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By: Stephan Spencer


The best way to become a millionaire is to think like a millionaire, but you won’t learn that thing at school. Where do you learn it? Interviewing millionaires is a great place to start and that’s exactly what my guest did. Jamie Masters is the host of the Eventual Millionaire Podcast where she’s interviewed over 400 self-made millionaires, myself included. She does this to find out what makes them different, the work habits they swear by and the real secrets to their success. Jamie has applied many of these lessons to her own work as a top-rated business coach who has been featured in Yahoo!, Inc., Entrepreneur and Business Insider. She’s also a self-professed tech geek and even has a sword collection in her home. Who wants to be a millionaire? If you do, then I advise you to stay tuned as Jamie and I reveal some truly powerful wealth-building strategies that will help you join the Seven Figure Club.

Jamie Masters
“Life happens for us, not to us. It’s for our benefit, our spiritual evolution, and elevation.”
Jamie Masters


Jamie, it’s great to have you on the show.

Thank you so much for having me.

First of all, we were chatting about geeks and the podcast. The podcast is used to be called The Optimized Geek and you’re like, “I’m totally a geek.” What is it about that word, geek, that excites you and aligns you with the geek community?

I don’t think you know what soapbox I’m about to step onto. I have these debates. I also call myself a Super Geek. I have worked with computers since I was young. I worked in an internet company when I was sixteen. I have a degree in computers. I’m a geek. I self-identify as a geek, not a nerd. Dork is one of the ones apparently that’s on the list too. When we look at the difference between nerds and geeks, geeks are cooler and more comic book stuff. I’ve done research on geek squad and all sorts of things. This is how crazy I am on the language and style of geek. I had called myself a geek since I was fourteen, probably when I was programming being a Super Geek. That’s why I self-identify. You and I are going to get along well.

I taught myself as a little kid not only basic programming but also assembly language and even the machine language like coding and hexadecimal and stuff.

I tend to teach my C++ teacher how to code in C++ because he had never learned it. He only knew Visual Basic. I was helping him. I was in special classes. I know SuperGeeks. Everybody else we’ve lost right now, but we are connected and that’s amazing.

You were doing amazing things at fourteen and sixteen years old. Tell our audience a little bit more about that. What did you create?

I worked for an internet company. I was doing tech support at the age of fifteen-ish and helping people turn on their computers. I also started building computers. It’s a window shop where people would come in. It was the ISP, Internet Service Provider. We also built and repaired. That’s how I got my start taking out hard drives and putting them in. I remember being the only girl. Someone came up to me and goes, “You’re pretty. You don’t have to do this.” I was like, “Thanks.” It’s been interesting going down that path. I thought I was good at computers very quickly and programming very mathematically and analytically. I started going to that range. I was voted most artistic in high school, so I used to draw comic books also. I started college. I picked medical illustration because I thought you could make a little bit more money than an art major and realized very quickly that at the high-end of medical illustration, I could maybe make $50,000 a year. I was paying over $50,000 a year for college. I switched to computers, which was way easier than going to art school, which is ridiculous.

I wrote a bulletin board system from scratch in Basic on a Commodore 64 when I was thirteen years old.

I had my own IRC Channel called Dirt. I had an email server. I had all sorts of crazy. We’d ping flood people. It was super cool days back then.

Did you get into the hacking stuff too?

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In college, they are very set against that. I worked for an internet company then, too. I dabbled a bit, but I felt so bad about doing anything else. I was like, “No.” I almost went into cybersecurity because I thought this would be the ethical way to learn how to hack better, but I decided not to.

You were talking about working at a computer store or a repair shop. I get this crazy idea to move to New Zealand. I had never been there, but I applied for permanent residency and I got in. When I arrived with my family, I needed to hire staff right away. I was taking my computer in for repair. There are little suburb type of computer shops. There’s a sixteen-year-old kid who was super geeky. I was like, “I’ve got to hire you.” I hired him right out of that computer shop. He worked for us for many years. This was my previous agency, Netconcepts. He’s one of the best hires. He started at NZ$10 an hour. That was $4 an hour.

Now, my kids go to an entrepreneurial school and instead of teaching them French or Spanish as a language, they’re teaching coding as language. I’m like, “That’s genius.”

It’s very important that you know the differences between geeks and nerds. Nerds wear pocket protectors and Geeks have all Apple products. Tell our audience about the Sword Wall.

