Are You a Geek?

Are You a Geek? Take the Quiz!

According to Modis’ Geek Pride survey: 87% of the general population say they do not “sneak their geek” (e.g. hide personal or embarrassing passions or interests). Many celebrities are geeks, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Hanks (a space geek), Rosario Dawson (a Trekkie), and Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio (a Star Wars geek).


As a self-proclaimed uber-geek – indeed I’m the host of The Optimized Geek podcast and author of the soon-to-be-released book Geek Revolution – I say “Embrace your inner geek! It’s getting cooler to be a geek every day!”

Are You a Geek?

  1. Do you take pride in your geek toys and collectibles? (e.g. stuffed animals & action figures)
  2. Do you have 50 or more apps installed on your phone?
  3. Do you own a drone?
  4. Is your book, comic book, music, movie, or video game collection a source of pride?
  5. Do you wear superhero/cartoon character clothing, including pajamas?
  6. Have you ever been to Comic-Con, VidCon, or WonderCon?
  7. Do you wear a smart watch, smart glasses, or a fitness tracker?
  8. Have you ever studied an artificial language such as Klingon or Elvish?
  9. Have you seen more than 2 Star Wars, Star Trek, or Harry Potter movies?
  10. Have you ever named a pet, child, or computer after a superhero or comic character?
Answer YES
to 1 question,
you’re possibly a geek.
Answer YES
to 2 questions,
you’re probably a geek.
Answer YES
to 3 or more questions,
you’re definitely a geek!

Here is my formula to optimize your “inner geek”:


Gratitude – Optimized Geek guest Harville Hendrix offered this gem of relationship advice: express three things that you appreciate about your spouse or significant other every day. He’s been doing it with his wife for the last 18 years and hasn’t missed a day yet!


Establish HabitsMike Vardy, the “Productivityist,” shared some great hacks for establishing positive habits like Yoga and meditation, such as the Way of Life app.


Examine EverythingByron Katie recommends questioning your thoughts, and to be critical in your thinking, because many of your thoughts are not true.


Knowledge is Power – Keep Learning! The main reason I host a podcast, interviewing various New York Times bestselling authors and other experts, and sharing this information with the world, is because I want the knowledge. I know that the best way to become a better person is to keep learning, and that’s what I advise everyone to do who wants to optimize their inner geek.


Check out this clip from my recent TV appearance on Studio D where I transformed the host into the ultimate geek with the help of some of my favorite geeky toys: the Neuroon intelligent sleep mask with a matching app, the Muse meditation helper, the Spire breathing and mindfulness tracker, the GoBe health tracker, and the Iron Man Patriot costume I wore at Comic-Con.


The Optimized Geek - Are you a Geek?


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STEPHAN SPENCER is host of the top-rated iTunes New & Noteworthy podcasts The Optimized Geek and Marketing Speak. He’s a four-time author. His geeky books include The Art of SEO, Google Power Search, Social eCommerce, and his newest: Geek Revolution. Stephan can be reached at or at (608) 729-5910.