then when we meditate everyday – twice a day – then our nervous system begins to calm in a way that when the outbursts occur, we take our three deep breaths and accept those aspects of ourselves, but not act them out. That also makes you better business person. That makes you a clear thinker that allows you to see business opportunities and allows you to see how we can create products and services that add value to humanity.

‏‏Yeah, for sure. Would you mind sharing what that epiphany or that event was when you were aged 26?

‏‏Oh, it was so beautiful. I just have to give you a one-minute background, that I was living in Lahaina. I was gorgeous – gorgeous girl. I had a best girlfriend. Her name was Debbie Dollar. She was the heiress to the Dollar Rent a Car. One day, she says, “Let’s go to the bank. My daddy wired me some money.” I said, “Wire you some money? What is that?” She says, “Oh, you get money in the bank.” So I went with her, and of course, she went straight and bought drugs with that. She was a bit of a party animal. She was completely addicted. I was a little bit of a party animal – not too much, but nothing like her. But I loved her. She was beautiful. I went to a place that it was very dark for a while, very unconscious. Then I went on a month trip with my then boyfriend – a beautiful man – in a beautiful yacht. Through a series of circumstances, I ended up for the first time being completely sober – sober in every area. No drinking, no partying, nothing. We landed in our beautiful trip – we were probably three weeks into it. We ended up being in Hanalei Bay, and at 12 noon, it was the most beautiful, beautiful Hawaiian waters, like blue with shimmering, almost silver and gold. I looked at him, who was so beautiful, and my roommate, Susie, had come to join us for a few days. She was gorgeous. I looked at the top of the mountain. It’s called the wettest spot on earth in Hanalei Bay.

I did not put you on planet Earth for you to be a party girl. You have a job to do.

All of a sudden, just – it was so gorgeous, and my heart opened, but it felt like it had been ripped open because it had been shut down for eight years, since my beloved had been killed. I had a lost a baby by then, lost many friends – Vietnam War – all of that. I screamed. I literally screamed. In between, when my heart got opened and I screamed, I literally left my body, and I went into a place where I knew everything. I think I screamed because I thought I was dying, because it felt like death, like I was going back, back, back, back, back. I saw everything – why it had all happened. Then I saw myself in the womb, and then I saw myself in the cosmos. It was the most beautiful experience of the cosmos, and in many ways, the grandest of it all. There was no physical god. There was just this incredible energy, vibrations, the dimensions of love and light – that’s what I went into. There was an instant healing that occurred for me, and an understanding. I sense the words, “I did not put you on planet Earth for you to be a party girl. You have a job to do.” It was a deep sense, and then I came out of it. No one knows how long it took because we were all in our own little world. But when I screamed, it was like – my boyfriend and Susie thought something terrible had happened. Why was I screaming, when I was just so peaceful? I was a completely different person – completely different. My face changed. My body changed. My consciousness changed. We sailed back to Lahaina.

I immediately moved back from Maui to Honolulu, and the first case I had that they sent me as a court reporter – I was in the legal field for protection. Long story – that’s another beautiful story. I had gone into the legal field to feel protected, and I was gonna grow up to be an attorney. The first case we had was the state of Hawaii versus the EST organization, which was the biggest program – it was the predecessor of Landmark Education – for practicing psychology without a license. The top eight people were there, and they enrolled me into the EST training. In two minutes – I didn’t have a chance – I was writing a check in five minutes and ended up doing the EST training and began to look for my job, which became very clear 2 years later, that the work that I have been doing now for nearly 40 years was my job.

‏‏EST training – that’s Werner Erhard, …

‏‏Erhard. Yes.

‏‏… who’s an amazing man. Really amazing. We talked about him a bit on the episode with Ephraim Olschewski.

‏‏Oh yes.

‏‏Do you know Ephraim?

‏‏Yes. Well, no.

‏‏Yeah, that was a really cool episode. Yeah, so there’s this one experience I had at Oneness University in India that you reminded me of, when you were talking about your face changed, you felt like you left your body and everything. I had an experience like that at Oneness University in the temple there. It was profound. It’s like visiting other realms. My face physically changed. I had tetany for a while – because you do this rhythmic breathing and you kind of get lightheaded and everything is tingly, like whole parts of your body are falling asleep or something. It was really quite something. Had some really amazing realizations – spiritual realizations that came out of that whole experience, so I can relate.