I was a comic book person, so Marvel was my thing. Deadpool is my absolute favorite. In the middle of my Sword Wall is Deadpool’s. We also have Zelda. I have a custom-made Zelda stuff from my clients. I’m a super geek and I’m like, “This is my Wonder Woman so it goes with my cosplay outfit.” I told you there’s a whole line of geek that I don’t share with most people.

You have kids, right?

Yeah, I have two.

They can’t touch the swords, I’m hoping.

I have the big Zelda sword. My son has this small Zelda sword. Some of them are cosplay swords. The ones that are sharp are higher up. My son started fencing so he’s like, “Can we put my fencing sword on the Sword Wall?” I’m like, “Sure.” We’re setting that up too. I used to do Si because I did karate. Those are up there. Our actual weapons that we are using are up there too. They get to touch them. Their friends are not allowed to touch them. I’m a weird household.

Let’s talk about making lots of money and how our audience can do the same. Why don’t we walk through your story of how you were able to build a business that was able to scale where you can have a virtual team and all that stuff? Could you share a bit more about that story?

After the degree in computers, I was after the money because I was like, “I want to be a millionaire. This is my whole thing.” That’s why my show is called Eventual Millionaire. I went after the money. I made six figures as a project manager in a video-on-demand company. I was an engineer for a while. Six figures at 22, I thought I was doing pretty well. I had gained a lot of weight because I had an expense account. I was sitting in front of a computer and I love people. I had a quarter-life crisis. This was right around the time when I had my son who’s twelve now. I ended up going, “What do I want to do with my life?” which is the worst place to be in, at least for me. I like known things, not unknown things. I ended up finding a mentor who was a business coach. I ended up working for him for over two years. He taught me everything he knew. I did all his tech. I was a geek for my mentor.

If we can optimize sleep and our brain health during the day, we can make better decisions because we’re not taxed, spent, and exhausted, which can ultimately make us better business owners.

I worked for free for twenty hours a week for over six months for him to prove myself because I wanted to be a coach and learn more about business and all that fun stuff too. I’ve got amazing high-level clients right away surprisingly. It scared me at the beginning. I’m like, “Are you sure you want me to talk to them?” He helped a million times over. We helped grow businesses together for those two years like plumbing companies and landscaping companies. I’m from Maine in the middle of nowhere. There are lots of offline businesses. I started going, “I love this geeky stuff. I’m good at it but the online marketing side that I was helping clients with was very small.” It was the offline side. I wanted to go more online. I started my blog to get to know more online stuff. I was already a business coach. I already had clients in Maine. I started the Eventual Millionaire blog to start learning about it. Within six months after that launched, I told about my story about paying off $70,000 of debt in 60 months and all sorts of stuff, but it was about millionaires and growing and making more money. It was on CNN.

I was on CNN’s show, Newsroom, and I was on Yahoo!’s homepage. A couple of months later, I was on Yahoo!’s homepage again. It was interesting this trajectory because I was doing it as a hobby. I also hate writing as a side note. I started a podcast only because my mastermind group told me to. They were like, “What you should do is you should start a podcast.” I’ve been in a mastermind group with Pat Flynn for over nine years now. We’re meeting again for the in-person retreat that we do yearly. Back then, he had a podcast and I didn’t. He was like, “You’re good at talking to people, you should totally start a podcast.” I didn’t know any millionaires at the time, but now we’re up to almost 500 millionaires. We’ve batched everything. It’s been an insane trajectory. I went online after all of that. It is built since then.

There’s this trajectory and it started with you first getting a mentor and working for free. That was very smart. I remember Ryan Holiday shared his story at one of the Secret Society Intensives. I’m part of Secret Society run by Neil Strauss. It’s not the fight club, but they have a website which is funny. It’s not so secret when you have a website. Ryan Holiday comes and speaks at one of these intensives. Do you know who Ryan Holiday is?

I know him well. He lives here in Austin. He has goats. I know his wife too, Sam.

Maybe it was Charlie Hoehn who worked for free for Ryan or maybe it was Ryan who worked for free for American Apparel or something. It was one or the other saying, “They worked for free for a long time to get the experience.” I rarely hear that. I’ve only heard that maybe twice. Now I’ve heard it from you. That’s so smart.

