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By: Stephan Spencer


The inspiration for me starting this podcast was really my fascination with biohacking and personal optimization – merging the world of science with the spiritual and cognitive experience. When you hear about the tech that today’s guest Scott Donnell is going to speak with us about, you’re going to feel like you’ve stepped into a Star Trek episode. 

I met Scott during a dinner at the Genius Network annual event back in November, and I was so impressed with some of the projects he was working on. I knew I wanted to have him come speak on my show. Scott is a prolific entrepreneur. He founded Apex Leadership, then a marketplace for
kidpreneurs called MyFirstSale

Scott Donnell
“The idea of Hapbee is that it’s an incredible technology that can hack your emotions without involving any chemicals, toxins, or anything potent.”
Scott Donnell

Now he is CEO of Hapbee, which is an amazing wearable device. The technology of which comes from over 15 years of research studying molecular actions using some of the most sensitive SQUID, which stands for superconducting quantum interference device, magnetometers in the world. 

Actually, I was reminded of a discussion I had on episode 232 with Ariel Garten, who also developed a really interesting wearable device specifically for meditation, called Muse. In this episode, Scott shares the science behind the frequencies that trigger emotional states, the implications of this device for psychology and neuroscience, and where things are headed in terms of wearable tech. So if you geek out about the future, and especially if you love gadgets as much as I do, the future is here. Tune in and check it out.

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Scott, thanks for joining us today.

Excited to be here.

We met at the Genius Network annual event. We sat next to each other at an invite-only dinner. I was just so impressed with you and with what you’re up to. You have so many things that you could possibly be working on. Then there’s this one thing that you had to say yes to because it was so compelling and world-changing. You dropped all the other opportunities and you went full onto this. Now, you’re the CEO of this company. Tell us about Hapbee and what this technology has the power to do.

Absolutely. When we met, it was definitely a whirlwind time for me. Those are very kind words. You are exactly right, I dropped everything. A business with 600 employees, 100 franchises, and 3 million customers, I really just dropped it. Brought in a CEO that I love dearly. The business is doing great but I had to take this opportunity. You know the whole “Genius Network,” it’s either a yes or a no. That is exactly what happened here with this new biotech opportunity. 

The company is called Hapbee, Our logo’s a bee. We’re trying to make people feel better. It’s a pretty simple understanding. Hapbee is one of the most mind-blowing technologies I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It’s honestly the reason why we’ve got a rockstar board and all these advisors have come out of nowhere. Bulletproof, Dave Asprey, Joe Polish, and all these incredible people. Dan Sullivan was the strategic coach. The list goes on and on. Jim Kwik, the brain coach of the stars. All these people, they just hear this tech. They try this out, and their mind gets blown. 

What is it? The slogan is, “Choose how you feel.” With this technology, we’re able to mimic in your body using frequencies and magnetic fields, very specific magnetic fields, that are triggering a response in your body to mimic. For instance, we can mimic a couple of cups of coffee with our alert signal. It can literally make you feel energized, heart rate elevated, and more alert. It feels like you’ve had an energy drink. That’s just one of the signals in our app with the device that you wear.

Another one would be sleeping. I know sleep is a big one. The goal for this one was to trigger the same response in your body as melatonin. Inspired by a sleep aid. Basically the sleepy signal makes your eyes get heavier, you start to yawn, and you’re ready to sleep. It’s the perfect signal to play onto the device. It’s just a necklace or a headband you can wear for about 20 minutes before bed. That’s the idea. 

Then we have a calming signal. We have a relaxing signal that melts your muscles. We have a happy signal. It mimics a few happy hour drinks. Just fewer inhibitions, giggly flushed cheeks. It feels great. I literally was doing it last night for two hours with a bunch of friends around the campfire. Tons of fun.

The idea of Hapbee is that it's an incredible technology that can hack your emotions without involving any chemicals, toxins, or anything potent. Click To Tweet

That’s the idea. It’s an incredible technology without putting any chemicals or toxins or anything that’s potent. You want to skip that. Skip that in your body and use these frequencies to almost hack your emotions and choose how you feel throughout the day anytime. Waking up, sleeping at night. Travel is huge. Every time I’m on a flight, I do the pick-me-up signal or the relax signal. It’s just a nice buzz. Those are the kind of things that we loved people using our product.

I’m sure some of our listeners are thinking…

“Oh, crap!”

“I’m very skeptical.” How do you convince them that this is legit real tech backed up by science? This is actual biohacking. This isn’t snake oil.

Welcome to my world. I wished I could be face-to-face with everyone who does this technology because the moment people start to experience it, they’re hooked. They love it. It’s one of those things where you read online, see a funnel, or all these kinds of stuff like, “Yeah, okay. That’s the next crazy gimmick.” $80 million has been invested in this technology with our sister company in Seattle. It’s 15 years old and it’s been being developed in the labs with our science team and our PhDs for 15 years. It’s 35 patents. 

Here’s what they did. Mike Butters was the guy’s name on the team. What they were able to do is they were able to use a very high-tech navy product that measures electromagnetic frequencies. The US government has used this to listen to where the Russians or the nuclear subs are in the Pacific and in the Atlantic. They’ve been using this for decades. It’s the world’s most powerful recording device, 10-15 tesla sensitivity. Really, like zero-point 15 zeroes. Crazy, intense recording. Very fine and minute.

