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By: Stephan Spencer


Do you suffer from an autoimmune disease, a thyroid condition, digestive issues, or an unexplained illness? Or maybe you just have conditions that you’ve come to consider normal, such as chronic fatigue, trouble losing weight, or brain fog. Surprisingly, the same treatment can often resolve these conditions and many more. It all has to do with healing your cells. There are five R’s involved in the process: remove the source of toxins, regenerate the cell membrane, restore cellular energy, reduce cellular inflammation, and re-establish methylation.

Dr. Dan Pompa
“With the type of toxins that we’re being exposed to today, you have to go upstream and detox at the cellular level.”
Dr. Dan Pompa

Dr. Dan Pompa joins me in this conversation to dig into cell healing through the five R road map. We’ll also discuss many other topics that will be fascinating to anyone with health concerns or an interest in biohacking.

In this Episode

  • [02:09] – Dr. Dan talks about how to improve your ability to fight off the various environmental toxins that we’re bombarded with.
  • [04:11] – How is the idea of cellular health different from the traditional approach that people are taking?
  • [06:14] – Dr. Dan uses the thyroid as a great example of how complicated bodily feedback mechanisms are.
  • [08:48] – Would Dr. Dan say that everybody needs to take some sort of supplement and address toxicity levels, or should we get fully screened first before knowing whether we should take some kind of action?
  • [12:57] – Dr. Dan shares his thoughts on the product Restore, and his recommendations for probiotics.
  • [15:10] – We hear whether Dr. Dan recommends whether people have silver fillings replaced with white fillings.
  • [18:29] – Stephan had his fillings removed a year ago; is it now too late for him to avoid the negative effects?
  • [24:06] – Dr. Dan talks about whether someone can use a program independently or whether they should work with a practitioner.
  • [26:27] – What is Dr. Dan’s take on vaccines?
  • [32:18] – We learn Dr. Dan’s thoughts on root canals in terms of their potential impact on our health.
  • [35:21] – Stephan shares his own experience with having teeth extracted.
  • [40:00] – Dr. Dan talks about his thoughts on, and personal experiences with, stem cell therapy.
  • [42:40] – Dr. Dan shares the five R’s of the road map to cellular healing.
  • [49:08] – Where can listeners take the next step and get treatment from a coach trained by Dr. Dan?


‏‏Health starts at the cellular level. In this episode number 152, you’re going to learn all about the 5Rs to healing the cell. These are; remove the source of toxins, regenerate the cell membrane, restore cellular energy, reduce cellular inflammation, and reestablish methylation. This approach has become an answer to such conditions as chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, thyroid conditions, brain fog, digestive issues, and other diseases and unexplainable illnesses, as well as biohackers wanting to take their functional performance to another level.

Our guest today is Dr. Dan Pompa. He is the creator of the ‎True Cellular Detox and educator to doctors focused on his multi-therapeutic approach which consists of fasting, diet variations which include feast and famine cycles, as well as this 5R roadmap to fixing the cell. Dr. Dan, it’s great to have you on the show.

‏‏Oh, thanks for having me.

‏‏Let’s talk about how to improve your ability to fight off these various environmental toxins that we’re bombarded with. It just seems like it’s coming from everywhere––the air, the water, the food, the waves to the EMFs––everything is just an assault on our immune system. What do you recommend as the best practices for people to boost their immune system or to fight off these toxins that are hitting us?

‏‏I think people are becoming more aware of toxicity being a reason they don’t feel well. There are more and more studies showing that it’s linked to diabetes, basically every hormone condition, thyroid, even why people can’t lose weight despite exercising and eating a perfect diet. Toxins are at the root of this stuff and autoimmune, we can keep going down the list. However, the problem is that most people are looking too far downstream with it. I just recently went into Whole Foods and literally took a picture from the ceiling, if you will, all the way to the floor, and a whole section, 4 feet by whatever, 8 feet, it was all detox product. A few years ago that wouldn’t have been the case. But when you look at them closely, it’s the 10-day cleanse, 30-days cleanse, a week cleanse, whatever it is. Then you examine the ingredients in these products, but it’s all too far downstream. Most of those products are what I call poopers, literally, I mean they just make you go more which may not be a bad thing so I’m not even throwing the baby out with the bathwater here. I’m not even knocking the products. The point is this though, with the type of toxins that we’re being exposed to today, the amount of toxins, you have to go upstream to the cell, that’s what real detox is. I have a saying, “You won’t get well today unless you fix the cell.”

“You won’t get well today unless you fix the cell.”

‏‏It’s all about the cell and this idea of cellular health or cellular wellness, how is that different from the traditional approach that people are taking like if they are taking all the right vitamins––the multivitamins, the vitamin D, fish oil, and all this other stuff––how is this approach of cellular health different from what traditional allopathic and healthful people are doing these days?

