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By: Stephan Spencer


Did you know that quality sleep improves your hormones and your recovery? Here to discuss the importance of a good night’s sleep is health expert Nick Delgado. Nick is known for his research in anti-aging and fitness and is very knowledgeable about NLP. In addition to discussing sleep, Nick shares his tips on eating right, finding the right health tests and more.

Nick Delgado
“I like putting a kink in people’s belief system about health, and there’s going to be a lot of controversy over what I have to say, but there won’t be any controversy when I’m 130 years young.”
Nick Delgado

In this Episode

  • [02:46]Nick talks about his incredibly impressive daily lifting routine.
  • [04:05]Various biomarkers help you identify how healthy you are, Nick explains, and says that he’s tested in the top two people for heart health. He also discusses the inadequacy of most health tests.
  • [06:49]Nick talks about the problems with eating meat, and discusses estrogen dominance.
  • [08:17]We hear about the various things that Nick suggests testing for, and the reason he suggests testing hair, urine, and blood. Most doctors don’t pay attention to the things he’s talking about or test for them, he informs us. We also hear about the importance of eating enough fiber.
  • [12:25]Only in the last few years has the top killer in the United States shifted from heart disease to cancer. Nick talks about vaccines as well, and their possible contribution to autism, ADD, and ADHD. In discussing this, he tells us the story of his son.
  • [13:54]How does Nick know that his son’s brain damage is from a particular vaccine?
  • [14:39]We hear more about the issues with vaccines, and Nick mentions his site
  • [15:44]Nick defines the term PEMF which he used earlier, and explains its significance. He also talks about the difference between heart cells and other cells, and the importance of increasing millivolts in cells. He goes on to discuss chemotherapy and radiation, and how doctors personally feel about them.
  • [23:36]We learn about what telomeres are, and their role in aging. He also tells an anecdote about how he helped an athlete improve his muscle density with a plant-based diet.
  • [29:19]Nick talks more about LFC glasses and how they can help with sleep. He goes on to talk about immortality research, and how chromosome length functions as a predictor of longevity.
  • [34:15]In response to a question from Stephan, Nick elaborates on whether having difficulty standing from the floor without using your hands is another potential longevity predictor.
  • [35:35]Nick tells us all about his history with stem cell injections (he’s had 12 of them). He also talks about how he changed Terry Grossman’s life.
  • [38:22]We hear about the Delgado Protocol. In his answer, he emphasizes the importance of plant-based diets without added oils. He recommends and How Not to Die by Michael Greger.
  • [41:53]Our closest genetic match are bonobo monkeys, Nick explains, while making the point that these creatures eat plant-based diets.
  • [45:22]Nick explains why fillers (such as magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide) in supplements can be bad for us, as well as the potential problems with supplements such as folic acid.
  • [48:56]Nick talks more about urine tests and recommends his website In the store at that site, you can get a test kit to discover your own levels.
  • [51:35]Visit for more of Nick’s knowledge and advice, particularly the 6 steps that you should follow every day. He also mentions that you can get a free book at and $200 worth of free counsuling after taking the 30-page questionairre if you mention this podcast.
  • [56:43]On his YouTube channel, Nick has a 30-hour educational library available for free. He also mentions his coaching program which will be launched in January 2017. You can call 866-319-0566 to get a copy of one of Nick’s MP3s for free by mentioning this podcast (plus shipping and handling).

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Hello and welcome to Get Yourself Optimized. I’m your host Stephan Spencer and today I am so excited to have Nick Delgado joining us. Nick at the age of 23 suffered a frightening transient ischemic attack (TIA), basically a mini-stroke that changed the course of his life forever. He became a fitness role model and he became an expert on health to the point where he has contributed to scientifically reviewed articles. He has impressive degrees. He’s got a depth of knowledge on anti-aging, wellness, and fitness that is going to blow your mind. He’s created the Delgado Protocol which we’ll talk about in the episode. He graduated from the University of Southern California. He is just an amazing guy and I know first-hand how amazing he is because we met in person at a couple of different events such as The Conscious Life Expo. He’s also involved in the Tony Robbins world. He’s into self-development and you’ll find his depth of knowledge with regards to things like NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, Time Line Therapy, and so forth. It’s also quite impressive that he was trained by Dr. Tad James who is the founder of Time Line Therapy training on NLP techniques and so forth. Dr. Nick has also just broken some world strength records that are mind-blowingly amazing. He’s the holder of two world strength endurance records. He’s lifted 50,640lbs in one hour. He’s competed not just in his age category but open, I forgot what it’s called but open something.

‏‏All aged challengers. The strongest men in the world. 20, 30, 40 year olds. I’ll be 62 in January.

‏‏That’s amazing. Dr. Nick. You also do a lot of training everyday. You told me how much you lift everyday. My mind was blown. Can you remind me what that number was?

‏‏Imagine taking a 30-pound dumbbell in each hand, standing up. I go to the beach and I stand in the ocean about ankle high. I take the dumbbell and I curl to my shoulder and press completely overhead and then back down, that constitutes one lift. 2 days ago, I did 569 continuous lifts with 30-pound dumbbells. With 45-pound dumbbells, I do about 100 lifts in about 4 minutes and 25 seconds which is like running a 4-minute mile everyday. I do that consistently. 60% of your muscle group is above your waist so it’s a fabulous way to train your cardio, your strength, your endurance, your muscular physique, and overall one of the great ways to reduce inflammation and build up your body.

60% of your muscle group is above your waist so it’s a fabulous way to train your cardio, your strength, your endurance.

‏‏That’s amazing. There’s one more stat that I have to mention from your bio that just blew my mind. You applied your own methodologies to yourself. You eat your own dog food, so to speak. After five months, Dr. Nick reduced his body fat by 55lbs, lowered his blood pressure from 200/90 to 110/70. That’s incredible. Welcome, Dr. Nick.

‏‏In the course of living, there are various biomarkers that you can identify how healthy you are. Recently, a company did the testing for heart health, it’s called iHeart. They measured somewhere in excess of 40,000 people. They found that I tested in the top 2 people ever, not 2%, two people ever that showed that my heart health, my cardio, my biological age is that of a 25-year old while I’ll be 62 in January. They never see that. In fact, we measured 20 and 30-year olds and they look like they’re 40 or 50-year olds biologically. There are many ways to measure your hormones, your lipids, your heart health, your cardiovascular, a number of things that really should be taken into account. I’ve even measured my telomeres, the link to my telomeres, my chromosomes. I’ve heard of the four-hour work week guy, the four-hour body and he checks his glucose levels periodically. I do far more extensive testing because if you’re going to be the oldest recorded healthiest man in history, which the oldest person lived, Jeanne Calment, to 122 years and 48 days. I expect to far exceed that.