These guys said, “Okay. What if we use that technology to listen in to molecules—solvated molecules. What if there is a way we could get a frequency from certain chemical compounds?” They messed with this technology for 3½ years and spent a bunch of money. This was not even for a business goal. It was literally for science and grants. It worked. Long story short, it worked. They put Faraday cages around this thing to block out outside noise. They use SQUID technology that they now have patented, superconducting quantum interference devices. Just amazing.

Let’s say you have a cup of coffee. There’s caffeine in it. Caffeine actually elicits a biological response to your body with a noncovalent bond. We’re able to mimic those noncovalent bonds. It’s what we can do with this technology. I can’t fill your stomach full of food or give you vitamins or things like that, but right now in the labs, we’re actually working on a diet signal that can help people with hunger pains. Because we can trigger a similar response to certain hormones, stimulants, depressants, without anything in your body—no drugs whatsoever—it’s just triggering a certain response inside the body.

It’s really incredible technology. I know it sounds insane, but this is actually the easiest thing to say to people. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Why don’t you just buy it and try it? We’ll give you all our money back with the guarantee if you don’t like it. That’s what we’re telling people. Once you’ve got it, you’ll try it. It’s like, “Holy cow.” Yeah, there you go. 

Okay. Tell us a bit more about the sister company, the 35 patents. All that sounds really impressive. Give us more of the details behind that.

The company in Seattle, they are predominantly scientists and doctors. They’re using this in the medical space. They’re actually using this technology for people with brain tumors. Incredible technology. They’re able to help, and they’ve been working with hundreds of people now in their pre-clinical studies for over seven years with very promising results. We can post any data for people to know more, but the results are very impressive. They’ve been peer-viewed journals, CNS Oncology, and several different major publishings. They are in the middle of getting their first approval in Europe. Hopefully, having a commercial product in the medical side of things in the next year or two. Really exciting stuff there.

Our company is using similar technology but for nonmedical use. We don’t make any medical claims. I can’t cure anything. I can’t cure insomnia, urinary tract infection, pain, or things like that. We can’t do any of that. What we can give are moods and feelings to help your body relax, feel more alert, or focused. To help you feel more calm or sleepy at night. The list goes on. 

We’re on the labs launching six now on the app. Think of it like Netflix for feelings. It’s crazy, but that’s what’s happening. We’ve got eight more in the labs we’re working on. That’s our side of things. Just more of general wellness, mood, and feeling. We’ve proven safety, of course. We’ve done the double-blinded studies. We’ve worked on the animals making sure that everything’s safe for human testing and human use. 

By the way, watching a mouse fall asleep on melatonin is one of the funniest things. It’s like a sleepy signal, there’s no drug there. Then watching a mouse on the alert signal get energetic, jumpy, and grooming nonstop like watching videos of this with our third-party CRO, pretty hilarious. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. We did that several times in the last year to make sure that the signals are working correctly.

Be more aware of the chemicals you put in your body. They are everywhere in the food you eat and the products you use.

Got it. Now, this tech for the brain tumors, how does that work? How does your signal help reduce brain tumors? What’s the science behind that?

All of the studies, people have to sign an NDA. The stuff that we can talk about is out there when published. Basically, what we’re able to do is mimic an off-patent chemo drug called Taxol. This isn’t me. This is the medical side, the medical company out of Seattle, EMulate.

You said it’s called EMulate?

EMulate Therapeutics. They’re just emulating. That’s it. There’s nothing in the body. What they’ve been able to do is the indication is for Glioblastoma brain tumors, it’s recurrent. People that had it before, they tried other things, they’re desperate, and they need help. We are helping and it’s really powerful. Literally, we’re working with 16 kids. They literally have dozens of kids with brain tumors, that they’re helping with this technology, that have almost nowhere else to turn. This stuff makes me tear up.

We have a family friend who’s close friends of my family and of my parents. Their granddaughter is still literally using this device right now. She’s had it for two years now, wearing it every day all day because it’s staving off the growth of the brain tumor.

Now, there’s somebody in the Genius Network Community, he asked a question at the Genius Network Annual Event. He was sharing his story about his fight in brain cancer. Were you able to get him into the pre-clinical study for compassionate use?


That’s amazing.

We’re in the middle of it right now. Our FDA team is working with his physicians. It takes time, that’s the frustrating thing with all this. Everything takes so much time, but yes, they’re working with his physician. His physician has to do the compassionate use of the application. We can’t do it for them. They’re finalizing that. I haven’t got an update in a few weeks, but I believe he’s being set up sometime this year to launch into his study with it. Once he’s in the study, he gets to keep the device and use it. It’s really cool stuff. 

We’re hoping to get it to him as fast as humanly possible because you know, there are certain things that they can take a whole life of their own. They can grow so rapidly, it’s crazy. It’s not just in the cancer world. This happens with mental illness, Alzheimer’s, heart issues, or blood issues. All of a sudden, things can take a huge turn. We’re trying to get him going as fast as possible. The world of medicine, you have to be slow as smooth and smooth as fast is our trademark term over here.

That’s amazing. That’s the sister company that is associated but not your thing. Hapbee is the company that you’re in charge of, which doesn’t have to go through FDA approval, and doesn’t make any claims from fitness in terms of a medical device or anything like that.

