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Cristo D'arcy
“That’s the biggest lie we’ve been told – that healing takes a certain amount of time… You can accelerate it substantially.”
Cristo D’arcy

Cristo D’Arcy can’t tell you exactly what he does. He’s been a healer and energy restorer for around 15 years, and he manages to be simultaneously astounded by what he does as well as his biggest skeptic. Cristo has always been aware that he had skills that bordered on the fantastical. When he realized that his life wasn’t made for conventional schooling, he looked to alternative medicines to be able to use his gift with others. But to him, it perhaps wasn’t far-reaching enough. Instead, he was introduced to a kung fu grandmaster who taught him about energy healing, and something finally felt right. Now, he’s traveling across the country giving individualized healings and diagnostics of what is going on in the energy spectrum of the body. Our body is made of so much more than the physical that we know of it. Cristo is right there at the forefront realizing how energy has so much to do with our latent potential.

Health has always been a huge priority in our lives; however we find so many people frustrated with the traditional path of wellbeing. Where traditional medicinal doctors are missing something, Cristo is cutting through the distractions to get at the real root of our problems, and getting faster results than he ever could have imagined. He generously reveals his insights on the subconscious, healing long-term pain, alternative medicines and more.

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Cristo, thanks for joining us.

Oh, thank you for having me, it’s a real pleasure to be here. You define what I do as well as I do. I still have trouble describing it, how it works, and what goes on there. But it’s a pleasure to be here, and thanks for having me.

Yeah, so why don’t you share with us how you got into this field?

Well, it’s a good question. I did a lot of meandering around for the first thirty years of my life, it was probably one of those things. You know, I think I was just… we all have our gifts, and we all have our abilities that hopefully we can find and nurture as individuals. Because those are the talents that we want to bring to the world. I just had a unique gift for – it’s really hard to describe. I guess you’d call it psychic, mediumship or channeling. These things were all just sort of stuff that was commonplace for me as a kid. I’ll be 45 in a couple of weeks here, and you know, still doing it. In fact, not only doing it but getting better at it. But it took a long time to really step into who I was and what I was doing.

So, the early part of my life was really based on trying to figure out what I wanted to do, much like most of us, I would presume. I didn’t fit very well into school, and I wanted to do something in the health field, but I didn’t know what. Alternative, preferably. I studied acupuncture and chiropractic and a lot of different types of modalities. I just kept coming to find that there wasn’t anything effective or efficient enough for my liking. It was almost like it wasn’t outside of the box enough. I was doing a lot of kinesiology and allergy-elimination work, and just different things like this, and a lot of stuff with muscle testing. And then, a colleague of mine one day just passed me in a hallway. He had asked me if I had ever heard of this particular gentleman, a kung-fu grandmaster, and I said, ‘No, I hadn’t.’ And he said, ‘This guy’s incredible, he can actually identify pain and clear the pain in seconds!’ And I was like, ‘Well, I gotta see this.’ And this was ten years ago. He had a really janky website, it was terrible, actually, this scrappy video about ten years ago. I saw what he was doing, and I knew what he was doing. I was like, ‘I know what you’re doing, something. I don’t know how you do it exactly, but this is real stuff.’

We all have our (gifts), and we all have our abilities that hopefully we can find and nurture as individuals. Because those are the talents that we want to bring to the world.

And interestingly enough, I wound up meeting him about a week later. He wasn’t exactly a teacher, as he so much was a guy that just sort of cracked me open. It’s hard to describe. He just sort of connected me up in a manner and sort of got me going. And that was it, and that’s what happened. It was like a spontaneous flipping of the switch, and from there, I was just able to identify where. It started out with pain, just being able to identify if somebody said they had pain in their knee. The thing with our current level of the way we do things as human beings is we treat symptoms. If you have a sore knee, we treat your knee. You know, you ice it, therapy, whatever needed to be done. And what I was beginning to learn, what I quickly understood, was that wherever the pain is manifesting is never where it’s originating.

