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By: Stephan Spencer


Jay Denman & Joey Coelho
“The longer you do these types of brain training, the fewer things in your life that will be a trigger. You’ll find things that use to really bother you don’t bother you anymore.”
Jay Denman & Joey Coelho

Jay and Joy (a.k.a. The JingSlingers) are back again with another enlightening episode. This time, we focus not on what you put into your body, but what is already in it. It’s all about checking in on the status of your body, seeing what needs work and attention, and healing ourselves with the proper techniques. Jay and Joy delve into what Jingslinging truly means, and how they can help return youthful energy to your body by treating it right and ridding it of toxins. They reveal their favorite brain training techniques, the dangers of heavy metals, the benefits of genetic testing and more.

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Welcome to another episode of Get Yourself Optimized. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer. Here today are repeat guests, Jay and Joy from JingSlingers. They are going to regale us with all sorts of amazing antioxidant, anti-aging technologies and techniques. We focused more on food in the last episode and this time we’re going to talk about other things we didn’t get to, like sleep and some additional anti-aging type stuff, genetic testing, and heavy metal chelation and cell phone exposure, epigenetics, all sorts of really cool geeky stuff that may just save your life. Welcome, Jay and Joy.

Hi, Stephan.

Thanks, Stephan.

I know we’re doing this just before July fifteenth. When this airs, our Kickstarter starts where our book called Food with Benefits, which goes way beyond the plate, will be available for presale on Kickstarter.

That’s July 15, 2015.


Check that out and participate in their Kickstarter campaign. Help them to blast their wonderful message out to the world. First off, JingSlingers is your company name. What exactly is “jing” and how does that differ from in Chinese medicine and culture and so forth, there is …


Qi, yep.

Your energy, yeah.

Qi, when you’ve got energy in your dan tien. I remember taking tai chi a few times and learning that. How is jing different from qi, and there’s another, third energy, I think?

Shen, yes.

Yeah, so maybe you could explain all those three for us.

Yeah, so those are known as the three treasures. They’re three energetic qualities. They’re jing, chi, and shen. Qi is actually spelled Q-I, although sometimes people write it as C-H-I, as like an English pronunciation. Those are three energetic qualities. They actually have, in ayurvedic medicine, they have a very, very similar concept and they have ojas, prana, and tejas. They’re pretty close to being equivalent. There are couple minor differences. Jing, qi, and shen, the rough English translation would be “essence for jing, “energy” for qi, and “spirit” or “mind” for shen. Jing is your foundational energy. It’s the longevity energy. It’s also the creative energy, the sexual energy, the sexual force. It’s like genetic inheritance. When you meet somebody who has just a really strong constitution … We all know those people who, you know maybe …

Jing is your foundational energy. It’s the longevity energy. It’s also the creative energy, the sexual energy, the sexual force. It’s like genetic inheritance.

They light up a room.

They light up a room or they’re the ones who can stay up really late at night. Maybe in your younger years they’re the friend that could party all night and then the next day they just have boundless energy and you’re looking at them like, “What is up with them?” That’s somebody who has a really strong constitution. They have really strong jing. Another analogy I like to use is actually the comic book character Wolverine. He has the superpower called healing factor, which allows him to … Essentially it’s unlimited jing is what that is. He can immediately regenerate himself and repair all his tissue and he has infinite longevity, or it seems like he has infinite longevity. He doesn’t age. If somebody were to have an infinite amount of jing, that’s kind of what it would look like, would be like Wolverine. If you’re not Wolverine and you’re listening to this, then it’s important to know about jing and to know how to protect your jing and how to restore your jing. That’s really what we’re about and we love doing that with food and nutrition but then all the other modalities that we’re going to talk about today, also really build on that. How do you protect your jing and how do you replenish your jing?

Also through your lifetime it actually instigates all the different changes you go through from being a baby to a child to a teenager and then to a young adult, and then as we get older and wiser you want to be able to maintain your jing. It instigates all those little changes. Having jing and having your jing fortified is important.

Qi is your life force energy.

Qi is your life force energy. It’s kind of like your everyday energy. There are many different types of qi, and then in the ayurvedic system many different types of prana that are in the body that do different things and move in different directions. Qi is the energy that you’re taking in everyday, that you’re observing from food and water, from air, from sunlight, from the Earth, and transforming that into usable energy by the body. Really for optimal longevity and health, what you really want to do is you want to be producing as much energy as you’re using, but just with a lot of modern-day lifestyle choices that we have with processed foods, et cetera, et cetera and some of the things we’re going to get into, we end up running a daily qi deficit. We’re expanding more energy than we’re creating in our systems.

When that happens, then you really start tapping into your jing, that deep core foundational energy. That’s really supposed to be there for a lifetime and for your longevity. The jing, physically it’s associated with the kidneys and adrenals. It’s associated with hormones and neurotransmitters. When somebody, if they keep really pushing themselves … Maybe they’re using stimulants and they just keep pushing and pushing and pushing … They’re not getting enough sleep, they’re not eating well, they’re not resting enough, they have a lot of stress, they’re tapping into their jing all the time. Eventually they kind of hit that wall that we know as adrenal fatigue. That’s when you hit that wall, you just can’t go any further. You’re just done. At that point, you have to rest and you have to rest hardcore. You really have to replenish yourself because you’ve tapped out your energy in a really major way.

We’re talking about replenishment where you’re truly nurturing. Not just the energetics and the biochemical part of this, but it’s your makeup. You have to be able to take in foods and take in a certain amount of rest to be able to literally build those batteries. It’s like recharging your battery back up again. It’s not going to happen by doing something, like having an energy drink, like a commercial energy drink. I won’t use any names, or grabbing something that’s caffeinated. You need to literally bring that energy back so you’re working from … I’ll get a little science geeky. You’re going to love this. In each one of our cells, we have a number of mitochondria. Those little organelles called mitochondria, as you get older, diminish and/or work less. There are different ways to be able to replenish those mitochondria, not just with food but with supplements too. We’ll talk about PQQ later because that actually is mitochondria biogenesis. It’s a quick way to get that done.

Shen is mind and spirit. It’s associated a lot with your mood and really how calm you can be in times of stress.

Then just to finish up on the last one, shen. Shen is mind and spirit. It’s associated a lot with your mood and really how calm you can be in times of stress. It’s also really related to more of spiritual quality and kind of how tapped in your are, how you think of yourself in relation to the rest of creation. Whether you’re in a little bubble with a myopic mindset of the universe or if you have just an interconnected frame of mind with everything else. Shen is really wisdom too. It’s the wisdom that comes with age. If you think of jing and shen, usually at the time you’re born you have the most jing and probably the least amount of shen. As you get older, the jing kind of goes down and down and down, and the shen comes up, up and up and up. At the end of people’s lives, you can see that they have that wisdom there from a lifetime but they have low jing, low energy.

