Episode 25 |

Travel the World With a Nomadic Online Business with Andre and Anita Chaperon

Imagine a life where you can live wherever you want-traveling the world, living in Spain, even moving to Gibraltar. That’s the life of today’s guests, Anita and Andre Chaperon. Starting an online business allows one the freedom to live life by your own design, and they are fully taking advantage of that. In this episode they share their business tips for living abroad, including banking and taxes-and even some inside tips on how hormones affect our health, and why we should get them tested. We discuss banking overseas, the importance of coaches, and hormone therapy.

Episode 24 |

Becoming a Confident and Notable Public Speaker with Michael Port

Michael Port is an amazing speaker, trainer, actor, and marketing expert, and he is here to share with us today his top-notch tips on becoming an expert speaker. Whether you want to add public speaking to your resume, learn new tactics for your current speaking gigs, or just want to make a great impression on your fiancé’s parents, today’s episode will leave you feeling confident and ready to connect with your audience, not matter how big or small. We discuss top speaking tips, keeping audiences engaged, and how improving your public speaking can affect all aspects of your life.

Episode 23 |

Make Millions with Value Investing with Phil Town

Phil Town believes that investing in the stock market doesn’t need to be risky to be profitable, and that you can make money in absolutely any time and state of the market, especially in recessions. What we know of with mutual funds and the majority of hedge fund managers isn’t what Phil considers investing-instead, they are simply speculating on how the market will perform, which is incredibly risky. Instead, here’s how you can find the true, measurable value of companies, and how to buy them on a sale price that is virtually guaranteed to make you a lot of money. We discuss how to find a company with a durable competitive advantage, why diversification isn’t the golden rule you thought it was, and how to tell if a company is on sale.

Episode 22 |

Find Romance that Stands the Test of Time with Imago Therapy with Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt

Helen and Harville want us to understand that the perfectly happily married couple is ultimately incompatible. The difference between the married couples that fail and those that succeed is not in their compatibility, but in the way they choose to understand their incompatibility. After both Helen and Harville experienced a divorce of their own, they approached the beginning of their relationship asking the question “What makes some couples stay together and some fall apart?” The result of their deep theorizing and research is Imago, a relationship methodology they teach that strives to dig deep into our true motivations on how we become attracted to and choose partner, and fulfill our desires in a relationship. We discuss the steps of listening, the role our parents have in deciding what we want in a relationship and more.

Episode 21 |

Delegating and Automating Your Business to do More of What You Love with James Schramko

What does a person do to stay sane, and productive, when they run multiple successful business ventures? They delegate. Today I am talking to James Schramko, internet marketer and entrepreneur who has mastered the art of building systems that have allowed him to build his empire, stress-free. James is a jack of all trades-he founded SuperFast Business, runs live events and multiple podcasts, and we are about to learn his secrets to success. We discuss creating a business without working around the clock, managing overseas employees, and living like you’re retired before retirement.