Episode 8 |

Finding Your Ideal Look with Luke Storey

Celebrity and musician stylist Luke Storey believes in the power of fashion that goes beyond making yourself look good. He believes in its ability to help you present yourself in the best way possible to the world. There’s a certain power that comes with looking good and knowing you look good. Luke’s all about helping you harness that power to boost your career and social life. Even if you aren’t a celebrity or rockstar, there are simple things you do to transform your style, and boost your confidence. In this episode, Luke gives incredible style advice that you especially can’t afford to miss, and how to identify style goals that will convey the image you want to have for yourself. Before you go out and start shopping, Luke advises, you’re going to want to know more about your archetype and your body type and how your style should play off of both of those. Want to know more? Listen in for amazing tips on creating the illusion of the ideal body shape, fashion faux pas to avoid, how to find the magic color that makes you look amazing and more.

Episode 7 |

bioDensity – High Impact Training for a Strong Body with John Jaquish

When John Jaquish developed the bioDensity machine, he had no idea of the commotion it would create in the fitness community. bioDensity is the physical training machine that works to build strength and density of muscle, bone, and joints, and it’s far from your regular weight training. John tapped into the power of high-impact training, and ever since he’s been helping others around the country use natural adaptation of the body to achieve unbelievable results. I personally have tried his machine, and was able to run over 1000 pounds through my lower extremities without discomfort. Naturally, I wanted to glean some insider tips on how health nuts as well as the average citizen can take advantage of this amazing top-of-the-line technology. He was generous enough to share some absolutely fascinating information on how you can build muscle in 20 seconds per week, put 1000 pounds on your lower extremities and dramatically increase your functional strength.

Episode 6 |

A Glimpse at the Future Lifespan of Humans with Christine Peterson

Christine Peterson, future tech expert and board advisor for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, sees into the future in a way that most cannot. In the constantly advancing world of technology and research, it is her job to look at what is happening and frame it in the larger concept of societal development, how it might affect humanity, and what it might mean for the human body itself. There are a lot of amazing technologies being developed that are under the radar that have the potential to drastically change the quality of life for humanity, within decades.Christine and I sit down to discuss everything from nanotechnology to cryogenics to finding a soulmate, all in the effort of getting the most out of your body, your health, and your life. Machines are getting smarter, and we are getting more informed on the decisions we are making that affect our body. Because of it, some of the breakthroughs are absolutely amazing. And listening in, you might just hear some speculations that may startle you.For instance, Christine paints a potential picture of what the future might hold that involves DNA repairing nanobots, the end of cancer and a 10,000 year life span.

Episode 5 |

Fall in Love With Being Fit with Lazo Freeman

One look at Lazo Freeman and you’d never imagine he was anything but the hyper-confident, successful man you see in front of you. However, his love affair with fitness originally happened because of a disconnect he was seeing in his life with the way he wanted it to be. Early on in life he realized he could not control many outside circumstances that were affecting his self-esteem. What he could control and work on was his physical self, and he worked on that, believing it would lead to clarity of mind. Turns out, it was one of the best decisions he ever made. Within the first few weeks of beginning his training, he won a body transformation competition, and found himself hooked. It turned into a part-time job while finishing school, then a full-time job, then an incredibly lucrative career in teaching others how to meet the goals they want in their life by first loving their body and learning to love fitness.I sat down with Lazo and discussed what he knows best: transforming your life through fitness. A bodybuilder, transformation coach, and successful entrepreneur, he is constantly reinventing his persona and pushing his limits. Some amazing insights that Lazo reveals in our discussion include why your diet needs to work with your lifestyle, how to become confident and more.

Episode 4 |

Protect and Optimize Your Brainpower with Shaahin Cheyene

We’ve done several shows on The Optimized Geek about enhancing your body, your career, and your lifestyle, but now we investigate how to get the best brain response and the best work out of our brains. Shaahin Cheyene has worked in nootropics, aka “smart drugs”, since he was 15. He believes that people aren’t paying enough attention to how they are treating their brains. He gives some massive insight into small hacks that we can do in our daily routines to achieve better focus and protect our brain from future degradation and harm. We discuss the optimal time to have caffeine, the benefits of gene testing, preventing Alzheimer’s, and using your routine to get into the flow state.