Right. We’re basically utilizing the base technology. These are very different products, very different signals, very different magnetic fields, very different frequencies. Everything is really completely different. We’re regulating using the app. Every couple of hours, we’re requiring a 15-minute break, not for safety just because it’s a good habit that we want people to build, to check in with how they’re feeling throughout the day. 

10 AM rolls around, how are you feeling? Do you need to pick me up? What can we do to help you stay balanced? This is how I like to talk about our product. It’s not just giving me a hit of this or that. We can’t knock anybody out. These are balancing signals, feelings, and moods to help you stay engaged in your life throughout the day. 

We partnered with Dr. Don Wood. He’s also a Genius Network member. He’s one of the foremost trauma counselors on the planet. He works with the Vegas shooting victims, a lot of them. A lot of the Boston Marathon bombing victims. He’s helped thousands upon thousands of people deal with trauma, whether it’s extremely severe or whether it’s things from your childhood, health issues, or stresses from work, marriage, relationships, or whatever. Everybody has trauma. Period. It doesn’t matter where you come from, everyone has it.

He and his team actually have been using frequencies as a recipe or something that they prescribe to their patients—their counseling clients—after they’re done. They’ve been doing this for decades. When they came and tried our technology, our pick-me-up signal was so strong. In just a couple of minutes with him, he said, “This is amazing. I am feeling relaxed. I am feeling alert. I feel so good right now.” After a few minutes, he’s like, “I’ve had enough. You can turn it off and maybe turn it back on in 10 minutes. I don’t need it anymore. This is unbelievable.”

We moved him over to the simpler alert signal. He said, “This is the best balancing agent for anybody who’s working through trauma.” He said, “I would love to be able to give this product to every single person I worked with. Every single person who comes in the door. This will be something that they can use to build good habits, to keep themselves balanced throughout the day, instead of turning towards drugs, alcohol, pills, cigarettes, whatever it would be.” We can’t mimic those things, but we can potentially be an indirect replacement. 

If someone wants to cut back on those things, why not try to replace the habit with something that still feels great but you don’t have anything potentially harmful in your body.

That’s the key point. If you’re trying to get off of something that’s bad for you and you don’t replace it with something to fill that void, you’re going to bring in something that’s either equally as bad or almost as bad or back to the original bad habit. You can’t just have a void that doesn’t get filled with something.

Exactly. You have to replace habits. That’s a big thing. We’re partnering with Genius Recovery. You know Joe Polish’s organization that’s helping addicts. Obviously, we can’t claim that we can help you recover from anything with a frequency. What we can say is, “Hey, look. If you want to try to cut back on something, if you want to try to replace a habit, or secede from anything, we just have something that can potentially help you.” We’ve had dozens and dozens of people, whether they like to drink a lot or had addiction issues in the past, they love the product for that very reason. It’s just a simple way for them to find a go-to rather than turning into something negative.

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My own personal life is a good example. I don’t struggle with drinking but I saved 50,000 calories in the last six months by only having one Manhattan instead of three or four. I can do a Hapbee signal. I feel great and I don’t need to drink much more to feel the nice, happy effect. I love the taste. I can slowly sip it for much longer. Things like that are the ways that people can sort of biohack their body and save calories, help them meditate better, help them on a flight feel better, recover from workouts, feel better after a workout, all those kinds of things.

Let’s talk a little bit about if you’re going out for a fun evening hitting the bars or whatever, and you’re going to hang out with friends. Are you wearing this on your forehead? 

Great question. You can wear it on your forehead or you can wear it around your neck under your shirt. There’s an invisible way to wear it and there’s a visible way to wear it. What we found is that more people like the visible way. It’s not just under your shirt. The logo which is a slick and cool logo of a bee, it actually glows on and off underneath the shirt. You can turn that off if you want. 

We’ve had about 500 people try these signals. Maybe 550 now. They love the fact that they can wear it under their shirt and it literally breathes. It looks like you’re Iron Man. I’m serious. This is why this thing is going to explode. I have never been to a bar or to a restaurant or to a coffee shop and not had at least two or three people walk to me, including the waitress or waiter, they’re like, “What is that? I have to ask, what are you doing?” It does look like a medical device. It’s a very sleek, sexy, clean, lightweight, beautiful-looking necklace or headband. It’s futuristic and high-tech. They’re like, “What are you wearing? What is that glowing light that is coming out under your shirt? It’s a tiny logo but it’s hilarious.” Then we tell them.

Since we launched our campaign, it was supposed to be a soft launch. My goodness, this thing blew up. Just since then, I’ve just been wearing it whenever we go out. In the last week, no less than 25 people literally went on and bought one from the conversations I was having. I’m not joking. At least 25 people. I talk about it more, but people are going to love to share it with other people because it makes them feel great.

The Game by Neil Strauss

I see two things about it that are very interesting. For marketing purposes for any product or service, if you can emulate these two things, then you’ve got something. You seemed to have nailed both. One is that peacocking aspect. Peacocking is a term that comes from the pickup community. Have you read the book, The Game by Neil Strauss? The underground world of pickup?

