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By: Stephan Spencer


Raul Villacis
“Once you understand that we are all creatures of condition, you have the power to reprogram your subconscious mind by creating a system to recondition your brain.”
Raul Villacis

Like me, Raul Villacis has gone through a radical transformation. He was in a job that was going nowhere, his body was in a constant pain that doctors couldn’t figure out, and he found himself turning to alcohol to escape his reality. It wasn’t until he found the power of a morning ritual that he turned his life around. For such a simple practice, it is amazing the type of power it can have in revitalizing a life and career. He’s now a successful coach running a sought-after mastermind group, and has learned to master his state in a way that keeps him in control of his emotions and his destiny. We discuss how to open your mind to personal development, creating a ritual that sticks and the role gratitude plays in motivations.

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Hi everyone. Welcome to another episode of Get Yourself Optimized. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer. I have with me today Raul Villacis, a good friend of mine and fellow Tony Robbins Platinum Partner. We have done some really cool events together through Platinum Partnership and more recently through his Next Level Experience program, that’s his own event. Mind-blowing stuff.

He’s going to talk to us more about Next Level Experience in the episode. What I want to focus on for this episode is how he took his life to the next level using some really cool techniques and technologies including the Morning Ritual. I’ve seen him grow and expand his business just in the several years that we’ve known each other, so I’m really looking forward to us discussing how that all worked for him and how it could work in your life. He is a serial entrepreneur and got his start with real estate investing, offices in New York and Connecticut. He is passionate about personal development and has expanded into that realm through his Next Level Experience events and now Next Level Experience Elite, which he’ll tell us all about. Welcome, Raul.

Thank you, brother. Let me just tell you, it has been a pleasure hearing you say my name right, man. I’ve been on so many podcasts, and everybody just butchers my last name. I was considering changing my name just to Raul because people have a hard time saying Villacis.

If you’d like, I could butcher it, but no.

No, brother. I was waiting for it, I was waiting for it, but then you said it, I was like, “Awesome, he nailed it.”

I nailed it. So, welcome. I’m excited to have you here. I’ve been wanting to have you on for a little while now. One of the things that really has been a huge force in your life has been Tony Robbins. He’s been huge in my life too, really facilitated a lot of my transformation. What were the biggest takeaways from all those events, all those trips that we took together and so forth? What are the top 3 or 5 things that changed your life the most?

I’ll tell you right now, and not a lot of people know this about me, but I actually didn’t like Tony Robbins in the beginning, like when I saw his infomercial. I got invited to his events, I was like, “There’s no way I’m going to go to this event.” I didn’t believe in the positive realm. I come from a business background, and I didn’t believe all this fluff. You need to be motivated. I was totally against going to an event. It wasn’t until the shit hit the fan in my business that I was looking for motivation. I couldn’t get motivated anymore because nothing was selling in the real estate game. Somebody called me up and said, “Do you want some free training?” I said, “Free training? That’s great because I can’t afford to pay anybody for training, so we’ll take all the freebies that you can give us.” So she came, and she pretty much did an awesome job explaining what Tony does, and she sold us the UPW, which as you know, the UPW is the entry-level program for Tony.

Yeah, that stands for Unleash the Power Within where you go for a walk through 2000-degree hot coals at the end of the first day.

Let me tell you, I was a skeptic, brother. I went in there, I’m like, “This is bullshit. There’s no way I’m going to walk on fire.” Even after walking on fire, I thought it was bullshit. I had to crew the next event just to confirm that they were actually hot coals. That’s how much of a skeptic I was because I didn’t believe that I actually was walking on true fire. It wasn’t until my brother-in-law was walking in there, and I said, “Okay, I’m going to-” he wasn’t my brother-in-law then, he was dating my sister, so I volunteered to put the hottest coals in front of him to make sure that this was the real deal.

That really was trial by fire.