On my 130th birthday, I expect to have sex on my 130th birthday and continue to live as I have created what’s called true immortality. is where I measure people, where they’re at. I have them upload their test results of hormones, allergies, a number of factors that should be measured. Most of these people that go on for executive physicals think they have a very thorough test. I laugh when I see the executive physicals. It’s a joke because they charge a lot of money for what they call a comprehensive blood panel which is just liver and kidney function and maybe a CBC with a differential. I’ve been checking blood under a microscope for 40 years. I was Tony Robbins’ life mastery coach where we tested 1,000 people when they had arrived. Now, they do it in Fiji but they no longer include the test mainly for political reasons. The individual who took over, Dr. Young, got into some trouble making claims about cancer on the test. Long story short, I continued to do this test privately for individuals but I have to do a lipid profile to say I’m sticking their finger just to measure their cholesterol and triglycerides when in reality I’m showing their blood on a TV screen, something I’ve done for 40 years, something I did for Tony Robbins. I even warned him that eating fish would cause high mercury, high metal levels that I detected many years ago. Now he has the highest metal level of any human being who has ever done a mercury test, from all the fish he’s been eating.

‏‏He’s actually gone from being a pescatarian to eating meat after was it decades?

‏‏Another big mistake. Meat is going to cause him another whole host of estrogen dominance. Do you know that the highest source of estrogen, and it’s not just estrogen, you get hit with multiple harmful hormones because animals have an estrous cycle. In other words, they have a period, they have a cycle. You’re eating the animal that’s loaded with multiple dangerous hormones. As you eat that animal, your body takes on the characteristic of these dangerous hormones. You’ve heard of estrogen dominance, have you? From plastic, xenoestrogens and maybe fire retardants in a bed. You’ve heard of this, right?

The number one source of estrogen dominance comes from eating lean chicken and lean meat because it’s loaded with estrogen.

‏‏Yup, you want to avoid BPA and all that.

‏‏BPA and so forth is loaded in fish because they keep dumping all these chemicals into the ocean. That’s another source of estrogen dominance. The number one source of estrogen dominance comes from eating lean chicken and lean meat because it’s loaded with estrogen. 10,000 times to 1,000,000 times more estrogen comes from consuming meat every day. Very shortly, you’ll see Tony with man boobs if he keeps eating meat.

‏‏Yikes, I don’t eat meat. I do eat fish but it’s in moderation. I don’t eat a lot of it so I’m hoping my mercury levels aren’t too high, but I should probably have it tested I suppose.

‏‏Most men this coming generation will become transgender because there’s so much estrogen that they’ll be confused. They won’t know how to handle themselves.

‏‏Do you recommend that everybody get their mercury levels tested?

‏‏We check for bromides because bread now, instead of iodine, is loaded with bromide. We check mercury, cadmium, arsenic. There’s a number of heavy metals that come within a non-plant based diet. We test that from urine and you can do it along with a hair analysis and blood. One of the tissues will show the heavy metals and you might miss it if you just do one of the tests.

‏‏Okay, interesting. Is this a common thing to have all these things tested or is it pretty uncommon?

‏‏Unless you’re Dr. Chris Shade who is a world expert on heavy metal exposures, it’s uncommon. Most doctors pay no attention. We pick it up under the live blood microscope test and you can see these big black heavy metal rings and metal workers and people who eat a lot of fish or they have mercury amalgams, the pre-dentistry awareness group. All of these people are walking around with massive amounts, and no amount of metal is safe. It’s dangerous. The same thing is true, Fukushima is pouring massive amounts of radioactive particles into our ocean, into our seaweed, into our ground, in the air. Radioactive caesium, radioactive iodine. You’re going to see and we’ve already seen record levels of thyroid cancer and various other bone cancers. It’s just unbelievable how many toxins we’re exposed to. Every day, I use far infrared spa or I use a QRS device.

These are the things that you can find that help to improve magnetic resonance. There are people running around selling a beamer device. I like it. There is a PEMF device and a QRS. They’re all good. I have my own personal preference just based on cost versus return of value. But I can tell you this, there’s a number of things you can do when you’re using a far-infrared spa to pull all these heavy metals right out of your urine, out of your sweat. If you sit on a towel, you’ll see a brown spot on those of you loaded with metals. You got to pull those metals out. You got to do it with a very high fiber diet, over 120 grams of fiber per day that I consume. In one study in women consuming enough fiber, they have four bowel movements a day and they had the lowest rate of breast cancer of any recorded study ever. They also had the largest volume of stool they’d ever recorded in a study.

‏‏Wow, that’s a lot of poop. I don’t know if I want to do that much pooping.

Fiber creates massive amounts of hydrogen. Hydrogen is the ultimate molecule as a free radical scavenger.

‏‏Just think, every time you consume a meal, your body goes into peristalsis. It moves all this fiber to the intestinal tract. With that being said, it’s one of the ways to remove these toxins. Fiber has no calories in it but it has massive amounts of important things that it does. There’s fermented and unfermented fiber. Fiber creates massive amounts of hydrogen. Hydrogen is the ultimate molecule as a free radical scavenger. Since I’m going to break the world record for healthy aging, I have to figure out every way to minimize. What is free radical damage? When you cut an apple and you let it sit out in the air for about 30 minutes, within 30 or 40 minutes it starts turning brown. That brown is aging. It’s a breakdown of the tissue of the apple. The same thing happens with your body. If you’re aging rapidly, you’re going to develop cancer and various diseases, arthritic problems. We have to hit it with whole food nutrition and massive amounts of fiber. Everyone running around eating yogurt but yogurt has no fiber in it. Does fish have fiber in it? No. Does meat have fiber in it? No. Does chicken have fiber in it? No. Does milk have fiber in it? No. Every time you take a bite of food, you’re losing that valuable fiber and 360,000 vital chemicals and enzyme that meat has none of. Meat is just this loaded, concentrated hormone loaded with mercury and potentially with toxic, radioactive particles. Now we’re seeing that higher rate of cancer. Cancer has exceeded the death rate. The number one killer now in our country is cancer. It used to be heart disease but now it’s cancer because of all these byproducts that we’re being hit with.

‏‏When did that change?

‏‏Only in the last five years. I think just shortly after Fukushima hit about three years ago. The childhood deformities and childhood cancers. And also with autism you’ve got children, 1 in 80 boys now have severe autism because they’ve been forced mandatory vaccines. I was on the vaccine panel with Andrew Wakefield. Everyone tried to belittle and make fun of him and yet he’s a world-class scientist. He was warning everyone that this higher vaccine schedule with its load of mercury is going into the brain. A baby can’t detoxify mercury, like an adult can. When you hit them with all these vaccines, now they switched from mercury because the public outcry. Now they’re using heavy aluminum. Aluminum is just as dangerous. It causes Alzheimer’s and various other cancers. We’re seeing this high rate of ADD, ADHD, and autism. The coming generation won’t be mental geek smart people, they’ll be mentally retarded. My son was hit with a vaccine 30 years ago. At birth, I didn’t know that RH factor was loaded with mercury and they banned it in the year 2001. My son was given a shot in 1986. He’s been permanently brain damaged his entire 30 years of life. He can only speak three words. He laughs when he watches I Love Lucy. He has no ability to process information.

