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By: Stephan Spencer


Dr. Frances Yahia
“The language of the Universe is symbol, metaphor, and myth.”
Dr. Frances Yahia

From conception to death, we are all held to universal laws, so it makes sense that we should work to understand what those laws are. I was so impressed with my guest on today’s show, Dr. Frances Yahia after she did an interview on my wife Orion’s podcast, I knew I needed to have her on the show. 

Dr. Yahia is a mental health counselor, akashic records reader, archetypal astrologer, podcast host and college professor. She uses universal laws, metaphysics, mythology and astrology to create theories and therapeutic tools to help clients heal subconscious wounds.

Dr. Yahia weaves universal truths and ancient stories together to help clients understand the story they’re living in their own life. Her book, The Seven Gates: Seven Steps Beyond Self-Awareness, is a 7-step model that teaches you how to take your power back. 

In today’s episode, Dr. Yahia goes over these steps. She provides an understanding of why you attract patterns in your life and discusses explicit steps on how to shift so you stop repeating unhealthy subconscious patterns you probably aren’t even aware of. So without any further ado, on with a fascinating episode of Get Yourself Optimized. 

In this Episode

  • [00:39]Stephan introduces Dr. Frances Yahia, a mental health counselor who is an expert in helping people achieve self-mastery by first mastering self-awareness.
  • [05:15]Dr. Yahia explains how all religions, traditions, philosophies have all the same universal laws.
  • [10:55]Dr. Yahia helps Stephan find the guidance sent to him based on a recent situation he had.
  • [14:42]Stephan and Dr. Yahia talk about Carl Jung and Jungian Psychology.
  • [21:03]Dr. Yahia explains the difference between transformation and transmutation.
  • [26:59]Dr. Yahia discusses the Kybalion’s principle of polarity and the principle of rhythm.
  • [31:00]Dr. Yahia tells her origin story on how she left a cult and changed her life by studying metaphysics, Ayurveda, Kabbalah, and more.
  • [37:04]Stephan and Dr. Yahia talk about the importance of the level of consciousness during conception.
  • [44:18]What is the concept of Kybalion’s principle of gender?
  • [50:15]Visit Dr. Frances Yahia’s website at, check out her sessions, workbooks, books, and learn more about her.

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Frances, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you. It’s great being here.

You were on my wife’s podcast on Stellar Life and I listened to the episode. It was phenomenal. I’ve got plenty of material to go over with you where I wanted to go on some different paths. Let’s start, first of all, for our listener who’s not aware of the Akashic records, what are the Akashic records? I know there was an episode last year where I interviewed an Akashic records reader, Anne Marie Pizarro, but not everybody who’s listening has heard that episode. What are the Akashic records?

The word Akash is actually a Sanskrit word meaning space or ether. The idea is that everything in the universe is surrounded by this one energy field that holds everything past, present, and future. Through prayer, I can access the Akashic Records, and each individual person or soul has their own Akashic records. We can ask any questions about the past, present, or future in the Akashic records.

If you understand the makeup of the universe, there are seven planes. Humans are only allowed access because of the density of our body to the four lower planes. The highest of those four is the Akash, the Akashic record, or the Akashic planes. It’s like the peer-reviewed article, if you will, of the spirit world.

Only four do we have access to. Why is it that we only have access to four?

All we have access to are thsoe lower levels, and that’s the highest level that we have access to.

Because of the density of our body. In every philosophy, religion, or tradition, everything starts. The makeup of the world that we know starts at Akash, then goes to the air element, then goes to fire, then goes to water, then goes to earth. It’s the way that our body is made up. If we look at the chakras, the fifth chakra is the Akash. In the Bible, when they say that the word was spoken and the Word was God, that’s the Akash. In Samkhya philosophy that rules Ayurveda, Hindu, or Vedic philosophy, it’s all about the Akash. All we have access to are those lower levels and that’s the highest level that we have access to.

For our listeners who are not aware of metaphysics and maybe Hinduism, chakras, Ayurveda, and Kabbalah perhaps and they’re trying to figure out where do all these fit in? They understand maybe the Bible, but this goes well beyond the Bible. How do these all fit in together because it does, right? There’s a universal truth and then there are these different traditions, different religions, different dogmas, and spiritual practices.

Great question. One of the things I like to say in the metaphysics college that I run that is sort of my tagline is universal truths for modern-day application. I personally use eight metaphysical or universal truths to rule everything in my life. These, I believe, are the overriding laws that override the universe. Our age and the cycles that we go through, whether it’s developmental, whether it’s the business cycle, everything in the universe is dictated by these universal laws. We’re held to these laws whether we know them or not, so better to know them.

In terms of religion, traditions, philosophies, spiritual practices, they’re all obligated to abide by those laws. Every single book, in essence, even the Bible is a metaphysical text. It’s just been written in a secretive way to not identify that all of the spiritual traditions are saying the same thing. For instance, the Bible is a mythological text, it’s metaphysical text. Yes, there are some historical accounts of Jesus and whatnot, but if you break it down, you’ll find all of the universal laws in there. You’ll find that every single religion and tradition is saying the exact same thing when you really strip it down. That is to bring it back to those universal laws.