I don’t learn going to courses and stuff like that. I need to be immersed. I legitimately have ADD. Being able to do something like that, I was like, “How can I learn faster that way?” My former husband, we’re still good friends, had a mentor. He’s a professional juggler, a contortionist. He was an apprentice and he would chop wood and helped with stuff around the house for this guy as a mentor. I remember seeing that and going, “Why can’t I do that in business too?” I’m like, “I don’t want to be chopping wood personally, but I know tech stuff.” It was the best thing I ever could have done. Me and Kirk, who’s my mentor in Maine, are still amazing friends to this day. I ended up breaking out on my own. He shows my book to people. He knows that I’ve interviewed Seth Godin. He’s very proud like a second father to me. If I didn’t go down that path with him, I wouldn’t be where I am now. It totally sucked at the time to do twenty hours a week. I had a small child. I had to pay for daycare. I had all the excuses in the world and yet, it’s totally worth it. It’s better than college.

I do not advise people to go to college. It’s a waste of money for the most part. Congrats on landing Seth Godin as an interview.

In my book, we talked about this. Out of the interviews that I’ve done with millionaires, they all have a net worth of over a million and they’re all in business. 70% would not go to college and don’t want their children to go to college too. They don’t believe it either because, most of them, unless they were a lawyer or a doctor, didn’t feel like they needed the degree.

I went all the way through entering a Ph.D. program. I ended up dropping out to start a business. I started Netconcepts two years into that Ph.D. program. I stopped at a Master’s degree level in Biochemistry. It’s totally useful. I was pretty good at school. I didn’t have to work that hard. I’d skip all the lectures and then I cram at the end. I have a didactic memory.

The reason why I say this to you is one of my clients was in organic chemistry. I would watch her webinars to try and help tweak her. I would sit there going, “I am so thankful I don’t have to take the MCAT. I don’t have to learn this stuff because it is intense.” Go you for having an amazing memory because that’s rough.

My visual memory is fantastic. My audio memory is not as good. I prefer to read books rather than listen to them. I know so many people are into the audiobook thing. I don’t get the retention that way. It’s entertaining and fun, but I want to learn and apply.

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That’s a testament to you knowing a lot about yourself and how you learn. I will go to conferences and I will send my assistant so she takes notes for everything. I will be out there networking with people. I cannot sit through anything. Even when we run our implementation retreats, I make them implementations now I don’t do the goal, let me teach you the things. I’m like, “Let’s do it. When you run into a problem, call our experts over.” To me, I can’t learn that way either.

You said that you were legitimately ADD. Did you get tested?

Yes. I’m super into nootropics and optimizing everything. I love the name of your show, especially when it was The Optimized Geek for sure. I’ve got small kids and I was a single mom for a long time. Trying to go, “How can I make both personal and professional as optimized as possible?” I drop my kids off in the morning. I’d only have a certain amount of time. I needed to get a lot done. I’ve tried everything. I had a prescription for Adderall for a little while. I don’t do that anymore, but I did. That’s one of the reasons why I know IVD. I’ve tried every different nootropic pretty much too. At that implementation retreat, I teach a little bit about optimizing nootropics and baseline stuff. I brought a lot of them to the retreat. They started calling me the pill pusher. I’m like, “No, these are legal. You can buy them on Amazon.” They’d come back the next day and go, “My focus and clarity is insane.” Different types of work for different types of people, so it is hit or miss. Sometimes you can get one on Amazon and it’s not good for you or it doesn’t feel like anything. When you can find something that does supplement, it’s insane the ability to focus on this entrepreneurial brain visionary thing that we’ve got going or most of us have going on. It can focus you and make you way more productive.

I’m all about optimizing my brain, my health and my children who sometimes don’t like that part. I have a driver that drives them to school. They’re not a huge fan of that. They go to an entrepreneur kid school, which I adore. I’m going to have to move closer. They started going there a little while ago. I’m like, “I can’t drive three hours a day. It’s ridiculous.” That being said, trying to optimize, I would much rather have the time with my children where I see their faces and we chat and we cuddle and we hug or we fence because I suck at fencing, but he wants to learn instead of taking the three hours. I can work while she’s driving them.

I’ve never been diagnosed and I don’t think it would serve me to get a diagnosis. The previous incarnation of my blog used to be called Stephan Spencer’s Scatterings. The subtitle was The Scattered Wisdom of an Internet Marketer or something like that. That was derogatory. Our words are powerful and if we associate ourselves with ADD or ADHD, this is not helpful. It’s funny that you said, “I’m legitimately ADD.” I’m thinking while you’re saying that, “I should check to see if the domain is available.”

