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By: Stephan Spencer


The food we eat has a profound impact on our bodies at the cellular level. In the long-term, it can even lead to a serious illness and disease. Some of these illnesses may even be caused by the acidity of our highly processed diets. Your blood provides important clues to understanding what’s going on inside your body, specifically through live blood microscopy. My guest for this episode is Mary Beth Kauffman Mittleman. She happens to be an expert in live blood microscopy. Mary Beth has helped thousands reevaluate the way they eat, live and even think through testing, counseling and promoting an alkaline lifestyle. If you think you can be healthier and more vital than you are now, stick around and learn some valuable tips on how to cleanse your cellular environment and rebalance your body.

Mary Beth Kauffman
“You can create one little distinction within your day-to-day life that can impact the quality of your life forever.”
Mary Beth Kauffman


Mary Beth, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you. I’m so honored to be invited to share my message and information to make a difference.

I’ll share that you have done live blood analysis on my blood. I learned some interesting things and I got to see it firsthand. I’m a visual learner. Auditory and kinesthetic are fine, but I absorb the material much better when I see it. It was so impactful when you showed me my own blood, my live blood cells and the crystals, the fungi, the misshapen blood cells and how things were a little dried out. It made an impact. I was like, “I need to change my diet because I’m feeding the stuff I don’t want to be feeding like the fungi and whatever else with all this sugar.” It’s making me crave more sugar. It’s not even my own cells that are craving, it’s these other cells in my body. That was so impactful for me. I’m quite grateful for that. I wanted to start by sharing that so that they understand the context of having you talk about life blood analysis and also about more generally nutritional microscopy. Let’s start by defining for what nutritional microscopy is.

My name is Mary Beth Kauffman Mittleman. I have been doing nutritional microscopy for several years. I have been showing people their blood and teaching them what’s going on within their body at the cellular level. Nutritional microscopy is using a high-powered microscope to show people what is happening within their body at a deep cellular level. It’s a simple finger prick. I take one drop of blood. I put it on the slide. I do another sample where I take one beat of blood and I tap it across the slide. Let that coagulate or dry and that will be a map of our body. What we first look at is the lifeblood, the health of our living blood, which is our red blood cells, our white blood cells, and what’s going on at a deep level inside our body. We don’t see that when we go to get a blood test.

We have a phlebotomist draw vials of blood out of our body and that is then sent to a lab. We are given a report that says, “Here’s your numbers for cholesterol. Here’s your liver enzymes. Here’s this, here’s that.” What I do is I’m an educator. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a nurse. I don’t diagnose, nor do I treat. I visually show people, “Here is healthy blood and here is your blood. How do you get from being out of balance to being in a balance?” That’s simply how it is. What you were referring to was when we did your blood you had yeast cells. We had a lot of yeast because when we eat food that we crave, which is generally sugar-based food, it’s because the yeast within our body, the microorganisms within our body are craving acid sugar to provide what it needs to thrive and to reproduce. That’s what I notice in a lot of people we all have different levels of toxicity.

When the blood is in perfect balance, our red blood cells are up plumped up. They’re oxygenated. They do their job. They deliver oxygen to all of our vital organs. As soon as we have a disturbance, either it be emotional or physical, our blood goes out of balance, which means our red blood cells go through pleomorphism. It changes its form and turns into yeast, bacteria, mold or fungus. A lot of people have yeast. It looks like white blobs like Elmer’s Glue within the blood. It has a ferocious appetite for any sugar-based content food, which could be starches, anything that converts to sugar. That’s why we crave the fruits. That’s why we crave the carbohydrates. That’s why we crave ice cream and sugar and all those kinds of things which most people on the planet love eating those foods.

If it was discovered how debilitating sugar was back in the day, it would have probably been banned like a drug because it is a drug.

It’s hard to say no to that stuff. It’s been a journey for me as a sugarholic my whole life to wean myself away from all the candy and junk foods that I used to eat. I’ve had a little bit of a slip lately here in Israel for the rest of the summer. My standards have slipped while I’ve been on this trip in terms of eating more sugar than I normally do. This has been years now where I made this big shift where I wouldn’t eat candy or desserts except on holidays like my birthday. That was initially quite difficult, but it became a lot easier. I felt a lot more energy. I felt more alive more vibrant and vital. I can definitely attest to the benefits and the feeling of it. I’m sure my cells are happier too when I don’t do some more with all this refined sugar, all the fructose too and the juices even like Concord healthy smoothies. I had a great interview with JJ Virgin where we talked about sugar and how bad it is for you and what you can do to get off of sugar and what the benefits will be. It’s one of the most impactful things I’ve done for my health is getting off of the sugar. I never thought that would be possible. It gets easy after maybe the first few weeks of cravings subside. You feel more in control. It’s more powerful because I’m bigger than my cravings. I am more powerful than my cravings.