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Spiritual practices fall into those universal laws. I like starter kit spirituality, which is providing clients the basics, the 12 steps to spiritual practice. Then finding out where their current spiritual practices fit into those steps and then weaving into complete the practice with practical applications where they can actually hit on all 12 steps from a spiritual practice that, in essence, every spiritual tradition speaks to

Okay, let’s start with the 8 truths, and then we’ll get to the 12 steps. Can we go through what the eight truths are?

Okay, so there are eight principles and one law. There is a wonderful text, and it’s free online. It’s called the Kybalion. The Kybalion has these seven principles. The first principle is the principle of mentalism. It basically states that all is mind. Every single thing created in the universe is mental. It’s very hard for humans to grasp. I would like to actually start with the law of gender, and let me explain, the other laws, the other principles are actually part of all is mind. All is mind is sort of the umbrella like the Akashic records. The energy field is all is mind. It’s the principle of mentalism, and all the others are components of and build up to that.

Would it be accurate to say that everything is co-created with the creator by our focus and our belief systems, and so we create our own reality, something like that?

Whatever’s happening on external is related to your internal, created by your subconscious mind.

That’s absolutely true. All of us create our reality. That’s exactly what the law says is that all is mind. All of the other laws fall into play. For instance, the law of correspondence, as within so without falls into play. Whatever’s happening on external is related to your internal, which is created by your subconscious mind. I need to say that in one of the books that I’m writing now, it’s not about co-creating, manifesting, affirming, or visualizing from the conscious mind. This is all so conscious.

Your subconscious mind was gifted to you by your parents. They’re a low level of consciousness at the moment of creation. Some believe, as do I that it’s from karmic patterns from past lives. But even if you don’t believe in karma and past lives, at the moment of conception, you were given your subconscious mind based on your parents and their level of consciousness. You’ve created your world from that level of consciousness up until the moment that you decide to change it, that’s what those words refer to.

It’s not a conscious decision to make a vision board, visualization, or affirmation. You’ve got to change your subconscious thoughts, or you change nothing.

Wow. We’re going to have to get to that in some more detail. First, let’s go through the rest of those principles. Mentalism, that’s number one.

The second is the principle of correspondence and it states as within so without, as above so below. Correspondence is what some of us term as synchronicity. If something’s happening outside, where is this a mirror to what’s happening inside? There is no coincidence. It relates to this universal principle. As above, so below relates to everything that’s happening in our planes, the planes we have access to. The Akashic and lower are actually happening in the higher planes as well, even though we don’t have access to seeing them.

Nothing is a coincidence, everything is divinely guided, and everything is a message. When I teach the Akashic records, one of the laws or the rules is to respond to all information given. This is the hardest part for students to grasp. They’ll ask a question in the records, they’ll get an answer, and they’ll stay there. We’re afraid to get any more details as if guidance is going to get angry. We want to respond to everything that’s given because there’s more.

Everything is guidance. We’re just not trained to be observant.

When you see something in your life, respond to that. Question where is that showing up in my life? Where do I create this? What is this trying to teach me? I’ll be walking through Walgreens, and there’ll be three people that are in my way. What is this trying to teach me? Perhaps to slow down, perhaps to be more patient, everything is guidance. There is not one moment of the universe that is wasted to not provide guidance. We just haven’t been trained to be that observant.

Let’s go through a quick example. I have recently traveled from Israel, now in Florida, and I made a little boo-boo and managed to misplace my son’s passport. It’s back in the airport, Ben Gurion Airport. The United representatives have it. I need to somehow get it from Israel back over here. I know there’s a message here and there’s a lesson to be learned. But for somebody who just maybe heard this for the first time that I had managed to leave my son’s passport behind, they might be scratching their head wondering, how can that be a message, a lesson, or something that was divinely guided.

Great question. The language of the universe is a symbol, metaphor, and myth. Not everybody lives in a symbol, metaphor, and myth-like I do. I create worksheets and workbooks that are available on my website for people to have some guidance, but I’ll give you an example. I can look at it from a metaphorical symbolic point of view that the country of Israel can be the country, which represents the moon, which represents the mother. Or I can ask you a question, what didn’t you like about leaving your son’s passport at the airport?

I didn’t like having so much in my head to have to remember and keep track of. It felt like I was losing things through the cracks. This isn’t just metaphorical because not only did I misplace his passport, the gate agent managed to still hold on to it. One of our suitcases, the zipper burst open and I don’t know what (if anything) spilled out, but when we picked it up in the States, it had some damage and it was partially open. Not only am I losing track because the things are bursting at the seams figuratively and literally in terms of the luggage.

The second question I’ll ask if you don’t have archetypal, symbolic, or metaphorical knowledge is a simple question. What don’t I like about this situation? That’s a mirroring technique. That is the law of correspondence. You said that things are falling through the cracks or that there’s too much to keep track of. Perhaps you’re overscheduled, for instance. Perhaps there’s something in your life that it’s time to detach from and let go of.