‏‏That’s heavy. How do you know that it was from that vaccination?

‏‏Because at birth, shortly after all his cognitions from the vaccine and the load and talking to Dr. Meir Weinstein who has since passed on last year, we confirmed especially since they banned the vaccine and because of all the cases of brain damage at birth.

‏‏I’ve heard some frightening stats about autism, ADD, and ADHD becoming epidemics and that it’s continuing to grow like a hockey stick kind of graph. I forgot the stat but it’s like one in three kids are going to be autistic, born with autism in our lifetime. I forgot the stat but it scared the heck out of me.

‏‏This is no laughing matter. To know that our children are being forced mandatory vaccines because of what they call the herd effect is insane. There’s never been a disease that required a drug that every single person on the planet be vaccinated with to make a drug work. It’s insane because there’s temporary immunity from the vaccine and then the kids, when there’s an outbreak, they get the same disease. Even there’s a death rate from the vaccine that causes disease, because they found out that they had to use live vaccines in India because they knew that the temporary immunity wasn’t enough. We see these things going on. I created a site called I just wanted people to be socially aware of all the implications before they vaccinate their kids.

‏‏Let’s switch topics back to a couple of things that you briefly covered, but I’m sure my listeners are going to have questions about. Let’s, first of all, define some terms that you used like QRS and PEMF. What are those things?

Every cell of the body has an electromagnetic field.

‏‏PEMF is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. Every cell of the body has an electromagnetic field. An amazing discovery is that the heart rarely ever develops cancer. The heart cells have a very high PEMF, they have a very high magnetic resonance. It turns out that this magnetic resonance, when you measure the heart cell 125 millivolts, we believe it’s because of this high electromagnetic field. It’s basically optimizing the ion membrane potential of 70 trillion cells. One of the ways I’m going to break the world record for healthy aging is I work out incredibly intensely and I stay hydrated with hydrogen water and I utilize nitric oxide. I use a way to sustain and build up more ATP, Adenosine Triphosphate, which is the main energy power plant of every cell of your body. The mitochondria when you do high altitude conditioning that I do four times a week, and as I sit in a chamber that goes up 20,000ft and drops at 2,000ft per second.

Tony Robbins bought a chamber as well. I don’t know, he must have heard I was doing it. Everyone likes to copy me because one day I’m going to, as I said, exceed the all-time world record for healthy aging. But this ATP, this plant-based nutrition, and using various product supplements that increase the ionic potential of the cell, inside the cell there are 70 millivolts of most cells whereas the heart cell as I mentioned has 125 millivolts. When they talk about chi and energy, when your body loses its chi, it just basically lost its ability to produce ATP. When it disappears, you die. Love and happiness and eating whole foods and being outdoors in the sun, at the ocean, all those generate massive amounts of PEMF, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. It turns out that inside the cancer cell, we always measure less than 35 millivolts. We can measure this very sophisticated equipment. In every study done, we now know that the way to defeat cancer, one way, is to increase the millivolts of all of your cells to make them actively alive and energized. When you do altitude conditioning that I do four days a week and I sit in the chamber for 20 minutes four times a week, times three. An hour and 20 minutes. These things will help to energize and increase the mitochondrial concentration of all the cells of your body.

As we age, our mitochondria decreases in number and that’s one of the causes of aging. If we can increase and sustain the mitochondria, if we increase the mitochondrial concentration of the cells, we increase the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field of every cell and we have a way to build up the body. When a person is an iron man, when a person is strong, when a person is a warrior, the body is strong. This is insane that we use chemotherapy and radiation. Radiation is toxic. They use radiation to shrink the tumor and it does but meanwhile they’re causing metastasis and cancer in other cells of the body. Meanwhile, with chemotherapy, the cytotoxic therapy is depleting the white blood cells, your only chance to fight cancer. Now, you have less white blood cells, less T cells. Although the tumor shrinks because you’ve obliterated the tumor, there is what’s called cancer stem cells inside the tumor and they live forever. They come back with a vengeance after chemotherapy. Do you know a Canadian study where they actually asked doctors who do chemo and radiation, “Would you administer chemoradiation for your cancer patients?” 100% said yes. But then they said, “What if your wife or you had cancer, would you undergo chemotherapy or radiation?” Do you know what the answer was?

‏‏I guess it will be no.

‏‏Nearly 50% of the cancer doctors said absolutely not. 68% of the workers who administer the therapy said no because they know that insurance companies require 25 treatments, they require these 25 treatments that even if the patient is starting to decline and they know that every time they do a chemotherapy treatment, that patient is going to get sicker and sicker. That even if they kill the patient, the insurance company won’t reimburse unless you do all 25 treatments. At the expense of the patient, we shrink the tumor and lose the patient. Meanwhile, with DHA and protein peptides and natural bio-identical testosterone and herbs that release testosterone, a young healthy male or female has a much better fighting chance. In fact, when a female gets breast cancer in Europe, they embed testosterone pellets next to breast cancer and it disappears.

What we do is we’re looking for clients now that are willing to build their body up like a warrior.

Dr. Dighi Maharashtra, what he does is when a person gets cancer, he will select patients that are compatible with the white blood cells of that individual and they’ll draw from 22-year old healthy white blood cells, centrifuge them, and concentrate them and then infuse them in the cancer patient. Guess what? Those healthy white blood cells, because they’re not confused, your own white blood cells when you have cancer, they think those cells are your cells. They don’t help you. But these infused white blood cells act like, remember Pac Man when you were a kid, I don’t know how far you go. They run around and they eat up the cancer cells, even the metastasized cancer cells. This has been proven in animal models and now we’re getting human volunteers to step forward. Instead of signing off their life for chemo and radiation, which doesn’t work anyway, except to shrink the tumor as I mentioned, but prolong life absolutely rarely does it do so. What we do is we’re looking for clients now that are willing to build their body up like a warrior. A warrior is what you have to have. You have to have a strong, strong immune system.