Someone once said to me if they would have discovered how debilitating sugar was back in the day, it would have probably been banned like a drug because it is a drug. People crave it. It’s needed. People who even go off alcohol are having challenges with alcohol will go to sugar to replace the alcohol. It’s definitely something that the body gets used to and craves. It’s because of these microorganisms that need that. Because the yeast is so highly intelligent, it doesn’t want to die. You can’t just kill off yeast. You have to change the internal environment. What that means is that we can’t give our body what the yeast needs to thrive. We need to give our body what our cells need to thrive. That’s what you were referencing when you made that shift from cutting sugars out. I grew up in the Midwest too. It was loaded with corn, dairy, sugar, desserts and pies. I’m sure that’s globally but in the Midwest, we have a little affinity for eating those foods.

When you start putting in good deposits of green, sometimes it’s like, “This is dense,” but then you crave the salads, you crave the cucumbers. You crave all those foods that feed our cells, so we can be living in our higher self and not low and into the darkness. I call it we’re going toward the light and putting life force in our body rather than caving into all those dark cravings of foods that don’t serve us. That’s intellectually how I think about it spiritually where if you look at food, you know what food has life force and what doesn’t. What do you want your body to thrive on because we are aging every single day? Fermentation aging is what we go through. We can either accelerate the aging or fermentation by putting in foods that are fermented or foods that have no life force or sugar that ferments. You can look at a banana and it can be green and then go from green to yellow then yellow to brown, brown to black. That’s the process of aging or fermenting. That’s what our body goes through. We can either put huge deposits in everyday because our body is always going to be producing a lot of acid because of digestion, because of our thyroid, because of emotion. We could be under stress and our body could produce a lot of acid from a death in the family, a divorce, different business deals, being in traffic. That’s why meditation and taking a deep breath can break that cycle of being in that acid spiral.

We want to be more alkaline than acid. I wanted to emphasize the importance of using nutritional microscopy. In particular for me, the live blood analysis was the most intriguing because I got to see things like my own white blood cells gobbling up bacteria. I remember seeing a video of white blood cells getting ganged up on and eaten by the bad stuff like bacteria. The bacteria were eating up the white blood cell and attacking it. This was from a video that Tony Robbins was showing in UPW, Unleash the Power Within You. He was saying that the sugar puts your immune system to sleep. He was showing what happens to your white blood cells. They are sitting there waiting to be pummeled by the baddies around them instead of going in and gobbling those up. That made a big impact on me too.

At the end of the day, the blood does not lie. It gives you an opportunity to get leverage within your own body. Click To Tweet

I recommend everybody go and get their blood looked at in this way, the live blood analysis and also the dry blood analysis to see what’s going on and to witness the red blood cells and the white blood cells. That’s you that you’re looking at in the microscope and seeing the environment that those cells that you are providing for those cells. Is it healthy and vital or is it full of junk? Things like broken red blood cells that have died because of the acid environment. Bad lifestyle that you’re leading, all the yeast and the crystals and all that stuff. What did I miss here in terms of these baddies in the blood that you’ll see in live blood analysis? We mentioned bacteria. We mentioned crystals and yeast. Are there fungi around there too?

Yes, when the blood gets out of balance, it gives birth to bacteria, yeast, mold and fungus. A lot of times in the body, we can have a lot of bacteria because of things that we eat. Foods that are not washed properly. If we eat peanuts and things that have been sitting, it can create mold within that different item that we eat. We want to be very conscious of what we’re eating. Peanuts are generally not the healthiest because of the way they’re grown. If we think of how food is grown like for example corn is in the husk. It’s grown in a moist environment just as mushrooms are, you can imagine what kind of fungus it has. That’s why they call mushrooms a fungus humongous. What else we’re seeing in the blood is what you mentioned is crystals. When the acid collects within the body at a deep cellular level regardless if you’re eating sugar, drinking alcohol, taking different kinds of acids, likes attract likes. The acid gets together, hardens and forms a crystal mass. That can be, for example, uric acid can equal gout. Acidic acid is more someone like a diabetic from sugars. We have different kinds of acids that harden and form these crystals within the body. It causes pain because within the body where the acid settles, pain equals acid and acid equals pain. If you’re experiencing pain within your body even if it’s from an injury because inflammation is acid. It’s hot. It’s fire. It hurts to the touch.

You can identify within your own body sometimes where acids are settling because that’s where your weak zone is. That’s where the crystals may be embedded in the tissue at a deep cellular level. When you visually see your blood like when you had your blood done, it provides you an opportunity to look within your own body and get leverage because you can see, “Is my nutritional protocol working? Is my supplemental protocol working for me? What can I do to enhance my current state now?” The blood does not lie. Another thing that I see a lot of when I do the blood are these things called spicules. What that is it’s like a hair line. It looks like hair in the plasma of the body. What that is it’s the liver being clogged or congested. The body is stuck. The blood is not able to move fluidly throughout your system. The liver gets congested, it’s the garbage dump. If it’s not able to release, it backs up and then we reabsorb some of that toxicity.