Shen, honestly, and you know who these people are in your life. It may even be you where people call you the calm in the storm. No matter what’s swirling about, what drama or trauma is going on, they stand still in the middle of that storm and you can rely on them. They’ve got great shen.

Your company name is JingSlingers. What exactly is slinging jing around? How does that work?

Well, we like to be able to show people how to get that jing back we just talked about. In traditional tonic Chinese medicine, it has to do with a lot of different herbs and superfoods that we use. The traditional taste for some of these things usually is other than wonderful. It’s a little medicinal tasting. So what we do is we sling it with other superfoods, the things that we fortify them will and have them work in synergy with. So it’s like ice cream or donuts or things that are sugar-free, gluten-free, and every mouthful helps to not only build your jing, your qi, and your shen, but also your body as well.

JingSlinger has to do with living your passion, and doing your dharma, what you love, and what you’re supposed to be doing.

Yeah, and it’s a playful term. It has to do with living your passion and really doing your dharma and what you love and what you’re supposed to be doing. We relate it to making powerful food with herbs and superfoods and tonic drinks and all that stuff and just doing it with high energy and helping people with that.

Right. The name really works well for me, because for twenty years I was a gunslinger as a police officer. So now I’m just a JingSlinger. I just changed out my arsenal.

So we talked a lot on the last episode about slinging different kinds of foods, Chinese herbs, and so forth. One thing we didn’t get to was maca root. What’s the significance of that particular root and how would you use it? You mentioned just offline that gelatinized maca is the kind that you want. Can you elaborate?

Yes. Maca is a Peruvian root and there’s black, white, and red maca. I think there’s yellow maca as well.

Yeah, there’s all different kinds.

We use the word gelatinized. You get more bang for your buck when it has been processed. When I say processed, I’m talking about where you’re not eating it raw.

Yeah, the gelatinized process, it essentially has to do with breaking down the starches of the root. It’s very starchy and fibrous. It’s been around in the west for ten years or so, kind of in popularity. Really the last five years it’s gained a lot of popularity.

Yeah, it has.

It’s a great adaptogen. It helps the entire endocrine system. It’s very nourishing. It has to do more with the amino acid profile in it.

Maca is a Peruvian root. It’s a great adaptogen that helps the entire endocrine system. So, It supports the hormones and libido.

It really supports the hormones, so hormone and libido.

Yeah, it’s known for boosting libido. I think that’s why it’s really come to fame because it’s meant for boosting libido and sex drive.

Balancing hormones, men and women.

Yeah. The gelatinization process and the cooking of it … Traditionally it’s used a lot as a baking flour in the Andes and then the gelatinized process just makes it more absorbable. It makes the alkaloids more absorbable. It also mitigates any kind of microbial contamination that may be on it just from where it’s grown and how it’s harvested.

Yeah. You will get a little something from raw maca, but for the same money or less or more, depending on where you purchase it, you’re getting more bang for your buck when you get it when it’s been gelatinized.

Right, and this is not the same thing as macha, which is a green tea that’s in a powder form. It’s a better form of caffeine. That’s a very different thing from maka, M-A-K-A, which is what you’re talking about that boosts libido and then balances hormones.

Actually maca is M-A-C-A. That’s the root that we were just talking about. Macha is M-A-C-H-A and then there’s another one that sounds very similar which is maqui and that’s a berry that’s like acai. It’s M-A-Q-U-I.

Okay, well that’s clear as mud now. No, I’m just kidding.

Well, just when people are listening to us I want to make sure they know. “Did they say maca or machi or muca?”

Yeah, this is maca root.


The cool thing about green tea, just one thing on that, is that even though it does have caffeine in it, it actually has a balancing amino acid called L-theanine, which has been studied a lot. It’s actually used for helping people to fall asleep and sleep who are unable to. It’s actually a precursor for the neurotransmitter GABA.

Green tea has a balancing amino acid called L-theanine, which helps people fall asleep.

Fat burning too.

It balances the hemispheres of the brain and puts you more into a relaxed alpha state.

It also has ECGC for fat burning.

Oh, right. So the brain states, let’s talk about that. That is fascinating. I haven’t done it yet and I would love to hear your take on this process that takes forty years worth of zen meditation and then condenses that into a few days or a couple of weeks or something through this process of I think biofeedback, monitoring, and then adjusting to different brainwave states so that you get into the ideal brainwave state of a zen meditator.

Monk zen and high NHD.

Yeah, so let’s talk more about that. What’s the technology? What’s the process? What’s your experience with it and would you recommend it?

We’re in the same camp as you, Stephan, as far as we can’t wait to do it. We haven’t actually done that yet, but we have done different forms of brain training. I’ve actually used the Holosync CDs for, gosh, over ten years now. That’s a bineural beat technology, in which you wear a pair of headphones.

With a designated left and right.

Yeah, it sends two different tones into each ear and then the brain resonates at the difference between the two tones. In an hour-long CD, in the first twenty minutes, it takes you from a beta state down through alpha and theta and actually down into delta. Then you’re in a delta state for forty minutes. I forget the exact equivalence that they say with that, but they say that training with and listening to that for an hour a day, you make decades worth of progress in a short amount of time. I think that type of training is extremely important because we have so much stimuli in our modern-day environment. We have so much that keeps us in a beta brain state. Back hundreds of years ago when we were closer to the Earth and more in nature and we didn’t have all the artificial electromagnetic fields, it was much easier to be in a relaxed alpha state. Just going on a hike, and anybody who’s even gone on a hike in nature will know that. You automatically relax into that state. As far as the Forty Years of Zen … I believe it’s called the Biocybernaut Institute. It’s Dr. Jim Hardt. I haven’t been there, but yeah that’s like the high, high end of doing brain training.

I know that was something that our friend Dave Asprey did and speaks about it very highly. I don’t have a felt experience with it either, but I will say this about the Holosync is that not having meditated, or even know that I should meditate until I was almost in my late forties, by putting the Holosync on it stops that monkey mind where your brain is spinning five different places. You’re thinking about all sorts of things. It allows you to meditate. It’s like training wheels for meditating and then takes you right where you need to be.

Tonic herbalism is all about taking herbs that help you to adapt to stress, help your immune system become stronger, and modulate different systems of the body.

As far as the Holosync technology goes, they say it’s literally like lifting weights for your brain. You’re actually making new connections and making new pathways in your brain so that you’re able to … It’s the brain form of tonic herbalism. Tonic herbalism is all about taking herbs that help you to adapt to stress, help your immune system become stronger, and modulate different systems of the body. This is actually doing that on the brain level. You’re able to mentally adapt to stress. The longer you do these types of brain training, the less things in your life that used to be a trigger for you, the less and less and less those will actually trigger. You’ll find things that use to really bother you don’t bother you anymore. It’s literally because you’re rewiring your brain and you can handle more and more and more sensory input at one time.