That’s why I train hard every day and I feed my body hydrogen, nitric oxide, vital chemicals, enzymes, fiber, and I sustain my hydration. I get quality sleep, eight hours a night. I sleep like a baby. I have a little seven-year-old that turns eight this year. I sleep alongside of him. We sleep together like a baby. As people get adults, they don’t sleep as well. Why? Because their protein peptides have declined. They don’t even know how to sustain their IGF and their growth hormone and their natural protein peptides, and their thymus gland. There are so many things that your average person has no clue about to break world records, not only competition and athletics which I’m usually the coach behind the coach. Clayton Gibson, he has world-class Olympic athletes, world-class NBA, NFL players and I’m his coach. I’m once removed, most of your general public won’t even know I’m the guy behind the coaches that give advice to the top, top athletes in the world.

‏‏I would never guess that you’re almost 62 years old. You look amazing, early 40s I guess. I don’t doubt that the different tests that you take that estimate your age, put you in a biological age range of like in your 20s. You are really fit, amazingly fit. Let’s kind of go back to a few other things. You’ve thrown out a lot of different terminology and stuff that probably a lot of listeners are not familiar with. Let’s kind of demystify those as well. You mentioned the link to the telomeres. Could you elaborate a bit on that? How does that relate to aging and how do you even test for your telomere length? What is a telomere?

‏‏Okay, imagine that every time your cells divide and replicate; your bone cells, your hair cells, your skin cells, every cell of your body replicates. The digestive tract cells replicate the most rapidly. There’s a very rapid turnover of the cells of the intestines. Every time they replicate, at the end of the chromosomes which is the genetic code of amino acid type profile, the proteins, the genetic code, the chromosomes is what tells your cells to become an intestine cell or hard cell, or a muscle cell. Every time these cells replicate, the telomere which is like a cap at the end of the telomere. That ever slight shortening, every time it replicates, ages your body. You start off with 50,000 replications when you’re a two-year-old, when you’re an infant. By the time you’re a seven-year-old, you only have 15,000 replications left. When you reach 110, you only have like a handful of replications left. That’s why there are only 70 people in the world that are past the age of 110. Did you know that statistic, only 70?

‏‏Wow, I want to be in that 70.

‏‏Clearly, if you follow what I teach at and you follow the uploads and the videos and you look at my website where I trained one of the top NCA strongest men in college football at the time and he’s from Texas. I challenged him to switch to a plant-based whole food diet while I started following his yoga classes. I laughed, yoga, I thought it was a joke because there is a lead athlete that can break world records and he busted me in that. It’s strength yoga at its best. He’s got ripped abs. He’s an Adonis of a Man. GQ, he can easily be on the cover of a magazine. He was shocked when he went to my plant-based whole food nutrition and supplements, Delgado Protocol Supplements that we personalized for him. He was shocked that his muscle density improved and that his health improved. His recovery and his pain, the stiffness in his joints improved. I put him through a workout with me.

Your body needs sleep to replenish its hormones.

I’m going to upload that pretty soon at my website He said it was the most intense workout he’s ever undergone in his life. I challenge people because telomeres, what they are in answer to your original question, these telomeres can be sustained. The only clinical studies have proved that you can sustain telomeres with quality sleep, with NLP. I used these, they look like Google glasses, they’re not, but they’re LFC, laser-focused concentration glasses. Every night if I wake up too early, I put these glasses on and I have these deep trance phenomena hypnosis scripts on sleep. You listen to them and it’s probably the regular $700 or $800 but we have them on special for $300, probably the best $300 you’ll spend in your life because it improves one to two hours of extra quality sleep. That quality sleep improves your hormones, improves your recovery, and improves the frequency of erectile function. You’ll notice waking up with hard erection when you use these sleep glasses, why? Because your body needs sleep to replenish its hormones.

Without hormones, you decline and you have a hormone level, whatever age you are, is 700-800. I shoot for a hormone level of 1,000 to 1,500 like my 23-year old son because I am going to break the all-time world record for healthy aging. That’s why I’m biologically 25 when people like yourself are your own age. You see, you have to shoot. Any goal that’s worth achieving, you set the goal so high, it doesn’t matter that no one else has ever achieved it. Why would you set a goal if you’re going to run the world record for the mile run or the hundred-yard meter or you’re going to do something no one’s ever done in swimming, or in gymnastics. Why would you set a record that already exists? Wouldn’t you shoot far beyond the record, wouldn’t you shoot far beyond the record for healthy aging? That’s what I do in everything I do.

That’s why I break world records of men half my age, I crush them. I’m getting ready to compete and challenge any of the Oakland Raiders to compete against me in strength and endurance. What did they win last night? Seven and two? You know what, I can beat the strongest athletes in weightlifting as I did the defense for the Washington Redskins when he approached me in the gym. I said, “Can you beat me in weightlifting?” Because he said, “Yeah, they say you’re strong.” He laughed because he looked down on me. I’m this little 5’8ft, 169 lbs, dripping wet at most, and here is this 6’6ft, 260lbs, just ripped, shredded. I beat him in weightlifting. He couldn’t believe it. He said, “Don’t tell anyone. Don’t tell anyone.” He had a super bowl ring that he put it back on. And then we walked in the main gym and said, “This little guy just beat me.” He gave me permission to tell because he couldn’t believe I beat him.

‏‏That’s awesome. Let’s go back to the LFC glasses for a moment. I tried these Brain Tap glasses on just over the weekend. I was at the JVx conference that Rich German put on. They were one of the sponsors. They have the flashing lights, the soothing music, and everything. Some of the recordings will also have guided medication tech things. Talking in your ears while you’re listening to the music, the lights are flashing. That supposedly gets you into data brainwave state and is equivalent in 10 minutes of like an hour worth of sleep. Is that what you’re talking about? That sort of technology?

‏‏Yeah. The VP of Motorola, he had developed this technology and he approached me to do recordings because I was the only one of the whole group that’s recorded on over 500 different downloads you can do. But if you type in Nick Delgado, there are five programs. Since I know Deep Trance Phenomena and Time Line Therapy and NLP, I can bypass critical thinking and program people to work out consistently, eat healthy, get better quality sleep, better sex, better success principles, because I know the language patterns that are required to help the brain to make that informed decision and get past the 30, 40, 50, 60 years of telogen programming that you’ve been led to believe that all these drugs are good for you, yet the list of side effects is shocking. It’s part of the reverse marketing to tell you all these side effects occur, even death, but everyone is taking this drug because they are depressed. It’s crazy but these glasses have full-spectrum light. They have a virtual tone.

The brain has thoughts and in between the thoughts is you.

Supposedly, absolutely you can do a brain wave study and they get you inundated within about two to four minutes. The average program length is 12 to 18 minutes. Tony Robbins says he meditates 18 minutes a day. It’s true, but even he admits it’s difficult to meditate. Even if you’re a very sophisticated person who can let your mind just flow and get into that open space, that’s not how the brain works. The brain has thoughts and in between the thoughts is you. That moment of no thought in between is what you’re basically addressing. You’re getting your brain into what I call laser focus concentration because theta is what Michael Jordan does when he gets in the state to shoot his baskets and always hit it every time he shoots or the guy of the Golden West Warriors. These people have conditioned themselves from hundreds and hundreds of shots every day just like I do my curl and presses every day. I condition my mind and my body to out-lift any human being that’s ever existed.