‏‏This is where the toxins are accumulating. This is where they cause problems. The toxins, of course, a colon that’s not moving is not a good thing and of course, the liver needs to be paid attention to, the kidneys, and these are all downstream detox pathways. But ultimately, when we look at what’s going on with people today, it’s a cellular issue. We have 50-70 trillion cells in your body. They all have lipid bilayer, that’s basically a fat layer that makes up the cell membrane. Why is that even significant? Because the toxins make their way in and around these membranes and these membranes are where our hormone receptors are. When you look at the epidemic of people with hormone-related conditions, again, thyroid, diabetes, even the ability to burn fat, it’s hormone issues. But the receptors to the hormones are on these membranes. Toxins are driving inflammation of the membranes and therefore blunting these hormone receptors. You’re not going to fix it by just throwing more hormones at people. There’s a time and a place for that. However, when these hormone receptors are blunted via toxin inflammation driven by toxins, you’re not going to fix it by giving more hormones, you ultimately have to end up dealing with the cause and that’s the toxins that are really making their way––they’re neurotoxins, they get into the brain, into the nerves, and all of the cells. That’s the issue the people are having today.

‏‏If somebody is being prescribed bioidentical hormones because they have low hormonal levels, you’re potentially just addressing the symptom and not the cause being toxicity in the environment that’s causing these hormone levels like the thyroid levels to be low and that’s having all these repercussions and you’re just trying to boost the hormone levels without addressing the source.

‏‏Let’s use the thyroid as a great example. You have to understand how complicated these feedback mechanisms are. By the way, when you’re looking at thyroid levels, hormone levels in general, it’s very difficult to assess them with blood because of this feedback mechanism. Most often, people have thyroid, their hair is thinning, they’re struggling to lose weight, they have low energy, their skin is dry, and I can keep going down these symptoms that most people have for years and they go to their doctor and they get a blood test. Unfortunately, the doctor says, “Yup. It looks all in range.” They go about their way. Eventually, it will come towards where it is out or range where the TSH starts to climb or decline, one or the other. Then they end up on medication. They’re given something called T4 which is a stored thyroid hormone, the inactive version that has to be converted to the active version called T3. Here’s one problem right there. T4 has to convert to T3. That could be interfered with by many things, toxins being one of them. Even most of that conversion happens in the liver.

Very toxic people struggle to make the conversion. Therefore, the doctor is giving you T4, it makes your blood work look normal unfortunately but it’s not converting to the active form. Now, let’s say that it does. It does convert to T3. The other problem is, I made mention that the toxins command to the cells and they blunt these receptors to the thyroid hormone, the T3. Even though the T3 levels are now normal, it can’t get its message at the cell. Once again, blood work looks normal, but you don’t feel well. That’s the issue, is that people are being put on medications. If their blood work does in fact look better but they don’t feel well or they don’t feel well at all even with their blood work not being normal. There are many things that can happen here. The bottomline is you have to grow upstream to the cause and that’s what’s not happening. That’s really the big issue.

‏‏Now, would you say that everybody needs to take some sort of supplement or address the toxicity levels, or do we need to get fully screened first before we start taking some action? Because we don’t know if we have, for example, heavy metal toxicity in our bodies or not, and to what degree if we do until we get tested?

‏‏Testing is a problem. Let’s look at just heavy metals as one example. There are so many different toxins––neurotoxins, biotoxins, and of course, I teach doctors around the country and we do tests. However, we still have to look at people’s history, their symptoms and put it in light of testing because there’s no perfect test for these chemicals, they’re very difficult. Most of them are in the blood very quickly, a day or two, and then they make their way into deeper tissue. Heavy metals, the big issue is with the heavy metals within the brain, that’s really the big problem of why people can’t regulate their hormones, it’s the neurotoxins. But you can’t test for that without a biopsy. We do a challenge test which is the next best thing. We give someone a binder or a chelator and then we measure the heavy metals in the urine.

But we’re not able to look at what’s in the brain or deep in the nerve tissue. That’s really the bigger issue as I explained. Then things like lead. Lead is deep into the bone and it comes out at different times during life. Pregnancy is one. As we even hit certain ages, lead comes out of puberty; perimenopause women, the lead comes out. But when it’s not coming out, you think you’re okay, but it’s deep into the tissue, into the bone. You have to look at the testing, you have to do the best testing. In that case, it’s a urine challenge. But again, you have to look at the symptoms and we train on that because it’s if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, most likely, it’s a duck, so there’s a certain set of symptoms for neurotoxicity that we start with as a screener and then we can get to the testing from there.

‏‏What about radioactive elements like strontium-90 and caesium-137?

‏‏On the heavy metal test, we’re seeing more caesium than ever. Some think that it’s Fukushima related maybe. I would have to say because I train doctors, I have doctors all over the country that we do see higher levels of that on the West Coast, so there might be some truth to that. Either way, it’s definitely in the fish, it’s definitely more on the environment. We definitely see a lot of mercury and lead on the tests that we do and that’s generational. You get your first exposure to lead from mom, that’s the number one exposure. Because our parents, we grew up in the lead generation and during pregnancy, it’s normal to lose bone, it’s part of what the body does.

