Episode 100 |

The 100th Episode! Lessons, Highlights, and Insights with Orion Talmay

Hello, and welcome to the Optimized Geek! I’m your host, Orion Talmay. Wait… that doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Well, that’s because this week, I’m stepping in to interview my husband (and the usual host of this show), Stephan Spencer. In case you haven’t figured out yet what the big occasion is, it’s that this is episode #100 of this amazing podcast!In our conversation today, Stephan pulls together some incredible information from past episodes, talking about some of the very best wisdom, tips and tricks, tools, and insights he’s gleaned from these 100 episodes of the Optimized Geek. If you aren’t a regular listener, this is a great place to start, because this episode is something of a snapshot of the very best and most valuable conversations that have taken place throughout the course of this podcast.

Episode 84 |

Achieving Mastery Through Productivity, Discipline, and Focus with John Lee Dumas

If you’re ready to become a master of productivity, discipline, and focus, you’re in luck! This episode with John Lee Dumas is for you. We hear some of John’s advice for new speakers who don’t yet have a long or solid track record, his techniques for building and maintaining relationships and his advice on how to make sure your podcast guests share your podcast once it’s live. To learn more about The Mastery Journal, listen to this inspiring episode!

Episode 75 |

Filling Up Your Good Life Buckets with Jonathan Fields

For this episode I had the honor of speaking with award-winning author, serial entrepreneur, growth strategist, and podcaster Jonathan Fields. He is regularly featured in the media on outlets including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today, and many more. While he’s impressive in everything he does, I particularly admire his success in podcasting; his top-rated podcast, The Good Life Project, gets millions of listens in more than 150 countries.His newest book, How to Live a Good Life, explores his concept of “good life buckets,” which we discuss in this podcast. It also includes 30 days of inspiring, actionable explorations to get you started on a path to possibility.

Episode 72 |

Maintaining Relationships and Health Through Hormones and Behavior with John Gray

This week, we talk to John Gray - the author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. This book is John’s most famous by far, and has been translated into 45 languages in over 100 countries. In this episode, he offers a lot of detailed information and advice (particularly for men) about how to best address relationship dynamics, hormone levels, and health.

Episode 46 |

Cultivating Your Concentration with Deep Work with Cal Newport

With so many distractions around us-from social media, to email, and even co-workers-it can be difficult to focus on productivity and concentrate on our work. Cal Newport shares the steps to moving forward in your business and career without being interrupted, so you can accomplish more, while committing to your most important work. We discuss:• What Deep Work is, and why it will help your business. • Disengaging from distractions such as social media. • The tools that will help you to stay productive. • Finding help with admin tasks, so you can focus on more important work.