Another thing that that’s connected with is the lymphatic system. The lymph system is the rivers and streams of our body. If we’re not releasing the toxicity by hydration, by moving our body, by maybe skin brushing and doing some other things for our lymphatic system because our lymph system does not clear out on its own. We have to stimulate it either by lymphatic massage, by baths and Epsom salts and baking soda. If the lymph system is congested, it can back up our whole system. Everything works together. The skin is our major organ, the lymphatic, the liver. All these organs of elimination must work together to release the toxicity that’s built within the system. If we don’t let it release, it collects in our body and causes inflammation. We get tired because our red blood cells aren’t oxygenating. We feel our mindset is not clear. We can be forgetful. We can be underweight or overweight because of the acidity. There are a lot of different things that I see within the blood at a deep cellular level, whether it be the dried or the live that is a representation of not only who we are as human beings like hereditarily speaking from the day we were born and what our parents handed down to us genetically, but also the thoughts we think, the foods we eat, the emotions we feel. It all contributes to the health of our blood.

A lot of times, we can have a lot of bacteria in our body because of the things that we eat.

For example, if you are a smoker, you’re going to make your blood way more acidic than if you’re not?

Correct because you’re taking in toxicity. You have to look at every single thing you do from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed at night. You do an inventory of your body from head to toe to say, “Let me take a good look at who I am.” You may have an itchy scalp. You may have bleeding gums. You could have different parts of your body that are inflamed and tender. You could have headaches. You could have sinus conditions. You could have high cholesterol. You could have all these different symptomologies. What that means is your body is telling you, “I am out of balance.” A lot of times what do we do? We have something that’s out of balance and we go, “I have a sinus infection,” and you go to the doctor. You get on antibiotics. We do things because that’s how we’re taught as a child. We do things to mask over the symptomologies with medication instead of saying, “How can I lower my blood pressure from the way I’m eating, living and thinking? How can I lower my blood sugar levels? How can I lower my cholesterol? How can I do these things from a healthier diet, from being around healthier people emotionally?”

These are the things that that I’m grateful to your message because we impact each other by this information and knowledge. We want to take this information that you’ve provided here with all the different guest speakers, the experts and the people who contribute in this world to make our lives better because we can’t be reliant on anything but ourselves in the end. We want to take responsibility for our own body and our thought processes. See what works for us because there are a million experts out there and no one is the right way. It’s not like one person. That’s why it’s so cool to listen to all these different speakers globally because we all have something to contribute and something may connect with you.

At the end of the day, as I tell all my clients, the blood does not lie. It gives you an opportunity to get leverage within your own body, with your family and friends. If people are sick, it helps to show them what do they need. They may need more oils. A lot of people are oil depleted and that blood test can show if you’re depleted and getting good fats in your body. It can be very simple. It can show your body is converting too much food and beverages into sugar and your red blood cells look like lifesavers. They’re depleted of oxygen. You’re going to have energy fluctuations and sinking spells. Your cells may look like lemons because you’re ingesting and trying to digest too much protein in the body. That’s another thing that I see. A lot of lemon shaped cells. People who are just protein loading and then they’re not getting enough good fats because they’re fearful if they eat that they’re going to get fat. There’s a lot of information that the blood can show us very easy. Nothing that’s over our head that’s too much to take in. It’s very simple. It’s very easy to identify what’s going on with your current. Maybe you’re not chewing your food. Maybe you’re not sitting down, eating and being in a peaceful state. That’s how simple it can be.

You’ve said that it’s important to get leverage. I agree and I know what that means. We both have studied under Tony Robbins, one who is a proponent of getting leverage. I don’t think that a lot will understand what that concept means. Could you explain about leverage?

When I have been doing this test for several years, a lot of people tell me, “This was so beneficial to me because when I used to just go to the regular doctor, get a checkup they’d go, ‘You’re healthy. All your blood levels are normal. Goodbye see you in a year or two.’” I had a lot of people who said to me, “I didn’t feel good. I felt tired. I felt achy and pains.” People would say, “I had acid reflux,” and the doctor was like, “That’s normal just take Maalox.” I knew that this wasn’t the way that I should live. When I showed them their blood, someone once said to me, “That gave me leverage.” I thought, “What does that mean?” They said, “Because now that I’m seeing my blood and I’m seeing how my current way of eating, living and thinking is affecting and impacting my blood at a cellular level. It is giving me the opportunity to make changes because I’m seeing firsthand what’s going on. I’m able to make changes to make a difference and not just grab for Maalox to help my acid reflux or to go on medication for high cholesterol if I don’t have to.” The leverage is that someone can change their diet and shift it and maybe lower their cholesterol. These are things that can happen from changing an acidic diet to one of being more alkaline or one that has more green leafy vegetables, avocado and good fats. Cholesterol in the body is telling us an alarm, we’re over acidic.