It’s all perspective. A lot of the millionaires that I’ve interviewed have ADD and dyslexia. They have some learning disability, which to me is an asset. I didn’t get tested until a few years ago. I grew up knowing that I had to learn a little bit differently, but I never thought it was a bad thing. You’re like, “I don’t want to call myself that.” I’m like, “I love it because I know that it’s an amazing thing.” My kids have it too. I’m never sending them on Ritalin or anything like that. I tried Adderall because I wanted to see if it did work. I’m like, “It works too well. I don’t want to use that.” I’m a tester and an optimizer, so I’m willing to test whatever I possibly can to see if I’m getting benefits from it. I’m a super geek, so I do research about long-term stuff too. My goal is to go, “Let’s see. Will this work?” The perspective of ADD, I don’t think it’s bad at all. To me, getting diagnosed didn’t matter at all. I thought it was awesome. I was like, “I know. I thought so.”

For many people, they would see it as a negative and it wouldn’t be helpful for them to have that label. For you, I can see that it works. One thing that shifted my mindset around this whole thing of ADD and being scattered or whatever is learning from Amy Africa that not only where they’re back in the caveman, cavewoman days, they were hunters and gatherers. They were also spotters. There was this third group. The spotters would help the tribe to stay safe and to not run out of food. When things started getting a little dicey or the herds are on the move or there are predators coming into the area, they were the ones that noticed it first. They kept the tribe alive. It’s evolutionarily important to have spotters and I consider myself a spotter. I don’t think of myself as having ADD. I don’t have any interest in getting tested and having that label on me or anything like that. I do self-identify as a spotter. I don’t know if that’s helpful for you or not, but it was helpful for me.

It makes me think that entrepreneurs are. It is a disproportionate amount of entrepreneurs that I talk to either who have been diagnosed or think they have it. Maybe the entrepreneurs are the spotters of all of the regular hunter and gatherers.

I want to learn more about the nootropics that you try because I’ve experimented with some different nootropics, all legal. I’m not into illicit drugs. I’ve never even tried any of them. Aniracetam, I’m curious if you have any experience with that. There’s CILTEP.

Alpha BRAIN, Qualia, there’s Genius Consciousness. It’s a liquid form. That’s what I’m testing right now. There are a million out there. It wasn’t what it is now. Nootropics, you can get one pill. It’s a whizbang one pill. Back in the day before that, you had to take twelve different yellow and green and it was insane. One of my friends has a neuroscience degree and was like, “Here’s a writer’s type stack that you can test.” I started doing those. The number of pills that I had to take was ridiculous. It definitely helped the cognitive function, especially when I only had a certain number of hours to be able to write my book. I started back then. I’m so grateful that it’s now being such a popular thing where we can get one pill, though quality, I think has four or something like that. They’re like horse pill size. I send my clients nootropics testing packs so that way they can test them because it’s hit or miss. It’s optimizing the best way possible. As a business owner, you have to exercise first. It’s not like I’m selling just supplements. You should have a diet that is healthy, so your brain is clear. There are all those other things that happen also.

If they don’t want to go on Adderall, even if they have ADD, a supplement was something that could help a little bit makes a huge difference in business in how good you feel, how much you get done and all that fun stuff too. For me, what’s tough is the Amazon reviews are hit or miss in general. It’s because different pills work with different bodies. You have to spend $80 on that one bottle and go, “Nope, that doesn’t work.” After you go through two or three, “Nope, that didn’t work.” You had a bad taste in your mouth that nootropics don’t work. What I’ve found, at least with some of my people, is CILTEP is more of an artichoke supplement. More of the people that liked CILTEP did not like Alpha Brain at all. Alpha BRAIN did nothing for them. The people that liked Alpha BRAIN, Qualia worked well too. It depends on what the ingredients are, you can go down that path for a little while. All I’m looking to have my clients do is to find what you like. I know one of my clients had issues with sleep. They have kava bars here in Austin. Have you ever heard of kava?

As business owners, we need to know what’s coming because your industry could be rapidly changing without you even realizing it.

Yeah, that’s in Fiji. They take kava. It tastes awful.

It tastes crappy. You can get it on Amazon. They have kava bars here in Austin. I remember my friend was like, “Let’s go to kava bar.” I was like, “Why are we driving 30 minutes to go to a bar?” She’s like, “It’s like tea but it tastes gross.” I’m like, “Why do I want to drink tea that tastes gross? I don’t understand this.” This is my first foray into it. It tastes horribly bad. There are a couple of different strains. One of them is more of a body thing and you can get this on Amazon also and it helps him sleep. If we can optimize sleep and optimize our brain health during the day, we can be better business owners. We can make better decisions because we’re not taxed, spent and exhausted. I like to liken it as you’re running and tripping at the same time. You’re trying not to fall on your face. That’s what entrepreneurship sometimes feels like. These are nootropics. It’s not illegal drugs. It’s hard to keep yourself at that level. It takes a lot of energy to stop yourself from tripping instead of standing upright and being able to run that way. It makes a huge difference. We’re trying to work with the own person to optimize them as much as humanly possible.