When your focus is on adding value is when you create the most wealth.

‏‏That’s conscious breathing. That also has been called rebirthing – what you just described. Conscious breathing – I’m so happy for you. That is something that those of us that are blessed to have that – then there is no other choice, but to do good for humanity. That’s where the wealth comes in. I think that because I don’t have the attachment to money – because I know that money is not it, my focus is never on that. When your focus is on adding value is when you create the most wealth. One of the sadness that I have is that I think a lot of my spiritual friends don’t allow themselves to go through a whole other level of deservability. I have a little eBook that I wrote called Access to Cash: A New Definition of Wealth. If they go to, there is some really interesting conversations around money there, but that can take you directly into Amazon, where you can download the book for $9.00. One of the things that – in there, I have this chapter called Magical Exercises, which were exercises to build people’s deservability. I truly believe that the more spiritual that you are, the more deserving that you are because you already have it in your heart that you wanna do good. So allow yourself to have that wealth, so that you can do it faster. We are in a timeline right now. We can feel it on the planet. My poor mother – she’s 92 years old, and her little brain – sometimes she watches the news. I say, “Mom, please don’t watch the news anymore,” because it is her little brain just melts at what she sees and the way that the President acts or the people act. She goes, “Oh my god! I remember when a president was presidential. What happened to that? What is that little box with those letters? What is that ‘tweet, tweet?’ What is that?” I said, “Twitter, Mom. Twitter.” She goes, “What is it?” then I said, “Remember how I told you about social media?” She goes, “Where did that little box go? How does that work?” I’m explaining to her social media. She says, “How can so few, little words have so much influence?” Her little brain is melting, and it’s so traumatizing to her. I realized that she’s so innocent. She’s so beautiful because she comes from a completely different universe. Then I realized that that is how it’s affecting all of us. It’s not just my mother. It’s just that we have learned how to shield that pain, that is really coming out of that barrage of negativity. What I want my spiritual friends to do is to keep just – we keep doing our practices, but at the same time, we continue to build up with entrepreneurial education, with looking into the future – we’re learning. I’d love for you to come along by the way and spend eight days with us. We’re gonna be exploring how do we answer that question of Buckminster Fuller? “How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity?” By the way, if you go to my Facebook, in my headlines, you can download that – the picture and put it everywhere. Because that is the question. As we create wealth by adding value to humanity, that is gonna be one of the solutions, and then we keep doing our practices so that we keep uplifting, uplifting, uplifting the vibrational field, but at the same time, we have the ability to physically make changes that are really needed.

‏‏Yeah. I think it’s important to emphasize that when you are not attached to the money, it’s a lot easier for it to come. You build your deservability, but you don’t build attachment. You actually tear down the attachments. Some of the wealthiest people I know like one friend of mine – she’s a billionaire. Her name is Amy. She shares with me that one of the reasons why she’s so wealthy is because she’s not attached to the money.

‏‏Yes. Yes. Huang Ming is gonna be in Cancun this November 11th through the 18th, at the He’s gonna be there, and I’m hoping that he’ll be there all week. I don’t think he can, but as many days as he can be there. I’m asking him to just hang out with my people – just hang out, because when people are in the presence of somebody that is so committed to the betterment of humanity, like he has certain things that he says. He says things like, “It is totally criminal to take money from people that don’t have it. It is criminal to take money from the poor.” He goes crazy with people that get people to spend money on their credit cards, when they know that they can’t pay for it. It goes down to that level. It’s like, how do we live life in a way that it is about caring more about the other than ourselves? That is something that I work with, with myself all the time. My beloved, he’s a deeksha Oneness University person. Here in Hawaii, he set up even the center years ago. Yeah, I love deeksha. I can never pronounce it right, but I love the process. One of the things that is – the more love and light is what is needed right now in the world, but also the actions that we take – the little tiny actions with each other is what really creates the precessional effects – what Buckminster Fuller called – well, he didn’t call it that. He taught us about the physics term called “precession.” Precessional effects are the ripple effects of our actions. That’s what we are committed to creating so that we can uplift all of humanity’s consciousness, and I happen to do it through socially responsible businesses.