By doing so, you use these glasses to program your mind and your body because your mind makes up a major part of the wheel to success. In my program, at, I teach how to achieve. Of course, immortality is right now something that no one has ever achieved but it’s believed now that in our lifetime there are worms by the way that you can do some genetic manipulation with protein peptides and so forth. You can get them to live 500 human years, 500 human years by making some adjustments. If we can do that, it’s very likely that if you can reach past 130 years of life, that there’ll be certain new technologies. I’m not going to depend on those, I’m already living a lifestyle that will allow me for the circle of health to extend my life. When I mentioned chromosomes, there’s a test that you can do. Draw the blood, we send you a test kit and it sends off to Spain, the top lab in the world for chromosome length. The short ones, the medium and the long ones. We measure the length of these chromosomes and that’s a predictor of how long, essentially, you’re going to live and what diseases you might develop. 23 in me is kind of a genetic code, but chromosome length is your predictor of longevity.

Mitochondria concentration, that also is a predictor. The level that you exercise, do you breathe heavily during the 60 minutes to an hour and a half that you exercise or move your body every day. Those are all predictors. Under a microscope test, we send this little $80 kit to you. You put a drop of blood on the slide. You can actually see what’s called free radical damage. It’s something I’ve been teaching people including Tony Robbins 40 years ago. I’ve been doing this all these years because this is the way to identify your weakness. You’re only as strong as your weakest link. If your chromosomes are short, you’re at risk. If your mitochondria concentration is low, you’re at risk. If your hormones are low, you’re at risk. If your enzymes are declining, you’re at risk. We take certain supplements, we exercise, we have certain thoughts, we fall in love, love is one of the ultimate hormone stimulators, and one of the ways to lengthen in telomeres. Did you realize love has been showing love, happiness and even loving your dog when you come home and it’s wagging its tail? All these things give input to the brain and stimulate new, healthy, young hormones to think that you’re younger than you are.

Love is one of the ultimate hormone stimulators and one of the ways to lengthen in telomeres. Click To Tweet

‏‏That’s awesome. Here’s another stat that I recently learned. If you have trouble getting up from a sitting position, like on the floor without using your hands, that’s also an indicator that you’re going to have an early death. That’s at least what I heard. Would you agree with that?

‏‏Yeah. Kids these days when they do yoga, they can’t even stand on one leg. They’re just so used to sitting with their tablets and their computers. When I sit at my computer, I hook up to a Tesla device. It’s a neuromuscular stimulator device. I hook up these electrons to my muscles. While I’m talking to you, I’m sending through 400 volts of energy. I wouldn’t do it on the talk show because it’s pretty intense but I would wait until after the talk show and hook up. Usually, when I’m in the CVAV unit, the Cyclic Variations, I hook it up and then I’ll be streaming on Facebook. If you follow me at Nick Delgado, you’ll see me launching some of my workouts and my insane, crazy freeze my body 250 degrees and my CVAC with the Tesla device. I contract my muscles as if doing 500 sit-ups, 500 pull-ups, and 500 jumping jacks, running and sprinting is the most intense workout you’ll ever experience while you’re sitting or while you’re lying down.

‏‏Wow. You remind me of Dave Asprey who I also interviewed on Get Yourself Optimized. He’s the ultimate biohacker and he’s using himself as a guinea pig for all these different seemingly crazy experiments. He just had stem cells injected into his brain. I think he’s only one of two people in the whole world who’s had that done.

‏‏I’ve had 12 stem cell injections. I’ve had injections before it was popular. I did it back before I even understood it. I went to India, I went to China, I went to Mexico, I went to Thailand. I’ve been all over the world and I know the top stem cell doctors in the world. I had to go low on stem cells and not talk about it for a while because I helped one client. He had some pain in his joint, in his knee, and he’s one of these persons that has a medical chart that was huge and so he’s a hypochondriac so he sued the doctor. The doctor now has made $200 million since I taught him how to do stem cells with cream. They’re very popular, famous. I think their company’s valued at over 2 billion. Meanwhile, I didn’t get a dollar of it. All that being said, I don’t care. It’s not about the money for me but I’ve had stem cells before Dave was even a baby boy.

‏‏But did you have it injected into your brain? That was what was unusual.

‏‏I can’t reveal how I’ve had my injections because then I’m giving medical advice and I’m leading people to something that they may not be prepared to do. That’s why I was sued by that one client. I just have to plead the fifth but let’s just say I’ve done far more than Dave or any living human being.

‏‏Got it. He did get an injection into his privates, he said it worked amazingly.

‏‏It does. The doctor, if you look up Terry Grossman. I’m the doctor to the doctor of the main guy at Google, Kurzweil.‏‏

The Starch Solution by John McDougall

I know Terry Grossman too. He’s an impressive guy.

‏‏Terry, I changed his life dramatically about a year ago when I was doing a microscope test on him. He was doing an interview with me. I said, “Terry, how come you’re not following a plant-based whole food nutrition without added oils?” He looked at me and said, “Yeah, you’re right. I could do it but it’s difficult.” I looked to him and said, “Difficult? To make food choices of the right things to put in your body and to exercise and have the right thoughts?” And then he thought about it for a little while and he said that night he changed his life dramatically and started following my protocol. And within about three months, he dropped 15lbs of body fat and we repeated his blood test six months later. His blood is looking immaculate, better than I’ve ever seen anyone. He was calling up and texting Kurzweil right there. Ray Kurzweil saying, “You got to stop eating those hamburgers. You got to stop doing all this other stuff. You got to follow Delgado. He’s the leader in all of this.” It’s on video.

‏‏That’s awesome. I think very highly of Terry Grossman so that’s great that you’ve made such an impact for him.

‏‏He’s amazing.

‏‏He is. Let’s talk about the Delgado Protocol. What goes into that? It’s a mix of supplements and fitness and eating choices. It’s a whole set of lifestyle choices, right?

‏‏Yeah. I write about it at and at, they give me a form to write about high performance. I got to tell you, I think that the lifestyle medicine doctors are so clear in the evidence which my mentor, Nathan Pritikin was far ahead of the curve with Dean Ornish and Caldwell Esselstyn, all advocating oil-free plant-based nutrition. I’ve been asked by John McDougall who’s one of my heroes. He’s written several books like The Starch Solution and other books, to speak in February 2017 in Santa Rosa, California for 500 doctors. I’m going to shock those doctors. Not only will I demonstrate I’m the world’s strongest strength endurance athlete in history even though I don’t even have the genetics, any day of the week I can outlift just about anyone who wants to challenge me.