Have you tried Excelerol?

No, I haven’t.

That one might be worth trying. It’s created by Shaahin Cheyene, who’s been a guest on the show. What he’s most famous for back in the day when he was sixteen, seventeen years old, was creating herbal ecstasy, which became a $300 million product. Things got weird and he didn’t end up getting filthy rich from that. It was a learning experience for him. It’s all healthy apparently. I’ve tried it. Each different nootropic processes differently for different people. If you want more of a slow-acting caffeine type of focus, then Excelerol could be quite good for you. His company also makes this great matcha tea that you can buy on Amazon. He’s one of the top sellers of matcha tea on Amazon. He’s also an Amazon expert. Shaahin has been on both of my shows. We spoke about Amazon selling and all his Amazon Ninja stuff on Marketing Speak. Another thing I want to ask you about is around neurofeedback because if you are pairing nootropics with neurofeedback, I think you could get even better focus and flow states. Are you familiar with neurofeedback?

To what level? I have a Muse. I have a bunch of the lower-level things. Do you mean like the crazy brain hacking one? Because one of my friends has one of those and I need to get all of the brain optimizations for that.

I’m talking about going into a facility where they have the special equipment and they hook you up, put a gel in your head and everything.

I was in line for that for the Joe Dispenza workshop and I did not get it. I do a lot of meditation. I’ve been meditating about daily for ten years. I’m very into that. They didn’t have one in Austin last time I checked. Now you reminded me again, so I definitely need to do that. I haven’t lately. Have you heard about the Muse for meditation?

Yeah, I have one.

I’ve tried to hack into that one and I can get the stream of data separately. You can get some of the live streams on of what the data is and correlate that data. I had to learn MATLAB. It wasn’t worth it. I was trying to hack it on my own. I need to go back to the neurofeedback side of it. I’m assuming you have.

I’ve had some great experiences with it. You sound like the kind of person who would get their raw data out of a genetics test like 23andMe and then do all sorts of analysis on the raw data?

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I have small children. There are so many things on lists for later when I have extra time, which is always fun. It’s always a priority thing for you, but it’s on my list. I did 23AndMe as soon as it came out when they were still unsure about legality. It’s all on my list.

I’m about to do something called the Health Nucleus from Human Longevity, Inc. They do a full sequencing of your DNA, like 95% of your DNA gets sequenced. I’ve learned about that through Abundance 360, which is Peter Diamandis’ program. It’s expensive, $15,000 for a three-day event, but it was incredible. It changes your viewpoint around where things are heading and how fast. I already am a geek about that stuff. I read Ray Kurzweil’s book about this. I cite statistics and things of race. Yet I didn’t fully grasp how game-changing things like Esports. I don’t even know what Esports is. Is this legit? I was thinking like, “Is this a real thing?” It sounds like it’s for couch potatoes who don’t want to get any exercise. It’s a huge phenomenon. I got the value of it and the business opportunity from going to Abundance 360. That’s one of many takeaways that I got from that event.

They have Singularity University events here. I want to be a futurist when I grew up. I say that all the time. I got to introduce Peter Diamandis on stage. I have not had a chance to interview him yet. Ray Kurzweil is on my list to interview also. I would love to interview him. I’m obsessive on some of this too on the trending side. Most humans don’t realize, especially most business owners don’t realize the speed of technology and Moore’s Law or any of that stuff. When we talk about virtual assistants and maybe having a computer to take your admin job, that stuff is coming. There are revolutionary industries that are going to change the way that we do business.

A simple example, one of my clients who won Big Brother twice, he ended up telling me back before, “I do video games online.” This was probably years ago. I was like, “People watch you play video games online?” He’s like, “Yeah, it’s a whole thing.” My son only watches like seriously on YouTube video games of other people playing video games. I’m like, “What has this world come to?” It’s a huge trend. Every twelve-year-old knows this. It has millions and millions of views. As business owners, we need to know what’s coming because your industry could be rapidly changing without you even realizing it and that’s the stuff we need to be paying attention to.

There’s a twitch where a lot of gamers are live streaming their gameplay. They’re very popular. Some of the top YouTubers are streaming their gaming. CaptainSparklez is one. PewDiePie is another example. They are filthy rich just playing games.