Much like if you pull a dog’s tail, he barks out the front of his mouth. So, where the pain point was where it hurt, but what we were really looking for was where’s the origin? You quickly find that wherever your body is hurting, you’re probably hurting somewhere else in your life. And I started noticing that other people were having trouble in their relationships, or with their children, or with their businesses or just being stuck, or blocked or incapable of getting where they wanted to go. And finding these, they almost look like blown fuses in a circuit. You know, they’re like bugs in a program, really, just there’s a glitch in the program, and it’s causing a negative, unsavory result somewhere else. And I was able to identify these things and change them. And that’s kind of that.

Wherever the pain is manifesting is never where it’s originating.

So, you mentioned muscle tests and one of the things that you were experimenting with, kinesiology, etc. Can you, for our listeners, explain what muscle testing is?

Sure. Muscle testing has been around forever. And it’s basically a way to use your body, essentially as a computer, to determine a binary state. So, a yes or a no, or a positive or a negative experience. So, to determine if, let’s say, for example, a food, like if you’re dealing with an allergy. People say, ‘Well, I have a grain allergy, or a milk allergy, or a gluten allergy’ If you take a human being and introduce the candy bar, let’s say the gluten or whatever it might be, into the person’s field. So if they were just holding it in their hand, you could literally use a muscle in their body, like most people use the deltoid muscle or the shoulder, by putting their arm out 90 degrees to the ground. And if you apply a little bit of pressure, you can determine if it’s the actual candy bar weakening the person or if it’s something else.

So, it’s a way of diagnosing in a manner specific to the human form. And once you find what’s really the problem in this manner, then you can address it that way.

Okay, so it’s like you stick your arm out, and you have somebody test this for you and say, the way that I’ve experienced muscle tests before is, they’d ask a question, have my arm out, and say ‘What is your name?’

That’s a perfect one, ‘What is your name?’

So I would say, ‘My name is Stephan,’ and they would push on my arm to see…

Get a strong response, yeah.

And my arm would resist. My deltoid muscle would be strong. But then, if I made a fib, if I said my name was Mickey Mouse, then my deltoid would not be nearly as strong, and the person would be able to push my arm down. So that’s one example. The example you gave is if you had a candy bar or a healthy smoothie in your hand, what would be the impact of pushing the arm down? Would it be hard to push, or would it be easy to push, depending on which food you have in your hand? Or if it’s something that you might be intolerant to or have an allergy to, your unconscious mind is able to provide a response?

Once you determine the difference between what feels strong and what feels weak, you can find the root cause of the problem.

Precisely. You got it. And the thing about the muscle test is that it’s very controversial because people go, ‘Well, wait a minute.’ They think it’s actually a strength test, but all we’re looking for is just to watch how energy moves in the body. So, is your body strong to this? Is this a truism for you, or is this no good for you? And most people, when you do it to them in this fashion, they think it’s really cool, but they go, ‘Wait, do it again because I want to test it.’ And then you can get very mixed interpretations. So, over the years, what I learned to do very quickly was that I found that the information when you’re doing that type of thing is already there. And you can literally bypass doing the muscle test once you determine the difference between what feels strong and what feels weak.

As soon as you can determine that with somebody, you can find the root cause of their problem. Be it an emotional problem, a childhood problem, or an injury is very often the case, it could be a genetic issue, something that’s occurred in the lineage…there’s any number of things it could possibly be. But it’s just a system you learn to navigate like anything else.

So, a practical application of this: Orion, my fiancée, would have me come and muscle test her if she was testing a food item to see if she wanted to ingest it or buy it. Let’s say a particular protein powder. There are all kinds of different protein powders with who knows what kind of fillers and everything. So she’d hold it in her hand and say out loud while I’d muscle test her, ‘This is good for me.’ And then she’d take another one in her hand and say, ‘This is good for me,’ and I’d test her. And then we’d be able to see, ‘Oh wow, this one, not so good.’ And her unconscious mind, or something going on there beyond our conscious faculty that just says, ‘Hey, this is not really the right thing for me to be taking into my system.’ Or perhaps, ‘it is.’

So you’re saying that you’re able to, and pretty much anybody that just works a little bit on this skill would be able to just look at the item, connect with their energetic field, and with their larger sense of knowing, and just intuitively pick the right protein powder. Without having to do the muscle test and all that. Is that right?

Feeling is infinitely more correct than thinking.

