Episode 15 |

Ending Chronic Pain Using Fascial Counterstrain Therapy with Tim Hodges

Tim Hodges is a leading expert in fascial counterstrain, a relatively recent therapy that brings in new and exciting knowledge about fascia, the tissue fibers beneath our skin that enclose and separate our muscles and organs. It was originally thought that body workers (massage therapists, physical therapists, etc.) were only affecting muscle. Now, however, we know that they affect our body’s protective tissue, and have the ability to affect dysfunctions in our protective systems that directly affect our vital systems, such as the venal system, the lymphatic system,and the cardiovascular system.This sometimes means for those going through chronic pain, the relief can be instantaneous. Tim and his partner Brian Tuckey have been revolutionizing what we know about fascia, what it does to the body, and its potential for healing. Tim explains how our body’s protection system and defense system sometimes malfunctions and can cause discomfort. However, utilizing new techniques to identify and treat dysfunctions in fascia, Tim can achieve amazing, and even miracle-like results for a huge variety of fascial maladies. We delve into how fascia protects our vital systems, how to instantly correct blockages, and secret healing techniques.

Episode 13 |

Healing Our Bodies For Longevity And Boundless Energy with Jay and Joy

Jay and Joy (a.k.a. The JingSlingers) are back again with another enlightening episode. This time, we focus not on what you put into your body, but what is already in it. It’s all about checking in on the status of your body, seeing what needs work and attention, and healing ourselves with the proper techniques. Jay and Joy delve into what Jingslinging truly means, and how they can help return youthful energy to your body by treating it right and ridding it of toxins. They reveal their favorite brain training techniques, the dangers of heavy metals, the benefits of genetic testing and more.

Episode 12 |

Resistance Flexibility for a Pain-Free Body with Luther Cowden

You probably don’t know much about what Luther Cowden does, but it could instantaneously improve your life for the better. Luther is a resistance flexibility expert, which sounds like a niche specialty, but when is the last time we had the thought that “I’m just not a flexible person”, or “I really lost the ability to touch my toes like I used to”. We all have those things that we feel that we just can’t do with our body.As it turns out, it goes a lot deeper than that. Flexibility problems are attributed to dense fascia, a build-up of hard scar tissue that prevents our muscles from doing what they should. The effects of that can branch into difficulties with losing weight, anxiety problems, or constant pain. Luther, working from the teachings of Bob Cooley, has learned how to heal these problems permanently and instantaneously. We discuss the roles fascia has in our bodies, how hip pain can signal bigger problems, and how resistance flexibility can identify problems losing weight.

Episode 10 |

Overcoming Andropause, the ‘Menopause’ for Men with Chris Gatchis

Chris Gatchis has been fascinated by the real effects that a properly balanced nutrition and fitness can have on your entire life since he was a teen. But when he started his own nutrition company, Axis Labs, he noticed something strangely off with his body. He was still following a fitness regimen he knew to work for him in the past, and was currently working for others, but found himself gaining weight, feeling sluggish, and just not feeling his prime. When he went to the doctor for a checkup as he and his wife were trying to conceive, the problem came to light. His testosterone levels were frighteningly low. Because he had the resources, he decided to do something about it himself, and find a way to help other men in the same situation.I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris and discussing some of the fascinating realities he found once he started researching his problem. What he didn’t expect was to find a problem that is relevant to every male over the age of 22. Testosterone therapy, Chris finds, can be the key to reviving your energy, your sex drive, and your natural vigor-and have you feeling like you did when you were 20. He details his insights on andropause, improving testosterone levels, natural healing and more.

Episode 7 |

bioDensity – High Impact Training for a Strong Body with John Jaquish

When John Jaquish developed the bioDensity machine, he had no idea of the commotion it would create in the fitness community. bioDensity is the physical training machine that works to build strength and density of muscle, bone, and joints, and it’s far from your regular weight training. John tapped into the power of high-impact training, and ever since he’s been helping others around the country use natural adaptation of the body to achieve unbelievable results. I personally have tried his machine, and was able to run over 1000 pounds through my lower extremities without discomfort. Naturally, I wanted to glean some insider tips on how health nuts as well as the average citizen can take advantage of this amazing top-of-the-line technology. He was generous enough to share some absolutely fascinating information on how you can build muscle in 20 seconds per week, put 1000 pounds on your lower extremities and dramatically increase your functional strength.