The body is always in a state of preservation. It’s an amazing organism. It will do anything to prevent things from happening. Click To Tweet

Our body produces cholesterol to protect our arteries and veins. We go on medication to lower the cholesterol. What we need to do is change the way we’re eating, living and thinking so the cholesterol doesn’t have a purpose to be produced. If there’s less acid, the cholesterol doesn’t have to be in there. I don’t know if that makes sense, but the body is always in a state of preservation. Our body is an amazing organism. It will do anything to prevent things from happening. All of a sudden, it can no longer help us because it’s already been putting out alarms like, “Acid reflux, you’ve got too much acid. I’ll take something to stop that down. I’ve got blood sugar levels, shut that down.” After an amount time, the body can’t handle being so out of balance and that’s when the word disease at ease happens. I have a lot of clients that daily experience symptomologies of their body being out of balance. They’re so used to that body being out of balance, that they don’t even know it’s out of balance anymore. The leverage that we are talking about is that by seeing the blood and going, “You’ve got liver congestion. You have this.” Then they can say, “I’ve been hiding or avoiding the truth of what’s going on because I haven’t been wanting to deal with it or I didn’t even know that anything was wrong.” It’s amazing that firsthand you can see at a cellular level because once again the blood does not lie.

I would think for a smoker this would be the equivalent of being able to see your own lungs, see how black they are. I know that people who have seen the difference between healthy lungs and black lungs from smoking, from dead people where it was in a lab or something like that as part of a field trip or something that made a big impact on them. Maybe they quit smoking because of that. Even more powerful if you could see your own lungs or in this case, your own blood cells and blood plasma and see the impact of what you’re doing. Conversely, if you make some positive changes to see how that improves things and you can see that in weeks’ time. You could go back for another live blood cell microscopy three, four weeks later and see a difference.

I tell people generally they come back to me when they do their blood with me. I tell them give it 90 to 120 days of being on a consistent program. If they came back within a week of changing something, you could see a massive difference. I had someone who came in, drank a glass of orange juice and I did their blood an hour later. It was unbelievable how much the acidity in orange juice started converting these healthy plump red blood cells into cells that look like donuts. Because of the acidity, it was breaking down the red blood cell and depleting it of the oxygen. That’s where the dried blood test is unbelievable because when you let the blood coagulate like that, it will develop into a certain pattern. It’s called a map of your body from the past, present and what could be a precursor to something happening in the future.

That’s where I can see the acids within the body are settling from a deep cellular level, for example, it could be colon bowel. It could be male or female reproductive. It could be in the lung or bronchial area. It could be in the cranial area. The dried blood is a map of your body and it goes all the way back to childhood. I can see things that could have happened if it was an injury, an emotional stress, what the value of the dry blood test is. We can see what organ or what part of the body could be impacted by the acidity and help heal that specific area at a deep cellular level. With you, it was your digestive system.

You can identify within your own body where acids are settling because that’s where your weak zone is.

I had a lot of constipation when I was a little kid and that showed up on the dried blood analysis, which was surprising. I didn’t tell you about that when I saw you, it was only after. You brought that up and that was a big problem for me when I was looking at it.

I remember it’s weird because with every single person that I have as my client, I know them as a person usually beforehand or I meet them during the session. When I do their blood, it’s wild but it’s beautiful. I get to know them on a whole other level by seeing their blood because I see what was happening possibly in the past and how I can help them heal at a deep level. I’m excited to do your blood again to compare from when we first did it, to what could be happening now. We give you more leverage of moving forward in your life because it’s an amazing opportunity to identify, “Where am I now? Where do I need to be?” That’s important.

For some people, seeing your own blood isn’t necessarily enough leverage because people will knowingly smoke, drink and do all these drugs even or bad habits that will harm their health. They don’t care that much about themselves but they care deeply about somebody in their family or some loved one. I remember hearing about a father who had been a chain smoker, super addictive. One day his daughter came up to him, tugged on his pant leg and said, “Daddy, why are you going to kill yourself with those cigarettes? I want you to be around when I’m getting married.” She was a little girl, really young. He broke down crying and that was it. That was the leverage. It was his daughter. Then he never smoked again. Maybe the leverage is finding somebody else that you care about. You don’t want to leave them hanging, leave them abandoned, leave them with a huge mess to clean up, burying you and being in debt, being heartbroken, maybe that’s it.

Whatever it is, you need the leverage so that you’ll stop the bad habits and adopt some new ones in their place. Let’s describe a little bit more the dried blood analysis because it is a little bit more abstract. If you think about going back in time and you get these different slides with the dried blood, they represent different time periods. How do you do all this? Walk us through what this looks like. You’re going to end up with how many slides and how far back in time does each slide represent? What is the process look like for taking the blood and smearing it, doing the analysis?