Right, and most people are really adrenalized. It doesn’t take much for people to spin off when something very minor happens. It all of a sudden becomes again, a trauma or a drama. Then you’re in that adrenalized state. It’s better to be again, more in a shen or centered state. That’s what these do.

Yeah. For our listeners, so that they have places to go online to learn about this stuff. So Biocybernaut, that’s B-I-O-C-Y-B-E-R-N-A-U-T .com.  The page that Dave Asprey from Bulletproof has on Forty Years of Zen is 40, 4-0, So he gives his take on it. It’s not a cheap process going through this Forty Years of Zen process using the biofeedback machines. It’s a fifteen thousand dollar thing. It’s a serious investment, but possibly one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever make. Holosync, which is H-O-L-O-S-Y-N-C, correct?


Correct, yep.

What’s the pricing for that offhand and do you happen to know where they would go or just they could Google it?

The Art of Smart Thinking by James Hardt

It’s the Centerpointe Institute. Centerpointe, with an “E” at the end, Institute. I’m sure they still have this. You can actually download a free thirty-minute sample of it from their website. Each level is about two hundred bucks and should take you a few months I think, maybe six months I think to go through them. It’s been a while since I’ve actually gotten a new set, so I forget how long. It’s about six months I think for each level and they have ten different levels. Just one more note on that though, for the Forty Years of Zen. The creator of that, Jim Hardt, he actually has a book called The Art of Smart Thinking, so people can start there also.

The concept here isn’t just “I want to get in a meditative state of mind because that’s helpful,” but to really tap into these different brainwaves because there’s a big difference between alpha and delta, or I believe there’s also theta waves as well, correct?


Yeah, that’s in between.

What are the differences between alpha, beta, etc., and these different brainwave states?

Well, beta is associate with normal waking consciousness. That’s that state that we’re in the most of the time. Alpha is a more relaxed and creative state. Most meditative practices or mindfulness practices or creative practices are working to get you into more of an alpha state. That’s a relaxed state, still kind of waking state. Theta is more associated with dream states. Theta is also associated with the psychic phenomenon as well. Delta is really only associated with deep, dreamless sleep. When you’re dreaming, in REM sleep, that’s alpha also. Alpha and I believe some theta. Delta is really just dreamless sleep. When you’re doing this kind of brainwave technology you can be actually in a delta state and be awake and be doing things. If you have your headphones on listening to Holosync you don’t have to be meditating. You can be reading or studying or doing something like that. Getting into those different brain states also gets into the reparative and regenerative process of the body, which is why sleep is so important.

So how much time do you spend with Holosync each day and when you recommend our listeners do in terms of Holosync? Kind of a bare minimum.

The bare minimum would probably be thirty minutes. It’s really designed to be used for an hour a day. That’s how long each CD is, it’s one hour. To get the full effect of that I would listen to the full CD. The first half-hour you’re getting down into delta for about ten minutes and then the second half-hour is all delta. One hour a day would be good. It should be noted that some people just love to go extreme with it. It’s not a good idea to listen to it on repeat as much as you can. It will actually dredge up a ton of emotional things also because you’re rewiring so much in your brain. Bill Harris the creator of Holosync. He talks about this in his book. When they were actually designing this technology, he went up to the highest level that he could at the time and he was actually in bed with a flu for a couple of days because it literally was emotionally detoxing him so much he created a physical detox as well. Slow but steady wins the race with this. You don’t want to be doing something as powerful as rewiring your brain excessively.

My favorite Holosync one, and I do listen to that pretty much everyday, is called Super Longevity. There’s an audible one where you listen to it. It has the bineural beats in the background. Also, there’s a human voice that’s speaking to you as well. It’s about the longevity of your cells and how you can speak directly to your DNA for longevity. Then they have another one that is exactly the same thing only you don’t hear the voice. However, your brain actually hears that same information. I found that very deeply meditative. I can put that on. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing dishes or literally sitting quietly in a candlelit room and I get that same feeling. At the end, you’re ready for your day. Also, again, your cells are always listening to you. They’d stand on the balls of their feet if they had them listening to your cue about how they’re supposed to be reacting. So this again, it puts your cells and your body into that whole “I’m healing and I’m healthy” mode.

Your cells are always listening to you.

Compare and contrast just briefly here this process of the bineural beats using Holosync specifically because that is a very different sort of bineural beat than the traditional stuff you just get on iTunes for a dollar. That compared to, let’s say Mindfulness Meditation, John Kabat Zinn, and all that, or transcendental meditation or TM. How do these three things stack up against each other?

They’re all different roads going to the same place essentially. I think the power with the brain technology is that it’s predictable and it works every time. If you’re doing a Mindfulness practice … Anybody who’s ever started a Mindfulness practice will know that it’s work. It’s hard work and the mind gets very, very easily distracted. It may take you weeks or months or years until you’re really quieting your mind and getting into those deeper brain states. The more than you do it, the more the brain rewaters. Whereas with the technology, it’s doing it every time. You really don’t have to do anything. It’s doing it for you. It’s helping to rewater that brain and it’s putting you in those states every single time. If you’re listening to a bineural beat technology or you’re doing biofeedback training, it’s changing your brain predictably every single time. If you do it for a year and then stop, you’re still able to … If you do it alongside a Mindfulness Meditation or you don’t do any Mindfulness Meditation but you do the brain technology for a year and then you start a Mindfulness Meditation, you’ll be in a place that you wouldn’t have been able to reach within a year of just doing Mindfulness Meditation.

Way ahead of the game.

Yeah, it’s really fast-tracking. It’s a modern-day technology that…

You’ve got to do what resonates with you too. Some people just aren’t comfortable putting on headphones. I like headphones as opposed to earbuds. For me, I knew that I needed those training wheels to be able to get me into that space. Now that I’m in that space and doing it for quite a while, I can put myself into that position without having to turn on Holosync. Or you put the headphones on, but there are days, and you know what those days are, that it’s been a little bit out of control. It’s nice to put the headphones on and just go for the ride.

Cool. Let’s move on. We’ve got a lot of topics I want to cover. Let’s now talk about Bluelight and the effect on your melatonin and sleep. Most people are unaware that curling up in bed with their iPhone and Android phones and just destroying their melatonin right before they go to sleep. What do you recommend? What’s the science behind this and how do you solve this problem?

You want to get down to those deep, restorative sleeps.

This is about knowing how your meat suit works. Most people don’t have a clue. In their bedrooms, they’ll have a clock that has lit up numbers on them, usually blue or red or orange, something like that. They’ll have the television that has the little red light and the little blue light or something. Some sort of indicator to show the television is off. You’ll have several different electronics and the biggest offender is people who take their cell phones, especially younger people, and they put them under their pillow so they don’t miss a text or a phone call. All of those interrupt our sleep. They hijack our ability to be able to fall asleep. Specifically as far as light goes and melatonin.