However, the lead is stored in the bone, and out comes the lead in the baby in utero and then lately, it is the number of silver fillings that you have in your mouth that is proportional to how much is found in the babies’ brains. That’s done on autopsy studies, that’s a DRESH study. The mercury from mom goes into the baby. Lead and mercury, very, very generational. Then here’s another problem today—we didn’t face this as much—but we’re being exposed to high levels of a chemical called glyphosate, which is being sprayed on all of our food. It’s the active ingredient and Roundup; 60% of the rain fall has this stuff in it. But what’s significant is it was a 2012 study, Stephanie Seneff did, she’s a senior scientist at MIT, she showed that this chemical is allowing these other chemicals that we’ve already been exposed to in utero––the mercury, the lead, even aluminum to cross deeper into the brain. In that case, then it’s leading to more dementia, more Alzheimer’s. She believes in their connection with autism spectrum disorders. A lot of these neurotoxic brain disorders are being driven by this horrific perfect storm of lead, mercury, and then the glyphosate that’s opening up the channels even further letting it go across the blood-brain barrier deeper. We have a new problem.

‏‏It’s pretty scary. I take a product called Restore which helps with glyphosate exposure. You could also take probiotics. But apparently, you should not take probiotics if you’re taking Restore. I’m curious what your thoughts are on that?

‏‏Restore is a great product. We use it and it keeps the gut barriers shut and it also is a redox, it’s not bacteria. It’s redox for your bacteria. But you can still take probiotic with it because there’s still a need to repopulate certain strains. The thing that I have against probiotics is people are taking the same one for months or years and you need to be rotating otherwise you monoculture. Typically, I will take someone off of their probiotic first thing, put them on a Restore for a month or two. Then we rotate bacteria in differently. We will just continue our rotation of different bacteria. We take it with it. It’s just not in the beginning. We don’t take it right with it.

‏‏Got it. Any particular recommendations for probiotics? Any strains or brands or anything that you would recommend?

‏‏We use different strains. I think the key is just the rotation more than ever. There’s one you can buy online called Progurt, it’s derived from human strain bacteria. It’s a good one. But again, I’m not a believer in like, “Take this one bacteria.” I probably have many that I rotate people on. I don’t keep them on one bacteria more than a month. We just developed another one, it’s from human strain. It’s called the Neurobiotics. It’s the bacteria that the brain needs basically to make certain neurotransmitters. It’s really ideal with a lot of the bacteria that are getting wiped up from that chemical glyphosate because it disrupts the pathway called the shikimate pathway. That’s a pathway that you make certain neurotransmitters from certain bacteria that makes certain amino acids and then you make these brain chemicals so you could think normal, feel good. It’s not happening today. This one actually repopulates those and it’s from human strains, most of them. No one’s ever developed a product like this. It’s been four years in the process. I’m not the brains behind it but I was the pusher of it. But yeah, it’s an amazing product and it’s very, very unique.

‏‏That’s awesome. Perfect. If somebody has amalgam fillings, you recommend that they have those extracted and replaced with the white fillings?

‏‏You have to be very careful. That’s how I lost my life. How I got into this was I was mercury poisoned and I didn’t know what was wrong for many years. I was searching, I felt something called Mad hatter disease. What Mad hatter disease is basically the people making felt hats were using mercury and they became mercury toxic. I had every symptom, from the anxiety, the sleeplessness, to irritability, I mean every hormone challenge, I had it. My thyroid was shot, my adrenals weren’t functioning, I couldn’t even deal with loud noises. My gut––I became intolerant to just about every food just like so many people today. I was searching and I came up to Mad hatter and I’m like, “This is me.” I went and got a blood test. Unfortunately, I had said that blood is not a great way to test for these chemicals because it’s in and out of the blood. It came out normal and it was about another year later, I was working with a very bright endocrinologist and we became friends. He said, “You know Dan, I think you have mercury poisoning.”

Again, he was looking at just all my symptoms and what was going on with my thyroid, adrenals, and my hormones. I said, “Yeah. I thought so too. I did a blood test.” He said, “Wrong test. Try this one,” and that’s what I did the challenge test and sure enough, mercury showed up. Then I asked the next question, “Where do you think I got it from?” He said, “Did you have any dental work on around the time this happened? Because I see that with that.” As I looked back and sure enough that’s what happened. I got two silver fillings removed because they were old and it was days after that my symptoms started. I just didn’t correlate it at that time. It had started with just fatigue, and then it went to anxiety, and then my insomnia, and everything followed from there. You have to be very careful. What I teach my doctors now is there’s a prep phase that we do. We prepare the cell and the downstream detox pathways to basically be prepared for the removal. There’s a product we take right before called Bind, it sits in the gut as a catcher’s mitt, that’s part of our detox protocol, too, the cellular detox. It just prevents the reabsorption of toxins back into the system.