The first test that we were describing the live is taking one single drop of the live blood and looking at it immediately under the microscope. That’s where we see the yeast and the health of the red blood cells. The dried blood is from the same prick in the finger. I take that single beat of blood and I let it settle there for about 30 seconds. In that 30 seconds, the toxicity within our body is spinning out in that one little drop of blood. I tap it across a slide eight times. Then I wipe the finger, squeeze it one more time to get a second sample or a witness and tap it on another slide. All together there are three slides for this blood test. One is for the live and two are for this dried. It’s called the micro oxidative stress test. The blood coagulates or dries. Because of the protein huddles or the acids within our body that settle the deep cellular level, the blood can only coagulate or dry connected to itself. If there are any acids or toxins in our body, then the blood dries around like in a puddle. Anything black or white that is unable to connect to the rest of the blood fiber will show up in the blood sample. What happens is the first time I tap the figure is very recent, very current and I tap it eight times. The last time is from years and years and years ago. How we do this is say you’re 64 years old and I tap the finger eight times, eight goes into 64. Every time I go back from that drop of blood, it goes back approximately eight years ago.

For example, the first drop is current. The second drop would be eight years ago. The third drop would be sixteen years ago. The fourth drop and so on. It gives us a ballpark of when something could have happened in your life at a deep cellular level whether emotional or physical disturbance. In that way when we look at the body through this dry coagulated test, I can identify currently you may have a lot of adrenal stress. The two things I see the most are adrenal, which the adrenal glands are to the right and left to the bellybutton. I also see a lot of lymphatic congestion. Other than that, those two things are all caused by mostly sugar-based diets, for people who are highly stressed, who are not hydrating enough and who aren’t doing enough good fats early in the day. The most that I see within the body from all clients that I’ve done within the last years, lymphatic congestion, that’s the rivers and streams of our body, gets congested. The lymph system is supposed to be very fluid like water and it becomes more like cottage cheese because we’re not hydrating. We’re eating foods that are highly acidic. We’re not breathing through our belly. All our body functions are not optimal.

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We’re not moving enough either because the lymphatic system is not like the circulatory system, which has a pump, the heart. The lymphatic system completely relies on your movement and gravity to get the lymph moving around your body.

The lymph system does not move on its own. There is no pump. That’s why people get lymphatic massages. There’s a lymphatic machine that uses amazing gases that open up the lymphatic system that’s phenomenal. You can also do the vibration machine every day. I like to do it for twenty minutes a day. That moves every cell in my body. I love it.

You can also jump on a trampoline or a rebounder. I’ve got one of those at home. I use that in the mornings jump up and down on that.

You could do stand brushing. That’s taking a light, not a coarse brush, but a skin brush and you brush your skin dry starting at your feet, moving up towards your heart. That will stimulate the lymphatic system to move and dump out. You can also take a bath in Epsom salts and baking soda. That helps to release the lymphatic system and get it moving.

How much of the baking soda and Epsom salt should you use?

I usually put in a half to a whole cup depending on the depth of the water.

Of each or one or the other?

You could do just the salt, which helps the body release. The baking soda is good because it helps with a lot of emotional stress and releasing at the deep cellular level of emotions, our stress levels. It can be very calming and grounding. The Epsom salts are loaded with minerals, so you’re absorbing the minerals and you’re releasing. It’s pulling out toxins from your body.

You mentioned adrenal stress as well.

The adrenal stress is something I see a lot. It looks like a snowstorm within the dried blood cell sample. We get adrenal stress from several reasons. A major one I see is people do not get enough good fat in their diet. A lot of times if they do, they put a little bit on their salad at dinner. They’re going the whole day with no good fats. The body is utilizing sugar as a form of energy and that gets very debilitating because it’s not clean fuel. You want to access that as a source of fuel within the body. When you wake up, if you do an avocado smoothie, if you take a teaspoon or a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil or take coconut oil or some good Omega fats.

Brain Octane, that’s a great one. I take that in the mornings. That’s from coconut oil. It’s got lots of punch to it. It’s good for you. That I get from Bulletproof.

I’ve been taking that Juice Plus has a new Omega out that has Omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9. It’s hard to find where you get the pomegranate oil, which is very good for circulatory. There are all good kinds of fats. The most important thing that I notice is people don’t do fats early enough in the day and their body is reliant on sugar as a form of energy and that depletes the adrenals. It’s like you’re going in fight or flight all the time. You can have energy fluctuations and feel very burned out. The way to heal that is to start using better fats earlier in the morning and that way your body can tap into that source of fuel that’s clean that doesn’t deplete the body or the adrenal glands.