Pickup artists would use this technique called peacocking to stand out and have something that a woman would be able to just start talking, commenting, or asking the question about because breaking the ice otherwise is a lot harder. Some of these pickup artists would wear crazy huge hats or big feathers in their hats or some really out there necklace or something that’s just bizarre-looking because it spurs on a conversation. You’ve got that aspect of the device. There’s another aspect that is even more powerful. It’s a meme.

A meme is not a funny photo of a cat or something like that. It’s a copy-me instruction. To be more precise about it, this is a definition from a famous professor in the area of memes. I forgot her name, but she says that a meme is a copy-me instruction backed up by threats or promises. If you think about what would be a copy-me instruction backed up by a threat, back in the old days, we used to get these email chain letters. You get seven years of bad luck if you didn’t forward it to 15 friends in the next few minutes.

I think I still get those from my grandma.

She needs to get off that list. That is an example backed up by threats. Now, backed up by promises would be something like the early days of Hotmail. You’d get the Hotmail message from a friend and at the bottom of it, it would say, “Get your own free Hotmail account at Free Web-Based email account.” That copy-me instruction was built into the product. Every time somebody would send an email to a friend, a colleague, a prospect, whatever, that message at the bottom would further spread this virus, this meme. Hotmail grew like gangbusters.

What you have is a meme because this is a copy-me instruction that says, “Hey, you need a bee as well. You need this glowing bee. You need to be Iron Bee or whatever.”

By the way, if any of your listeners are friends with Robert Downey Jr. or any of the other Avengers, please, have them reach out. We would love to do an influencer partnership with them. That is the exact type of person that we want to do a deal with. Chris Pratt, if you’re listening, call me. This would be the perfect deal for you.

That’s awesome. You know there are these clearinghouses or different kinds of partnership types of organizations that bring together celebrities and great causes. For example, Omaze. There’s also a Charitybuzz. I’ve done a Charitybuzz a couple of times now where I donated an SEO audit. I donated a $35,000 SEO audit. The auction was run by Charitybuzz. Whatever the winning bid was, in one case, it was $15,000. In another year, it was $20,000. All that money went to the nonprofit, which is, in this case, was Impact Network. I’m on their board. They built operating schools in rural Zambia. $15,000 is enough to build a school. It’s pretty amazing.

I did the audit for free. By the way, Genius Recovery should take me up on this. I should do an auction of audit which then the proceeds go to Genius Recovery. Anyways, that’s Charitybuzz. Then there’s Omaze as well. Both of those organizations you should talk to about doing some sort of deals. That would be pretty amazing.

Anyway, you get peacocking. We’ve got memes. If any of you, listeners, are thinking about, “How can I incorporate those ideas into my product or service?” Just noodle on that for a while. There’s this concept of thinking time when you dedicate a chunk of time, let’s say an hour of your week, to just sit and think. I learned this concept from…

The Road Less Stupid by Keith J. Cunningham

The Road Less Stupid.

Yes. By Keith Cunningham.I’ve heard him speak many times. He’s good friends with Tony Robbins. He speaks at all these different events of his like Business Mastery. Incidentally, I’ve spoken at Business Mastery a couple of times, too. Pretty awesome event. Keith has this concept of having a thinking chair that you only sit in when you’re doing your scheduled thinking time. You don’t do email or anything else. You only think big picture stuff, bring a notebook or whatever, a notepad, write down your ideas, and that is a game-changing idea right there. Imagine if you wear your Hapbee device while you’re doing that. That could take you to a whole other level.

Yes. My mind was always firing with this technology. That’s why I love it. It’s a platform. It’s not just a one-off. This is another thing that you really got to think about. Yes, we’re doing the mimicking and the meme. We’re showing it. People are going to be so proud to show our tech. What I love about our technology is we have a platform.

We’re going to be launching a new signal every few months in our app literally just like Netflix. Whether it’s for diet, memory, mental cognitive, sleep, helping you stay in REM, alert, focus. The list is just going to keep going and going and going because our opportunities are endless with the technology we have. That is something that all of these listeners think about. What in your business can you turn into more of a platform? What in your business can have a broader impact where you can literally transform your industry and separate yourself where you don’t even have competition anymore? 

In strategic coach, we call that blue ocean. Red ocean is where there’s chum in the waters and the sharks are circling because everybody’s competing with everybody else. All you can do is compete for the prize or something like that. What you can do in your business is to turn it into a blue ocean and create a free-zone frontier? You want to think about, “How can I turn this into a larger different type of platform play?”

According to Peter Ducker, ‘What gets measured gets managed.’ This applies to your emotions too.

Stephan, you’ve played on that with the SEO game. So many people who do SEO around the country are in a cubicle in a basement just trying to look at meta tags and power linking. You were able to separate yourself from everybody else by creating a new way to think about SEO. You turn into a brand with the speaking, the books, and helping people think differently about their lives and upgrading their lives. You literally upturn this whole thing on its head. I don’t think I ever met anybody else who even says the word SEO with excitement that is anywhere close to what you are doing.

Thank you. You know what, my first company that I sold, the big reason why I was able to sell it was because I invented a platform for doing SEO without having to do all the major invasive surgery to the underlying e-commerce platform or CMS. You do an end-run on all that. Just install our Software as a Service, as a middleware layer, then we do all the SEO improvements for you. Of course, if you cancel it—this technology was called GravityStream—you lose all that benefit because we rip it out, and then you’re back to your old website. But while it’s running, you have an optimized version of your website that you didn’t have to do all the heavy lifting for, and we charge it for a cost per click basis. Just like with Google Ads.

