Episode 119 |

Reboot Your Sex Life through Tantra with Lawrence Lanoff

The female multiple orgasm is an elusive treasure that, while not always easy to achieve, is at least commonly desired. For men,the idea of having multiple orgasms may sound downright impossible without some recovery time in between! But that doesn’t have to be the case. Tantric techniques can allow men to experience breathtaking multiple or prolonged orgasms.Are you ready to learn how? Pay close attention to this incredible episode with sex expert Lawrence Lanoff. Lawrence is a best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker who’s here to open your eyes to a whole new kind of sex. We’ll take a deep dive into tantric sex and talk about how it can enhance pleasure between partners. Lawrence will also explain how sexual energy functions and why it’s so important in creative pursuits.

Episode 111 |

Finding Your Relationship Style and a Love that Lasts: Dr. Pat Allen

Romantic relationships are both infinitely complex and incredibly simple. There are four types of men and four types of women, making it simple for an expert to predict what sort of partner you might look for based on your personality and current life stage. Based on these patterns of attraction,  we can identify our current roles and shift into becoming real men and real ladies.Dr. Pat Allen, a relationship expert and transactional analyst, joins me on today’s show to explore these concepts in depth. She offers no-holds-barred relationship advice that’s full of value whether you’re currently single or in a relationship. Pat has been featured on Oprah several times. Tune into the show for more on who she is, what she does, and how much value she can offer!

Episode 109 |

Demystifying the Process of Seduction with Ross Jeffries

Imagine if all it took to seduce a beautiful, brilliant woman in a cafe was some creativity with a simple packet of sugar. What if that common “I have a boyfriend refrain” was the beginning of a lasting interaction rather than the ending to a quick one? You’ll be able to turn these scenarios into reality using techniques from today’s conversation.Ross Jeffries, a self-proclaimed “attraction engineer,” has been called the godfather of the pickup artist community. As he’ll explain in this episode, the techniques he teaches are valuable not only for seducing women, but for influencing, persuading, and inspiring almost anyone -- even yourself. I attended one of his workshops in 2010 and can personally vouch for the power of his techniques.

Episode 100 |

The 100th Episode! Lessons, Highlights, and Insights with Orion Talmay

Hello, and welcome to the Optimized Geek! I’m your host, Orion Talmay. Wait… that doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Well, that’s because this week, I’m stepping in to interview my husband (and the usual host of this show), Stephan Spencer. In case you haven’t figured out yet what the big occasion is, it’s that this is episode #100 of this amazing podcast!In our conversation today, Stephan pulls together some incredible information from past episodes, talking about some of the very best wisdom, tips and tricks, tools, and insights he’s gleaned from these 100 episodes of the Optimized Geek. If you aren’t a regular listener, this is a great place to start, because this episode is something of a snapshot of the very best and most valuable conversations that have taken place throughout the course of this podcast.

Episode 72 |

Maintaining Relationships and Health Through Hormones and Behavior with John Gray

This week, we talk to John Gray - the author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. This book is John’s most famous by far, and has been translated into 45 languages in over 100 countries. In this episode, he offers a lot of detailed information and advice (particularly for men) about how to best address relationship dynamics, hormone levels, and health.