I was putting him in the fire. He wants to marry my sister, he was going to walk through fire to marry my sister. It’s been a beautiful experience. I’ve followed Tony for the past 5 years. Like you said, we’ve traveled together, we’ve been together. The 5 biggest things that I’ve taken from Tony is just he’s persistent and his ability to constantly, constantly produce. I’ve been doing events for the last almost 2 years, and I’m not even comparing myself to what Tony does because it’s insane to do 30 years of consistent work. There are days, Stephan, that I wake up and I want to burn this shit to the ground, like, “What the fuck am I doing? There’s no way I’m going to do another seminar. There’s no way I’m going to do another training,” and I literally just want to go back to my real estate business. It happens at least once a month. I already have the pattern mapped out, so I know what I have to do, but I’m thinking, “Holy shit, Tony has to be one of those, the most consistent human beings that I know to be able to do this for the past 30+ years,” so that’s one of the biggest takeaways that I get from Tony is the consistency of doing the work.

For me, the transformation was a must because I was physically going through pain.

I know the Morning Ritual is super important too. Tony has a certain process. It’s not just affirmations in the morning, it’s incantations, move your body around, lymphasize, and so forth. Maybe, could you elaborate a bit more on how you’ve taken the morning ritual that he teaches and transformed that into something that’s more unique and powerful for you.

You’ve been to my events where I share my story about how I used to be in physical pain. For me, the transformation wasn’t something that I was thinking that it would be nice. For me, the transformation was a must because I was physically going through pain. The doctors couldn’t tell what it was. I thought I had cancer, but every single test came out negative. Physically I was in pain. To ease my pain, I used to drink every single night. For 6 months, I would drink tequila every single night.

So, for me, that uncertainty and the stress that we feel manifested into real pain. At one of the events, I walked up to Tony and I pretty much cornered him. I said, “Tony, tell me the one thing that you could tell me that changed everything for you. Don’t give me the whole seminar answer. Don’t give me the whole UPW, tell me the one thing.” I looked in his eyes because I was hurting, I was in pain. For me, it was a matter of life and death. Tony looked at me, and he figured that I was serious. He said, “Well, let me think about it.” He says, “Well, the biggest thing that I could think of that changed my life was when I was listening to ‘Barracuda,’ running on the beach, and just, I was broke and I was fat and I was fed up with everything, and I just started running and I was doing my incantations, and I was changing my state.”

So, I says, “So, it’s your ritual?” He says, “Yes, the ritual. That’s what changed everything.” That was a huge distinction for me because I took that conversation, and I started investigating what those rituals mean, what does having a ritual mean? I started interviewing people who were successful about their ritual and different morning rituals, and I started modeling Tony about the ritual that he uses every single morning. Here’s what happened, the ritual didn’t work for me after a period of time. When I started teaching other people, it didn’t work for them after a period of time. Why? Because it is not your ritual. It’s Tony’s ritual, or it’s Raul’s ritual, or Stephan’s ritual. I believe that in order for you to actually have a consistent change, you have to develop your own ritual that is based on your own personality, that’s based on what you want to accomplish because if you copy anything that’s out there, it’s not going to be you, so you’re going to reject it in the subconscious mind.

In order for you to actually have a consistent change, you have to develop your own ritual that is based on your own personality, that’s based on what you want to accomplish.

Right, so if we could kind of differentiate for my listeners, what is an incantation versus an affirmation? Because that’s a key component to anybody’s morning ritual to kind of put into your subconscious a new belief system about who you are, what you can accomplish, whether you’re guided or you’re just kind of floundering through life, you want to be very clear on how to engage in the world over the course of that next day.

Here’s what I tell people: it’s great to think positive. It’s great to have positive affirmations, but if there’s no power behind those words, your mind is not going to believe it. You need to create emotion behind your affirmations. I call them power statements. You have to create a power statement that your subconscious mind will believe without a shadow of a doubt so we can manifest into truth. For example, one of my power statements is, “My body knows exactly what to do to heal itself.” My body knows exactly what to do to heal itself, so no matter what happens, my subconscious mind knows that my body has the capacity to heal any pain or any struggle that I’m going through. If you truly believe that, then your body will react to it, and the chemicals in your body will start to engage.