We’re primally built. Our primal blueprint is to as the sun goes down, those long golden-orange lights come across, our pineal gland sees that. You see with your brain, not with your eyes. Biochemical processes start to happen. It starts to put you in the direction of circadian rhythm and that’s what happens when you are actually going to sleep or at sleep. If you’ve got a light that’s on, or people who fall asleep with the television on, that is not a restful sleep at all. In fact, I don’t know what level you would be in. Probably still beta. You want to get down to those deep, restorative sleeps. The way to do that is, again, when the sun starts to set, there’s something you put on your computer which is called f.lux. I think we told you about that. We can talk about that again. Then they have the blue blocker glass. The original question started about Bluelight.

The light that’s coming from most artificial lights, fluorescent lights, et cetera and then from all of our technologies, our computer screens, now our cell phones, tablet screens, it’s a specific type of light. It’s more of a blue-ish light. That kind of light is what actually triggers a cortisol stress response in our body, which is a natural response. Cortisol actually starts spiking an hour to two hours before we wake up. It’s the hormone of waking up and ready to take on the day. We’re supposed to have a nice, healthy cortisol spike in the morning. As the day progresses, wean down. At nighttime, your cortisol should be low. Because we have modern technology with lighting, et cetera, it actually keeps that cortisol spike. It’s sending the message to the brain that it’s still daylight outside. Even if it’s [2:00] in the morning and you have all the lights off but you’re staring into your computer typing something, you’re getting that signal to your brain that it’s daytime. Your body is producing more cortisol when you want it to be producing more melatonin to have a deep night’s sleep.

The glasses that you put on, the blue blocker glasses. I’ll let Jay talk about the website for those, for the blue blockers. I don’t off the top of my head. There are several different companies that make them, but the blue blocker glasses are an amber glass. You just put the glasses on. The other thing you can download onto your device is … I believe this both for tablet, phone, and computer is called f.lux. That’s free. You can download that for free.

Yeah, f.lux.


The website is I believe.


The website for the glasses that we use is lowbluelights. We have a link to that on our website. I believe it’s

Right. So f.lux, which is an app. Also I’m on a Mac and I use f.lux now. It’s F-dot-L-U-X. Cute name.


f.lux. Okay. You’re right.

You download that and then it just starts making the screen more orange-like as the sun sets and then basically there’s no blue light from your screen until the morning. I use that religiously. It’s installed and it’s always on in place. It just knows when the sun is setting. If you are on an iPhone you can get a filter that you just stick it on top of your phone. Then it’s going to be on 24/7, right? So you’re going to be looking at an orange phone basically all the time. I don’t like that idea, so I chose not to do that, even though I did buy the filters from I also bought the blue blocker glasses. I have a hard time wearing this thing around the house at night. It just looks so silly. It looks like I’m about to walk into a science experiment or something. The kind that I have are those protective orange goggles like if you’re going to be in a science lab.

But silly to whom, Stephan? I mean, you know …

You’re at your house, dude. We even wear them out. We have the ones that look like sunglasses that wrap around. They’re not actual goggles. They look kind of like an Oakley, sort of a sunglass.

Yeah, they’re actually pretty cool.

It’s not just from our computer screens. People had LED lighting in their houses and they have fluorescent lighting. Even if you change them out, and in California this is really hard to do because they don’t sell incandescent lighting really to change your bulbs out. We are mindful about making sure all the bulbs in our house are incandescent because it still has that soft glow. It has more of a soft orange glow. It helps even if we don’t have our glasses on.

Sleep is life or death.

That’s a very important topic because sleep is life or death basically. If you don’t get enough sleep, or you get interrupted sleep … As you said, if I’m sticking my iPhone underneath my pillow and then it’s blowing up all night long with text messages and I’m feeling the vibration and it’s kind of jarring my sleep, I am taking years off my life. It’s just a really bad idea.

It’s not only that. It’s that the phone is always in communication to a cell phone tower. Even if you’re not getting a text throughout the night, it’s still throwing off all those electromagnetic fields communicating with a cell phone tower and your head’s two inches away from it for six or eight hours.

Not a good idea.


Yeah, in fact when you wear your cell phone, you’ve got in your pocket, especially if you’re a man, you’re basically dousing your man parts all day long with cell phone radiation. Probably not a good idea as well, right?

No, they have these little … They’re actually cut-up pants. A little leather sleeve or shield that you can wear on your built. So at least it’s still next to your body but it’s not down by what’s going to create family later on. We’re talking about wearing it in a different place. Of course, women can throw it in their purse. I’ve stopped women who I see stick it in their bra. It’s just such a bad idea.

Over their heart.

Over their heart. The next thing that makes me stop people and have a prayer meeting is … In fact, we just saw this two days ago. A woman had a brand new baby in one of those snuggle carriers that you wrap around your body. The baby’s in the snuggle carrier. She put her cell phone between the baby and her chest. I was like, “Oh, hi. You don’t know me, but we have to talk.” She really appreciated it. She goes, “Oh, I was thinking that it keeps the baby warm.” I was like, “Oh.”

That’s awesome. Wow. So cell phone exposure, we’ve got to be mindful of that. Let’s see, what else do we want to talk about? How about heavy metals and exposure to that and chelation and all that?

Heavy metals come from so many different places. Pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, even algaecides.

Heavy metals come from so many different places. Pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, even algaecides. People who swim everyday, especially in a conventional pool, chlorine and flouride. It’s in everything that we … All the jellies and jams we slather on our bodies. It doesn’t matter if it’s something that’s supposed to be an anti-aging process. You kind of have to look at all the ingredients. This is where the devil’s in the details. Something as simple as having amalgams in your mouth. If you have silver fillings or even some of the things that they’re using now that may not be silver have some of these components in them, aluminum in particular.

Also, again, I’ll just speak to your beautiful goddesses that are listening. When you go into the beauty parlor and you color your hair, the different heavy metals that are in that colorant that allows it to seep into the hair is also seeping into your skin. Some people, when they get those heavy metals tests done, are shocked at the levels. I know from being a police officer for twenty years and didn’t even give it a thought, I would clean my weapon and the solvents in the lead, I had an almost off the chart lead reading. Of course I was able to chelate that out by taking certain vitamins that allow you to chelate it out just in your natural body processes. Some people actually need to do different types of chelation. Think that it comes from everything that we spray, put on. It’s in our environment. It comes from everywhere.


Oh yes. The mercury from fish.

Yeah, and that has …

Big game fish especially. Swordfish is probably the worst.

Yeah, that’s just kind of the cycle. Coal refineries and other forms of industry just split out plumes of heavy metals into the air.

Thousands of tons.