You mentioned taking an avocado smoothie and having that in the morning and I love that. I’ve been doing that for years and years ever since you taught me how to make those. I never used to like avocados until even years ago. My whole life I did not eat avocados ever until in my 40s. Now I got out of the habit. I had an episode with Seth Godin. We talked about the drift and how that is the fast road, the highway to hell. Outwitting the Devil is an actual book written by Napoleon Hill, but it didn’t get published until 80 years after his death because he wanted it to not be released. He thought it would be too controversial and so forth. One of the core concepts from that book is the drift and how the devil gets you by putting you to sleep or helping you drift and get into an automatic mode. That’s where you start to lose your connection to the Creator would be through the drift. I’ve been drifting specially in these last months. When I am back home in Santa Monica, I would make these avocado smoothies that you’d taught me how to make. I’d love for you to share how you make those, what ingredients. I know that you use English cucumber as well. I’ve started using the Persian cucumbers instead. Those are very good, so I like those. Can you share the recipe?

You can use a blender, Magic Bullet or whatever they’re called. I use my Vitamix. I put in one whole avocado and I put in an English cucumber or you can use a Persian cucumber. I put in a whole English cucumber. Even if it’s organic I tend to peel it, but you don’t have to. I put in the juice from a whole lime. I take a lime and I peel it. I don’t like the peel. It’s a little bitter and the texture isn’t great, so I take the peel off. I put in a little bit of sea salt. I put in some water or almond milk, about maybe half a cup to a cup, depending on how much you are making. I put in a couple handfuls of organic spinach like two handfuls. I put in a scoop or two of Nutiva hemp protein powder. I put in a scoop of grains. The grains I have do not have any spirulina or algae in them. I put that in there.

You’ve got to find produce that’s grown with integrity and in a controlled safe environment.

I put Stevia to taste and a few ice cubes. I turn the Vitamix on and I blend all that up. That is an amazing breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can live off of it. You can go on a cleanse on it. You’re eating like a baby. It’s pre-digested. You’re getting the avocado, cucumber, spinach, hemp protein powder, a little sea salt. You could throw in a little coconut oil if you choose. The sky is the limit. I have one client that loves blueberries in hers. I don’t like that because I like the green. You can do alternatives. You can put coconut milk, coconut water. You can put it fresh coconut, young coconut. You can do a lot of different varieties, but the basic recipe is the cucumber, spinach, avocado. I love it. You can put more liquid in if you like it had less thick consistency. You can make it into more of a milkshake. You can pour it into ice cube little things and make popsicles out of it. It’s fun and it is delicious.

You don’t even need the Stevia. I’ve found that after my taste buds changed getting a little bit off of sugar. Wheat grass, for example, would taste good to me when it was the most disgusting thing when I first started it. Your taste buds change. I realized I don’t need the Stevia anymore so I’m going to leave that out. I prefer using lemon instead of lime, but both are fine. It’s a great recipe. I thank you for that one. I’ve been using that for years now since 2011 or ‘12 when we met the first time. The fact that it not only gives you healthy fats but it’s also alkalizing is very important. There are other things that you can do to alkalize with regards to your diet. You can certainly do deep breathing exercises, which help alkalize as well. Let’s talk about some things that you can ingest that help you to get more alkaline blood than acidic blood.

Number one, the most important thing that should not be overlooked is the water we drink. All waters are not created equal. I know that hydration is critical because our body is at least 70% fluid. We want to get water-based content food in our body, so we don’t congest it. A lot of people are running around constipated because they’re not hydrating and they’re not eating enough foods that are water-based content food like vegetables and some low-sugar fruits. Water is very important. When I travel, I always try to buy Essentia, which is a bottled water or even Fiji Water because some waters are not as alkaline as others. You can find Essentia in some places or Fiji Water I look for. You can also buy a distilled water and add minerals to that like lemons. Lemons are highly alkaline. Even though we don’t think about that because we think of them as being an acid fruit. Lemons are loaded with minerals. They digest within the body as an alkaline ash. You take the juice from a half of a lemon every morning and warm water. Even if you’re a coffee drinker drink that before the coffee because you’re going to be cleansing and healing the body into a deep cellular level. You’ll be putting in good minerals from the lemon. The lemon will help to heal the liver and gallbladder, which are two organs of elimination that are important to keep purified.

Would you recommend that this is an organic lemon?

Sometimes we can’t be choosy if we can’t get our hands on the organic and I don’t want people to say, “I can’t get organic. I’m not going to do it at all.” Organic and anything is going to be better, but if you can’t get organic like for example sometimes with celery. Organic celery sometimes that I find is a little bitter and I don’t enjoy it. I’ll buy regular celery, but I’ll take a peeler and peel the outside and cut it. You have to be open to get what you can and enjoy what you can. Organic is best but don’t let that stop you from eating the alkaline foods even if that’s not possible.

It was so surprising to me to hear a friend of mine tell me that one time by accident he discovered that he was only allergic to non-organic bananas. He thought he was allergic to all bananas his whole life until he accidentally had some organic banana and he didn’t have any reaction to that.

Sometimes our produce may not be organic, but if it’s in a controlled environment where you know what farm and they are not putting pesticides. I’m more conscious about the pesticides versus organic. If you know where things are grown, the pesticides are something that I’m very conscious of because I don’t want that in the foods that I’m eating.

