Episode 17 |

How A Rockstar VA Can Give You More Freedom And Peace Of Mind with Carolyn Ketchum

You might know Carolyn Ketchum for her highly popular food blog, All Day I Dream About Food, which receives over a million views per month. What you probably don’t know her from is her past as my rockstar virtual assistant. That’s right, in this very special episode I’m baring all and breaking down the secret entrepreneur technique of having a virtual assistant. Carolyn was an absolute rockstar VA, and we discuss how the entire process works in this little-seen role. If you’ve ever considered your own virtual assistant, or have hopes of working as a VA for a successful entrepreneur, this is a can’t miss, because we are rattling off essential tips for an optimal entrepreneur/VA relationship. We cover the three lists of freedom, how to find and screen the perfect VA, and why you deserve to outsource the things you don’t want to do.

Episode 3 |

How Being International Can Protect Your Money and Expand Your Growth with Domingo Silvas

When Domingo Silvas found that his company was getting a lot of revenue coming from abroad, he was originally resistant to the change. Business mindsets often lead to thinking that is conservative. But when he learned of all of the potential benefits of going offshore, he was intrigued. He soon got a job that required him to do a lot of traveling to different countries. When he got involved in the traveling, he found his eyes opened to a world of immense savings on taxes and opportunities in investment. Entrepreneurs tend to think of their companies just in terms of the country they are in, but in reality, they are companies of the world. It is time to start thinking and acting as that.This week on Optimized Geek, Domingo gives some sage advice on how to get started in international business and investment. If your company has even a small percentage of revenue coming from abroad, it might be time to think about starting an international business corporation to limit the income to you that is immediately taxable by the US. Once you get started in international business, it becomes easy to see that there is a multitude of opportunities to ensure the money you worked hard to earn is secure from threats. Tune in for some insanely valuable tips.