Another power statement that I have is that money flows through me like an avalanche of wealth. So, the lack of money is like, money flows. It’s not like I’m making $100 million, or I’m making $1 million. All those things that you’re saying will go into your subconscious mind, so if there is no power behind it, there’s no power behind your words, your mind is pretty much saying, “That’s bullshit. That is complete bullshit.”

Right. When you’re doing your affirmations, and we’ll explain incantations as Tony teaches it in just a minute, but a traditional affirmation, you might say, “I am powerful. I am guided,” or something like that, right? Then you might change then, after saying it a certain number of times, too, “You are powerful. You are guided,” in the mirror so you’re talking to yourself. Then you’d switch it to the third person and might say, “Raul is powerful, is guided, is whatever,” right? You take an aspect of your identity that you want to strengthen, or a part that you have disassociated with that you want to strengthen and then keep repeating it to yourself. An incantation is different because you’re doing that with power, with a lot of emotion, because Tony teaches from motion comes emotion, or something to that effect. If you are really in motion, stuff is going to go into your muscle memory as well, and it’s going to be just be taken on board more effectively into your subconscious. How do you describe this incantation process? Is it something where you’re just yelling it at the full volume? Is it that you’re jumping around on a trampoline while you’re doing it? What’s different from a regular affirmation?

It’s great to think positive. It’s great to have positive affirmations, but if there’s no power behind those words, your mind is not going to believe it.

I believe in conditioning. We all could be conditioned. Actually, we are conditioned. You’re living your life right now based on the experiences that you’ve had and the conditioning that you’ve received. Once you understand that we are all creatures of condition, you have the power to reprogram your subconscious mind by creating a system to recondition your brain. The fastest way that has worked for me is reconditioning my brain through anchoring. I anchor emotion through songs. For me, I love hearing music because music anchors my emotions.

Then I also anchor my body. I will do something that will anchor parts of my body. For example, when I’m creating my power statement, I will touch my chest. I will touch my chest so that memory, that muscle memory, so right now as I’m speaking to you, if I want to get energized, or I want to feel like I want to create more energy, the only thing I have to do is just touch my chest like this, and automatically my body remembers that emotion or that feeling, and that anchoring comes back because I’m stating that every single day in the power statements. I’ll use music, I’ll do pushups. I’ll do anything that is physical for a certain period of time. My ritual really runs about 30-45 minutes, and it’s in stages. The first stage is breathing and getting yourself into gratitude. The second stage is energize, and you get energy through listening to music and doing some quick exercises. The third stage is vision, to create a vision that allows you to see beyond what you’re doing right now. Those are the 3 important phases that I’ve learned: gratitude, energy, and creating a vision.

You go through this gratitude process where you visualize stuff that you’re grateful for. Tony has a process that he calls “emotional stacking.” Let’s go back and talk about the NLP process of anchoring a bit because NLP just is such a powerful set of techniques, in particular anchoring. Tony does it all the time, and he teaches all of us how to do it during important processes like, for example, when we just cross over the hot coals, and we’re in this state of celebration, and “Oh my god, I can’t believe I did that,” I would squeeze my fist. I’ve done the UPW, Unleash the Power Within, multiple times, I think about 5 times, so I’ve had lots of opportunities to re-anchor that process and just the euphoria that comes from having accomplished it each time, in squeezing my right fist so I can get back instantly to that place. How do you incorporate these anchors into daily life? What other anchors do you have? Let’s expand and expound on the anchoring process.

The 3 important phases that I’ve learned: gratitude, energy, and creating a vision.

For me, anchoring is very important because we have to manage our state, the emotional state that we’re in. I’ll use music to serve me as an anchor. If I have a bad day or I’m having a tough situation, the only thing I have to get back to is the music that I was hearing through my rituals so I can get back into that state. From that state, I could see the solution by not being in the problem. For example, my kids. My kids will come and they’ll start fighting, and they’ll start throwing everything around, and they’re having a bad day, if I get into the same state, if I let them influence me, then we all have a bad day. They’ll have a time out. I’ll put this one in the corner. I’m sending this one to their room. Instead, I have to tap into the part, like I was grateful. Just that morning, I was grateful for having kids. Just that morning, I was thanking God that I’m blessed to have these kids. Just remember the part, okay kids are going to be kids, and that’s part of who they are. From changing my state allows me to understand what the problem is.