All is mind; the Universe is Mental. This means that all phenomena of life are thoughts of an infinite and universal, living Mind.

We know that detachment and surrender is a spiritual principle. What could you detach from? Physically, you’ve got luggage. Physically, you could start the detachment process. You can maybe get rid of some clothing. You can get rid of some of the knick-knacks that you no longer need for your move. But where can you do that internally? Of course, it always brings you back to all is mind. What thoughts are time to let go of?

Eventually, it always comes back to subconscious thoughts. I bring up the moon and the mother country because, at the end of the day, it’s all about mother and father. I call them the rulers of the kingdom or I call the loyals of the royals and we are loyal to these royals. Until we dethrone our parents in our subconscious mind and assume our own kingdom, we really do not create the life that we’re intended to create that the creator has given our life to mean and find our purpose. We can unpack that.

We can unpack that later.

Metaphorically and literally.

For sure. Let’s get through the rest of the seven principles. That was a really powerful one, correspondence. By the way, I just recently learned that synchronicity is a term that was coined by Carl Jung and I know you’re a big fan of Carl Jung. I’m curious what your thoughts are on Jungian psychology and how that ties into all the spiritual stuff we’re talking about.

Absolutely. My Ph.D. is in mental health, and I am a licensed mental health counselor, and at the university, I’m the Program Director of the Psychology Department. I’m training my students to be depth psychologists, which is what Jung is known for. They are metaphysicians in training. 

Now, Carl Jung was a psychiatrist, however, he was an astrologer and he was a metaphysician. He just didn’t want that to be the label. He wanted to be known for his science of his psychiatric studies. But he actually was an astrologer and a metaphysician. That’s where he gets all of his information from, and that’s why his teachings align with mine. He was also a mythologist just like me. You’ll see a lot of overlap in people that study depth psychology, metaphysics, astrology, and Akashic records because they’re all sort of the same thing. But it all relates back to these universal laws.


These are just tools. Astrology, Akashic records are just tools to show that these laws exist.

Next, in the set of principles is what?

Everything has a vibration, nothing rests.

The principle of vibration. Everything is vibrating, nothing is at rest. There’s a concept in intuitive arts that’s called psychometry where you can pick up a cup, a recorder, or a pen and you can get a message. If you go into a store to buy a crystal and you’re reading the vibration. Everything has a vibration, nothing rests. Now, this goes back to the elements. The denser the element, the denser the vibration, the less the vibratory mechanism, if you will. The higher the vibration, the more it vibrates. 

When we talk about raising your vibration or eating certain foods to raise your vibration, that’s what it’s referring to. Prana for instance in food, the sort of life force or the chi has a higher vibration if it’s healthy or organic foods. However, I have to preface, it all goes back to all is mind. If your thoughts are at a low vibration, at the same vibration at the moment of conception, eating gluten-free, organic foods, and $10 juices, you’re wasting your time.

It really is about changing the vibration of your thoughts and everything else comes after. In my starter kit spirituality, when I go through it, the diet and the exercise aren’t until the sixth step. The first step is the mental.

I just recently came to the realization that I should be blessing my food and drink before I consume it. I’d never really done that my whole life until this year. Just on a rare occasion. I’ve had some spiritual epiphanies, very powerful ones this year. That’s something that came to me intuitively that I needed to do this. I didn’t need to, I wanted to because I want the benefits. It’s more than just gratitude and appreciation to the creator. It actually transforms what you’re consuming. Any thoughts on that?

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It absolutely does. Dr. Emoto, you can google. He has fantastic videos on what the thought process on water molecules does to those water molecules. It’s absolutely fascinating. Our thoughts, our prayers—whether it’s gratitude or just a blessing of thank you over food—shifts that structure. That is again the vibration of the food shift. If you can access a McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and pray over it, you’re actually shifting the vibration. A lot of people are worried, as they should be, with the food production in this country, the slaughter of animals, and how they are mistreated.

If you don’t have control over that because of perhaps limited finances or limited resources, you can actually take this proactive step and bless your food, and that really helps to shift the vibration. Again, at the end of the day, the vibration has to do with the level of your thoughts. That’s the first step of any spiritual practice. We have to revisit this over and over and over again. Most people don’t even know the quality of thoughts, what they’re thinking, and how they’re creating the world they live in, both in their own home, but even in the greater world.

From a social justice perspective, for instance, we have created everything that’s happening. From past, present, and future, all of that energy is stored in the records. That’s what I was saying before, the law of correspondence, as above so below. What we’re seeing happening now in our world—all of the crises that we’re in—is reflective of what we’ve created with our minds throughout the centuries that are stored in the records. Nothing is accidental.

One of my Kabbalah teachers told me that he’d gotten vaccinated but he did some prayers and it transmuted the vaccine as it was being injected because I was very concerned for him. I consider the vaccine to be very experimental, problematic, and that there has not been enough time to conduct all the necessary trials and so forth. I don’t want to be a guinea pig. I was surprised to hear what he had described. I said, “Okay, that’s interesting, but what about the science of this experimental substance that you accepted?”