Precessional effects are the ripple effects of our actions.

‏‏We have no idea to what degree we are influencing the world with our actions. It’s quite powerful. Just a small thing that we do can have a – like you say – processional or ripple effect that spans hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps. We’ll never know necessarily that we did it, but it’s a – like for example, this podcast. I don’t know who I’m changing or improving the lives of, with this podcast, but I know – I have faith that there is a profound impact that I’m having through this podcast. That’s what drives me to keep doing it – one of the things.

‏‏This is what Bucky would say to you. He would say – and we listen to him for six years. He would come to our business school, and we study his books. We study his principles. We have Randolph Craft of the Big Island. If you look him up, he’s one of my friends in Facebook. He has 21 hours of Bucky translated into Chinese and also subtitles. He used to say things like, “You may never know your true purpose, but you can be assured that if you commit your life to the betterment of humanity, the great spirit will take care of you.” That was a rough quote of what Bucky said. You can be assured – totally assured – that this particular podcast – all of them will affect – just keep dropping the stones into the lake. Every single action that we take – we can’t afford to ever hurt anyone. If you’re doing something right now – and I’m talking to all the listeners right now. I tell myself this every day. If I’m purposefully doing something that even has a chance of hurting another, it will hurt me, and it will hurt another. It will hurt the whole, so stop. Just stop. Stop. You’re not happy in a marriage, in a relationship, have a beautiful conversation on how to complete it with your beloved. You have a product or service that’s hurting someone, that is hurting the environment – you’re competing with someone and because you think that is the American way to be in competition so that you’re this beautiful, spiritual person, except in the area of business. You feel totally okay in decimating your competition. I’m telling you right now. That will hurt you so deeply. Become a walking essence of the work – and do your best. Listen, if you were to look at my life, I’m sure you will find something because I’m working on it. I didn’t say that I got it all perfect, but I am working on it.

‏‏Yeah. One thing that I’d mentioned early in the episode – I was trying to find the word though – describes the things that you don’t pay for, but that society, as a whole, pays for or the environment pays for. Those are called externalities. That’s the word I was trying to search for. These externalities – you have to take into account. If you’re hurting the environment, in the process of creating this product, you might enrich your bank account with that, but it’s not going to enrich your soul. It’s not going to enrich your karma. Take into account the externalities. One other thing that I wanted to delve into in this episode, before we close out, is this idea of right-brain thinking. Because this is where you access a lot of your creativity. This is where you access a lot more of your open-heartedness, whereas the left-brain thinking is very useful and allows us to think logically and so forth. If we get access to the other part of our brain, the right brain, then we can have better decision-making. We can be more thoughtful and empathic. I just wanted to have us discuss briefly how in the Money & You program, you pull out from people their right brain and help them to access it in new ways, like for example, having them take notes in different colored markers.


‏‏Let’s talk about that.

‏‏The whole program is designed to integrate left and right brain teaching techniques. We had the honor – my mentors had the honor, and I was an assistant during the event. In September 1978, they hired Georgi Losanov, who was the creator of Super Learning. He was the man, who pioneered the left and right brain teaching techniques. We learned very, very early. All of our programs – 65% of our programs are experiential exercises, games, and ways of teaching people, activating the right brain. My mentors were the pioneers of experiential entrepreneurial trainings on the planet that create transformation. That’s what our Money & You program, our Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs program does. That’s what we’re gonna be doing in Cancun. What we do is we use certain exercises that then – what happens – you cannot change another human being. You cannot. You can only activate their own abilities to be able to see more clearly within their own consciousness, and the way to do it is the right brain needs to be activated because as you said, all the attributes of it that you already mentioned. See, the left brain is analytical. The left brain maintains, keeps all the information, the input – whatever it is that we’d learned in our left brain, that’s what occurs. What we wanna do is we wanna combine the two, and it is when you balance the two is when you have this incredible genius. Because if you are too much just in your right brain (only, only, only), and then you cannot really be able to verbalize your ideas and your concepts and your realizations. It gets a little bit tough. It’s the combination of the two, but definitely you can just – music activates it. Colors, physical activity, yoga, running, walking – endorphins get created, when the right brain gets activated. The touch and also meditation. It’s a very good point to bring out because it does allow for us to go to a whole other level of consciousness.