That settles into the ocean. There are all kinds of other pollution in the ocean. The fish absorb those and then we eat the fish and absorb the heavy metals toxins from that. It’s really an issue. Today, cleansing is more important than it’s ever been. No matter where you live. If you live in a really pristine environment out in nature, it’s not going to be as important. Living anywhere near any of the cities around the world, you have to really be on top of cleansing which starts with bowel cleansing and then moving into chelators for heavy metals and cleansing the liver. Otherwise, you’re just going to be stocking up on these. They get settled into the fat tissue and they get stored. They build up and they build up and they build up over time. You may not notice anything today, but ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years down the road when they’ve built up, unless you get tested for it and you see it on an actual test you may not think of it. It’s taken so long to accumulate in your body to create the things that now, forty years down the road, are happening.

Cleansing is more important than it’s ever been. No matter where you live. Click To Tweet

Sometimes it’s faster than forty years. Some people are very sensitive. So how do you know how to find those? Let’s give you a tool here to help you with this. That goes back to That stands for Environmental Working Group .org. They have a list that you can download, carry in your wallet, or they even have an app that tells you the levels of metals that are in fish. You always want to try to get wild-caught fish and even in certain areas of the world are better than others. Farmed fish, they have a lot of other issues besides just heavy metals. I think that when you get a wild fresh-caught fish you’re doing yourself a better deal. However, what I’ll say to that is that what goes alongside that is also what’s on the plate, which is the vegetables. If you go to they have both the clean fifteen and the dirty dozen, which I think we talked about last time, the last podcast. This is the same sort of thing only it’s for fish. Check that out and just type in the search box “fish metal levels” or “fish toxicity level” and it comes up as either a nice little app for your phone or you can just download it and print it and carry it.

So you were talking about testing for these heavy metals and also for other environmental pollutants and so forth in your system. What are some of the tests that people should just regularly take?

As far as mercury goes, Quicksilver Scientific has the most advanced form of mercury testing. They actually test the mercury in your urine, blood and hair. Two different types of mercury get excreted differently. One comes out through the urine and one comes out through the hair. Their test is really because in comparing the blood to the hair to the urine you can see which form of mercury you have the highest amounts of and you can see how well you’re excreting it. That’s important too. When you go into starting on a detox protocol, some people have really good pathways of elimination and they have good detoxification systems. Their liver is working really well. They make lots of glutathione.

Other people are much more sensitive. They’re kind of the canary in the coalmine. You have to go a lot slower with those people. Somebody may just know, again, how their constitution is, how strong their body is. If they don’t, a test like that is really helpful because it lets you know how fast or slow you need to be. If you can go more aggressive … There are much more aggressive forms of chelation. There’s actual intravenous forms of chelation. That’s really only for people who have a strong system and a strong immune system. You can do activated charcoal and things like that just over time. Anybody who’s getting blood testing done, you can get a general heavy metal test done in most places. You can get a blood test, or there are places that do…

Two different types of mercury get excreted differently. One comes out through the urine and one comes out through the hair.

They specialize in it.

Yeah, so that’ll give you a decent idea, but it’s not necessarily going to be coming out through the hair or the urine if your body’s holding onto it in the fat cells.

Right, so you need to know what kind of … I love the comprehensive test that you get from Quicksilver. Another one that I love because they actually give you a three-ring binder and it tells you not just all your heavy metal levels, but also tells you what your vitamin deficiencies are. That’s 1-800-Chemist. The website is actually www.1800chemist. That’s Jay Foster. He’s been doing it for almost thirty years down in South Florida. He’s turned a lot of people around. I have both a felt experience with him as well as just knowing him as a colleague. Remarkable, remarkable. It’s a great resource and the price point is good too. I’m trying to think of what the price point is for Quicksilver. They can go to our website and contact us for that.

Right, which is



I’ve heard Wellness Effects as a recommendation from Tim Ferris. Any experience with that particular test?

We haven’t used that one in particular. I know Dave Asprey uses it also. I’ve looked at it online but I haven’t used it. It seems like it’s a good general test that people can do to see not only heavy metals but nutritional deficiencies and things like that. I think they may do hormones too, like a basic.

It’s broad-spectrum, like the one that Jay Foster does at 1-800-Chemist. The one for hormones is actually a separate test that you can do for each one of those.

Right, so you want to test for things like toxins in your blood and in your urine. You want to test your genetics, so you want to do genetic testing. You want to do food sensitivity testing and allergen testing. That’s a lot of tests.

Being mindful about what your body is and how it works is important.

It is, but by the time I finish this sentence, six septillion process have taken place. Wrap your brain around that. That’s a six with twenty-four zeroes before I finish this sentence. We’ve got a lot going on. We’re not just a meat suit. When you understand all these processes hinge on the cascade of the process before it as well as what we’re taking in in our environment, you have to be … We know more about our iPods, our iPads and our computers than we do about what is our vehicle that takes us through our journey in life. To be more of a technician, or just being mindful about what our body is and how it works is important. You’ve got to know where you start. One diet, even one food type of … A dogma doesn’t fit all. Everyone’s welcome at our table. We cross over and do all of these testings, so we know when we give you a certain supplement or we give you a certain dietary program that it works for your genotype. I’m one of those people, for example CLA, conjugated linoleic acid, helps people lose weight. I’m one of the six percent on the planet who doesn’t work with. We discovered that by going through Simplified Genetics.

Simplify or Simplified Genetics?

Simplified Genetics.


Okay. So that’s a genetic testing solution. There’s also 23andme, which no longer allows you to the get health reports. You have to use a separate tool which you take your 23andme data set and run that through that tool and then it’ll give you health reports. Do you recall what that additional tool is called?

No, not off the top of my head. I know when you do it through Simplified Genetics, which is the one that we work with, it comes to you literally as a report. Not only does it tell you about the anomalies that you have in four particular genes, but they also tell you how much activity and what kind of exercise, the foods that work best for you, the supplements that work best for you, and what your epigenetic changes are. What those that are particular just to you.

Yeah, the Simplified Genetics test is focused on four genes and it’s specific for finding out what types of exercise and what types of foods work best for your genes.

And supplements.

Yeah. So it’s for like exercise, weight loss, and certain supplements also for metabolism.


Okay, so that’s genetics testing. Then food sensitivity testing. There’s Immunolabs. I’ve used that before. There are others out there where you send a blood sample in and they see how your blood reacts to different food items like egg and almond and all sorts of different things. What are your recommendations around that?

That’s who I would use as well. I want you to be mindful that these tests they’re using, they’re not using some of the different things. I’ll use milk as an example. They’re not testing for raw unpasteurized milk. They’re testing for milk that you would get if you walked into any grocery store that has RBGH. KCN is a protein most people have the allergy too. We have found this with a lot of clients. They’ll say, “I can’t have dairy.” Then we give them ghee, which is clarified organic butter or we give them raw unpasteurized milk and have no problem with it whatsoever. Some of these tests you have to really pay attention to how they come about the allergen that they’re testing for.

It’s important to realize that how good your intestinal lining is, how good your gut is and the health of your immune system impacts that a lot.