It was a flat rate of 15¢ a click. Most of their clicks were way more expensive than that with Google Ads or AdWords at that time because of the crazy competition levels and everything. They’re spending $2 a click or something crazy like that for paid search. Then all these SEO goodness they were getting and always coming in on their website but through middleware earlier was at 15¢ a click. They’re like, “We want to buy as much traffic as possible, so we make so much more money than any of these other SEO companies out there. We weren’t charging just retainer rates on the hope that we deliver something.” No, it was pay per performance.

I am totally 100% on board with you in this idea of thinking differently and improving and optimizing the existing paradigm. Invent your own paradigm. That’s what you guys have done with this technology. It’s a platform that is so compelling that I would imagine people would want to jailbreak it, just like they wanted to jailbreak iPhones in the early days and try to hack ways to do stuff that was off-label, right?

Yeah. We’re ready for the flood. We’ve got a heck of a team, though. Our board director, Chris Rivera, is an unbelievable guy. He’s taken several companies public in the biotech world. Some of them are over a billion dollars. Incredible man. Another guy on our board was Bill Gates’ right-hand man for web security, Charlie McNerny, director for Web Security for Microsoft for over 20 years. This guy’s an absolute rock star. Thinking through how to make sure that our signals, IP, set up, and everything are secured and safe. 

Obviously, our partners that we’ve talked about. Dave Asprey with Bulletproof. He was one of the first humans along with me to try the alert signal. I think it was the first one that he did in 30 seconds. Usually, it takes time. Sometimes up to 10–15 minutes to start to feel your first signal just because you’ve got to build the pathways. But for him, it was 30 seconds.

He just went, “Holy cow. This is going to be a world-changing tech.” He was like, “I’m in. I’m investing. I’m partnering. I’m opening up my Rolodex. The world needs to know this technology.” That is the kind of people that we’re attracting to the team here because you’re absolutely right. No one has seen this before.

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Dan Sullivan, founder of The Strategic Coach, 3000 top entrepreneurs in the world are coached by Dan. I love Dan.

I do, too. By the way, he’s going to be on the show. 

You’re a lucky man. We are all lucky people to know Dan Sullivan and Dave Asprey. The two of them are the most amazing people. They just bought their products yesterday in our Indiegogo campaign. I saw it come through. I was laughing. When he tried this thing, he literally looked at me, and he said, “Turn your camera on.” He said, “Number one, you need to get a bodyguard because this is going to change everything. Number two, this is electricity.”

Nothing has been as dramatic of a change since electricity to the way people do things. When electricity was created, before that, there were a lot of ways to heat your home or keep things cold or go from A to B. Electricity is what everyone gravitated towards as the solution for many different problems.

He said, “This is the next electricity. People are going to gravitate towards this, who want to feel better, who want to feel more alert, who want to recover faster, who want to sleep better at night, who want to have a better travel.” My wife and I literally grabbed our Hapbees every time we’re going to watch Netflix together. We throw on the calm and the chill signals. Our muscles melt, and we feel a nice euphoria as we’re enjoying these movies. It is going to be the consumer-generated revolution.

I just have to tell you. This just came to me. This is a ride-her-downer here. Know how Netflix and chill is a thing? 

Hapbee and chill. You’ve got to ride on the coattails of that meme.

Hapbee and chill. All right. We definitely throw that around but you’re right. That needs to be a meme. We’re waiting until people get these more on their hands. My wife and I were actually one of the only two people on the planet that actually have some of the first prototypes. We had to wait until people get them in their hands. Then, we’ll have that go out there. I like it.

Okay. You were saying something and I interrupted. Please continue.

That’s basically it. Thinking about this in the lens of electricity has really made me change our thinking here. It makes my mindset shift from, we just need to move product to we’ve got a tiger by the tail here, and we just need to steward this technology now. How can we take this technology into places where it can really help people? Whether it can help with trauma. It can help people stay balanced. Recovery. Really, it’s endless where we can help people, but we now need to steward the technology and almost back off of just the pedal. Just trying to get out there. More thing through, what are the long term ways that people can really have their lives transformed? 

Four or five hours a day. Our whole team. Everybody that has one of these things because it helps us so much in our lives engaged with life. We’re not escaping life, we’re engaging in life. We click play, and then we can focus on other things, then enjoy other things in life. That has massive effects when you think about it.

This is going to be a year or two out still, but imagine going to Netflix or iTunes and there’s a Hapbee playlist right alongside the movie or the new album that came out from Justin Bieber. Somebody curated a feelings playlist to go along with the movie based on the plot, to make you feel like your heart rate increased, to make you feel jump, to make you feel relaxed and mellow. Literally, we can do that every 10 minutes to 15 minutes throughout watching the show. Can you imagine? It’s like the new version of the 3D goggles in the theater.

The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson

That reminds me also of a great book called The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer. It’s an incredible book. It’s about the future, the coming of age of molecular nanotechnology, and how vastly different our lives are going to be. Like full immersion into movies that are interactive and have actors who are playing those characters real-time and interacting with us. It’s an immersive virtual world. All sorts of crazy stuff. That just came to my mind when you were talking about having the feelings, a playlist, that’s coordinated with the movie that you’re watching.