My son was also like, “This guy got rich off the slime.” I’m like, “Is this the business world that we’re running into nowadays?” My son, when he graduated fifth grade, most of his class wanted to be YouTubers when they grow up. Both of my kids have channels so I can’t say anything either, but that astounds me. It used to be actors or some sports athlete, but it’s all YouTubers. I’m like, “A lot of YouTubers don’t make any money just so we’re clear.” That’s the dream now for a twelve-year-old. How crazy is that?

You go to a conference like VidCon. Have you ever been?

I have not been. Pat came back from it and told me all about it.

I’ve been and there are so many preteens. I didn’t even know who The Try Guys were. This was several years ago. Do you know who The Try Guys are?

I don’t. I’m old now. I have no idea.

The Try Guys have gone off on their own now, but they used to be a part of BuzzFeed. The Try Guys are a bit pretty addicting. You should check out their stuff. They try anything and everything. They have a huge following among preteens. Young kids who were into YouTube know who these people are. It was like walking pass Justin Bieber or something. There is this huge throng of kids screaming, trying to take pictures and everything as The Try Guys were walking by at VidCon.

A lot of millionaires have ADD dyslexia. They have some learning disability, which is an asset.

Let me date myself a little bit. I used to work with friends of mine from the middle of nowhere in Maine also that had one of the first “viral videos” online. It had 50 million views back before Google even owned YouTube. It was about Diet Coke and Mentos.

Steve Spangler started that.

Steve didn’t, just so you know. Steve did one experiment. It was a whole thing.

He was my client. I got him a lot of visibility for that. Were you working with EepyBird or something?

Yes, I was.

EepyBird was starting to steal his thunder and I’m like, “We’ve got to get the control back here.” The fact that Wikipedia mentions him as the originator and not EepyBird.

It was a big deal because we were doing it before too. I was doing a lot of video and project management and all sorts of stuff with them when I was working with my mentor because I didn’t get paid. I was getting paid a bunch of money from them working with their stuff.

Steve Spangler was a client for almost a decade. He is awesome. He’s been on the Ellen Show two dozen times. He’s in National Speakers Association Hall of Fame. There are few people in that.

Steve is amazing. He did such amazing job marketing and at that time, I knew nothing about online marketing. I was literally just starting. I kept going, “He got that.” They could have done such a better job. The interesting thing was that the phenomenon that was that. Especially what’s interesting to me is back in the day again, one’s a professional juggler and one’s a lawyer. They have no online anything experience at all. They did this video that was supposed to be winning a contest or something like that for Coke or whatever. It was winning a contest. It had my former husband’s music in it. We ended up selling a bazillion CDs that we would package when my children were young.

It’s interesting though to see the difference. The reason why I was bringing it up is the difference in what is going on in the YouTube space now with such a younger market comparatively. Now don’t get me wrong, it was definitely a young market then too. We did so much data on the music videos and everything that was going out. Trying to make viral videos back then still sucked. Now we see all these people that aren’t even good. They have these huge things. I’m interested in paying attention to what’s going to be in five or ten years on YouTube. It’s a rapidly changing space that I don’t feel like a lot of people are catching up to, especially in the old curmudgeon. I never thought I was in the old curmudgeon. I thought I was up with the times and now I watched videos that my children show me and I’m learning I’m an old lady.

I got off of an interview from my other podcast for Marketing Speak. We were talking about how different a world it is with streaming these days and where things are heading. He shared some stats with me. The average age of a broadcast TV viewer is 62 years old. He was describing how Millennials and Gen Z are taking over in terms of purchasing power. Millennials make up 55% of the society’s purchasing power. Gen Z by 2030 will make up 75%. The Gen Z group is twelve years old to 22. If you aren’t already targeting them, you’re losing the game already.

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We have to be ten steps ahead and we don’t even know where the puck is going to be. It’s got to be somewhere around there.

That’s why you got to go to Abundance 360.

The question though to me is what do small business owners that are most of them trying to work on cashflow, trying to get more customers and to pay attention to this stuff too. It’s a lot for a lot of people. We want to be on that path to be everywhere strategy. We want to be everywhere, but how much focus can we do?

We were talking about the Health Nucleus program, a thing that you can do with Human Longevity, Inc., which I learned about at Abundance 360, which was tied into what we were talking about nootropics and neurofeedback and all the testing that we do. I want to loop back to that and close some things off there. The Human Nucleus is a set of tests that will not sequence 95% of your human genome. It’s full-body MRIs. They’ll look at the structure of your heart and your brain. They’ll scan you for different forms of cancer. What you do is you plan to go back every year. If you’re going to end up with something like heart disease or cancer, statistically speaking, those are the most likely ways that you’re going to die. You want to be on top of this and being part of some HMO or whatever is not going to cut it.