That’s what I’m telling you. Yeah, that’s exactly right. And what happens is you get really proficient at it when you practice it regularly. And like anything, it becomes all of a sudden, you can detect things quickly. So what’s fun with the guys, younger guys especially, is that most people are into hacks right now. They like hacks. Well, I’m not a hack fan, quite honestly, because I’ve seen hacks destroy too many systems. I understand them, I get it, they’re useful and fun, and they’re effective, more so. But it’s more like they jump the track rather than resolve the real issue. And eventually, you’ll come to a crash point. It just will happen, eventually. So this, in some manners, is like the ultimate of hacks, only for the highest good. And when you start to do this, and this is where it gets really… the rabbit hole goes as deep as you want. But, because we all look at our bodies and go, ‘Well, this is material, I’m a material being. What’s the difference when I’m looking at a protein isolate or gasoline, these are inanimate objects.’ But they all have a frequency. So what you’re looking for is congruence between your frequency and whatever it is you’re ingesting or bringing into your body. And when those are good, you’ve got something helpful, and if not, the opposite. When that happens, you’re going to get sick. That’s just the way it is.

Yeah, I always remember back years ago when I just was not very connected to my body, not very connected to my soul. I saw things as more black and white, not as gray. I would see myself and others more in a material way and less in an energetic way. We are so much more energy than we are matter, and that’s been a big realization on my part, is really to connect to that, my consciousness. Not just be an automaton, just going through daily life doing my emails and everything. It’s so easy to just get caught up on that. Any tips or suggestions for folks to kind of wake up?

Absolutely. Especially for men, women don’t really struggle with it as much as men because, just exactly what you said; it’s easy to put the blinders on and go to work and do our thing. The real element of this practice is that. It’s getting in touch with feelings. What you’ll find is that feeling is infinitely more correct than thinking or even words you say. That stuff can all be fabricated. But the feeling you have about something, and you can read any one of the fantastic authors that are out there. Malcolm Gladwell is a great example, whether you like him or not, of thin-slicing. We’re just going to take a quick glimpse of this and go, ‘I’m not sure, something feels wrong about it.’ And what you do is you wind up learning how to trust that. Because that’s where the real truth is. In that process, it looks a lot like personal development. And that is going back and resolving issues with home life, traumas and mom and dad and all that sort of stuff. Interestingly enough, it looks like we’re able to shorten the journey a little bit. What used to take twenty years, we’re now taking care of in under a week. So, long therapy sessions aren’t necessary. There are just certain things that aren’t necessary anymore because, through energetic practices, through the sophistication of our physical systems, we’ve got more sophisticated forms of medicine that are emerging. There are ways of resolving viruses, there are ways of resolving parasites and fungi in your body that the allopathic world doesn’t have the ability to do.

There are just certain things that aren’t necessary anymore because, through energetic practices, through the sophistication of our physical systems, we’ve got more sophisticated forms of medicine that are emerging. Click To Tweet

So we’re working on two very different levels. So those that think, ‘Oh, well, if this was so great, it would have come out years ago, and you’d be a majillionaire,’ and that’s just not the case. Many people like this, they’re not looking for cures out there. But that’s implied through repression and negative experiences. But there’s plenty of great information out there, true stuff that really works. Finding it can be a little tricky, but that’s what I want everybody to do. I want everybody to find that true thing that works for them. I found this to be about as pure as it gets.

Everybody who’s listening, I think, should be contacting Cristo and booking a session with him because that’s the fastest path to awaken, or one of the fastest paths, there are other paths. But let’s say you’re dealing with a skeptic, who’s just, ‘God, this energy stuff is all jumbo. I just believe in real science and stuff that I see.’ What would you tell somebody like that? How do they take steps to be less of an automaton and more awake, mindful, conscious, and living in a higher vibration?