But then, over time, I think mind really is over matter. It’s mind over matter and you can transmute anything.

There are a few things there. I myself had cancer three times. I work with cancer patients and before chemotherapy—which a lot of people view as toxic—we do a lot of this changing of the energy, the vibration so that the body takes the chemotherapy as medicine rather than as poison. I, myself, have in my own body, practiced this, and having had such severe results of the chemotherapy in terms of days and days and weeks of sickness, that practice actually does work. I can speak to that personally. I do work with clients in that.

Transformation is when you make a change in your thoughts that isn’t yours yet.

I also like to refer to the word transformation versus transmutation. This is super important. It links back to the law of octaves, which we’ll talk about in a moment. Transformation is when you make a change in your thoughts that isn’t yours yet. You’re on the way to changing vibration. You’re on your way to becoming a higher level of consciousness than your parents at the moment of conception. But you still don’t own that behavior.

Transmutation is when it’s your behavior. I used to bite my nails as a little girl. I no longer bite my nails. I’ve transmuted, that behavior is gone, a higher level of consciousness. But if I’m still in the process of thinking, taking a step, do I make this choice? Is it good for me? That’s transformation. That’s why he used transmutation because he owned that thought change about the vaccine.

It’s beyond just faith. It’s a certainty. It’s an absolute conviction that it’s real and that it’s doing the thing that you’re envisioning.

Well, it’s the conviction that your thoughts have changed around it. These are universal truths because they’re truths. I have a saying, it’s not your truth, it’s the truth. The truths are the universal laws. Everything else is just your truth. When he realized the truth that this vaccine would no longer harm him, he transmuted a low-level vibration of his truth to the truth, understanding that everything in the universe is as it should be. Again, all is mind. He changed his mind, he changed his thoughts, he changed the response to the vaccine in his body.

There is no coincidence. Every thought I have and action I make has an underlying cause and effect on the Universe.

We don’t realize how much agency we had and how much control we have. Buddha said, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” Humans love to suffer. I know people don’t like to hear that, but we really love to make love to our problems and suffer. Hold on to our suffering and our story. We have to have pain because we’re in the human body. Call it karma. Call it flesh, whatever. But it’s the suffering that’s optional. That’s always attached to a thought that hasn’t been analyzed. That’s why all is mind, where control of your thoughts is always the first step in a spiritual practice.

This is powerful stuff. Let’s keep going through the principles.

Next is the principle of polarity. The principle of polarity and the principle of rhythm are the next two. I’m going to join them. Again, all of these are built into all the others linked back to all is mind. 

In the principle of polarity, everything has poles—what I call in my language 0–100. When I observe behavior, I speak to a client. I’m listening to what they’re saying as much as to what they’re not saying. This is the 0–100. I want to be so courageous because I’m so fearful. I show up ultra courageous—100, or I show up so fearful—0.

Equanimity is when you can take your behavior’s extremes and thoughts and find the midpoint.

The truth is in the middle. The law states, all truths are but half-truths. The way we live out our truths are half-truths. The truth is the 48–52, what I call it. It’s being called the golden mean, the yin-yang, the path, the way, the Dow, and it’s also known as equanimity. Equanimity is when you can take the 0–100, the extremes of your behavior and your thoughts, and find the midpoint. When you can discover that midpoint, then you actually have a spiritual path to guide you for the rest of your life. This is an extremely powerful law. A lot of my theories and books are built on this law for this purpose. I talk a lot about the 48–52. 

In practice, just to give your readers some practical, it’s usually the midpoint between what your mother and your father showed you and told you. As your parents were simply mirrors of one another, your mother had perhaps an overt power currency, your father had a covert, well then the midpoint is the truth. In my first book, The Seven Gates: Seven Steps Beyond Self-Awareness, I talk about this in terms of buckets—good buckets and bad buckets.

We all have good qualities and bad qualities that we deem good and bad, the truth is somewhere in the middle. This practice is ridiculously powerful. Sometimes, when I ask clients to give me a word for there is 0 and a word for their 100, once we identify what that is, I’ll ask them a word for the 48–52, and a lot of times I’ll be like, that’s so boring. That’s what all the spiritual literature says. You’re not going to have high highs and you’re not going to have low lows. You’re going to be at that midpoint. 

The Seven Gates by Dr. Frances Yahia

A lot of people, going back to loving our drama and our problems, don’t want boring. They want excitement and chaos and drama. It’s fine but own that, you created it. Own that you have agency and you’re choosing those highs and lows because they make you feel good. It’s not anything that is being done to you.

It’s almost like an addiction to the highs and lows, to the drama and chaos.

Yes and we all had them. I have a video series on pain versus pleasure. Some of us are pain as pleasure and some of us are pleasure as pain. For instance, I’m a pain as pleasure person. It’s inherent in my sign of Pisces. I used to love to suffer, the drama, the victim, the rescuer until I identified that. Some people have a very hedonistic lifestyle. That’s pleasure as pain. Either extreme is not good.