I’ve been offering every week someone to show up when I was at the vegan fest. And then I go to bodybuilding contest and Mr. Olympiad. I offer anyone $1,000 that can outlift me and I have yet to find anyone who can. Yet there’s been many athletes, trust me, that have tried. But I’ll tell you what. I go to the lifestyle medicine conferences and it’s all about whole plant-based nutrition oil-free. Every other group, the anti-aging doctors have it wrong because they’re following this other doctor that’s all into this paleo stuff, all this grease and meat and oil. It’s so wrong. They’re so confused. There are a few good websites like The best book written in this decade, besides the book I wrote, Grow Young and Slim, you get a free copy when you go to True Immortality, is How Not to Die by Michael Greger. Once you’ve listened to that book, and I have six times and read through it three times and I’ve interviewed Michael Greger, the author of that book, in at least several times, you will be so clear about nutrition.

You’d be deaf, dumb, and stupid if you didn’t take his advice. If you keep following the paleo people, God bless you but you’re going to have a lot of diseases. Let me just say that I tried the Paleo in all fairness about two years ago. My cholesterol went up dangerously. My body fat went up. My hormone levels got out of whack. I was measuring urine, blood, and saliva. That’s the mistake. Most guys measure just their blood test. You’ve got to do 24 urine testing at Jonathan Wright’s lab, Meridian up in Oregon area Washington. You will get the truth about the hormone metabolites that cause cancer. There are 40 different estrogen metabolites and I’ve been asked by my publisher, actually, my book agent who’s the same agent for Brendon Burchard, Scott Huffman, and my guy is basically a folio, a print. They’ve asked me to write the definitive book on estrogen dominance.

How Not to Die by Michael Greger and Gene Stone

Who better to write it than me because I wrote the first papers in winter of 2003 on anti-aging medical news of the danger of estrogen toxins. The title was Estrogen: ‏‏The Male Toxin. Not only does estrogen dangerously affect women, it affects men. What is the leading cause of prostate cancer? Guess what? Estrogen. What is the leading cause of obesity in men over the age of 50? Guess what? Estrogen. Paleo, many meats? No way. You look at feces from 4 million years ago and going back 20 million years ago. Guess what? Carbon studies show that feces was plant-based. Men couldn’t run down animals fast enough. They didn’t have the fire to eat these animals, to cook the flesh that’s so tough and sinewy. They didn’t do it. They ate plants and occasionally they needed animal. Do you know what the closest genetic match of an animal on the planet is to us?

‏‏No. What?

‏‏A bonobo monkey. The love monkey in Africa. They stand upright. They make love looking through each other’s eyes. There are 94.6 genetic matchings. Guess what they eat? They eat all plant-based nutrition. They eat grubs; they eat a few insects once in awhile but the vast majority and they don’t have war. They make love, not war. When a warring monkey comes to a new tribe, you know what they do? They send three females to disarm him and make love to him and there’s never war. Why don’t they just send that to Clinton and to Trump so they’re not so frustrated, then we don’t have all the wars because of all the meat they eat and how old and sick they look. President Clinton, he actually went to a plant-based diet after meeting John McDougall. Read it up. Type it into Google. He’s not a very good vegan, he tries but he’s been seen at McDonald’s so I don’t know what the story is.

‏‏Maybe just to meet somebody there.


‏‏He looks very healthy. I’ve heard him say that he feels better than ever since he switched to a plant-based diet. He recommends it for everybody.

‏‏I got to tell you, the biggest thing that I do for people is they go to my website and very soon we’re going to be launching a quiz that personalizes word for word what you should do and your supplements. Everyone just blindly takes supplements and they shouldn’t. They may be good, they may be bad for the individual. You don’t know. You have to look this stuff up. You really do. What I do is this 20-paged questionnaire. It will take you a good 35 minutes to fill out. I challenge you to take this questionnaire. Right now it’s on Monkey Survey but we’re going to update it like we have at where when you click on the different things after the 30-paged questionnaire, it’s going to tell you exactly. Right now we have to do the manual part where my staff calls you up and follows up with you.

Hopefully, you leave more than just your email. You should leave a phone number too because my staff will do the equivalent of a $200 counseling for free if you say they heard it on this podcast. But I can tell you this that if they go to You can personalize. You know bourbon helps to lower cholesterol without having to take statin drugs, yet the number one selling drug in the country is statin drugs, yet it causes side effects. It’s very dangerous. These statin drugs can cause psychosis, they can cause depression, suicide. They can cause cancer. But there are natural things that Estro Block DIM, Indole-3-Caribol, berberine. I’m coming out with a product for PCOS and skin problems but it also helps the heart. We use berberine, we use citrus bergamot and lycopene. Those three things help to stabilize and reduce harmful cholesterol levels and restore the good cholesterol. They help to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. I’ve come out with about 10 different supplements that I take on a daily basis. We’ve included 6 of these 10 supplements for True Immortality, a $500 value. People can get it for just pennies on the dollar if they just look at the website. I don’t want to be selling people. I want to sell them on quality health. Who doesn’t want to have the performance? I don’t drink coffee or caffeine. I can outperform anyone any day of the week without using caffeine. Don’t give me coffee or caffeine because then I’m like rocket fuel. It’s scary.

‏‏Before we started recording, we were talking about supplements and some of them are not very good because they have things in there like you mentioned magnesium stearate which is a supplement that I actually take. What was bad about magnesium stearate? What are some of the other bad things, fillers and stuff that you don’t want to have in your supplements?

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

‏‏Let’s start with something before we get into the magnesium stearate and all the fillers that these companies use. For example, folic acid. Everyone takes one a day, a multivitamin because we’re all thinking I’d rather have expensive urine than be sick. They take it as insurance. What they don’t realize is 23andMe, if you do the test, 50% of people have a genetic defect and they can’t absorb folic acid so it concentrates in their body and they have massive amounts of problems. It must be methylated. Methylation, the only safe form is 5 methyltetrahydrofolic. We use this in a product I call Stay Young. I give it to my little seven-year-old. He turns eight next week. This Stay Young not only has five methyltetrahydrofolic, it has methylcobalamin. You have to methylate these harmful toxins in the body that are caused from all these cheap supplements.

I call them cheap because they’re actually dangerous. I can’t believe that people run around taking all these supplements without even understanding that they’re not even organic whole food supplements. We use plant-based whole food nutrition supplements. I can say this, that I think that magnesium stearate in small amounts is reasonably safe. We use it in a tablet that I’m working out a way, a method, to compress the tablet without magnesium stearate. Otherwise, every one of our other supplements, not one of them has magnesium stearate. Not one. It’s a flow agent used to keep the ingredients from sticking together in the mixing and compressing. They make the capsules faster but I have a GMP laboratory, nearly a billion-dollar laboratory that I use.