Let’s say that you’re driving down the freeway, somebody cuts you off and almost gets you killed and you’re just filled with rage, you don’t have time to go find your favorite song and listen to it. You’re instantly in this horrible place where you want to run that guy off. What do you do then?

I usually will chase him. Actually, I’m usually the guy who people get pissed off at so I’m usually that guy. Just have some patience with that guy, give him a break.

For me, if I get cut off on the freeway, I’ll squeeze my fist because that will bring back that state that I was in when I did the firewalk. You mention one anchor that gives you instant state change, and that is to hit your chest. I know Tony teaches that one as one that he uses. What would be some others that you’ve programmed into your subconscious.

Another one that I’ve programmed in my subconscious is really the finger snap. Finger snap brings me back into presence because I’m constantly looking for different things. I’m the type of guy who gets destructive very easily. Running multiple business, you have to be that way, but this brings you back to present. Being present right here, right now, what’s important, having this type of conversations.

Instead of living in the future or in the past, you want to get in the present moment.

Instead of living in the future, living in the past, you want to get in the present moment, so you’ll snap your fingers and that just, boom, brings you right back?

It brings me back to right here, and it just gets my focus to be in center and executing what I have in front of me.

I’m just remembering back now to a lot of Tony’s seminars. He does that finger snap all the time at certain moments, very strategically, to embed that anchor in us. Pretty powerful. Have you taken any kind of neurolinguistic programming courses or trainings to learn more about anchoring, mirroring, matching, all these different things that Tony incorporates into his programs?

I’m the type of guy who I kind of like to experience this. I think that if I learn too much, it will confuse my brain. I like to get thrown into the water to learn how to swim. For me, all the stuff that I’ve done is pretty much based on what my experiences have been. I’ve been to other trainings, and they said that everything, pretty much what I’m doing is NLP. I’ve never taken an NLP class or certification for that matter. It’s just anchoring back into … following Tony for 5 years, you have to pick something up, right?

Right. Speaking of following Tony for 5 years, you’ve been a Platinum Partner for how many years, and how did that up your game? A lot of people have been to Tony events, been to UPW, Unleash the Power Within, they’ve been to Date with Destiny. They’ve been to many Life Mastery or Wealth Mastery, but to go through all those programs as a Platinum Partner to then go on all these exotic trips, like to India. We’ve been to Egypt and Israel together. That was, I think, our first Platinum trip, if I recall correctly. It’s just life-changing. What a difference to go through those programs, the power of the peer group, and everything. Maybe you could elaborate a bit on that?

I truly believe that if I didn’t go into those events, if I didn’t push myself to be part of Tony’s Platinum Partner, I wouldn’t do what I do now, because I had a different model of my world. I was in the real estate game. All I knew was real estate. I thought that was my purpose. I thought that was my calling, to be a real estate guy and just run a real estate company. If it wasn’t because I put myself outside of my sphere of influence, my real estate peer group and looked outside to see what else is out there. Through Tony, I met some great individuals who introduced me into marketing, introduced me to the seminar world, introduced me to coaching, introduced me to consulting, which I would have not known unless I was willing to pay the price to look for something different. That’s the difference. A lot of people think, “Well, I want change,” or “I want to do something different,” but they’re not willing to pay the price of money or pay the price with time and investment of energy.

A lot of people want to change but they’re not willing to pay the price of money or pay the price with time and investment of energy.

You’ve incorporated not only the content from these seminars and trainings and so forth into your life and your business, but you’ve transformed your business, expanded your business into these same areas. You’ve incorporated internet marketing and seminars and elite trainings, Master Minds and so forth, into what you do so that you’re not only a consumer of it, you are now a provider of programs. I’ve been to several of your experiences, Next Level experiences, and they are really “next level.” It’s not just learn some great content being taught from the stage. We’re doing all sorts of crazy, fun experiences. I’d love to hear more, and I’m sure our listeners would enjoy that too.

