The Role of Your Telomeres in Living Longer and Better

Most of us probably think that aging is inevitable, something the entire humanity is doomed with. However, many scientists and biohackers believe that aging is malleable, something that massively depends on how you choose to live your life. This is why as early as now, it’s best to really understand what telomeres are and how you can optimize it. 

Telomeres are like DNA caps that protect your chromosomes from aging. Like the human body, these caps eventually wear down until they can no longer protect the cell. And when your cells aren’t in top shape, that’s when you become more prone to diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

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Here are the things you need to avoid: 

  1. Too much stress. Stress is your immune system’s archenemy. Your cells need a good amount of rest time for it to regrow and rejuvenate. If you’re always pushing yourself to the limit, you’re putting your health in grave danger.
  2. Smoking and drinking alcohol. These are generally just bad for your health. Smoking can damage the lungs and can cause fatal diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema, and lung cancer. Excessive alcohol affects the liver. If one of these major body organs experience deterioration, your overall health is compromised.
  3. Sedentary lifestyle. Sitting in front of your computer for more than five hours every day? Eating processed food? Not getting enough sunlight? Lack of exercise and a nutritious, balanced diet affect your cell growth.

Here’s what you need to do instead:

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, if your goal is to live longer, your health should always be in top shape. Remember that it’s not just about eating right and having an active lifestyle. Take your mental health into consideration as well. Meditate, prioritize me time, or take a break when needed.
  2. Get regular check-ups. We take our cars to the shop for an annual tune-up, why not do the same care for ourselves too? The golden rule in healthcare is prevention is better than cure. Level up your annual check-ups by taking advanced medical tests that can show a more detailed report on your health status. You can also get your telomeres checked too. Companies like TeloYears and Titanova tell you how your telomeres compare in length to others your age.
  3. Design your regular supplement intake. There are so many food supplements available in the market and as much as you want to have all of them to keep you healthy, that’s actually not good for you. Consult with your physician and create a supplement regimen that can boost your immune system. 

For more information about the telomeres and how it affects your health, tune in for a highly informative Get Yourself Optimized episode with Elissa Epel. Elissa is an expert in the field. She co-wrote The Telomere Effect with Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, who won a Nobel Prize for discovering telomerase.

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