We use another product called CytoDetox. We take both of them right before the appointment and both of them right after the appointment. The CytoDetox, it goes more systemic. It goes into the cell membranes. It’s able to cross into the membranes, the blood-brain barrier, it can go a little deeper. But the combination of the two is key because we want to prevent stuff from redistributing in and around the cells and crossing into the brain, we want to prevent stuff dumping into the gut, destroying the microbiome and reabsorbing cell. That’s what we do right before the appointment and right after. Starting the right detox soon after, within a week, is also very important. Many people get their fillings out and they go through what is called a honeymoon period where they actually feel some better, but it actually doesn’t last. It starts to redistribute. Then it’s months later and they don’t know what’s wrong and they don’t associate it with the fact that it got the fillings out and they never got the inorganic mercury that the mercury turned to in their brain out. Therefore, that’s the key, is you can take the fillings out but if you don’t get that mercury out of the brain, you’re not going to feel well, you’re never going to regulate your hormones.

‏‏I guess I should have talked to you a year ago because I went to a biodentist in Tijuana––my wife and I went, a very well respected biodentist with a whole protocol for removal of the amalgam fillings and it didn’t include CytoDetox, it didn’t include Bind. I take CytoDetox now. I learned about it at the last Bulletproof Biohacking Conference. I bought a bunch there at the conference. I didn’t know about CytoDetox when I had this procedure done a year ago. Is it too late for me?

‏‏Treat yourself better, yeah. There’s a process that I teach, there’s a Prep Phase we do for a month where we get the liver, the kidney, and the gut, and certain aspects of the cell just upregulated ready for detox, protected, if you will. Then the next phase of detox is the Body Phase where that’s where we bring in the CytoDetox, the Bind. There’s another product called G cell that upregulates just intracellular glutathione which is your cell’s natural way of removing toxins. But it doesn’t do a good job making sure the toxins go away out of the body and that’s where the CytoDetox comes in. If you can imagine with me, every cell needs to be upregulated with these detox pathways and real detox and you’ve kind of heard me say this, folks, but it has to happen at the cell. It’s not the colon cleanse or the liver cleanse. All cell function has to be upregulated and I teach a process there called my 5R’s. But if we don’t upregulate that cell’s natural ability to detox, you’re never going to get well. Part of which is that glutathiones, that product G cell upregulates the glutathione.

Then the CytoDetox, that’s a really, really tight bind and that’s the problem. When you look at people are trying to use for most of these neurotoxins, they’re not real binders. They’re using things like chlorella or cilantro, those are very weak binders. CytoDetox grabs on it, it doesn’t let go. It gets into the membranes and that’s where the problem is. That’s where those hormone receptors are. Even the mitochondrial membrane. That’s why so many of you are struggling with your energy and can’t lose weight because your mitochondrial are working right but it’s toxin driven. The Cyto is able to get in there and escort, if you will, be a vehicle to move these toxins all the way out of the body. Here’s the problem, they end up in the liver, they bound up to bile, so your bile holds a lot of the toxins because it’s a fat compound. Bile is what you use to actually break fat down. But the bile is dumped into the gut to break fat down and it brings the toxins with it. Here’s the problem, your body reabsorbs the bile back to the liver. It recirculates it. It’s designed to do that, that it brings the toxins back around and then that’s called redistribution. We have this binding product with four different types of binders that sit in the gut and it doesn’t leave the gut. It acts like a catcher’s mitt.

Basically what I just explained to you is we upregulate cell function. We have a vehicle called CytoDetox that moves it from the cells to the liver and the gut where Bind sits as a catcher’s mitt to make sure it doesn’t get reabsorbed and it pulls it out of the system. That’s the system that I call True Cellular Detox. Eventually, we get what I call Brain Phase and this is very important. This is where most people go wrong as well. I said the reason I wasn’t well and how I got my life back is getting the stuff out of the brain. My Brain Phase is key. We add a fat-soluble chelator in which most of you are familiar with, it’s called alpha-lipoic acid. It’s fat-soluble and it has the ability to get into the brain and it does an amazing job of getting […] from filling, vaccinations because it turns to inorganic mercury. For a filling, it starts as a mercury vapor then it gets into the brain and it turns the inorganic mercury where there it’s locked for life unless you do something about it.

If you eat fish, that’s methylmercury, that will cross into those neural tissues. But there it will turn to inorganic mercury because methylmercury doesn’t really have a long half-life, but it turns to inorganic mercury that there it’s locked for life. Vaccines have ethylmercury which runs right through the brain and again, turns to inorganic mercury. We need this alpha-lipoic acid in the protocol because it does such a good job of moving that inorganic mercury out. Then we’re there with the CytoDetox and the Bind in that same system. But we don’t just jump into a Brain Phase, we work towards it. There’s a Preparatory Phase, there’s a Body Phase. In the Body Phase, we’re trying not to go deep yet. We’re setting up what is called a concentration gradient. Remember back in your biology, if you take down particles in one aspect of a membrane and its higher concentration on the other side, they’ll move over.


‏‏Right, osmosis. In a day, it will be equal again. That’s a concentration gradient. In the Body Phase, we’re trying to clear out the easy to get stuff in the body, and then we’re setting up that concentration gradient to build deeper with the alpha-lipoic acid. That’s a system that I teach. It works. We have hundreds of doctors around the country doing it now. It’s how I got my life back and thousands of others now.

‏‏Is that a protocol that you also have like in a book or an online course or something? Or does somebody need to go directly to one of the practitioners that you’ve trained?