Colors, physical activity, yoga, running, walking – endorphins get created, when the right brain gets activated.

‏‏Yeah, and create things that we never thought possible.


‏‏There’s a really cool exercise to access your right brain that Bill Donius teaches, who was my guest on episode 19. He talks about how you’d put your – first you’d write something. Say, you wanted to come up with your totem animal or an animal that is meaningful to you. You write it down like you normally do in your dominant hand. Then you switch to your non-dominant hand. I’m right-handed, so I’d switch to my left hand. I’d put the pen in my left hand. I would close my eyes. I would just meditate, concentrate on something like the clock ticking or my heartbeat or whatever. I’d quiet my mind. I would then squeeze the pen in my left fist, and that helps kind of reset. Then I would start writing with my left hand, asking for the intention of having my right brain speak through my left hand, without saying – I wouldn’t verbalize anything. I wouldn’t speak to myself, because that would be my left brain. I’d just be quiet and let my handwrite. I wrote a completely different totem animal. I had zebra before, with my right hand, and then I had whale on the left. It’s like, “Wow! That really resonates,” now that I think about it. It’s so much more me, but I would never say that, “Oh yeah. I resonate with the whale.” Blue whale or humpback whale actually does really resonate much more with my core, with who I am – my spirit. Really powerful exercise. You can use it for formulating your to-do list each morning, for strategizing, business planning, anything where you wanna just access your right brain. Really, really cool.

‏‏Yes. Once you get into that field, it’s magnificent. You can even Google it. There are some beautiful exercises I work with. I wanna invite everyone to come to Money & You. We have a Money & You program in Southern California at the beginning of November. You go to, and also download the four-session Business Makeover, while you’re there, so you have an opportunity to be able to connect with us and stay in touch. Just go into all the different – you can Google me “DC Cordova” and you will see many things that I – for those of you that may not be in a place that you can pay for things, I do have quite a few podcasts and articles and things. I’m very committed to getting people really empowered so that they can create financial independence for what it is that they want, that they need, that they desire, as opposed to trying to “just be rich.” That is not something that I ever encourage people to do, except to really follow your heart and see what it is that you really desire and how you can add more value to humanity with the money that you do have.

‏‏Always with a higher purpose.

‏‏Well, thank you so much, DC. This was wonderful, enlightening, inspiring. I also encourage the listeners to check out the Money & You program. I’ve taken it, as you heard, and it’s great. That was really impactful for me. As DC said, the games and the different right-brain activities were able to reach me in a different way, through my subconscious, as well as my conscious brain. With that, thank you again. This is Stephan Spencer, signing off. We’ll catch you on the next episode of Get Yourself Optimized

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Find ways to add value to humanity and society instead of having a negative impact on the world.

?View money as an exchange of energy more than just a currency. Money is spiritual because it is an extension of myself as an energetic being.

?Let my entrepreneurial efforts strive to solve people’s problems rather than just making it solely a money-making endeavor. Doing so creates wealth in a fulfilling way.

?Realize that money is just a tool of exchange. Acquiring true wealth involves greater concepts such as time and impact.

?Open myself up to different learning patterns and types of thinking so that I begin to have a wider understanding of the world.

?Take control of my social media universe. I have the power to let it be a positive or negative influence in my life.

?Learn from teachers and mentors that are masterful in their own field by attending events such as conferences, seminars, retreats and meet ups.

?Create a unique niche or improve on an existing one. Then leverage it through tools learned from my mentor.

?Use the principles of synergy to create remarkable results. Have a team with aligned values and a clear cut measurable system for achieving results.

?Become a master of my own emotions, feelings, and behavior by meditating. Remember to take three deep breaths before reacting or making decisions.

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