Those people that are so pious for the wrong reasons, there are people that are obviously pious for the right reasons, but most of us aren’t. Those people that are so pious, that’s their 0–100, just like someone who’s an alcoholic, they’re 0–100. The next law which is the law of rhythm, enticing to polarity is that these opposites meet. All opposites meet and everything is cyclical. The universe is cyclical and spherical. The universe has no higher key, and as humans, we don’t understand that. We think it’s us versus them, when simply it’s just a circle. Our spiritual growth is cyclical and spherical.

You can see this in nature. There are no straight lines in nature. Nature actually has a number. It’s called the Fibonacci number. It grows in spiral. You can see it on the curves of a pineapple or a seashell. That’s how our spiritual growth is. Every 12 years, we are gifted an amount—depending on our desires, on how much work we’ve done internally—a spiritual growth pattern. Everybody is going to grow spiritually in this lifetime. You just decide if you want a small little piece of growth or if you want a big chunk of the growth. Those two go hand in hand.

I want a big chunk of growth. How do I manifest that and make that real? Do I have to figure out what’s going on inside of my subconscious in order to make that choice, or can I just choose it?

No, you can’t choose it because the choice is from the conscious mind. Nothing in the universe happens from the conscious mind. Refer to Jung when he talks about the collective unconscious. Everything is in the collective unconscious. Our unconscious or subconscious is in our sixth chakra in the back of our head, so to speak, ruled by the pituitary, and in the universe, as well as the collective unconscious. This is not a conscious choice. That’s why visualizations, affirmations, vision boards really disappoint if you don’t change the thought.

There are 12 basic steps to any spiritual path. The first one is the analysis of thought, control of thought, control of speech, control of mind. You have to know the quality of your thoughts. You need to know the vibration of your thoughts and aim to raise the vibration. Again, on my website, I have all these tools as free workbooks, and a few books coming out this year that will go even more in-depth. I have a ton of videos on my YouTube channel that explains all this. 

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The eighth step in spiritual practice is shadow work. The shadow work is going into the depths of your subconscious and really understanding what you’re creating, why you’re creating it—the story, why you’re holding on to it. It’s really a fear of not having love. At the root of it, we were all given a dysfunctional language of love, a dysfunctional version of love during pregnancy. That’s what we’re holding on to. We go through life as a child in an adult body trying to get our unmet needs met.

At the eighth step, once you start shadow work, you actually realize that you are supposed to meet your own needs, you learn to meet your own needs by the observance of your thoughts and your shadow work, and then you can really continue on with the rest of the steps, which is then to go out into humanity if that’s your calling and help others. Prior to step eight, you can’t absolutely help anybody because you haven’t even helped yourself yet.

Wow, this is profound stuff. It must’ve taken you quite a while to get to the point where you have absorbed, utilized, and transmuted all of these amazing concepts that go back millennia or even forever.

Yes. Well, I grew up in a cult. My origin story is actually that of spirituality. The cult, I would say, wasn’t maybe a cult when I first grew up in it. The leader of the cult went awry later on in life. I was lucky enough to have a really strong spiritual foundation rooted in these teachings. Then I left, stumbled a bit around with some spiritual teachers that were not spiritual teachers but called Busiris. 

There are two types of teachers; those who try to rob you of your power and those trying to help you find your power.

That’s another important step. Step three in your spiritual progress is finding a teacher, but finding what I call a Nereus, not a Busiris and this comes from a myth of Hercules. There are two types of teachers. Those who try to rob you of your power, and those who try to help you find your power. I consider myself a Nereus. We all need teachers on the path, whether it’s momentarily or someone we study with formally at a school and they help us along our way. 

Once I understood that and I left the cult and realized that this was something I had stumbled upon myself, you mentioned Kabbalah earlier. A famous quote in Kabbalah actually is what changed my life, which is there’s no coercion in spirituality. It’s from Zohar. When I read that, I had realized at that point that I had never known true spirituality. That’s when my real search began. Astrology and Akashic records came into my life at that point, and then, of course, studying metaphysics, Ayurveda, Kabbalah, and all the studies that I’ve had built on that.

I made my life’s work creating doable techniques, workbooks, and nuggets so that people can actually live a spiritual path in the modern-day, not checked into an Ashram or running away from reality. We can do these steps in our day-to-day life. People are simply just always mirrors of that for us. It’s a beautiful place to be. I’ll tell you that the transmutation process is really hard. I’d like to give your listeners a little hint. Most times, before we are going to transmute truly, we go through a severe grief process.

It could be creating, I know this is difficult for some people to accept but creating a death of a loved one, a divorce, an illness. In my case, it was cancer. I understand now that I created the cancer because I needed to grieve what my low vibration was, what my previous life had been, that I had created it. I took personal responsibility for that, and after that cancer, then I was able to transmute. Now I’m able to actually, not only teach the teachings but live the teachings, apply the teachings. And not necessarily do we go through certain grief processes because it’s our attempt to raise our vibration and transmute. Grief is not a bad thing.

