Episode 22 |

Find Romance that Stands the Test of Time with Imago Therapy with Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt

Helen and Harville want us to understand that the perfectly happily married couple is ultimately incompatible. The difference between the married couples that fail and those that succeed is not in their compatibility, but in the way they choose to understand their incompatibility.After both Helen and Harville experienced a divorce of their own, they approached the beginning of their relationship asking the question “What makes some couples stay together and some fall apart?” The result of their deep theorizing and research is Imago, a relationship methodology they teach that strives to dig deep into our true motivations on how we become attracted to and choose partner, and fulfill our desires in a relationship. We discuss the steps of listening, the role our parents have in deciding what we want in a relationship and more.

Episode 11 |

The Art of Listening and Maneuvering Difficult Conversations with Mark Goulston

Mark Goulston has the worst parts and best parts of the human brain mapped and understood like a Rubik’s cube master. He’s been a UCLA professor for 20 years, trains FBI hostage negotiators, is a trained psychiatrist- the man is unstoppable. The reason is he understands that the majority of the difficult conversations we have take root with some other problem-and Mark knows how to get people to open up about those problems. We all have difficult and unpleasant conversations throughout our lives. However, there’s never really been a roadmap for how to deal with them, you simply wince and do your best. Luckily, Mark gives us the key to not only making these conversations smoother, but to help you communicate on a deeper level. We discuss the difference between noticing and listening, how to de-escalate arguments, and how to self-manage your anger.

Episode 1 |

Finding your Sexual Blueprint for a Hot, Healthy Sex Life with Miss Jaiya

Today I’m probing the brain of Miss Jaiya, sexologist extraordinaire. I attended her workshop with my fiancée and was astounded by the deep understanding she has of human sexuality. She knows what people crave, why people crave it, and how to help people create a fully satiating sex life for themselves.Because I’m sure you’re all dying to dive into this fascinating topic, I asked Jaiya to answer some of the tough questions that we all want to know about having awesome sex. This is a can’t miss an episode if you’ve ever wondered what it is that makes someone an awesome lover-and how you can tap into that power yourself. Whether you have a regular sex partner or not, there’s valuable insight to be gleaned by everyone. She covers how to fulfill your partner’s sexual desires, how to reignite passion into your relationship, the secrets of a 40 day sex challenge and more.