It’s interesting because I find that, especially driven men, again, women are a little bit different, but driven men will pretty much do whatever it takes to get to where they want to go. What I’m finding is that most of them want to do it in a manner that’s befitting of their soul. Something that they can stand behind and believe in, that’s going to work well. And the skeptic is a wonderful thing. It’s the cynic we have a problem with. So, the cynic is closed off, and the skeptic is questioning. I’m one of the biggest skeptics there are. It’s hard to believe my own stuff sometimes. But we need to bring this to the forefront. So, if you can have an open mind about just being able to feel a response immediately, and this isn’t a long-term thing, we’re not hoping that this works. These are feelings that are changing. We’re right on the spot, right at the moment. So that’s what I found about cynics, or skeptics that you have to get a response for them. You have to get a result quickly, or else you’ve lost them. And that’s the key to it. So I find that most people that ever come to me are already ready to do something. I’m always the last resort. ‘We’ve checked everything! Now we’re calling you.’ So, they’re ready. Which is great, it’s a compliment.

I want everybody to find that true thing that works for them.

Yeah. So that’s a really important distinction, those cynics are closed off mentally, emotionally, energetically, and skeptics are just more cautious and not as open-minded as maybe ideally you’d want. But it’s still workable. You can still help somebody. But somebody who’s a cynic they’re just not really that fun to be around. It’s the sort of thing where you’ve got to participate in your own rescue. If somebody throws a life raft at you, you’ve got to participate. Grab it, and get pulled in. A cynic is not interested, they just want to prove their point while they’re out there drowning.

Yeah. And there’s nothing you can do. I’m pretty sure no matter what field you’re in, there’s not much you can do with a cynic. Luckily, there are relatively few far between. So, you know. It happens.

So, what would be an example of a major shift that you got for a client of yours? And I understand that we can’t talk about anything confidential, but what would be something that was just beyond any kind of coincidence? Just something that you’d say, ‘Wow. That’s miracle-type material.’

There was a guy, a client of mine, that came in to see me about eight years ago that had a lump on the side of his nose, like a wart. He had no idea what it was and had been to multiple doctors. He (contacted me recently and said) ‘I came in, and you said something about my dad and past life, and then you touched something on my back for a second, and then you said something else,’ and he said, ‘And I remember feeling this calm come over me and by the time I had walked out to my car from your office, as I looked in the rear-view mirror, the thing was 90% decreased in size.’ I didn’t know about this, and he told me about four days ago. And I was like, ‘You’re kidding! That’s awesome, I was doing good work even then.’ Multiple women had not been able to get pregnant, I’ve done that multiple times. They had been on fertility drugs and all different types of things. Being able to identify different areas in the uterus where they’re twisted and tilted and being able to restore nerve supply there and blood supply to the fetus and the egg. That’s happened multiple times. Pains in people’s bodies for thirty or forty years are gone in seconds. I mean, the list goes on and on. It stops becoming phenomenal after a while. It’s like these are flat tires on your car. You just change it, and then you know, all good! So that’s really fun. But right now, we’re getting into some really interesting and expansive stuff dealing primarily with the heart, centered with the heart.

Yeah, so tell us more about that.

This is an interesting thing that just developed with me due to the fact there’s a lot of failure in conventional medicine that isn’t working in children that were clients of mine that are basically near death and trying to find a solution. So, I literally was gifted these five different steps that can be gone through. It’s almost like this sort of sorcerer’s stone in a way, I’m just testing it out right now, but it seems to be making profound effects on people. This is wonderful for me because then I have a protocol that I can put to people and get immediate change for them without having to spend a lot of time or money sifting through their childhood, past lives and all that. We can just do this thing. This seems to be recalibrating the heart. It just seems to be changing the rhythms of the heart and how we think and feel. I’m noticing that it’s changing the physical symptom of the body very quickly. It’s really exciting, real stuff. Real stuff.

Well, it’s funny that you’d say that this seems like, I don’t remember the word you used, but some sort of shortcut to get to the result. Because you don’t want to take a lot of time resolving issues with past lives, old traumas, and so forth. One of the last things I think of is that this stuff takes a long time with you. I remember seeing in one of the intensives a guy who had chronic back pain his whole adult life. And you just worked with him for like ten minutes or something, I don’t know. There were thirty guys watching you work, and yeah, pretty amazing what happened there. You shifted some things energetically, and the pain was gone for the first time. I don’t remember if it was sciatic pain or what, but wow, that was profound. If ten minutes was a long time, I don’t know how fast this is. Instantaneous or something?

The biggest lie we’ve been told is that healing takes a certain amount of time.