The world is transforming at such a fast pace. It is crazy.

By the way, that book, The Diamond Age, have you read it?

I’ve not, no.

I highly recommend it. It’s really going to open your mind to what’s coming because we need to plan out what our business or our lives are going to look like in the next 10 years. It’s going to be so vastly different because of the law of accelerating returns. How do you get your creative juices going without knowing what’s possible? This is a great way to do that. This is a great book for that. By the way, it was mentioned by Steve Jurvetson. He said that it’s his favorite book. That’s pretty impressive when a multi-billionaire who co-runs the DFJ Firm, Draper Fisher Jurvetson. He says that this is his favorite book. It’s a book you’ve got to read.

That’s amazing.

One thing that came to my mind when you’re talking about this and the social responsibility that you have because this is such a powerful platform for changing people’s lives, the world, how we interact with tech, and with our own biology, you should have a marketplace and a partner program that’s world-class. Like has or even better where they take such good care of their partners. There’s this vibrant marketplace where you can get all these third-party plugins or adds-on to the Salesforce platform. These partners feel well-taken care of by Salesforce.

SMILE – Sleep. Meditate. Intermittent Fasting. Laugh. Exercise.

Absolutely. They do. I love that idea. There are probably 12 partnerships in the works right now with our app. I talked to you about Dr. Don Wood, Inspired Performance Institute with trauma. I’ve talked to you about Bulletproof. They’re going to be partnering with our app in helping us launch potentially sleep signals. Jim Kwik right now, we’re talking about a memory mental cognitive signal with them. I know The Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus, has tried our tech as well. The list goes on and on.

Allen Chen, the stem cell for advice and a credible guy. We actually helped them film the documentary on the future of recovery, meditation, and healing. Brook Burke was in it with us. She loves our tech. She actually wore one in her forehead, believe it or not. She thought that’s way cooler than around the next. That was interesting.

Is there a change in the way that you experience the tech-based on whether you wear it in your forehead or around your neck?

Not that we can tell. When you wear it around your head or your neck, anything within the halo is getting the magnetic frequency of the signal. It’s starting to trigger a response throughout the body with anything inside the halo itself. Think of it as a 3D egg. Like the earth’s magnetic field. There’s a magnetic field that’s just about seven centimeters above it and below it and two centimeters outside of it. Whatever’s going through there or whatever’s in the middle of there is starting to get a triggered response from signals within minutes.

Some people enjoy it more around their heads. Some People enjoy it more around their neck. Some people enjoy some signals rather than others much more. The first time I did the alert signal, it didn’t do much. The second time, it hit me way stronger. That’s actually one really cool thing. We’re learning a lot about tolerance with this. There’s no tolerance buildup that we can tell. People actually feel it faster the more they do it. Once you’ve built those pathways, it’s faster the next time you do it. The first time might take a few minutes. Dave Asprey and the others were crazy fast. I think that’s just because of the tip of the sphere in biohacking. But most people, it’s longer than that.

The more you do it, there’s no tolerance buildup. Tolerance is built up in the body when the body’s trying to stave off the negative effects of something. Like if you drink alcohol, the byproduct out of your liver is formaldehyde. Of course, your body is going to try to build up tolerance against that and reject that as long as possible. With our tech, the body welcomes it. It’s a happy break for the body. It loves what it’s getting. With what we’ve seen, the more you do it, the faster you feel it. That’s really cool to learn about tolerances and buildup on the body.

One thing that just came to my mind I’ve learned from the whole personal development world is that if you’re chasing after a feeling because you think that’s going to be amazing once you get there. Let’s say you’re trying to amass a fortune, or you’re trying to build a new company, product or something. You finally get there and it’s a letdown. It’s just the way it works. You don’t get some magical number. Let’s say, “All right. I want to make $1 million a year. Wow. Now I have $1 million a year and I don’t feel the difference. I feel like now, I need to get to $2 million.” It’s a tiger you’ll never be able to catch the tail.

It’s a total black hole.

Whereas if you just say, “I want the feelings, then I’ll get into the vortex. I’ll get into an abundance mindset and this will come a lot more effortlessly to me.” You’re not chasing after something. You’re not attached to this idea of, “I will get this feeling by getting the thing.” It makes me think about that when you’re talking about your device because if I want the feeling of contentment, success, self-love, self-worth or whatever it is, I don’t have to achieve something. I can just get into that state, that physiological and biological state, and then not feel incomplete.

Absolutely. Obviously, we don’t have a signal for lifelong contentment and love, but we can give you a hormone stimulant, depressants, or anything like that. We can help trigger a response in the body. I look at this as a balancing agent. Everybody’s looking for certain things to help them feel more balanced throughout the day. We just want to give you the healthiest way that we can see to get there. Obviously, sleep is important. Eating well, meditation, laughter, those types of things are all deep, meaningful relationships. There is no app for that. 

What we can give is subtle nudges in the right direction. If you had a stressful day and you’re feeling anxious, we can help you there. If you’re waking up groggy, we can help you there. If you’re uncomfortable on the flight, we can help you there. These are just little nudges to help people stay balanced throughout their day and engage in life.