You’re able to walk the talk and not just talk the talk because you lived it and got through the other side.

Absolutely. I hope that that’s what I vibrate at and teach my students. I’m right alongside you doing the work. As I ask of you, I ask of myself.

Sanchita Karma is the karma of your past deeds from past lives, the baggage you come in this lifetime to work through.

What are the rest of the principles? I think there might be three of them left.

The principle of cause and effect, we know this as karma. In Greek mythology, there is a myth of the fates. There are three fates, and at the moment of conception, Clotho, the fate that weaves the fate of your life, shows up. That’s what I call the origin story or the creation myth. That karma, if you will, is woven through every single thing in your life. You come with what is called Sanchita Karma. It’s the karma of your past deeds from past lives if you believe in that. That’s the baggage you come in this lifetime to work through. 

I say, own your story, own your life because your story is one, your theme is one, your karmic baggage is one. It really isn’t that complicated once we boil it down to the one thread that’s woven into everything we say, we speak, we show up as. Every single situation in our life refers back to that one moment of conception, that one thread. That’s the karma in this lifetime that you come to work through. That’s the transmutation process. 

If you can take that karma, transform it initially with changing your thoughts, and own it is transmutation, which is a higher vibration thought that you own, you’ve checked your karmic duty in this life. However, you are also creating new karma in this lifetime. That’s to be determined in the future. But you actually assigned your karmic baggage at this moment of conception when you’re conceived at a low vibration.

This is super important that the listeners understand. The level of consciousness that you conceive your children, that you were conceived in is a low vibration. Our only purpose is to transmute that to a high vibration. As an astrologer, I have the four levels of vibration on a workbook that you can see exactly how to transmute each level to the next level. There are four levels of vibration. Even if you just shift it one, you’ve already gained consciousness in this lifetime. Those changes are very small.

Nothing rests; Everything moves; Everything vibrates. By having this awareness, I can analyze the power I have over my thoughts.

One thing that I learned, actually from Loral Langemeier, who was a past guest on this podcast, she had told me that the level of consciousness when you’re conceiving your baby is extremely important. Call in that soul instead of just being in the moment as you would normally be. If you’re consciously conceiving, that really makes a difference.

Well, that’s going to change the trajectory of that soul in this lifetime. Their story is going to be one of want, one of desire, one of love in the capacity that we can give our child love. I do not believe in unconditional love from one person to another. That’s an inside job. However, when you’re wanted, that soul comes into that matrix as a wanted child. Most pregnancies are unwanted or unplanned. That also has a vibrational consequence on our life and how we show up in the world. A lot of that 0–100 I see is inadequacy, perfection, and the 48–52 would be sufficiency or being enough. Most of us don’t know how to be enough.

The level of vibration at conception is extremely important. The soul actually chooses the vibration that that soul needs in order to receive the vehicle from the parents. If I need to be conceived at a vibration A let’s say, and my purpose in life is to become a vibration B, then I choose A level parents and then transmute to a level B. The soul is making that choice upon conception where the parents are in union.

You had said earlier that karma if you believe in it, and then you went on to describe things. Well, karma, the law of cause and effect, is a universal law. You can’t escape it.

Most of us don’t know how to be enough.

No, you can’t escape any of these, but it doesn’t mean you believe in all of them.

What happens if you don’t believe in it?

You’re still obligated, I said that earlier. Whether you know these laws or not, this is the cycle of the universe. These are the laws that you’re being held to, so better to know them. It’s just like if you go to Arkansas, it’s illegal to kill a cat, you kill a cat, and the cop stops you. You don’t know the law, you can’t escape it. Same thing with universal law. You’re held to these laws no matter what.

What I was saying in reference to karma, whether you believe in it, I was actually referring to past lives. You don’t believe in past lives that you’ve earned karma in previous lifetimes, it’s okay. At this moment, you’ve created karma in this lifetime that you still have to work through. To clarify, that’s what I meant, but very good point. You’re held to the law regardless of your knowledge of it so better to know it.

If you are believing that this is the only lifetime you’ve ever had and that you don’t have past lifetimes, that reincarnation is not real, again, it seems like you’re still having to work off the karma of those past lifetimes even if you don’t believe in them. You could not believe in God and you’re still going to have that truth, that reality hit you in the face when you die (in a good way). If someone doesn’t believe, if they’re skeptical, or even worse, they’re cynical about this, what do you tell them?

Well, this is where astrology is a really good teacher. The planet of karma in astrology is the planet Saturn. We can agree that Saturn has rings around it. Saturn is a limiting planet, it’s got rings. We are limited, so to speak, by the rings. Our body represents. When we’re given a body that represents karma, we’re limited. Our spirit, the universal consciousness, is forced into a structure. In mythology, Uranus, which is the universal consciousness, was castrated by Saturn, which is the body.

