Episode 50 |

Alternative Therapies for a Healthy and Calm Life with Sanjay Sabnani

When faced with health issues and difficult situations, most people have the instinct to see a traditional doctor and start a regimen of taking pills to feel better. While that is great for some, there are other therapy options, and Sanjay Sabnani encourages people to learn their options and weigh the pros and cons before deciding on a therapy type. We discuss the power of the morning ritual, embracing spirituality and meditation, and why you should question pills.

Episode 48 |

Create Balance and Manifest Your Ideal Life with Danelle Magtibay

Life transformations happen when we take control and choose our path for the future. You can decide what you want from life, and manifest that reality. Our emotions, fears, and even our ego can get in the way of happiness, and life coach Danelle Magtibay shares how to change these factors into a force that is bringing you happiness. Rewrite your story and decide the outcome of your life. We discuss how our unconscious brain affects our belief system, how to live a higher quality of life, how to end suffering and more.

Episode 47 |

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life with Aslan Mirkalami

Everything that happens in your life, from your career, to your love life, can be controlled. Our lives are directly affected by our belief system, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, can change your unconscious mind and bring success into your life. Here to discuss NLP is high-performance coach, serial entrepreneur and all-around healer Aslan Mirkalami. Manifest your dream reality with Aslan’s expert NLP techniques. We discuss how NLP works, how your belief systems are holding you back, changing your mindset to find success and more.

Episode 42 |

Transform Your Life Through Intrinsic Happiness and Removal of Toxins with Elissa Fisher Harris

To achieve optimal health, you have to find the right physical, mental, and emotional balance-even your mindset on success affects your well-being. Elissa Fisher Harris shares her insight on how we can make use of lesser known therapeutic approaches to become our best selves. We discuss how to overcome Imposter Syndrome, how environmental toxins affect your health, achieving the ideal work-life balance and more.

Episode 30 |

Shape Your Future with Hypnosis and Handwriting Analysis with Bart Baggett

You may not initially think of handwriting analysis or hypnosis when considering self-development techniques, but here’s why you should. Hypnosis creates an open mind that is more open to finding and accepting new opportunities that can change your life. Your handwriting shows your values and personality traits, giving you the knowledge that you need to problem-solve areas of your life that may not be going as planned. Learn how to use these two methods to create your dream life. We discuss why hypnosis is nothing like you think, how to use handwriting analysis to find perfect employees, and the perfect music to create a relaxed state of mind.