They normally make pharmaceutical grade supplements, pharmaceutical drugs. I asked them. I was able to convince them to use our supplements and make them pharmaceutical grade but with whole plant-based nutrition ingredients. Can you imagine that? Veggie caps, no magnesium stearate, all whole natural foods. There are only one or two companies in the world that follow these criteria. It’s all made in the US, not in China like all these others. It’s a harmful filler when used in high levels. It suppresses T cells, the natural killer cells which can affect the immune system. If you’re taking a bunch of capsules every day, after a period of time you’re depressing your immune system. That’s just one simple example. Look at these other. They use silicon dioxide. Why in the world would you use that? That’s sand. It’s a type of sand that’s toxic. Not even if you went to the beach and ate the sand. It’s crazy that they’re grandfathered in because all these creams and powders and potions, they were available before a law came about that outlawed them and they are no longer on the safe list but they still use them because they were able to be what’s called grandfathered in. Any supplement that has all these harmful ingredients, I just turn my head and say who’s formulating these things? Why would they put that in their body? I don’t get it.

‏‏You mentioned a few minutes ago that there’s a urine test that you should take, not just the typical blood panels that are normally done. You mentioned it’s like a 24-hour urine test. Can you just briefly elaborate on that, because I only just recently became aware of this process where it measures your hormone levels and so forth much more accurately because everything that’s going out of your body, as far as urine, is being captured and then normalized or whatever over the course of the day because it changes day and night what you release in your urine. Let’s talk a little bit about that.

‏‏If you look at the whole thing about the urine metabolites and you go to my website, it’s a little bit of a misnomer because it doesn’t really block the estrogen but bodybuilders made it popular and then all the kids with acne made it popular because it clears up their skin because it internally clears an enzyme called mTOR. It also clears some harmful byproducts of estrogen metabolism. It lets the androgen levels get into the right level. I’m getting a little bit complex there but if they go to the website and click on store, they can scroll down and it says no need to guess, just get you hormone levels tested, urine test kit. It lists the nearly 30 different hormone metabolites there. We send you this little test kit with a container that you collect the urine. It’s only $299.

You pay the lab direct, we don’t even get a dollar of it. What we do is we then get the results back and Dr. Michael Grossman or one of our other colleagues will review the results. If there are any abnormalities, which there always are, everyone has loads of harmful estrogen. That’s why you see the joker, Jack who goes to Laker games, they get the man boobs. You see him outdoors at the beach. Because they have so much estrogen from eating all the meat that they eat. This test kit detects all of these harmful estrogens. It detects the proper level of androgen, testosterone. It detects far better than a single blood test because a single blood test is just a single draw of that moment what your levels are. This measures your cortisol, your stress levels, your adrenal fatigue. It’s the best way to determine chronic fatigue, estrogen dominance, and androgen deficiencies all with one test for only $299. You got to pee anyway so I tell people, you take this little container, keep it in a bag or in a woman’s purse and walk into the restroom and pee into the container. Fill it up. By the end of the next day, 24 hours, you send it back to our Oregon lab and they send back the results. It’s that simple.

‏‏Regardless of where you buy it from, you should do this test because otherwise, you’re flying blind. You don’t know, just looking at your blood panels, how healthy you are. What’s the expression that health isn’t the absence of disease? I think that’s a really important quote to remember. We’re about out of time here. What would be your last advice that you want to leave our listeners with? What’s the most important thing that we haven’t talked about yet that you want people to do or take action on?‏‏

Annihilate Acne Naturally by Nick Delgado

I’ll give you some of the steps to We’re about to rebroadcast a class that I filmed for six hours. What we’ve done is we’ve just cleaned to up a little bit because of live broadcast, just some edit faux pas. We fixed it up and it gives you these six simple steps that you need to follow every day. I promise you it won’t take you more time than any other regime that you’re already following. I figured out very efficient, effective steps to follow the six steps to true immortality. At you get my book. The winner of the Erwin Award for the Best Health Book Of The Year, Annihilate Acne Now Naturally. That’s what made us very popular by helping all these kids with skin problems like I used to have a problem when I was a kid. Since then, my skin is flawless and beautiful. Women and men are just raving about Estro Block.

Now we’re coming out with acne cleanse protocol that comes along with it. There’s a hormonal quiz there. I would start with the quiz and then I would go to Like Tony Robbins, because I was his health coach at Mastery University. On this website, you get to download my Simply Healthy Cookbook that Tony Robbins used for his early graduate at Mastery University. All vegan, oil-free, the way everyone should be. Grow Young and Slim and Stay Young eBook. Tony was really faithful and consistent with his diet back then but then his wife taught him to zig and zag and be flexible about his diet. That’s not like being flexible about your investments and flexible about how you build your funnels and your marketing.

Why would you be flexible in moderate? Your diet and your health is the key to good health. Stop being flexible. Get serious. Get my download Stem Cell Revolution. Take my quizzes that I learned from the best course I ever took at Tony Robbins which was besides Life Mastery was Date with Destiny. In that Date with Destiny, there isn’t a positive emotion evaluation, negative emotion. People don’t know that his Awaken the Giant Within was a book that was transcribed word for word from Date with Destiny. Save yourself the $4,000 or go and have the experience because it’s amazing. The positive emotion and negative emotion. I changed my life in 1992. It saved my life because the mother of my child, when he was born, she died 10 days after he was born from hyperthyroidism. That’s what set me on this mission to educate people about hormones because her death 23 years ago at the age of 33 was an untimely death. The fact that all of my friends and relatives have hormonal imbalances that I’ve been interviewing and helping and educating. We have this hormone self-evaluation which is a multiple paged questionnaire.

As I said, very shortly, we’re going to automate it. You can download my LFC hypnosis script to your phone, your iPhone, or your Android all for free. I’m giving all this stuff for free. If they want to get my true immortality pack, it’s $237 extra. It’s the same products I take every day but I take about 10 other products. Jack LaLanne took a supplement for every year he was old. At age 80, he took 80 supplements. At age 95, I celebrated his birthday and at age 97 his passing. Jack LaLanne was a good example of moving the body, taking whole food nutrition supplements, and a positive mindset. I want to be the Jack LaLanne of this generation but far exceed anyone who has ever lived before me.

‏‏That’s an amazing goal. Rule number one in negotiation is aim higher, you’ll do better. That I think applies in life as well. You’re aiming for the stars and that’s inspiring.