The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental. Click To Tweet

We’re forced now to have this essence of who we are that we all feel we’re greater than this body forced into this body. Every seven years, we have what I call skinny cows, and I use that reference from a story in the Bible. Joseph would explain dreams for the pharaoh. The pharaoh would have this dream about these fat cows being swallowed by these skinny cows, and there are seven. Seven fat cows and seven skinny. We can see that in astrology, but you don’t need to know astrology. It’s just the cycles of the universe.

Again, you don’t know the law of rhythm, it doesn’t matter. You’re held to the law. Every seven years, and that’s why I’d say from 0–7, we are given our story. We’re actually given at conception but most people don’t know their conception story. At pregnancy, you’re given another layer of that subconscious story, you may not know it. At your birth, you’ll be given another layer of that subconscious story, you may not know it. But you were there for 0–7, you know what happened to you.

That skinny cow at seven years repeats itself every seven years until the day you die. That’s karma. Whatever you’re happening at 7, at 14, at 21, at 28, is all woven from that moment of conception and that level of consciousness that your parents were at when they conceived you. The fat cows refer to Jupiter. In mythology, Uranus is castrated by Saturn (the body) and avenged by Jupiter, which is actually God or the version of God in Greek mythology, the ruler of Olympus or the ruler of the heavens.

Every seven years, we are given our story.

The fat cows, after you have your spiritual crisis, your Karna, at seventh year. Five years later, you have a Jupiter cycle, which is the fat cow. You get recompensed for the hard work you did. You don’t need to believe in karma. It’s the cycle that you’re going to, on schedule every 5–7 years, have a skinny cow. It’s all related to the moment of conception. Again, if you don’t know your conception, pregnancy, or birth story, you know what happened to you at 0–7. That will be woven through every seven-year cycle.

I’d like to even add that there are two types of karma within these Saturn cycles. They’re the ones that happen every 14 years, which is when you’re supposed to evaluate the values that you were given in childhood. Every seven years, you have what’s called a neutralizer, which is a person, a place, a thing, or a situation that actually comes to nudge you and say, hey, you’re doing it wrong. Change your path. You’re on a 0–100 and this neutralizer comes in to say, hey, find the balance. We call it karma, we call it a crisis, we call it grief. It’s universally guided for our growth, for that next fat cow, which is spherical and circular for us to grow and get a bigger piece of the spiritual pie.

How many more principles do we have left?

There are two. We briefly touched on the law of octaves. The principle of gender. In my belief system, the all is mind concept, which really is the overriding one that all these others are mixed into, is really impossible for humans to understand. Everything, like I said, in the universe is cyclical and spherical. The season, the astrology wheel, the process of alchemy, the medicine wheel, and shamanism is all circular. We don’t see this way. We don’t understand the circle. We live in a hierarchy.

The law of gender is the visual of hierarchy.

The law of gender is the visual, if you will, of hierarchy. It’s probably the one that we most understand that’s most logical to us because we can see masculine and feminine polarity in everything we do. We can see it in our bedroom, we can see it in our children, we can see it in our mannerisms, we can see it in our work behaviors. The law of gender is actually related to the sixth chakra. 

I have a great video series on YouTube on these laws linked to fairy tales. I linked it to Mulan, in which she is this warrior in a man’s world as a female, and she’s unifying the masculine and feminine principles. We get this at the moment of conception. It does not matter, the masculine-feminine. It does not have anything to do with gender or sexuality. It has to do with an elemental principle. 

Do you have a lot of fire and air, you’re more masculine? Do you have a lot of earth and water, you’re more feminine? That’s it. It’s an elemental breakdown. You can google and get that from your birth date. When you learn to live life balancing those energies, getting that 48–52, we have a spiritual principle that’s called duality versus unity, or dualism versus unity. Dualism is how most of us live. We say one thing, we mean another. We talk, but we don’t walk. That’s duality. That’s an imbalance. That’s this law in a nutshell.

When we actually are walking, talking, saying, living, and thinking all the same thing, that’s unity. That’s where the chakras meet at the sixth chakra that’s believed to be the seed of consciousness. That sixth chakra, that’s two serpents become one, that’s unity. You can only achieve spiritual growth or balance in your life, that 48–52 boring so to speak, with unity. When you’re walking the walk and talking the talk. That’s the law of gender. A big goal is to balance those energies that you got at the moment of conception.

Gender is seen in absolutely everything. You see it in the yin-yang with the black dot in the white and the white in the black. We see a lot of the Shiva-Shakti principle in Hinduism. It looks like a transgender image. Dionysus in Greek mythology, another transgender image. That imagery is symbolic for the balance of the masculine and the feminine energies that have become extremely distorted in our world.

Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates. Click To Tweet 

Then lastly, my absolute favorite, is what’s called the law of octaves. My spirit guide says that there are three languages to the universe—math, metaphysics, and music. They all say the same thing. Tesla, Einstein, Hawking, they all knew the wonders of the universe through math and science. I studied metaphysics, but the law of octaves is for the musicians. 