I go to a farmers’ markets sometimes and ask them, “Are these vegetables organic?” They say, “No, but we grow them like they’re organic. We are not organic certified, we’re non-GMO.” It’s not certified because there’s a lot of expense with it, a lot of red tapes and a lot of politics apparently with organic certification.

You can get that. You’ve got to find the produce that’s grown with integrity and in a controlled safe environment. Even I agree some things are wild crafted they’re called. Lemons are something every day could add a deposit to your body. If you squeeze a lemon in your water that you drink, you’re going to get some good results with alkalizing the body. What we put in our body and I’m not going to tell people, “Don’t do this. Don’t drink alcohol,” because when you do the dont’s, it’s not a very positive language for me. I tell people, “If you’re going to drink coffee, then do the lemon first,” because some people love their coffee and they’re not going to give it up. We have to make our choices. What are you going to give up? Do you want to give something up? How good do you want to feel? If you want to continue drinking your wine or whatever. Stu, my ex-husband calls it excessive moderation. You are mindful. You put in your good deposits and you judge how good you want to feel. Are you getting tired or are you not sleeping well enough? Do your inventory and see what’s happening within your body at the deep cellular level.

If you want to get your blood tested to see, to get more information, that’s great. Realize that there are reasons that our body isn’t functioning at an optimal level and it could impact our mind, our moods, our sleep, our system, our elimination. Lemons or doing the avocados shake or some shake that’s already in a pre-digested state. I do have a list of different purees and soups that are healthy to eat because our body is not having to digest the food. When we digest, our body takes a lot of energy to do that. I call it almost eating like a baby because babies have a very delicate digestive system. They don’t have teeth. They can’t chew the food. When we make these purees, we’re allowing the body to process the nutrients that have been pre-digested. We’re absorbing all this amazing nutrient-rich food and able to produce the oxygen, the energy that we need to function in our day-to-day life.

You mentioned Stu, your ex-husband. We’ve got to tell who Stu is. He’s famous, Stu Mittleman. Can you tell us a little bit about him and hopefully fingers crossed, I will get him on the show because he is an amazing guy with an incredible history?

Slow Burn: Burn Fat Faster By Exercising Slower

Stu does have a wealth of information. He’s contributed to thousands of people worldwide in his career. He’s a sports physiologist. He is an endurance athlete. He’s a world record holder. He set world records for running 100 miles, 1,000 miles. Six days he ran across the United States from San Diego to New York City. He wrote a book published by Harper Collins, written and released in 2000. It’s called Slow Burn: Slow Down, Burn Fat and Unlock the Energy Within. His expertise is teaching people how to burn fat and use fat as a source of fuel to become an endurance animal. He trains people in running different marathons. I’ve done three myself in New York City. I was not a runner before I met him. I did them effortlessly without any injury.

He uses target heart rate monitoring as a source of getting in tune with where your body is. He is currently the Fitness Director at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden here in Indian Wells, California out in the Palm Springs area. If you’re a tennis fan, this is one of the top four or five tournaments in the world. He’s an incredible source of information. He knows the body and he is an expert also in alkalizing and putting great deposits within the system and using that as a source of fuel. He’s trained people worldwide, a lot of different celebrities and Tony Robbins. He wrote a chapter in Tony’s book called Awaken the Giant Within. For those of you familiar with Tony and his books, you are probably familiar with Stu.

He’s an inspiring guy. He learns how to run these long distances without burning out his physiology while he was doing it, not doing sugar burning but fat burning. I recall vaguely he learned it from tribes in South America, I think it was?

Historically, the people that were endurance animals were the Indians. He didn’t study with them, but he did learn and study about different Indians, this is Native-American Indians. They had a lot of different multi-day journeys. He did study and trained with that in mind when he was doing all these different races. It’s was incredible. Even though his whole life his motto is, “It only hurts when he stops moving.”

One of the tricks of this to run a long distance and get into a fat burning mode is to start slow. Ease into it so you’re not going hard out in the first mile of the marathon, but you’re almost walking so slow initially. Is that right?

Yes, you want to mobilize the fats so you want to go into your five to seven minutes of walking and getting your heart rate slowly to elevate. Then you want to get in your target heart rate zone, which is generally 180 minus your age, add or take away five beats. Then there’s interval training so that’s where he works directly individually with people. They can focus on where they are, what obstacles they may encounter with past injuries and things that have happened in their life. I’ll tell you one of the best experiences in my life was running my first New York City Marathon. I can’t even describe to you the feeling of empowerment and accomplishment and what your body is able to do when you’re training correctly.

I’ve never run a marathon. I might someday, but it’s not on the top of my priority list. It’s very impressive that you’ve run three. I want to make sure that our audience knows how to reach you and what the costs are if they wanted to get nutritional microscopy done. What is the general cost for that and how would folks work with you?