Yeah. In the case of milk, when it’s pasteurized you don’t have the probiotics in there anymore. You don’t have the enzymes in there and the pasteurization and heating process makes both the lactose sugar and the casein protein more difficult to digest. So yeah, the form of the food and how it’s produced makes all the difference. Then the other thing with that, another really good lab is Cyrex, C-Y-R-E-X, Cyrex Labs. We’re actually working to get set up with them. They do tests on their food allergy tests for both raw and cooked versions of what they’re testing for. That’s pretty cool. I think that’s a new form of the test that they have. For food allergens too, it’s important to realize that how good your intestinal lining is, how good your gut is and the health of your immune system impacts that a lot. If you have leaky gut for whatever reason, maybe it’s from heavy metals or something, by getting help in repairing that, a lot of allergies will go away. An allergy is really just an immune system overreaction to something, whether it’s pollen or something you’re eating. It may just be that your system is in a state of immune imbalance or that your intestinal lining is perforated a little bit and so the proteins that should be digested and getting into the blood early and so they create some kind of inflammatory or immune reaction.

Yeah, they see it as an invader that needs to be taken care of. That’s why you get the reaction. There’s a lot of simple fixes for some of these things. When I moved here from Florida, here meaning California, and I go back and forth, initially I was having a little bit of that hay fever thing which I would never have anywhere else. I just started to do a little bit of local bee pollen, Topanga Canyon bee pollen, and I haven’t had it since. That’s been four years now. Sometimes it’s just having your body acclimate to where you are. It’s always paying attention.

Speaking of leaky gut from just a moment ago, one bit of advice that I took in was to not eat so much popcorn, especially if you’re going into your Immunolabs test right before eating a punch of popcorn. Those kernels perforate the lining of your gut. That’s going to give you a false read of how sensitive you are to these different foods if you perforated yourself with a bunch of popcorn right before this blood test.

The lining is only one cell thick. People think it’s like this big, thick, rubbery thing. It’s really only one cell thick.

Yeah, and you want that to be non-GMO popcorn and it also depends how well you chew it. It’s so light, I think people tend to just swallow it before really chewing it well.

Get it wet and swallow it, yeah.

Yeah, yeah. One thing that really stuck with me many years, I remember a guy telling me that he was allergic to bananas, but then by accident he discovered that he was not allergic to organic bananas. So that just really underlines the importance of having really high-quality food. When you’re doing these food sensitivity tests and allergy tests, if they’re just using the regular conventional bananas and conventional almonds, conventional milk, et cetera, you’re not exposing the blood to the same kinds of food you’re eating if you eat healthy. You eat, like you said, the ghee instead of the regular butter that you get at a regular grocery store.

Sometimes it’s just a different thing. This may not be true for everyone, so I say this with a little bit of caution is like the jungle peanuts. The jungle peanuts we use for people who can’t have peanuts or we’ll use Styrian pumpkin seed oil which taste exactly like roasted peanuts when you get the really good one. People can have that all day long, even if they’ve had a peanut allergy in the fat. If it’s a challenge for you to sit down and look at all these tests and the cost factor, especially if you’re uninsured, understand that you can also just do elimination diet for yourself. Just don’t have that one thing and then reintroduce it after so many weeks. You get to see how you react as long as it’s not a life-threatening thing. I know sometimes peanuts can do that. When you look at it and you kind of gauge yourself, your body will tell you.

What about cleanses? We talked about chelating and maybe we should define the word chelation for our listeners. What about different types of cleanses? There are parasite cleanses, there are just regular bowel cleanses. There’s also colon hydrotherapy. What’s it called? Not a colonoscopy, but a colon … Colonics.

Yeah, colonics and enemas, yeah.

Yeah, so let’s delve into that topic.

Your colon is your garbage can. You’ve got to empty the garbage before you go putting anything else into it.

We also start people out with cleansing the intestinal tract. Your colon is your garbage can. You’ve got to empty the garbage before you go putting anything else into it. You’ve got to make sure that your intestinal tract is sufficiently detoxed before you go dumping the toxins from the liver or the toxins accumulated in your fat cells, which hold onto a lot of toxicity also. If those toxins don’t have a way to go … If you just do a liver cleanse, a liver flush, or you just start taking herbs that naturally cleanse the liver of you’re taking a supplement like glutathione that’s going to help deliver to detox … If your intestinal tract is backed up, your colon is backed up, that’s not going to have anywhere to go. It’s just going to recirculate into your blood. It could wind up instead of being stored in your liver it gets recirculated to your brain or some other area that … It’s actually safer to be in the liver than in the brain. We always start with the intestinal tract.

The simplest way to do that and probably the cheapest if the herbal formula called Triphala which is ayurvedic. I forget if we talked about that last time or not, but that’s just T-R-I-P-H-A-L-A, Triphala. It’s not a laxative formula. It’s actually a tonifying intestinal formula. People can take that and it’ll gently increase bowel movements. You’ll know when you’ve taken too much because then you’ll have diarrhea. Just take enough to increase your bowel movements. It breaks down the toxins that are stuck in the intestinal wall. They call that the ama, A-M-A, in ayurvedic, the toxicity.

The plaque.

The plaque, yeah. Colonics are fantastic. They can get a little bit pricey if you do a lot of them, so if that’s an issue at-home enemas are great. There’s a lot of opinions out there about colonics. We always say though, that if you don’t know that colon hydrotherapy is a really great detoxifying modality then you simply have not done it with the right person. There’s some really, really good colon hydrotherapists out there. The training to become a colon hydrotherapist isn’t that rigorous. There’s probably a lot of people out there who aren’t very qualified. We’ve certainly heard stories of people going to less than excellent colon hydrotherapists. I would say always go on referral or maybe Yelp reviews or something like that to find somebody who’s really good. A colon hydrotherapist, man, you will detox a lot of stuff out of your system.

Here’s a little red carpet secret. The before, it doesn’t matter if it’s the Oscar’s or the Grammy’s or the People’s Choice Awards, a large number of those celebrities will go and get colonics because it puts a glow in your skin. It hydrates your body because when you’re getting that water that’s flowing through the colon, it’s being absorbed into the body as well. The good stuff’s being absorbed, the bad stuff’s being expelled. You get this hydration. Your eyes shine, your skin glows, and you literally feel the difference. Again, especially out here in California, I know the difference between what my skin looks like a few hours after a colonic as opposed to a few hours before colonic. It’s a notable difference. You can see the difference, especially if your skin tends to be dry.

Colonics puts a glow in your skin. It hydrates your body because when you’re getting that water that’s flowing through the colon, it’s being absorbed into the body as well.

Would you recommend open or closed colonics?