‏‏There’s a system that I call True Cellular Detox, it’s for the average person, I would say, who doesn’t have a lot of health challenges. It’s a phased system. You can buy a Prep Phase, a Body Phase, and a Brain Phase. But if you have hormone challenges, if you have a lot of the conditions that we were talking about earlier, then you’re better off getting coached by one of the doctors I trained because the dosages, the cycle lines are different for everybody even oftentimes, some of the binders that we use are different for everybody. When I take someone on myself as an example, my goal, I coach them for 10 months and I get them to learn this process. My goal is to teach them the process of cellular detox. They go out and they’re able to continue to do it by themselves because it’s years not months that you have to get this stuff out of the brain. Someone has to learn the process.

That’s another pet peeve of mine is that people go, “Oh, yeah. I detoxed biotoxins or heavy metals and I’m good.” How long would you do that for? Three months, six months. It’s like, “Look, I took 30 years to bioaccumulate in your brain and nerve tissue, you’re not getting it out in six months, you’re just not.” I wish it was just simple. I did my Brain Phase for four years. Now after two years, I had my life back. After four years, I was healthier than I was before I even knew I was sick, let’s say it that way. Now, I’m in my 50s, I’m definitely healthier today than when I was in my 20s. It’s a process and you have to learn. That’s why working with a coach is really I think the best way to go.

‏‏To find the coaches that you’ve trained, go to your website?

‏‏Yeah. Just go to You’ll see how to get a coach etcetera and they’ll walk you through that process.

‏‏What’s your take on vaccines? They have the preservative that’s mercury-based in many cases, but there are a lot of people who say, “I don’t believe in vaccines at all. I don’t vaccinate my kids,” and they’re labeled as anti-vaxers and they’re given a bad name and so forth. What’s your position on vaccination?

‏‏I’ll start with the appropriate thing to say, educate yourself, don’t take my word for or any doctor who’s for or against. Do your own education because I believe there’s enough information out there today to make an educated decision. I believe that vaccines, in my opinion, are one of the biggest lies put upon us. When you understand, there are two major issues with vaccines. Number one is the neurotoxins that we’re being exposed to in massive quantities today because of the vaccine schedule. Number two, there is more of an inherent problem because vaccines stimulate the wrong immune system, type 1 and type 2 reaction in the body immune system. The problem is when you get a childhood disease, you stimulate the type 1 reaction which is a lifetime reaction, lifetime immunity, it gives you. When you get a vaccine, it stimulates a type 2 which is an emergency reaction that’s why you need boosters again and again.

The problem with that is, you’re teaching the body to respond in just that in an emergency. That’s a problem because that leads to other immune-related issues later in life. Even if you don’t end up on the autism spectrum, which again, when you look at, I’ve interviewed—maybe you had as well—Del Bigtree, he’s the producer of Vaxxed. He was just at my seminar, the gentleman in the movie here, I’m just drawing a blank on his name but in the movie Vaxxed, it’s not an anti-vaccine movie. Vaxxed is about the cover-up, about the study that if you go to your pediatrician and asked them about vaccines and autism, they’re going to say, “Oh, that was disproven,” or that very study was actually falsified. It’s one of the biggest cover-ups ever from the CDC, the government. You need to watch the movie. It’s not a conspiracy. The gentleman, William Thompson, who is still waiting to testify before Congress, he was the guy who actually altered the numbers on the study because the study basically told that it had to be done from the NIH and they did show a correlation with the vaccines and autism.

William Thompson was told to change the numbers just being the actuary and head of study, and he did. He made it––it still showed some correlation however not statistically enough to say that there is a correlation. That’s where the study stands today. Most doctors believe that study. However, it’s been falsified. Brian Hooker was the gentleman who actually started calling William Thompson and finally, William Thompson just spilled his guts out of guilt, out of what, I don’t know. But it’s the real story and how many people actually know that the movie is Vaxxed and I watch the movie as the starting point. It leads to stimulate you, to educate yourself more on this topic. This is a very, very heated topic. Obviously, we’re all afraid to stand up against it. However, the truth prevails. I believe that any mom who really does her homework will come out on the other side. I believe any medical doctor that really does his homework will come out on the other side. That’s my opinion in a way.

‏‏Another one of my guests, Dr. John Bergman, shared a similar position that he thinks that the vaccination schedule that children are put on is more toxic than the benefit that they get.

‏‏It is. We even have to look at this, childhood illnesses, can they kill a child? The answer is yes. Do they kill a healthy child? The answer is no. As a matter of fact, they make a healthy child healthier and that’s what we have to understand is that measles, mumps, rubella, I mean, these things are good. In the old days, we used to bring the kids down to the neighbors if you had measles or mumps and we would push them off chickenpox, we would get our kids exposed to them knowing that it builds a strong immune system. Now, again, if a child is malnourished, third world country child, can they die? Of course, they die from the flu as well. But we understand that these types of sicknesses are part of building normal and natural immunity. I know people would say, “What about polio?” But again polio was already majorly eradicated before the vaccine ever came out. Look at

the CDC statistics yourself, get on their website, and actually look and it spiked actually once we added the vaccine back in the population. However, those types of things that was being driven by something other than what you think, polio, etcetera, these were more of, we always say that the plumbers actually fixed that condition really because there was some waste tissues in how we were treating which made contamination issues as being the problem. But there’s more to it than you think. Again this isn’t a whole show on vaccines, but the point is that, I believe that if we educate ourselves on some of these topics, there’s a choice. You know what I’m for? I’m not for anti-vaccine, I’m for choice. That’s what I’m for. It’s our choice. It should be your choice to vaccinate or not. It’s our children and that’s where the argument really gets heated.