What I did is I created an experience that I, as a consumer, will like to attend. I’ve been through pretty much every seminar, every program that’s out there, and realized that 90% of it is just fluff. The 10% that’s really the juice, the 10% of the stuff that you really could apply, can I create a program based on the 10% and put some really good people around it so the experience is even better? That’s exactly what I’ve done. I created a program that I personally will pay money to attend if I wasn’t giving it, which cuts completely the 90% of the fluff and just goes down to really what is important. You meet some great people, and you do some crazy cool stuff, and you expand. At the end of the day, there is no lack of information out there. There is no lack of information. There’s a lack of people that are willing to implement information. I’ve had people say that my program is all about implementation, that what I do is help people implement the stuff that they’ve learned. I guess that’s why I call it, “Learn it. Live it. Experience it.” If I wasn’t living it, I wouldn’t be able to do this. I need to be in alignment with what I teach, I have to do.

At the end of the day, there is no lack of information out there. There’s a lack of people that are willing to implement information. Click To Tweet

I remember from the very first Next Level Experience that I went to, and I spoke at it, every one of the speakers had to stay through the entire event, and I thought that was really cool because a lot of the speakers at most events, they’ll just kind of come, fly-in, do their thing, sell from stage potentially if that’s allowed, and then they’re gone. You don’t see them again the rest of the event, but they were there for the entire event, hearing all the other sessions, participating in the excursions and everything. You did some really cool stuff, some immersive experiences, we’ll just put it that way. They were there for all of it. That was a really cool thing. Now you’re doing these elite, smaller kind of mastermind experiences. Differentiate a regular seminar-type experience where there’s a bigger audience and it’s less interactive with a more intimate, mastermind event where, like you say, it’s an elite experience. What’s the difference?

We’ve all been to events where there are thousands of people, or even hundreds of people, right? You have the ability to hide. You have the ability to hide within the group because the guy that’s speaking from the stage is pretty much generalizing the idea. You’re sitting down with the little notebook, and you’re taking down notes that are going to apply to you. When he’s asking you for feedback, you may raise your hand, you may not raise your hand, or whatever you want to do. What I did is, there is no hiding at the Next Level Elite Experience. There are only 8 men, with 3 trainers, and there’s no way to run. If you truly want to create an experience that changes people, create an environment where they have to be real. When they have to be forced, if they want to change, to look at their patterns.

There is no hiding of like, “Well, this is not for me.” This is how you’re showing up. We take 4 days, and we expand it and it makes it feel like we’re together for about 2 weeks because there’s no hiding. I put the same amount of power when I speak to hundreds of people when I speak to 8 men. Then you take the next level is, who do you want in the room? Do you want somebody who is going to take down and suck the energy? Or do you want to bring people that have the same energy as you? Now the room is selected by guys who actually want to do stuff, not people who are thinking about, “Well, one day I’m going to do it.” These men are elite.

If you truly want to create an experience that changes people, create an environment where they have to be real.

They just need to have what I call “the edge.” We all lose the edge. I lost the edge, that’s when I was able to find the edge by following Tony and spending all of this money traveling around the world trying to find what my edge was. There comes a point in a man’s life that we just lose it. We lose our drive. We lose our motivation. We’re creating businesses, but then we’re like, “What is this for?” Then we have relationships where we don’t know who our real relationships are. That’s when I create an event that’s called a Next Level Elite Experience as space for men to be able to get real, a space for men to be able to have that drive back, a space for them that they can’t fucking hide.

I, for one, have hidden at different events where it’s a really uncomfortable experience or something that I don’t want to do. One Unleash the Power Within, I’m like, “Yeah, I really don’t want to do the firewalk yet again.” I probably should have, but I chose not to, so I kind of snuck out, except Tony saw me sneaking out because I was right in the front. The Platinum Partners have front row seating. I waited a minute too long, so everybody was down on the floor about to start this process. It just happened so fast and we were sneaking out. Hiding is something you definitely don’t want to do if you want to get the most out of it.