I charge $295. That is about an hour and a half session with me. I do live in California. If you live anywhere else on the planet, you’re welcome to fly me out. I do groups of people. I do a presentation that educates people firsthand on what’s going on within their body and what is the cycle of balance. How do you get out of balance? Once we do the blood tests together, I can only do one person at a time. I save the blood pictures for you on my computer and then I can email you or you can bring us a drive and you can get your blood pictures right there. I’ll send you a report that identifies what we saw. The session also involves that month that I do your blood tests for four weeks. I do follow up with you and that’s included in the $295. I will follow up to make sure you get what was going on with the 90-minute session with me. That’s what it’s all about.

It’s amazing. If you want to do a follow-up within 90 days to 120 days, we can do a follow-up session. That’s fine. I do travel. I’ve been to Japan and all over the world. It’s amazing for corporations because the productivity of employees that we have seen from different CEOs that have brought me around the globe has increased their productivity within their company and their workforce incredibly. It’s inspiring for me to contribute at this level and to even offer one distinction for any human being. It doesn’t mean you have to do an all or nothing. You can create one little distinction within your day-to-day life that can impact the quality of your life forever. I’m passionate about what I do because I love teaching. I love making a difference. I love visually looking at the blood and sharing with another human being what is possible within their body at the deep cellular level.

How quickly you can achieve major changes to your biology. How do they contact you? What’s your website?

I’ll give you my phone and I will give you my email. I can also give you my website, but it’s best to contact me through email or phone. My phone is 760-766-5141 and my email is I’m also on Facebook. You can look me there and you can Facebook message me. I’m on Instagram. My website goes into a different thing right now. I’m launching a new website, so I don’t want to send you somewhere yet, but I appreciate all of you. I hope I made a difference with something that you’re doing. It’s an exciting positive thing to put more deposits in your body than withdrawals. Get your own cellular seatbelt. What is something that you can do right now that will make a difference that will enhance the quality of your life? Whether it be adding lemon, doing the avocado shake, making it a must to get your blood dense so you could see firsthand what’s going on at a deep cellular level. Whatever it is, I’m grateful to be part of your journey.

Thank you so much, Mary Beth. I hope you now will take some action from what you’ve learned. Start doing lemon and water in the mornings or avocado smoothies or whatever it is but do something, take some positive action. I’ll catch you on the next episode.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Do what it takes to eliminate sugar from my diet. Every time I eat sugar, I’m feeding yeast inside my body instead of giving what my cells need to thrive.

?Consider getting a live blood analysis and a dry blood analysis. Red blood turns into yeast, bacteria, mold or fungus when the blood goes out of balance.

?Take a listen to JJ Virgin‘s episode and be informed of how badly sugar affects my body and get useful tips on how I can get off of sugar.

?Strive to have an alkaline diet. A diet that has more green leafy vegetables, avocado and good fats.

?Find ways on how I can release toxins from my body. My lymphatic system doesn’t particularly clear out on its own and I can help it through lymphatic massage, by baths and Epsom salts and baking soda.

?Do an inventory of my body. Notice where there’s an inflammation or pain as that is my body’s way of telling me that I am out of balance.

?Recognize that the presence of cholesterol in my body means I’m over acidic. Aim a lifestyle where the cholesterol doesn’t have a purpose to be produced.

?Consume good fats early in the morning. Try Mary Beth’s avocado smoothies recipe. I can do a lot of different varieties, but the basic recipe is the cucumber, spinach, avocado with water or almond milk. I can also take Juice Plus which contains Omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9.

?Do not overlook the water that I drink. All waters are not created equal. Mary Beth drinks Essentia or Fiji Water. Alternatively, I can buy distilled water and add minerals like lemons.

?Get leverage. Take responsibility for my own body and actions. When I see how my unhealthy habits affect my blood at a cellular level, it gives me an opportunity to make positive changes.

About Mary Beth Kauffman Mittleman

Mary Beth Mittleman is a Certified Nutritional Microscopist. She studied with Dr. Robert O. Young, widely acknowledged as the leading proponent of the “New Biology” who states “The over-acidification of the body is due to an inverted way of eating, living and thinking” and is the primary cause of sickness and disease. Mary Beth has been a part of the Anthony Robbins Life Mastery University- where in 2000 and 2001 she coordinated blood testing for over 2000 participants each year. In 2004, Mary Beth founded Picture of Health, Inc. She is committed to bringing awareness to transforming the body at a cellular level while achieving optimal “Health and Vitality through alkanizing and energizing the body from the inside out.”

Disclaimer: The medical, fitness, psychological, mindset, lifestyle, and nutritional information provided on this website and through any materials, downloads, videos, webinars, podcasts, or emails is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical/fitness/nutritional advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Always seek the help of your physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, certified trainer, or dietitian with any questions regarding starting any new programs or treatments, or stopping any current programs or treatments. This website is for information purposes only, and the creators and editors, including Stephan Spencer, accept no liability for any injury or illness arising out of the use of the material contained herein, and make no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the contents of this website and affiliated materials.


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