Hapbee is the first wearable that lets you feel calm, alert, focused, or sleepy on command. It's a device that enables you to choose how you feel. Click To Tweet

I think you’re 100% right. Think of it as a buddy in your pocket. A little buddy around your neck just whenever you need the nudge, let us start you in the right direction, and then you take it from there.

I was just at Donny Epstein‘s event called The Gate, which is incredible. Orion, my wife, went as well, and our little five-month-old baby. Donny actually trained our baby, David, twice over the weekend. It was incredible. What a way to start your life with this and your experience with Network Spinal Analysis. That’s what Donny invented. To have the creator of it give you entrainment, I’m so happy and so grateful. 

Imagine what Donny is able to create and all the practitioners around the world who are trained in this, they’re able to get what’s referred to as the wave happening in your spine. I’ve seen this. It was crazy the first time I saw this wave happening over the spine. It was my wife getting entrainment from Donny back in 2013. I saw this wave rippling over her spine. I’m like, “What the heck is that?” It was incredible. 

Imagine getting into that coherent state where the wave can be generated. There is a magnetic field. There’s got to be some way to emulate that with your device, or help stimulate that so it becomes even easier to somebody who’s not as skilled as aof practitioner in Network Spinal Analysis or Network Chiropractic to be able to do this. Pretty wild.

A couple of years ago, I just thought you were crazy. Now, doing this, I don’t think anyone’s crazy anymore. Now I realized that there’s so much more to the world that we have no idea that is out there. It’s real and incredible. It actually has the power to help us in amazing ways. This is one of the things I love about our technology. We feel like this is definitely data-backed and science-backed. There have been dozens of studies. We’ve double-blinded everything and safety. 

Our chief scientist, Kenneth Ferguson, helped bring Cialis to market. We have some of the most incredible science people behind this from the medical side and the science side. At the same time, I feel like I’m just in Star Trek. We are dealing with the subatomic level. We’re dealing with the electrostatic surface potential of molecules. We’re dealing with something that’s just novel. People can see it as the craziest eastern-type thinking you could ever have.

I almost see us as the link between east and west. Eastern thinking which has been around for thousands of years, and western thinking which is much more contemporary thinking, data-backed, science-backed. We want to try to do both and link those together. I feel like both sides can learn a lot from each other. People in the west think that eastern medicine was just a bunch of crockery. People in the east have this anti-vaxxer, don’t touch me with that crazy new-age medicine thinking, and people are just getting drugged up and pilled for the rest of their life, and sedated. 

I think that maybe our technology can help bridge that gap and try to do as much as we can from science and data perspective to heal and mend what has in part has always been eastern and what is being uncovered in the western. A new medicine.

I see the potential for that. We’re getting close to time here. There are a couple of other things I want to quickly ask you about. One is, does the app have a feedback mechanism? So I can say that I was super productive in the alert signal, give a percentage, score or something, like with the Focus@Will app.

I have Will Henshall on the podcast—a great episode, by the way—he’s the founder of Focus@Will. The idea is it’s like Spotify but for streamline music where it keeps you in a  state of flow so you can do, instead of a 25-minute Pomodoro, you can do an hour-long Pomodoro, stay effective, and highly productive that entire time. Then take your break and do another hour. 

It has built-in to the app a feedback mechanism where you give it your score on how productive you were when you were in that session. You finish the session, you hit stop on the music. Then it asks you the question. Do you have something like that?

It’s being built as we speak. It’s not in our beta yet. The first goal was to make sure everything works right. Make sure the signals work. It’s a Bluetooth device, no cords or wires. We got to make sure that the BLE works perfectly with it. That’s done. Now they’re building more of that market feedback side of it. We’re going to be tapping 1–10, how are you doing before and after, checking in when you feel it, how long, your rating of it, giving us feedback as you go. That’s all being built into the app right now. There’s a map being done.

One of the things we’re also looking at is I like the idea of training the brain. You’re going to feel these pretty quickly after you get the first feeling. What we like to do is have people almost get a badge or a certification that they know all the difference between all the signals. We might do something like unlocking a reward or a badge or a secret signal if you can do a blind test in the app and get it right. We’ll give you a secret signal, and we’ll surprise you with something. Then we’ll give you a choice between three and you have to get it right in a certain amount of times in a row to be able to then unlock the secret badge. Fun things like that. It could just help people train their brains more. 

Always be in search for areas of growth in whatever you do. Leverage new technologies and endless opportunities for a broader platform and impact. Click To Tweet

I like it. Gamify.

Gamify, exactly. To some people, it takes time to feel it. It could be anything—what you eat for breakfast, trauma. There could be a million things that could affect our feelings on your body. If the first person takes 20–25 minutes to do it, we don’t want them to feel frustrated with it. We want to make sure that people know, like, “Look, you got to do this at different times of the day. Try it several times. Let your brain get trained as you do this.”

Hopefully, we’re even building in like if you do this 20 days in a row, you’re actually unlocking another free signal. There are ways that we’re trying to gamify it to help coach people in how you use the technology correctly.

That’s good. Another quick question. AI, are you incorporating Artificial Intelligence into the platform? One thought about that is I have this CAR.O.L Bike. I had the co-founders on the podcast talking about it. This is one of Dave Asprey’s favorite biohacking pieces of equipment for exercising. 

I know it.