I remember one really cool process you had that people go through at the Next Level Experience. I think it was the last one that I attended in New York. You had everybody do a 5-minute plank, but you told them it would be 2 minutes. People didn’t have any way to track their time. They had no idea they could do a 5-minute plank. Somebody could have easily snuck out and said, “Oh, I’ve got to go take a call,” or “I’ve got to go to the bathroom or something” and then miss that whole process because they didn’t want to do a plank. It’s a lot harder to do when you have a small group and there’s accountability from the 7 other guys, the other attendees as well as the instructor, the facilitator. Very cool stuff.

Here’s the distinction that I have. The distinction that I have when it comes to hiding is that you purposely hid because you didn’t want to do it. Also what I’m talking about is the hiding that you do unconsciously. The hiding that you don’t even realize that you’re hiding. I’ll be honest with you. I was hiding when I was at Tony’s event. Probably when you met me the first time, I was hiding because I was so insecure about who I was that all I knew was to put a smile on my face for you to see what I wanted you to see. Within the personal development experience, me myself, I was hiding. Even though from the outside, I was high-fiving everyone. From the outside, I was making my move. From the outside, everything was good, but subconsciously I was hiding because I didn’t want to come forth with my own shit. I didn’t want to raise my hand to say, “This is what’s going on with my life.”

From the outside, everything was good, but subconsciously I was hiding because I didn’t want to come forth with my own shit.

Yeah, I’m always amazed at these Tony events where people will raise their hand, a lot of them don’t realize that they are just inviting an experience, let’s just put it that way, an intervention is what Tony calls it, because they’re just going to answer the question, and then he sees something, and he just zooms in on that, and it might be a half-hour later and then they’re bawling their eyes out, and they’ve had this epiphany and change of heart or whatever. We watched this whole journey and we participated in it. It wasn’t just interesting, it was stuff that we could apply to our own lives. Those interventions are really, really powerful.

It’s a reality tv show.

Yeah. Have you been the subject of an intervention by Tony?

Yeah, I think I have an intervention that he probably will never forget because I was the guy on the stage in Fiji when I got on the stage, and I started calling bullshit on Tony. Imagine, I was so ego-driven that I’m calling bullshit on Tony, like, “Tony, this is bullshit, like you’re teaching us bullshit,” and all this stuff. I’ll share that in any other time, but it’s very interesting. He did a huge intervention on me, on the stage.

Oh yeah, I was at that event. That’s right.

That’s right, you remember it. It was in Fiji.

Yeah because you were the team leader, right?

Yeah, I recruited everyone. We were so ego-driven to win, and then when Tony made me the loser, I’m like, “This is bullshit. Are you fucking kidding me? Like, I did everything you said to do.” When I got on the stage, and I think I went for a rant for like 15 minutes. I just remember Tony’s face looking at me like, “Are you fucking serious? Are you kidding me? Are you serious?”

He calls it the learning team instead of the losing team.

I’m not afraid of failing as an entrepreneur, but I’m afraid of losing in my personal life.

The biggest breakthrough I had there is that I’ve been always afraid of losing. My biggest fear was, because if I lost, then I wouldn’t be enough. It’s crazy because I’m an entrepreneur. I’m not afraid of failing as an entrepreneur, but I’m afraid of losing in my personal life.

Right, so it’s these stories that we tell ourselves and the power of that story, it puts us in a trance, and if we come up with a better story, we’re going to change our lives. We’re going to change our behaviors and our patterns. What were some of the belief systems that you were able to reprogram through these processes that Tony teaches?

One of the things that I reprogrammed when I was in the intervention with Tony is the fact that I don’t need to please everyone. Even if I win, I’m going to have people that hate. You were there, and even though we were the biggest team, I was pissed that like 5 guys didn’t join the team. For me, success was everyone had to be part of Raul’s team. That was my belief. If I wasn’t everything, then I’m nothing.

Right, right. Changing that belief system makes for a better outcome, but it also changes your view of yourself, so it’s an identity shift. Tony teaches about the triad of language, and what are the other two?

Physical movements.


And focus.