I love the closed. Any colonic will help you. I love the clearway machine in particular. There’s a lot of different machines, but the ones that we love are the ones that have the tube that you can see what’s going through. There’s no muss, no fuss, no smell. You’re not getting up and down off the table. You’re in one spot. The technician that’s work on you, especially if they really know what they’re doing, they’re right there with you through the whole thing. They explain what it is you’re seeing. The colon hydrotherapist that we go to see actually has two screens where he has a microscope with a camera. You can actually see even the little stuff. When you see worms and things coming out and things that are other than wonderful, then you know that you’re doing a cleansing. We really are a big fish tank. Once you start to clean it out and clean out the corners and get all the stuff out of there that’s been archiving in your body from the time you started to be here, it’s a big difference. It’s a huge difference and you start to see … It can be as subtle as just feeling good. You just feel really good afterward.

Here’s a tip too for finding a colon hydrotherapist. You should kind of do some homework and find out about the process and interview them a little bit. If the colon hydrotherapist is not with you for the entire hour, if they leave the room and leave you alone in there, that is a red flag.

I was horrified when I heard that story.

Do not go to that person. They should not be leaving you there. They should be with you and assisting in the detox process the entire time.

Right, they’re there the whole time and monitoring. Making sure that everything is all good. There are people that we’ve told people that are the colon whisperers as far as I’m concerned. There’s always at home. Doing an enema at home, you can make it really comfortable. Do it without any mess or fuss. Make it part of… Not maybe every morning, but maybe a couple times during the week where you start maybe your weekend off like that and do a quick little cleanse and get yourself hydrated.

As far as chelation goes when we talk about chelators, a chelator is actually something that you can take that’s going to bind a toxin or a heavy metal to it and excrete it out of the body. Activated charcoal is a really simple one. It’s really cheap to get. You can get the ones from Coconut now. I know Bulletproof sells the Coconut activate charcoal. Charcoal, clays, zeolites. As far as foods go …


Yep, chlorella is great. Cilantro, turmeric. All these things either are chelators, they bind toxins, or they assist like in the case of turmeric and other herbs like milk thistle for the liver. They increase the efficacy.


A chelator is something that you can take that’s going to bind a toxin or a heavy metal to it and excrete it out of the body.

Efficacy, thank you, of the phase one and phase two detox process in the liver.

Yeah. Milk thistle, sometimes you’ll see it in the store called silymarin.

All right. What about if you think you might have parasites or you actually see parasites coming out, some nice little worms or whatever? What is the regimen for doing the cleanse? Is there some technologies you could use, is there some ayurvedic herbs so there’s a combination of these things? What’s the process?

When we have people going for a colonic, we have them take pumpkin seeds. I like the Styrian pumpkin seeds fast, but pumpkin seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, put them into your coffee grinder, make them into a powder. They taste really good. You just eat the couple spoonfuls a couple of hours before your colonic. They literally paralyze that kind of a parasite. It paralyzes them out and then you have a chance to see maybe more than you would if you had not done that.

All right. There’s some sort of technology. I think you sent me a brochure about it for parasite cleanses. What was that called again?

Oh, are we talking about the Square Wave?

That’s actually a brand new modality that some colleagues of ours had done. We’re going to be trying that out. That’s a newer technology. It’s literally working with energetic frequencies. You send a hair and I think saliva sample and they run it through this machine and it’ll come up with the top most important things. Maybe that’s unwanted organisms in your body. By the way, just as a note, the “P” word is actually, technically, a medical diagnosis. It’s just better to say unwanted guests or something like that.

Rather than …

Rather than parasites?


Bad word.

But yes …

What was the name of that scan called?

I can actually pull it up for you. I don’t remember it off the top of my head.

Literally it works on energetic frequencies. It’ll have the top things going on in your body and then it’ll actually create an energetic frequency on a card that’s the antidote or reverse of that. You hold this card in your hand for “x” amount of time a day and energetically it actually fixes that issue. So far we have three colleagues who are using it right now and they’ve really had profound effects with it.

Which shocked me, because it sounds very airy-fairy. The cop in me is like, “How does that work?”

So yeah, so we have to have felt experience with that.

Cool. I just pulled that up because you sent me the brochure on that. It’s called Cyberscan.


That’s it, yeah.

Yeah, C-Y-B-E-R-S-C-A-N. We’re running out of time here, so let’s do a little lightning round here. uBiome, or any kind of testing for your gut biome, what do you recommend there? I’ve signed up with uBiome, the letter “U” and then Biome, but I haven’t sent in my sample yet.

You’ve had it for how long?

Let’s just say a few months.

He’s been busy. You’ll get to your gut. uBiome’s a good one.

Yeah, that’s a thumbs up. Finding out about the bacteria in your body is a good thing for sure. The science on that in the coming years is probably just going to blow away what we know now.


So yeah, that’s an emerging field for sure.

Yeah, awesome. You don’t just do it once. You do it on a fairly regular basis. Sonic humidifiers.

We love the one that we have.

Pure Guardian.

Yeah. It’s by Guardian. You can get that in Costco. I love it because it’s got silver impregnated into the tank so you don’t have to worry about mold. What happens sometimes people will get these humidifiers and then they don’t realize you clean them and it becomes more of an issue because it’s breeding mold. I love that one in particular.

That’s particularly important for anybody in a dry climate. People in Florida don’t have to worry about that, but in southern Los Angeles for sure, or like Arizona.

Even during the winter when all the windows are closed up and they’ve got the heat on.


Cryotherapy is getting into a chamber that is the surface temperature of Neptune. It stimulates major anti-inflammatory action and metabolism.

Yeah. A lot of times we’re dehydrated. We get dehydrated when we’re traveling and we get dehydrated when we don’t replenish after going to work out. We just generally don’t drink enough water. Having that humidifier is a good way to help add some additional humidity into your system.

If you took a mirror and put it in front of your mouth, as you were speaking you’d see the water molecules develop on it. Even just speaking gets the water going.


Awesome. Cryotherapy is getting into a chamber that is the surface temperature of Neptune.


It’s minus two hundred and twenty degrees and you’re in there for a couple minutes. It stimulates major anti-inflammatory action. It stimulates metabolism. We actually were with a client yesterday who had tried it once and he said it was remarkable because he has all kinds of issues with inflammation and pain. He just said it was unimaginably cold. He didn’t wear gloves when he went into it. He said it was remarkable and how quickly stepping out of it he noticed a difference in his inflammation and pain.

Again, that speaks to our primal blueprint. That’s nerve force. That brings up your nerve force. Actually, standing in it, I find it really exhilarating. I love being inside the cryo-chamber. From women and men, they do a cryofacial as well which helps stimulate collagen and elastin so you can get better skin.

Yeah, locally that’s at Cryo Healthcare where you can get that. They have the cryofacial as well as the cryo-chambers.


That’s if you’re in the LA area.



I just read an article about Tony Robbins and some of his lifestyle things going on. He uses a cryotherapy machine, a full-body one, I think everyday.

Yeah, he has them in all of his homes.

Yeah, cool. Sensory deprivation tanks. What do you think of those?

