Episode 42 |

Transform Your Life Through Intrinsic Happiness and Removal of Toxins with Elissa Fisher Harris

To achieve optimal health, you have to find the right physical, mental, and emotional balance-even your mindset on success affects your well-being. Elissa Fisher Harris shares her insight on how we can make use of lesser known therapeutic approaches to become our best selves. We discuss how to overcome Imposter Syndrome, how environmental toxins affect your health, achieving the ideal work-life balance and more.

Episode 30 |

Shape Your Future with Hypnosis and Handwriting Analysis with Bart Baggett

You may not initially think of handwriting analysis or hypnosis when considering self-development techniques, but here’s why you should. Hypnosis creates an open mind that is more open to finding and accepting new opportunities that can change your life. Your handwriting shows your values and personality traits, giving you the knowledge that you need to problem-solve areas of your life that may not be going as planned. Learn how to use these two methods to create your dream life. We discuss why hypnosis is nothing like you think, how to use handwriting analysis to find perfect employees, and the perfect music to create a relaxed state of mind.

Episode 27 |

Living With Intention to Improve Your Creativity and Relationships with Ephraim Olschewski

Are you living intentionally, completely, and on purpose? Ephraim Olschewski lives every part of his life with intention, from working with clients, going on vacation, or even going to the store. Finding what works for you and your life becomes easier when you are open, and on today’s episode we are going to learn how to become more committed, more complete, and more successful through living life intentionally. We discuss how to live an intentional life, living judgment free and happy, using affirmations to find positivity and more.

Episode 16 |

Shaping Ideas and Remembering Experiences Through Sketchnotes with Mike Rohde

Mike Rohde believes that the idea of saving all the things we need to remember and need to do solely within our mind is an ineffective way to retain and process different experiences, ideas, and conversations we come across in our lives. Instead, influenced by his background as a UX designer, Mike is able to remember and process things in a highly creative, highly effective way that I’m excited about sharing. They’re called sketchnotes, and they take the concept of taking notes to another level. They amplify notes with small pictures, differing fonts, and an emphasis on important details. In this episode, Mike peels back the layers of how sketchnotes rewire the way you process and retain information, and explains that anyone, artistically inclined or challenged, can benefit from taking stylized notes, even for personal use.

Episode 14 |

The Power Of The Morning Ritual To Transform Your Life with Raul Villacis

Like me, Raul Villacis has gone through a radical transformation. He was in a job that was going nowhere, his body was in a constant pain that doctors couldn’t figure out, and he found himself turning to alcohol to escape his reality. It wasn’t until he found the power of a morning ritual that he turned his life around. For such a simple practice, it is amazing the type of power it can have in revitalizing a life and career. He’s now a successful coach running a sought-after mastermind group, and has learned to master his state in a way that keeps him in control of his emotions and his destiny. We discuss how to open your mind to personal development, creating a ritual that sticks and the role gratitude plays in motivations.