‏‏I like putting a kink in people’s belief system about health and there’s going to be a lot of controversy about what I had to say but there won’t be any controversy when I’m 130 years young and people are dropping like flies while I’m living a long healthy life having sex on my 130th birthday. The reality is stay young, stay strong, stay well. I’m also known as the sex doctor. I had a website called If people ask me, I’ll put that site back up with the top sexiest sharpest doctors talking about protein peptides and certain things that prolong sexual quality, oxytocin and improve orgasm. There are just amazing things you can do. I think it’s not worth living 130 years if you’re not having great sex and happiness in life.

It’s not worth living 130 years if you’re not having great sex and happiness in life.

‏‏That’s true. You’ve got a ton of great free resources. I’ll be sure to include those all in the shownotes for our listeners so they can go to the for that. I’ll also include links for some of these products that you mentioned that you sell on your different websites. We’ll leave it for our listeners to take the next step. Listeners, I’m also going to create a checklist of actions that you could take based on the content of this episode. Do bear in mind this is not medical advice, do consult your doctor. The standard disclaimer applies. I’m not a doctor. Do not sue me or Dr. Nick. This is just for your edutainment, so hopefully, you’ll take some actions and improve your life and get healthier. Standard disclaimers apply.

‏‏I have a 30-hour education video library. If they go to and type in Nick Delgado and subscribe to my channel. It’ll blow them away because I have interviews with Dr. Terry Grossman, Dr. Michael Grossman. I have the top interviews by the top 200 doctors that cost me a quarter-million dollars to videotape and interview and go to all these conference. I’m giving the information free on YouTube but we’re having a coaching program that people can enroll in at a very, very low rate. Initially, it’s going to be just ridiculously low. After it’s tested out and launched as part of our prototype in January, we’ll launch it to everyone. Thanks for having me on the show.

It’s great seeing you at Traffic And Conversion and all these incredible events, your podcast. You’re amazing. I like being controversial because sometimes it’s that dissenting opinion that might be the right one that you’ve missed, that all the medical community and the drug cartels and everyone else have kept you from the truth. It’s time that you wake up and open your eyes and listen to the truth. That’s why we have They can call 866-319-0566 to get a copy of one of my mp3s Lifestyle Medicine Anti-Aging And Immortality where I have a sampling of 20 hours of my best interviews at 866-319-0566. Just mention the podcast and just for the cost of shipping we’ll send you one CD for free. And then if you want to get something from us, just go to one of our landing pages and download the free copies of the books and education material. We’re here to help.

‏‏That’s awesome. I’ve listened to some of your audios. You’ve given me some CDs before. It’s great stuff. You have such a diverse but deep knowledge base in so many areas. You are a must to get you on the show. I’m very thankful that you joined us today.

‏‏Thanks for having me. For all those who want to love life and live life to love it, it’s where it’s at. Live with passion but be smart. Do it in a smart fashion. You say I got to give this up or I don’t want to give up my oil or my alcohol or my drug of choice, whatever it is, my sugar, all these greasy things. The reality is when you start tasting these natural foods, you feel so good, you have so much energy. You take these supplements that are personalized for you and you do these hormone test. You’re going to look back and wonder how you even lived before it.

‏‏When I dropped sugar from my diet, my whole life changed. It’s been over a year now. I’m never going back. I’m never going to be on sugar ever again.

‏‏Watch when you drop the oils what it does for your circulation and your brain function. It’s going to be amazing. Listen to the interview with Terry Grossman, it will blow your mind.

‏‏Okay. Will do. Thank you again, Nick, and thank you, listeners. We’ll catch you on the next episode. This is Stephan Spencer signing off.

Important Links

Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Commit to consuming enough fiber, which is incredibly important for your health. If you’re not sure which foods have lots of fiber, check out:

?Throughout the episode, Nick emphasizes the importance of getting enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours a night for the next two weeks, no matter how busy you are.

?If you still have trouble getting enough sleep, order a pair of Nick’s LFC glasses. These may be able to help you get enough sleep even if that’s normally hard for you.

?For the next month, switch to a plant-based diet without added oils. You may feel enough of a physical difference that you choose to switch permanently.

?Fill out the 30-page questionnaire at and mention you heard about it on this podcast to receive $200 worth of counseling for free.

?If you struggle with acne, take the hormone quiz on This can help you gain a sense of whether you may have a hormonal disbalance.

?Take a 24-hour hormone analysis, which uses your urine to give you a detailed measurement of your hormone metabolites.

?Download Nick’s Simply Healthy cookbook, available for free on

?Nick’s Immortality Pack is specially designed to help people stay healthy and young. Try it out and see whether it can make a real difference for you.

?Visit Nick’s YouTube channel and watch one of the videos there each day.

About Nick Delgado

Nick Delgado graduated from the University of Southern California, with studies at Rancho Los Amigo Hospital, USC, Loma Linda University, California State Long Beach and Los Angeles as well as continued research with interventional endocrinology, hematology, and physiology. He served as Director of the Pritikin Better Health Program of the Nathan Pritikin Longevity Center. Ongoing studies of participants in the Pritikin Plan were being monitored by Dr. Massey of the Loma Linda School of Public Health. This plan was the motivation for current greats in Lifestyle Medicine including Michael Greger MD, Dean Ornish MD, and Michael Klaper MD.

Nick teamed with health experts and searched for consistent correlations with aging and symptomatic indications. He discovered new answers to age-old problems. During this period, he collaborated with many acclaimed physicians, including Denis Burkitt, M.D., Ernest Wynder, M.D., Arnold Fox, M.D., Thierry Hertoghe MD, Ron Klatz MD, Ron Rothenberg MD., and Joseph Maroon MD.

Nick wrote his thesis on a comprehensive study of 693 people, which he conducted as part of a wellness program provided through seminars of world-renown motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins with Mastery University. Nick has been presenting the concepts of the Delgado Protocol to audiences worldwide. During the past 30 years, he has educated over 100,000 people on topics such as Eyes open relaxation of the unconscious mind, aging, wellness, sexual health, using cellular hematology, oxidative stress analysis, carotid artery scans, blood lipids testing, and biochemical hormone. Dr. Nick has been a keynote speaker in Japan, Malaysia, Toronto, Canada, and was awarded “Best Speaker” at the International Anti-Aging Congress in South Africa.

Disclaimer: The medical, fitness, psychological, mindset, lifestyle, and nutritional information provided on this website and through any materials, downloads, videos, webinars, podcasts, or emails is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical/fitness/nutritional advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Always seek the help of your physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, certified trainer, or dietitian with any questions regarding starting any new programs or treatments, or stopping any current programs or treatments. This website is for information purposes only, and the creators and editors, including Stephan Spencer, accept no liability for any injury or illness arising out of the use of the material contained herein, and make no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the contents of this website and affiliated materials.


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