Episode 12 |

Resistance Flexibility for a Pain-Free Body with Luther Cowden

You probably don’t know much about what Luther Cowden does, but it could instantaneously improve your life for the better. Luther is a resistance flexibility expert, which sounds like a niche specialty, but when is the last time we had the thought that “I’m just not a flexible person”, or “I really lost the ability to touch my toes like I used to”. We all have those things that we feel that we just can’t do with our body.As it turns out, it goes a lot deeper than that. Flexibility problems are attributed to dense fascia, a build-up of hard scar tissue that prevents our muscles from doing what they should. The effects of that can branch into difficulties with losing weight, anxiety problems, or constant pain. Luther, working from the teachings of Bob Cooley, has learned how to heal these problems permanently and instantaneously. We discuss the roles fascia has in our bodies, how hip pain can signal bigger problems, and how resistance flexibility can identify problems losing weight.

Episode 11 |

The Art of Listening and Maneuvering Difficult Conversations with Mark Goulston

Mark Goulston has the worst parts and best parts of the human brain mapped and understood like a Rubik’s cube master. He’s been a UCLA professor for 20 years, trains FBI hostage negotiators, is a trained psychiatrist- the man is unstoppable. The reason is he understands that the majority of the difficult conversations we have take root with some other problem-and Mark knows how to get people to open up about those problems. We all have difficult and unpleasant conversations throughout our lives. However, there’s never really been a roadmap for how to deal with them, you simply wince and do your best. Luckily, Mark gives us the key to not only making these conversations smoother, but to help you communicate on a deeper level. We discuss the difference between noticing and listening, how to de-escalate arguments, and how to self-manage your anger.

Episode 10 |

Overcoming Andropause, the ‘Menopause’ for Men with Chris Gatchis

Chris Gatchis has been fascinated by the real effects that a properly balanced nutrition and fitness can have on your entire life since he was a teen. But when he started his own nutrition company, Axis Labs, he noticed something strangely off with his body. He was still following a fitness regimen he knew to work for him in the past, and was currently working for others, but found himself gaining weight, feeling sluggish, and just not feeling his prime. When he went to the doctor for a checkup as he and his wife were trying to conceive, the problem came to light. His testosterone levels were frighteningly low. Because he had the resources, he decided to do something about it himself, and find a way to help other men in the same situation.I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris and discussing some of the fascinating realities he found once he started researching his problem. What he didn’t expect was to find a problem that is relevant to every male over the age of 22. Testosterone therapy, Chris finds, can be the key to reviving your energy, your sex drive, and your natural vigor-and have you feeling like you did when you were 20. He details his insights on andropause, improving testosterone levels, natural healing and more.

Episode 9 |

A Natural Approach to Healing Our Bodies with Cristo D’arcy

Cristo D’Arcy can’t tell you exactly what he does. He’s been a healer and energy restorer for around 15 years, and he manages to be simultaneously astounded by what he does as well as his biggest skeptic. Cristo has always been aware that he had skills that bordered on the fantastical. When he realized that his life wasn’t made for conventional schooling, he looked to alternative medicines to be able to use his gift with others. But to him, it perhaps wasn’t far-reaching enough. Instead, he was introduced to a kung fu grandmaster who taught him about energy healing, and something finally felt right. Now, he’s traveling across the country giving individualized healings and diagnostics of what is going on in the energy spectrum of the body. Our body is made of so much more than the physical that we know of it. Cristo is right there at the forefront realizing how energy has so much to do with our latent potential.Health has always been a huge priority in our lives; however we find so many people frustrated with the traditional path of wellbeing. Where traditional medicinal doctors are missing something, Cristo is cutting through the distractions to get at the real root of our problems, and getting faster results than he ever could have imagined. He generously reveals his insights on the subconscious, healing long-term pain, alternative medicines and more.

Episode 8 |

Finding Your Ideal Look with Luke Storey

Celebrity and musician stylist Luke Storey believes in the power of fashion that goes beyond making yourself look good. He believes in its ability to help you present yourself in the best way possible to the world. There’s a certain power that comes with looking good and knowing you look good. Luke’s all about helping you harness that power to boost your career and social life. Even if you aren’t a celebrity or rockstar, there are simple things you do to transform your style, and boost your confidence. In this episode, Luke gives incredible style advice that you especially can’t afford to miss, and how to identify style goals that will convey the image you want to have for yourself. Before you go out and start shopping, Luke advises, you’re going to want to know more about your archetype and your body type and how your style should play off of both of those. Want to know more? Listen in for amazing tips on creating the illusion of the ideal body shape, fashion faux pas to avoid, how to find the magic color that makes you look amazing and more.