It should be your choice to vaccinate or not. It’s our children and that’s where the argument really gets heated. Share on X

‏‏All good points. Another area that I think more information, better information needs to be out there about is root canals. What are your thoughts on root canals as far as the impact on our health?

‏‏I work with a lot of really sick people that I coach. I’ve been very successful at dealing with these unexplainable illnesses and people who have went everywhere and trying to figure out what’s wrong. It’s estimated that 70%–85% of disease starts in the mouth. It’s one of the first places that I look when someone’s not getting well. It can be in the form of a root canal or something called the cavitation which is basically both the same thing. It’s an infection in the jaw as opposed to in the tooth. Root canals are inherently toxic. They hold anaerobic bacteria because they take the root out with these things called microtubules that’s applied, the nerve that they took out are still there and the bacteria are in these tubules. There are miles and miles long literally three miles end to end, if you put your microtubules together. They house this bacteria so then it’s sealed in but the problem is these anaerobes, that means they’re bacteria that don’t need oxygen, they thrive and they wear your immune system down and they cause great problems for people.

Cavitations are typical with people who have had wisdom teeth out or any tooth extraction. It typically becomes a problem 25 years later. As teenagers would get their wisdom teeth out, the problem is the way they were doing wisdom teeth especially back then was not well. It wasn’t a good practice because they left the ligament in, the odontoid ligament, and then it would heal over and then it would become infected. But again, it’s anaerobic bacteria and other pathogens that are in these cavitations that end up creating autoimmune and other issues later in life. When you look at the studies on root canals and cavitations, we know there’s a link to cancer, autoimmune and just simply fatigue, and a lot of other unexplainable illnesses. The problem is until recently with these is that it was very difficult to identify these infections.

As a matter of fact, most people would go to their dentist, they would look at a regular plain film x-ray and they would say, “Okay, it’s fine. Looks fine.” But the problem, it just wasn’t being able to be seen on the plain film x-ray. Now we have something called the Cone Beam. It’s a 3D x-ray and that now we’re able to see these things much more clear. We’re realizing how prevalent they are. When you remove these things, people’s lives change. It’s absolutely remarkable when you take the stressor away just like getting mercury out of the brain or lead out of the bone, it’s remarkable. The body heals. Also, we don’t heal, doctors don’t heal, the body does the healing. We remove the interference like these cavitations or root canals, it’s a big deal. I had my root canal out. It didn’t bother me. I had no pain in it. But when I was getting my life back, I knew it was something that could keep me from getting well so I got it out.

‏‏Got it. I had my wisdom teeth extracted when I was a teenager. One of my wisdom teeth was horizontally impacted. That was 20 some years ago. I’m thinking, “Maybe I need that Cone Beam x-ray to see if it…”

‏‏You do need it. It’s such a smart thing to do. If you’ve had wisdom teeth out, you need it. I’ll tell you my wife’s recent story. Last few years, she had this sinus drain severely on the left side and this nose scab wouldn’t heal. It was driving her insane. It got to the point where I was concerned because it wasn’t normal, it wasn’t healing. Of course, you think cancerous tissue, you think something worse. Then the left side of her neck, her trap, all this pain, always on the left even the hips started like all of a sudden, we did everything. The best chiropractors, I mean, you name it, she even had Prosum injected. It’s still, her hips weren’t balancing and there was always pain in her hips, she couldn’t have run, bike, ride, the left side of her neck was terrible. All of these symptoms in the last few years, we’ll say.

Finally, I asked her the question, “What side did you say your wisdom teeth were removed at?” She said, “It’s the other side.” I said, “We’re going to get a Cone Beam just to make sure.” As it turned out, my wife had struggled with the left and right. It was on the left side. There were two massive cavitations in her upper left and lower left. She had no pain. But you should have seen these holes of infection and then you could see her sinus cavity which should have about I would say almost a centimeter, maybe eight millimeters of inflammation around her whole sinus cavity on the left. We got it decapitated right on my website. I do a podcast called Cellular Healing TV. I interviewed with Dr. Gerry Curatola, he’s on Dr. Oz all the time. It’s called Mouth-Body Connection, that’s the title. It was a few months ago now but watch it.