The law of octaves is the only law in the universe that actually breaks down the moment of conception, your level of consciousness. Gives you a step-by-step diagram of how to transmute to the next octave. My first book, The Seven Gates: Seven Steps Beyond Self-Awareness, those seven steps are actually built on the law of octaves, that’s why it works.

In my book, I use a very common language, child, teenager, adult. The child is the first three steps, the law goes do, re, mi, the musical scale. There is a shock between mi and fa. It’s a shift in vibration. It’s when we have a thought to change. Then fa, sol, la, ti, do, that fa to ti is the action step. Something we actually do in the earthly world, that’s the adult. Then when we actually transmute and we own that new behavior change, we’re at the next do in the vibrational musical scale.

Music transcends so much. It’s heaven-sent, I think.

Well, it is and it’s funny because the last chapter in my latest book, Dethroning Olympus is about that. I speak specifically to the law of gender. The masculine principle, whether it’s viewed as the attainment of wealth, sex, or courage, this masculine energy is what we’ve always valued. However, full unity only comes through the feminine principle of Venus. The Venus principle at the high vibration—I’m not talking about image, makeup, and beauty at the superficial level—is actually channeled via the muses and the graces in Greek mythology.

Clairs, which is clear seeing or clear knowing, the guidance of God linked to our senses.

Whether it’s music, whether it’s theatre, whether it’s dance, poetry, that is how we see God because God in the human realm can only be experienced through the senses. We have what’s called the clairs, which is clear seeing or clear knowing. That’s the guidance of God linked to our senses, but it’s through heaven-sent, to use your word, that we actually balanced the feminine principle. If you have too much masculine energy, that’s exactly how you balance that is through the graces and the muses.

You said the Clairs, you mean like clairvoyance, clair-common sense, clairaudience, et cetera.


There is so much that we could go into. I wish we had several more hours.

This is what I do all day every day. I have so much content. I actually just started on my Patreon page, a starter kit spirituality to help people get these 12 steps and the basics. I’ve got a ton of workbooks on my website, I’ve got about four books coming out later this year. There is so much. The symbolism, the information, we really have so much. 

My goal is really to help people. We use a lot of terms like soul mates, ascension, and fifth dimension, but we don’t really understand the origins. I’m really trying to get people back to the basics to understand what they’re doing in the practice that works and then adding the pieces that are perhaps missing, so they can really have a full-blown spiritual practice that helps them grow. And use the cycles to their advantages and the laws.

Amazing. Well, for sure, our listeners should go sign up for your Patreon and get some of that great content. How else can they learn from you, work with you? Can they become a client, for example?

Yes, so I do sessions, shadow work sessions, Akashic records, astrology, intuitive, everything. All that’s on my website, My book, The Seven Gates: Seven Steps Beyond Self-Awareness is really the place to start. It’s individual work. I do have a book coming out for couples and then family systems later this year, but the shadow work on yourself is the place to start. 

There is a free workbook on my website. I’ve got about five free workbooks for different things that you want to work with. You can get to these laws, these ways of change, and spiritual growth in any way. I have a couple of systems. I have a family system and individual, you can use any of them.

I have a YouTube channel with tons of content. I teach at the university. At the university, I post all my videos. Like I said they’re psychology students, but they’re really metaphysicians in training. It covers neuroscience, symbology, metaphysics—the works. I also have a podcast, Mistress of the Subconscious.

Awesome. Thank you so much, and thank you, listeners. We’ll catch you in the next episode. This is your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

Important Links

Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Become acquainted with The Kybalion/the Hermetic Philosophy, also known as the seven ancient principles of self-mastery.

?Understand the power of the mind. According to the first principle, all is mind; the Universe is Mental. This means that all phenomena of life are thoughts of an infinite and universal, living Mind.

?Observe life’s synchronicities. As above, so below; as below, so above. As within, so without; as without, so within. There are no coincidences. Every thought I have and action I take has a cause and effect on the Universe.

?Stay in tune with the vibration and energy I possess and how they can affect the frequencies around me and vice versa. Nothing rests; Everything moves; Everything vibrates. By having this awareness, I can analyze the power I have over my thoughts.

?Be open to the fact that everything is dual and can have poles. All truths are half-truths and all paradoxes can be reconciled. What is true for me may not be the case for others. That is completely okay.

?Recognize that life is made up of highs and lows. All things rise and fall. We cannot truly appreciate the good without the bad. We cannot see the light when there is no darkness.

?Remain conscious of my actions. Every cause has an effect. Nothing happens without a reason, and there is no such thing as chance. Everything that is happening right now is an effect of what was done yesterday.

?Learn more about the masculine and feminine energies I possess. Both the masculine and feminine exist in all things. Finding a balance between both can help me become a more well-rounded individual.

?Pay attention to the Universe’s symbols, metaphors, and myths. Its primary language lies in numbers, metaphysics, and patterns. The more I become aware of how to stay in tune, the more I understand the meaning of life.

?Visit Dr. Frances Yahia’s website to access her workbooks, grab a copy of her books, listen to her podcast, and more.

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