He loves it. It has an AI that adjusts the resistance on the bike, on the stationary bike, based on your past history, and all the different metrics. It’s measuring your heart rate and all of that sort of stuff. It adjusts over time to give you the right amount of resistance. It’s using an AI to do that. Having an AI in the platform to figure out different ways of fine-tuning for the individual would be very helpful.

It’s not there yet. We’re definitely, probably, a couple years out from that. You’re exactly in the line with what we want to do. I actually want to take it a step further. I want to be able to eventually track some data in your body, whether it’s sleep, heart rate, whatever it would be, track that information, then be able to potentially suggest what you would want. Just say, “Hey, it sounds like you might need the alert signal this morning.” “Hey, maybe you’re going to need the relax signal. Your blood pressure’s up.” Things like that. 

We want to be able to take that into another stratosphere because it’s wearable. It’s a headband, a necklace, and it’s interchangeable. That’s not the first one. We’re going to have bells, e-helmets, pillowcases, all these different types of things that use the same technology that pairs to the app. You don’t have to just wear this all the time. We’d like to be able to track your data as much as we can. Not to know everything about you and sell it. I just mean that if you can be able to see your heart rate go up or down or different things in your body, then have the app respond, and say, “Hey, this might help you right now.” That will be an incredible nudge for people in the right direction.

For sure. There’s a whole movement out in the world that a lot of these biohackers are a part of called the Quantified Self Movement. Peter Drucker was famous for saying, “What’s get measured, gets managed,” which is actually a kind of business advice, but it also applies to our bodies and to Quantified Self Movement. You know what our sleep scores are. For example, I wear the Oura ring all the time. I know what my sleep scores are. I can make adjustments either wear the eye mask or not, change the temperature in the room or whatever, to try and improve my numbers. If I don’t have any numbers, how do I know if I’ve actually made an improvement or not?


Cool stuff. All right. We’re out of time. Where do folks go to participate in the Indiegogo campaign? Which, by the way, you guys are killing it. What’s your number two? Remind me again what that is?

Number two on the top really cool products. They look through all their thousands and thousands. The big article that just came up was worth number two on the list of cool products that just came out. We’ve got 800 products already sold just in the first five days. We were on the home page and featured. It was all $0 pay, $0 pay advertising.

Where are you now? You’re 100% funded with the Indiegogo campaign. You blew away past that. What’s the number?

It was supposed to be a soft launch for family and friends. Just for our investors and the people we know well. People started sharing it with everybody in their network. Then some big names shared it and some Genius Network people shared it. Then Bulletproof shared it. It just started to get massive reach. Now, we’re still selling one every few minutes. It’s really cool to see. You can go to We’ll take you straight to the page. Right now, we’re still on the discounted price. You have to get it before it goes out and then the price goes up. Make sure that people grab one and before the next price level triggers. 

They can also get a little bit of a discount to get two or three. We actually have over one and seven people are buying multiple. This is very interesting. I think a lot of couples are going to want this for Hapbee and chill or each person has their own settings. They’re going to want their own during the day whatever they’re doing. It’s been really exciting. So, it’s If people are listening to this afterward, you can just go to and order right there on the homepage.

All right, awesome. Thank you, Scott. Thank you, listeners. Go and try this tech out. I’m a backer. I’ve ordered my device. I can’t wait to get it. Actually now that I’ve thought about it, I should’ve ordered two. One for Orion as well.

Not too late. It’s not too late.

All right. Thank you, Scott. Again, it’s Hapbee, Thanks again. We’ll catch you on the next episode. This is your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Be careful of what I put in my body. Avoid anything with chemicals or GMOs.

?Monitor my emotions daily so I am aware if there is a disruptive pattern in my system.

?Aim for a balanced life where I can manage my work and personal life easily.

?Create tiny habits that can be integrated into my daily schedule to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

?Be aware of my addictive tendencies and slowly wean myself off bad habits like smoking, drinking, or staying up late.

?Exercise regularly and maintain a physically active lifestyle. Working out keeps the blood pumping dopamine, a hormone that plays a vital role in people’s moods.

?Monitor my sleep patterns, especially my REM, to see if I am getting enough high quality sleep every night.

?Look into the future of healthcare and medicine and see how new technologies can help me live a more optimized life.

?Plan out my life goals, and don’t forget to include my and my loved ones’ health as a top priority.

?Check out Hapbee, the first wearable device that lets you feel calm, alert, focused, or sleepy on command.

About Scott Donnell

Scott Donnell is a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to both physical and mental health. He is the Founder of Apex Leadership Company, a fitness and fundraising program for schools. Apex has raised $75M for schools, and now has 115 franchises and 3 million customers.

More recently, Scott has joined the biotech world as the CEO of Hapbee. Hapbee specializes in ultra-low frequencies, and with its patented technology, it can record small magnetic fields from chemical solutions. With the use of a wearable device, Hapbee can deliver dozens of safe, comfortable feelings to your body at the click of a button. You can feel Alert, Calm, Relaxed, Sleepy or Focussed, to name a few. Hapbee products will hit the market in March, and it has the potential to be what Dan Sullivan calls “the next consumer-generated revolution.”

In his work, Scott has partnered or collaborated with many other world-class experts in the frequency and energy space. Today, he is here to share some incredible secrets about the world of frequencies and how it will change the way you see the world, your body, and the future.

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