Well, that’s just it. The kung fu grandmaster I knew back in the day, he was like, ‘One second, two seconds….’ Three seconds is still too long. If you’re running the hundred-yard dash and a second behind, you may as well be at the takeoff. You’re dead last in the hundred-yard dash if you’re a second behind. So really, what we want to find out is that healing doesn’t take time. And that, I would say, if there’s anything you get out of this, the biggest lie we’ve been told; is that healing takes a certain amount of time. Based on what we’ve been used to, based on how long it takes a bone to set, based on how long it takes to get over a cold, a cold sore, whatever. You can accelerate it substantially. Substantially.

Yeah. I believe that even the worst cynic, I think, would have to acquiesce on this. Even just using purely technological means with, you know, upcoming nanotechnology and things like that, the instantaneous resolution of chronic physical issues – aches, pains, etc. That can be solved instantaneously, just with technology alone. So why couldn’t it be done also on an energetic level? Because our mind, our brain, and our consciousness are so powerful, it’s running all of our systems. Making sure that we take breaths, our heart continues to beat, and our white blood cells are eating up the bad bacteria and all that stuff. So we need to start harnessing that power in a more conscious sort of way, right?

Man, you said it, brother. I know that technology is an offset to how our system already works. It really is a matrix sort of a system, except the physical intelligence is beyond anything that we have in regular technologies as we know it today. It’s a wireless system, it’s the speed of thought. Really, there is nothing quicker than the speed of thought. It’s not even a quickness, it’s just an instantaneous experience. So again, if you want to go down the rabbit hole, you’re welcome to do it, but that’s it.

If you can think of something, you can send it to another galaxy, another dimension, whatever you want. It’s that fast. That’s what we’re in for. And that’s what we want, we want to be able to move faster. It’s like a top that starts losing its speed. It gets wobbly. So we want it to be stable, and we’re much faster beings than we give ourselves credit for. So we want to get to those chinks in our programming that will allow for that. Allow for that speed. You don’t want to put oatmeal into your Ferrari gas tank, you know. It would probably like nicer gas than that. We want to make sure that we’re utilizing the potential of ourselves, even just a fraction of what we’ve got now.

We want to make sure that we’re utilizing the potential of ourselves, even just a fraction of what we’ve got now.

Even just the terminology that people use, in terms of saying, ‘I want to live in a higher vibration, a higher vibrational state, or higher frequency alludes to the very concept that you’re talking about; keeping that top spinning at a fast enough pace that it doesn’t start wobbling and losing its cohesiveness.

Exactly, and that’s exactly what it is. Maintaining cohesiveness and restoring congruence.

Yeah. Cool, well, this has been a really fantastic interview. I’ve really enjoyed our chat here, and I’m sure listeners did.

Me too, thank you for having me.

Yeah, any last parting thought you wanted to share or a bit of wisdom?

The new way of doing business is going to be heart-centered. It has to come from a place of integrity.

Just come from your heart as much as you can. Especially in your businesses, I think that the new way of doing business is going to be heart-centered. Completely it has to be, to come from any place of integrity. So look for that special passion project that’s really interesting for you, that really speaks to you. Go with that. That always feels like the right way to go in terms of contribution and business. And then the rest of it, good luck.

Well, that was beautiful advice, and I hope everyone takes you upon it.

Well, thank you very much.

Thank you, Cristo. Appreciate it.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Try muscle testing as a way to find out what your body really wants by learning to trust your energy.

?Recognize the difference between a cynic and a skeptic.

?Meditate on the idea that the world around us goes beyond the material – look deeper in the energy of everything you see.

?Find ways in your life to open your heart to new ideas.

?Listen to you intuition – if a situation doesn’t feel right, your body is telling you something.

?Got a problem going on in your body that hasn’t been resolved? Think about booking an appointment with Cristo or with an energy healer.

?Contact Cristo at

?As Cristo recommends, come at whatever you are doing from a place of integrity and of heart.

?Cristo has a series of great YouTube videos on eliminating brain fog, headache, and more! Check them out at Cristo D’Arcy on YouTube.

?Treat your body right, and fuel it correctly to able to live at a high vibrational state.

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Cristo D’Arcy is an alternative health expert who is a master in energy and healing. His objective is to free up individuals and companies from negative thoughts and experiences that are holding them back from achieving their potential.

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