They’re disease maintenance organizations, not health maintenance organizations. They keep you from dying, but they don’t encourage you to stay alive for a long time, add more years to your life and more life to your years. That’s where something like Human Longevity, Inc. comes into play, which is a company that Peter Diamandis owns a percentage of. That is a critical concept when you’re doing things like brain hacking and biohacking. That’s all great. It’s not about performance. It’s about catching diseases earlier because we are bombarded with so many toxins. The EMF exposure and stuff that disrupts our cellular membranes and everything that we don’t even think. We’re like, “It’s great to have Wi-Fi everywhere. It’s great to have 5G and everything.” They’re big health implications and we’re oblivious to all this.

I’ve been researching that stuff for a while and you seem like the type that would have the crazy weirdo research all articles. I literally texted my friend about 5G and stuff because my neighborhood, on next door is they’re all talking about 5G. I’m sitting there going, “I don’t remember where that link was that I had.” I don’t think most people even understand the implications of some of this stuff and let alone the toxins in conditioner and everything that we have in our household. It’s insane to see. I appreciate you talking about that too because I don’t feel a lot of people bring it up. They’re like, “I don’t feel good.” What’s the reason? There are so many other things before nootropics that you should be looking at beforehand.

You’ve got to be careful because if you take a stand against 5G, you could become a target. This happened to one of my guests, who I’m not going to mention. We did talk briefly about 5G. We talked a lot more about EMF exposure and the health implications of that. Basically, your huge business, the lifeblood of you threatened, its very existence threatened by big corporations who don’t like you talking against 5G. They will ruin you. They will destroy your life’s work.

Don’t get me wrong, whether you have a platform or not, I’m sure those people can ruin a lot out of you. It is interesting in the world that we live in now on where to step both on the business side, on the personal side. I know a couple of my friends are getting into the political space and other ones that I’ve interviewed are like, “Don’t do that in a million years.” It’s like, “What do we choose to focus on when we care so much about humanity and helping other people?”

You have to be willing to take a stand even if they’ll ruin you.

Things are changing anyway. This could go on for very long conversations. I am an optimist.

We live in a friendly universe I believe. Life happens for us, not to us. Whatever happens, it’s for our benefit, for our spiritual evolution and elevation. Even if things get a little or a lot dicey, that’s going to help us to evolve our consciousness. This is a spiritual game we’re playing here.

Most humans don’t realize, especially business owners, the speed of technology. There are revolutionary industries that are going to change the way that we do business.

We’re all going to die anyway. Everybody on this Earth is eventually.

Even the people will say, “I’m going to live to 180.” I’ve had some of those folks on my show talking about living to 150, 180 and that’s great. That doesn’t mean that you’re never going to die.

My son when he was little, we were telling him to live forever because of the whole singularity and all that fun stuff too. Since he was three, he’s like, “I’m going to create a live forever machine.” He had the existential crisis where he’s like, “The planet would be to over full and now we wouldn’t have enough resources. I don’t think that’s a good idea.” We were going down this whole path when he was younger. I’m like, “We can live to 150 that’s pretty good.” He’s like, “That’s good. Let’s stick it at 150.” Eventually, the Andromeda Galaxy is going to hit us anyway. I don’t know how many million, billion years, we all be dead anyway.

Back to nootropics and neurofeedback. Have you looked into going into a neurofeedback facility and doing an intensive week-long program? There’s 40 Years of Zen, which is Dave Asprey’s program. There’s Biocybernaut. There are a few different options for that.

I know the guys at Biocybernaut.

Is that on your list of things that you are going to do?

It is.

I did 40 Years of Zen and one thing I’ll say about it is I had memories surface, good memories, that I hadn’t had for over 40 years. I’m 48 now. That was cool. There are local facilities that have Neurofeedback. I signed up with one of them. Not only did I have a couple of people from 40 Years of Zen on my podcast. I had Chris Keane who’s the CTO. I’ve had Dave Asprey on, who founded not only 40 Years of Zen but also Bulletproof Company. He’s created Bulletproof Coffee and everything. That was an incredible biohacking episode. I also interviewed Dr. Andrew Hill, who’s got a program called Peak Brain Institute and that was like going to the gym but for my brain on a regular basis. I’m still doing it. I try to go three times a week. It’s a half-hour session each time. That’s not going to be a full immersion experience like 40 Years of Zen. It also doesn’t cost $15,000 to do a week. It’s pretty expensive to do 40 Years of Zen. I think Biocybernaut is around the same price point.

