Episode 59 |

Build a Life Full of Personal Freedom and Wealth with Shanda Sumpter

Shanda Sumpter is the founder of HeartCore Business. She is passionate about helping people build businesses that don’t burn them out. She is a coach, speaker, and author. Shanda’s book is called Core Calling: How to Build a Business That Gives You a Freedom Lifestyle in 2 Years or Less! She is also the creator of the wildly popular Zone Event.When Shanda started her career in the commercial real-estate business with Coldwell Banker, she used emails to build a 170-million-dollar real-estate empire in just fourteen months. Five years ago she headed out on her own and started her own business, which she has grown to over five million dollars in sales and 121,000 names on her email list. Shanda is a self-proclaimed “recovering workaholic” who has bucked the work-till-you-drop mentality, to build a business that gives her the freedom to spend time with her partner, Ash, and her son, Zack; travel the world; and take time to enjoy life. Shanda has taught thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to build businesses they love and live a freedom lifestyle, working on their own terms.

Episode 54 |

Harnessing Creativity in the Workplace with Steve Hill

Creativity can create happiness, boost your morale, help employee relationships, and even allow your business to grow and succeed. Steve Hill began working in improv and bringing classes into corporations, and noticed that the mentality of the employees would change during their performance. Steve knows how to change your mindset and tap into your imaginative side to redefine your workplace and life. We discuss confidence building, corporate happiness, alternative therapies and more.

Episode 49 |

The Personal Development Habits that Create Wealth with Akira Iguchi

Finding and following your passion, while still making a livable income, can be difficult-but not impossible. Akira Iguchi teaches people how to turn their passion into a million dollar business through coaching, speaking, writing, and online marketing. He hasn’t always been wildly wealthy, but found the secret to success: committing to advanced learning, personal development, coaching, and seminars. When you decide to become a better version of yourself and surround yourself with others who are successful, you can create your dream lifestyle. We discuss Akira’s personal story, how to use online launches to make millions, and adding value to build relationships and grow your client base.

Episode 45 |

Flip Houses and Follow Your Dreams with Margaret Wright

Have you ever thought you were destined for more than your current job or career? On this episode of The Optimized Geek, Margaret shares how she went from the IT field with no free time, to flipping houses and living life on her terms. Even if you think that you don’t have the skills or resources to make serious money in real estate, Margaret can change your mind. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who dreams of getting into the flipping game. We discuss overcoming insecurities, dressing a house to increase interest, choosing the right contractors and more.

Episode 44 |

Stand Out in a Crowded Market with Sally Hogshead

Your audience is being distracted by an overwhelming amount of noise. You don’t just need to draw their attention from your direct competition; you want them to listen to you when the whole internet is calling them. Sally Hogshead has created a complete system to help individuals and small brands stand out from the crowd. We discuss the seven types of communication, understanding your primary and secondary advantages, the importance of developing a brand “anthem” and more.