And so, you incorporate these into your morning ritual, all three of them. Maybe you could expand a little bit on your morning ritual. You said it’s about 30-40 minutes long, incorporates music, incorporates a gratitude exercise. What do these things look like? How long is each component? How might somebody take that on board and tweak it to fit their own personality?

What I teach people is to start with the basics. If you’ve never done a ritual before, you’ve never done a routine in the morning before, start with the basics. Pick a song, and listen to the song. Breathe, and just feel the emotions and the anchors from that song.

Pick a song, and listen to the song. Breathe, and just feel the emotions and the anchors from that song.

So a song that pumps you up or a song that puts you in gratitude, or connects you…

I’ll pick a song that’s gratitude-based, to begin with, because we are in a state of sleep and still when we wake up, so we want to feel the gratitude. Right before the shit hits the fan with the day, you want to be grateful so you can take on the day. So, pick a song that gets you into gratitude mode, and then second, pick a song that gets you energetic. Pick a song that pumps you up. Third, pick a song that connects you with a higher purpose. You want to get started, just pick 3 songs, and listen to 3 songs, and just be with it. Don’t do any affirmations yet, don’t do anything, just listen to those songs and see what comes out.

The next stage is then you throw in some affirmations to the energy song if you want, and then you can start free-flowing. I believe that everyone has their own recipe. When people come to my events, they’ll leave with the recipe to create their own ritual.

A lot of people, I’m guessing, a lot of listeners, don’t have a morning ritual that they go through. They’ll get up and just start checking their email, or they’ll check Facebook, or they’ll just get bogged down by chasing fires and things like that, so having that centering exercise in the morning is so critical, whether you are just meditating or you’re exercising or something, a state change and an ability to see a bigger picture is so important so that you have not just a productive day, but a meaningful day.

Get yourself a morning routine that will empower you.

If I could recommend anybody who’s listening to this podcast, get yourself a morning routine that will empower you. The fastest way to anchor emotions is through music. We are conditioned that way. If you, either you like or you don’t like music, just pick 3 songs that allow you to have those emotions behind it: gratitude, energy, and creating a vision. Just if you do those 3 things and create a habit, a new habit of conditioning, you’re probably doing more than 99% of the people out there that just wake up and just run through the day.

That’s powerful advice. So Raul, to wrap it up here, if we could point people, the listeners, to how they can contact you if they are interested in learning more about the Next Level Experience Elite or just somehow doing business with you, where would they go, and is there a website, a Facebook page or whatever where they could also learn more?

Yeah, go to You’ll see a cool video. If you like what you see, just opt-in and we’ll get you more information.

Great, and you also have a Facebook page that has some cool inspirational videos. I think you do a video a day, right?

Yeah, a video a day. At least I try to put up a video a day. That is Raul Rituals.

Okay, cool. So your last name, Villacis. V-I-L-L-A-C-I-S. Raul, R-A-U-L. Look him up on Facebook, go to his website, and if you’re interested, do the Next Level Experience Elite, and become a better you. All right, well thank you again, Raul, for this informative, inspiring podcast episode, and listeners, we’ll see you on the next episode. Thanks for listening.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Think about attending a Tony Robbins event if you find that you can’t find more motivation in your life.

?Attend a mastermind to create a dramatic change and meet people who are ready to make the same kind of commitment to change as you.

?Recognize what your true, deepest fear is. What’s the thing that you are afraid to admit?

?Find the emotion behind the statements of your affirmations.

?Find a song that helps you remember what you are grateful for in your life.

?Find a song that gives you energy and makes you feel amped about life. While listening to this song, create a vision beyond yourself.

?Think about what brings you joy, and things in your life that you are grateful for and believe in.

?Decide a motion that can be your anchoring motion, that you can anchor to a very positive moment in your life, like the firewalk.

?Don’t let yourself hide from improvement because you are afraid or self-conscious.

?If you are having a bad day, return back to those anchors to recognize what you are grateful for and what your options are to move forward.

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  1. I don’t think I could go back to working for someone else, in an office, during set times. Lunch at noon, 2 weeks vacation – all of that. I’ll do it if I have to, but I’ll be kicking and screaming the whole way!

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