If you go in multiple times a week, it’s like hitting the gym and that’s where you get the long-term benefits. If you don’t keep up with the meditation and stuff, after a week of 40 Years of Zen, it dies off. The flower buds are opening and it’s starting to blossom. You don’t want to trample over these new flowers, you want to give them water and plant food and stuff. You need to keep the meditation going. You need to keep the neurofeedback going, not do a one-off thing. I highly recommend it. It will be a game-changer for you like nootropics were.

I even stopped using my Muse device. I’m going a little more all-natural in general. I have Vipassana that I’m going to be taking. It’s very similar stuff. I’m being less geeky in regard to some of this stuff and being more of the all-natural approach.

With neurofeedback, you’re able to control your brain and get more alpha and theta waves and your brain knows that it’s on track. I hear that the Vipassana is powerful like the Silence Meditation Retreat for ten days or something like that. That’s a game-changer. I’ve also done float tanks and that’s been powerful too. There’s something to be said for working on getting your brain hemispheres in synchrony and on releasing more alpha and more theta. Alpha is a peak brain state. That’s when you’re in the flow and you want more of that. If you can turn the dial-up specifically when you want to, it’s as good as nootropics in my view.

It’s definitely on my list. It’s more of a priority thing than, “I’m not going to do it at all.” I’m loving Flow Genome Project stuff with Steven Kotler and all those guys too. There’s so much. Only so many priorities that I have right now, but it’s definitely also on the list.

You mentioned Joe Dispenza. Have you gone to any of his events?

Yeah, many advanced workshops.

He’s on my wish list of people I want to have on my show.

Shawn Stevenson from The Model Health Show is in my mastermind group with Pat, but he had Joe Dispenza before. I’m like, “Introduce me.” We’re working on it. He’s on my list also. He’s part of the mastermind group that I have with Pat.

If folks wanted to work with you and your company for business coaching and up-leveling their business, their entrepreneurship, where should we send them to? We didn’t even get a chance to talk about your OwnerBox Initiative. I will have to have you come back and do another episode at some point.

You can go to and all of the content and the millionaire interviews and all that is there. If you want to check out OwnerBox, which is the program that we have to systemize businesses that are doing six and seven figures, that’s at

Did you have anything that you wanted to share specifically for our audience?

If you go to, for Get Yourself Optimized, I have a whole speed of implementation, which talks about time audits. Moving on to flow, I have a whole module on flow. We talked to Chase Bank all about flow and tried to teach employees how to do that, which was always fun. It goes through all the information on creating a master schedule to optimize yourself as much as humanly possible. One of the things that I found from all the millionaire interviews was they were good at that speed of implementation and the habitual side of it. That’s what those videos with no opt-in all right there for you.

Thank you so much. Jamie, it’s been such a pleasure and illuminating and inspiring. I love your stories and your journey. It’s amazing what you’ve been able to accomplish and where you’re heading to. Thank you for joining us. Thank you, readers, for joining us as well. Start experimenting, become a tester like Jamie and try different things. See what works, experiment, optimize. That’s the whole point. We’ll catch you in the next episode.

Important Links:

Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Have an open mind about learning disabilities such as ADD and dyslexia, realizing that from a different perspective, they are an asset, as a lot of millionaires have them.

?Learn more about the nootropics like Alpha BRAIN, Qualia, and Genius Consciousness. Taking them helps my cognitive function, but I have to exercise caution and test them first.

?Optimize my sleep and my brain health so that I can make better decisions and be a better business owner overall.

?Open up to new ways of doing business such as hiring virtual assistants and installing systems and tools to take on admin stuff. They make my work easier and lighter.

?Know what’s going on in the YouTube space with the younger market so I can infer what’s going to be in five or ten years from now.

?Research on the Human Nucleus Program, which is a series of tests that look at the structure of my heart and brain, scanning for different forms of cancer.

?Get involved with Human Longevity, Inc. and other health maintenance organizations so that I can be pro-active in catching diseases earlier.

?Check out neurofeedback facilities and programs like Biocybernaut and Dave Asprey’s 40 Years of Zen. Signing up for these programs will be a game-changer for me in terms of biohacking and activating my peak performance.

?Check out Jaime’s podcast, Eventual Millionaire Podcast, where she tries to find out the self-made millionaires’ work habits and the real secrets to their success.

?Access Jaime’s module on time audits and creating a master schedule to optimize yourself by going to, and sign up for her program on systematizing businesses by visiting

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