Actually, have not tried them yet. We have one here locally. Oh, you have?


Joy has tried it.

I’ve tried it. Again, the first few minutes of it, you have to get that … Your monkey mind spins. I find that it’s really calming and healing. It puts you into that womb kind of a space. For people who are claustrophobic, they’d probably freak out a little bit quite honestly.

Yeah, I could imagine. You’re in there for what, a full hour, or something with no ability to tell what time it is or anything.

No, and we don’t get a chance to sit still. It’s nice to see how you do for that. Again, there should be a technician there that’s not obviously watching you, but if you wanted to cut your therapy or that hour short because it’s just a little intense … All kinds of emotions come up when that happens, when you actually are with yourself in that sort of … They call it deprivation, but it’s really sort of an elevation.

Yeah, cool. How about hair loss? Any kind of technologies or Chinese herbs or anything for helping with hair loss.

Do you want me to rattle them? Are you ready?


Okay. For supplements, it would be biotin, stinging nettles, silica, lypo-spheric vitamin C. Oh, and ho shou wu. The growth factor is deer antler, colostrum, and actually egg yolks. Grass-fed pastured egg yolks. I like to do the raw or you can do them poached, lightly poached. You get those growth factors in there too. For topically they have the PRP therapy, which people refer to it as vampire therapy. It’s like a little pricky wheel that goes on your head or on your skin. It helps to bring back the follicles and make the follicles work for you. There literally is a list as long as my arm. Maybe we could do another podcast just about hair if you want to.

We’re going to have you as a regular guest, both of you. PQQ.

Your mitochondria are your energy factories and PQQ is a supplement that you can take that increases those little energy factories.

PQQ is a supplement which influences the mitochondria. It actually helps your body to produce more mitochondria. The mitochondria are the little energy centers in your cells. They’re actually the energy producers, which actually have their own DNA which is very interesting.


That’s a whole other story.

The higher concentrations are in your brain and in your heart.

Yeah. So your mitochondria are your energy factories and PQQ is a supplement that you can take that increases those little energy factories more like when you were younger, when you had more energy. As you age, as Joy mentioned earlier, your mitochondria diminish more and more.

It’s mitochondrial regeneration. It’s a nice thing. Actually if you’re asking for what would we like better, I really do love … I don’t mind the one by Jarrow, but I like Bulletproof the best. It’s liquid and whenever you get the liquid, it goes under your tongue. It’s in your blood in seconds.

Yeah. The Bulletproof one is actually a new form of it that’s more resistant to stomach acid. You get better absorption. It doesn’t get destroyed.

More bang for your buck.


Anything for low iron that you would recommend?

Nutritionally, red meat is fantastic. If you’re looking at plant foods, chlorophyll is blood building.

Nutritionally, red meat is fantastic. If you’re looking at plant foods, chlorophyll is blood building.


Spirulina. A lot of the green foods. Then for iron supplements, the company Mineral Life does a liquefied ionic iron. That one’s really good.

I prefer to get it from food. The liquid would be tertiary for me.

The longanberries.

The longanberries, they’ve been used for three thousand years or longer in Chinese tradition. They taste really good. You can just walk into Ron Tea Garden’s grab a bag and walk out and just eat them. They give them to women after they’ve given birth. It’s a blood-building berry and it’s fabulous.

That’s L-O-N-G-A-N. One word.


Okay, last one here. Grounding.

Grounding or earthing. Yes. A grounding pad should be under your computer or under your feet while you’re on your computer. It’s everything. It increases the flow of your blood, the zeta potential of your blood. If you Googled grounding or earthing, and Dr. Steven Sinatra who is a well-recognized cardiologist, not only did he help the author or at least write the foreword … I think he was actually one of the authors of the earthing book with Clint Ober. I’ll be shocked if that doesn’t get some sort of Nobel prize at some point when people realize how important it is. Just so you know, it’s been around for a long time. When doctors go into surgery they’re grounded. People who work in Silicon Valley and work with all sorts of computers and chips and things, they have to be grounded as well. When we’re grounded, our body responds to it in a split time that you can’t even measure.

Yeah. What it is is the grounding technology, it’s just mimicking on the Earth.

No, it’s bringing the Earth. It’s not even mimicking. It’s bringing it to you.

If you just go outside and you stand barefoot on the Earth, you’re grounded. You’re at the beach, you’re in the sand, you’re grounded.

You’re in the shower, you’re grounded.

You go outside, you touch a tree with your hand, you’re grounded. The grounding technology is actually plugging into the grounding plug, the bottom prong on a three-prong outlet. Yeah, it’s bringing the grounding to you so that you can sit on a sheet or a little pad or have your foot on a pad and be grounded.

They even make a snuggly little blanket that you can have. We have one on our couch. We have the pads underneath our computers and of course the sheet. The most important one, if you’re only going to get one, is the sheet that goes across the bed, the half sheet. It doesn’t matter what size your bed is. It fits all. Just by touching in while you’re sleeping, you’re doing therapy while you’re sleeping. It also helps with good sleep.

Even a pillowcase. They have grounding pillowcases too.

Yeah, and I do prefer the sheets to the pillowcase. That’s just a personal preference but they’re both amazing.

Wow. Well, this was just another drinking from a firehose session. We’ll definitely have to bring you back. We didn’t cover everything obviously. We could talk about mental focus, epigenetics, and libido and hormone balance, standing desks. There are so many other things we could talk about. Again, we didn’t get to those things. Thank you so much. This was hugely informative. It gave us a lot of food for thought, a lot of actions to take to look after our health and our longevity. Thank you again, Jay and Joy. Their website for you, listeners, if you wanted to learn more about them and maybe get consulting help from them on instituting some new health regimens and so forth, their website: It also has lots of superfood recipes on there. Lots of great resources. Links to websites to buy all sorts of cool stuff that we’ve been talking about. Again, thank you very much, Jay and Joy.

Thank you.

Thanks, Stephan.

Thanks again, listeners. We’ll catch you on the next episode.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Find a professional hydrotherapist to get a colonic to clean your system out before considering other detox programs.

?Get your body tested for genetic problems and problems with toxins.

?Check out the EWG report before you consume fish to make sure you aren’t eating fish with a high concentration of heavy metals.

?Get your body tested for heavy metals, and think about chelating those metals out with supplements.

?Be careful of where you are putting your cell phone – be wary of the electromagnetic rays you are exposing your body to.

?Have problems falling asleep? Get blue-blocking glasses to help fall asleep more naturally if you are looking at a screen or TV before bed.

?Try bineural beat technology to get the benefits of longterm mindfulness meditation right away.

?Try a grounding pad to get the blood flowing in your body and return to a more natural state.

?Cryotherapy can work wonders on inflammation pain and low metabolism. Seek it out near you.

?Gut bacteria have been getting major news as we find they are incredibly important to overall health. Get yours checked out with uBiome.

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