We show some of the x-rays, the Cone Beam, and Gerry described the correct process of getting these things out correctly. You can’t just go and decapitate it, that’s the old method, just going ahead and scrape, now because most of those would re-heal over and re-heal another cavitation and then a year or two, so now we are putting some stem cells or something called PRF, it’s PRP probably you’re familiar with but–when they stick it with your own blood that this is called PRF, it’s the gelatin type of substance and they pack it in that tooth where the tooth was extracted, seal it over, sew it up that way and they put a little graph in there as well so, therefore, no cavitation gets formed again.

Also, he uses a laser which helps as well. You have to do these things correctly, but again, we talked about mercury in the brain, we talked about lead in the bones, we talked about most of it comes in utero from our mother that these unknown exposures like vaccines, amalgam fillings and now we’re talking about these cavitations in the mouth, we’re getting to all of the reasons why people don’t feel well despite doing all these amazing dietary changes and all these amazing supplements and probably taking all of these hormones. But these are the big deals, this is what people miss.

‏‏Yeah. Wow, this is really, really good stuff. Now, I’m very inspired to go get a Cone Beam x-ray, thank you so much for that.


‏‏Let’s talk about stem cells since you just brought this up. I know you went to see Dr. Harry Adelson. You went this year and you had a procedure. I’d love to hear about your experience. But before you go into that, I want to share with our listeners that I went to Dr. Harry Adelson. He was a guest on a previous episode, great episode. At the time, I had not had stem cell therapy ever before, and after that episode and then seeing him again at the next year’s Bulletproof Biohacking Conference, he keynoted at the last one and I was very inspired and so my wife and I both went and got the full Monty, like the whole thing. I got the P-shot, she got the O-shot, we got the stem cells even into our brains by lowering the blood-brain barrier with mannitol, anything pretty much that Dave Asprey did with his stem cell procedure, we did it. We got microneedle injections, face, neck, and scalp, it’s just the whole deal.

‏‏Yeah. I did it all too. I did all that as well. I didn’t do the P- shot and the O-shot though, I’m sorry.

‏‏Well, you can’t do the O-shot.

‏‏Yeah, yeah. I bet my wife because she had our scalp done, the face, I had my face not my scalp and I did my whole spine, every vertebral level, my knee, my elbows, everything. Harry’s doing some unique work. He’s doing something called exosomes which is really new. There are only a few clinics in the world doing it. He’s one of them. Exosomes aren’t stem cells, they are actually redox communication molecules, if you will, that stem cells produce to drive your body into a healing state. It’s really what we’re doing. When we’re giving someone stem cells, we used to think the stem cells were just growing the new tissue, it’s not like that. The stem cells embed, and then they’re releasing these exosomes, these communication molecules and it drives our body to start the healing process and start producing its own stem cells. Harry’s doing that. The exosomes in the face. I interviewed Harry and I also interviewed Dr. Killen who does the stem cells in the face and the scalp. I interviewed both of them on the recent Cellular Healing TV and you can see that whole procedure and my wife’s procedure in the face. It’s a recent episode. It’s not that long ago, you’ll find it.

‏‏It transformed my low back. I herniated my disc years ago, even fractured vertebrae in my neck years ago. It’s always when you hit later in life. As I hit my 50s, these things started just not healing the same. You can’t keep injuring them again and again because of the scar tissue in the area and the weak ligaments. It’s been three months now since my procedure. My low back, I’m functional again. It’s really transformed me. I’ll tell you before we got in the face, my wife and I, people are like, “You guys are deaging––anti-aging here right before our eyes.” I have to say, the exosomes have really made a difference. Neither of us, we never get botox, so for us, Harry’s full-body makeover, that’s what he’s calling it, folks, that’s why we’ve got all of this done because he calls this full-body, meaning that he puts you out. You wake up two, three hours later and it’s done. That’s the way to go. You’re literally turning back the clock 10, 20 years. I’m feeling that Harry’s doing some great work. Good stuff.

‏‏I’m curious. What the 5R’s are that you had mentioned earlier in the episode?

‏‏The 5R’s became a roadmap to how to fix the cell and ultimately had a detox to cell. I started using that to teach doctors and it kind of caught in public. I remember one is you have to remove the sources and we’re even talking about these sources. Most of the time, there are hidden sources. The only one we didn’t talk about is moldy homes. But that’s a source but you have to get rid of these sources in our life. Otherwise, your best efforts are never going to really do the job fully.

‏‏Just on that point about moldy homes, it’s the black mold that was causing Dave Asprey all his health issues that got him on that journey to biohacking and all that. Every challenge, every trauma has a gift to it. My wife says that sometimes, the bow is on the bottom. In that case, he’s made a huge impact on the world in part because he had that toxic mold exposure.

‏‏Now, that’s so true. Paint the purpose. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing if it wasn’t for me being mercury poisoned. All of these things that we’re discussing on the show are the things that people miss even the best alternative doctors, people had been to them, they come to me and I’m like, “What? You still have silver fillings in your mouth?” How possibly did you think you were going to fix your diabetes or thyroid problem? I mean you have mercury pouring into your endocrine system everyday or living in a moldy home and they had no idea. But anyway, our number one is identify this. R2 is I spoke a little bit about the membrane, but regenerating the cell membranes is critical. There are many membranes, there’s the outer membrane where your hormone receptors are, we discussed that.

That’s the key to fixing hormones, once again, worth restarting, then there’s the mitochondrial membrane which is very sensitive and fragile. That’s where you make energy, folks and that’s the core of so much, even detox. But that membrane is very, very important. The endoplasmic reticulum membrane, that’s where you make full proteins and hormones. Without those membranes functioning correctly, you will not function correctly. A lot of my teaching, at my last seminar, I taught the whole day on how we fix the cell membranes and ultimately, that’s the key. My one son who we adopted who is on the autism spectrum. So much of that membrane I developed even helping him as well as myself. But that’s a whole nother story. He’s amazing, he’s 21. You would never know he had autism. That’s why the vaccine thing, he was vaccinated, and so that’s why some of that passion came out during that talk about vaccines.

‏‏You’re saying that he was on the autism spectrum and he is no longer because of the protocol that you put him through?

‏‏Yeah. He had sensory integration Asperger’s. When we basically adopted, I said basically because we inherited, their parents tragically died and we adopted him and his sister at age seven, they’re twins. She wasn’t damaged from the vaccines, but what we’re finding today as a teenager, she ended up with a lot of the same issues. She ended up with like fibromyalgia type symptoms, sensory issues, which is very common because estrogen has more of a protective effect and that’s why there are more boys on the autism spectrum than girls. His testosterone has more of a stimulating effect. That’s one of the theories of why more boys than girls. But my daughter was affected later. But yes, Dylan now, if you met him, you wouldn’t even know. He came into our life at the age of seven and I just started applying what I did for myself to him and that’s cellular detox right there.

‏‏You’re talking about the Prep Phase, the Body Phase, the Brain Phase, applying that to him?

‏‏Yeah, all of it and a lot of this membrane work that I teach was pivotal––the fats, the fat ratios, and that’s a whole nother show. But R2 is regenerating the membranes. These specific fats and ratios play a big role there as well. But again, you can’t fix the membranes until you get rid of the source––the mercury, the biotoxins––whatever they are that’s driving the inflammation of the membranes. R3, let’s just get through them, R3 is restoring cell energy. That’s key. You won’t detox normally without enough ATP, your brain won’t work normally without enough ATP. Your digestion. So, very, very critical that we restore the cellular energy. R4 is reducing cellular inflammation. I teach a lot on that subject. I do fasting, my feast-famine cycle, we do a lot there. R5 is reestablishing methylation. Methylation is imperative to turn off bad genes, methylation is needed for detox, hormones, you name it. Those are the 5R’s of how you fix a cell and ultimately how you detox a cell.

‏‏That’s part of the protocol, the coaching that a doctor that you’ve trained would apply if we were to hire somebody like that.

‏‏Absolutely. All of those cellular functions need to be upregulated, that’s real detox, we just took it full circle. That’s when I said when I went in Whole Foods and I saw all the different cleanses, none of it approaches the cell. None of it addresses the membrane, the ATP, the mitochondria, the methylation, that’s the key. You can keep playing around downstream, but until you get that cell doing what was meant to do. If it’s not detoxing everyday, you’re getting sick because you’re making energy. When you make energy, you make waste. When the cell’s detox pathways and functions are being shut down and strained, now, your cells are basically inherently becoming toxic, literally, endogenously from its own toxins that it’s making. It has no ability to remove and you will never detox downstream to get rid of that, you have to upregulate that cell function.

If it’s not detoxing everyday, you’re getting sick because you’re making energy. When you make energy, you make waste.

‏‏Very important. Where should we send our listeners to take the next step, to get CytoDetox, to get a coach that has been trained by you, what website should you send them to?

‏‏You’ve got Ask my team there, they have a neurotoxic test that people can take. They offered it on another show for free, the team there at my website. You get to take that test, basically because we train doctors, there are certain questions that we know to ask and there are certain symptoms that are really classic for certain neurotoxic illnesses. The team will provide that for you so your listeners can take it. That’s a good place to start.

‏‏That’s amazing. Thank you, that’s so generous. Listeners, take Dr. Pompa up on that wonderful gift of the neurotoxic test. This is your host, Stephan Spencer signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Become aware of the different kinds of toxins in my environment. Prevention is always better than cure.

?Go on a recommended regular detox but make sure to detox at a cellular level.

?Research cellular wellness and find out how cell repair and therapy can actually solve my health issues.

?Take care of my overall health. Pay special attention to my liver and kidneys since they deal with my body’s toxins.

?Consult with my doctor about my symptoms and health history before taking tests and getting blood work done. Determine which test to take before receiving treatment.

?Evaluate what I breathe in and apply to my body. Avoid harmful toxins in my environment, products, and food.

?Be careful with what I expose my kids to. Children are more prone to toxicity because of their weaker immune system.

?Go all-natural. Read labels and search for ingredients that I can’t read or pronounce correctly. These ingredients are rarely good for my body.

?Regularly clean my house, especially areas where mold grows. Removing mold will help me avoid airborne toxins that can enter my respiratory system.

?Take the next step and get treatment from a coach trained by Dr. Dan at

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